Tale of Two Laphroaigs…….

Last Saturday while looking at the Laphroaig website i noticed a new batch of the 10yo Cask Strength had appeared , Batch 006 , being a huge fan of 001- 005 (i took 005 to Toronto with us for Johannas show) i ordered one straight away and decided to also go for the newly released ‘Select’ . Between Saturdays ordering and todays (Wednesday) delivering a load of horror stories about how bad the ‘Select’ was started to appear on the internet , including a review by Mr Whiskyfun himself , Serge (see here for Serges Review ) .

Two Laphroaigs

Slightly alarmed i was wondering whether i’d done the right thing in ordering it ? Oh well i’ve been drinking Laphroaig for nigh on 30 years – i started drinking Malts in the summer of 1984 in my early Twenties , Later on in that year i tried my first Islay , Laphroaig with a mixture of shock and delight ! – so why worry now ! So lets taste them using the standard 10yo as reference…….

Three Laphroaigs 

The Select

Quite pale in colour next to the other two , The nose is actually stronger than the standard 10yo given that they are the same ABV , not as pronounced a Laphroaig nose as other offerings , definitely new wood and vanilla but the farm yard / nettles / seashore is in there fighting to get out , eventually the peat surfaces as well . When left for a while it develops a strange Sweetness . On the palate a whole lot of wood and vanilla at first , very sweet for a Laphroaig , later on the peat appears alongside marzipan . A strange finish for a Laphroaig there is peat but the wood and vanilla soon dissipates it and only hangs  around for a short time .

In Conclusion it’s not your usual Laphroaig , i really can’t figure out why they put it out at 40% , if you want a Laphroaig at 40% you’re going to buy the standard 10yo and not something that , to my palate , is dominated by the new wood . Very disappointing ! 

10yo Cask Strength Batch 006

A very rich Gold colour almost going on Orange Marmalade , A more traditional nose to this one ! Maritime / Seashore , hospital antiseptic and peat intermixing beautiful in the nasal passages ! Now that’s more like it on the palate , seashore , medicinal , peat , nettle , touch of pepper , stir once and swallow ! Excellent finish , Long , medicinal and seashore with a bit of bite .

A very good Laphroaig , don’t think it’s as good as 004 (my Fav) but at some point will have to put it up against some others . My personal preference when drinking Laphroaig is either the 10yo CS or the excellent 18yo .


Almost Golden Syrup in Colour  , a lot weaker on the nose compared to the other two but definitely Laphroaig , this is actually more seaweedy than the other two as well . Doesn’t stand up to the Cask Strength but this is a dram to have early on in the evening before others or through a session . I still seem to remember it being more of a monster 30 years ago…… 

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2 thoughts on “Tale of Two Laphroaigs…….

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