The Wine Society’s Exhibition 25yo Islay Single Malt

In these days of ever increasing Single Malt Scotch Whisky prices ( “it’s those damn BRIC countries causing a shortage and forcing us to put up our prices……” – Every Whisky Producer ) it’s really nice to find a reasonably priced bottle of 25yo Islay Single malt on sale ! It was by chance i came across this bottle , As readers of this blog and my Facebook / Twitter ramblings know on a recent trip to Toronto i took a liking to the locally produced Niagara wines , wanting to buy some in this country someone recommended the Wine Society as they stocked them (well one at the moment….)  , so i took a look , found the wine and also saw this Islay  in stock for the princely sum of £33 ! To purchase both (and a few others….) it required joining the Society , i was wary at first due to being in “another” Society in the past that got ridiculously expensive what with annual fees and the ever rising costs of bottles (of Scotch in this case….) . £40 to join….. for life not yearly , changed my mind  !  And they gave you back £10 in credit to your account ( take note “other” Society) , so the first order was sent off and was duly delivered this very Morn !

So What’s it like ?

25yo Islay

OK so it’s n un-named Distillery and it’s bottled at 46% , the notes on the back state “Islay malts are some of the strongest flavoured of all malts, pungent, weighty and heavily peated. This bottling shows typical rich, characterful flavour and the characteristic iodine and medicinal flavours on the finish” . I’m hoping either Laphroaig or Caol Ila but when i talked to my friend Willie ‘Two Glasses’ Jackson about it he thought Bowmore . He did like it and has bought “a few”…..

It is a lovely Golden colour so could be ex bourbon casks or well used sherry . It is quite oily in the glass , The nose is very subdued at first ,there is a peatiness with a slight Medicinal , a touch of seashore and floral as well . The Nose doesn’t actually give much away . On the palate i was expecting a touch of wood given the age , there are Wood spices and a lovely hotness to it , there is also the floral note i associate with Bowmore but luckily it doesn’t dominate (say like in the Bowmore 12yo O.b. which i don’t particularly like) , it actually adds something to it as oppose to making me dislike it . The Finish is long , hot , wood spices and the slight floral mentioned previously .

It is actually quite a nice 25yo , very drinkable , pleasant and not over-powering , a session dram and at £3 for a 25yo a very reasonably priced session dram ! If i was pinned down as to it’s origins , I’d have to agree with my Learned friend Mr Jackson and say Bowmore , but a very good Bowmore after my experiences of the distillery since the early 00’s ! Worth a punt at it’s price point……       

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