Glen Marnoch 24yo

It has become something of a Christmas Tradition now for Supermarket chain Aldi to produce a Special Christmas Whisky bottling and this year is no different ! This year it is an unspecified Highland Single Malt under their Glen Marnoch Label .


Bottled at 40% ABV and costing the princely sum of £49 , Golden Syrup in colour , the first thing that strikes you on the nose is Butterscotch toffee , it’s very strong , there’s also a hint of vanilla pods , almost vanilla custard . The palate is very smooth , again toffee and vanilla , very sweet , for only 40% it is quite chewy . The finish is medium with the toffee and a long hint of lemon citrus right at the end .

This isn’t going to win any prizes in whisky competitions but for the way prices are going in the crazy world of Single Malts this is a bargain at under £50 , the Whisky Snobs will avoid it but if you want a pleasant enough dram at a reasonable outlay this could be for you . I’m thoroughly enjoying it (as i did last years 30yo Blend ) but i haven’t got a clue which distillery it is from !   

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