Cadenhead’s Potter 24yo Indian Corn Whisky

Indian Corn Whisky i hear you say ? Yes Indian Corn (or Slate Corn as it is known in some quarters , see // ) , Distilled by Potter Distilling Company in Kelowna , British Columbia , Canada but since 2005 Potter has been owned by Highwood Distillers . Cadenheads have done a few Potters bottlings over the years (i recently acquired an 11yo bottled in 2000) , i’m interested to see how this lines up against recently tasted Canadian Whisky…….


Bottled in February 2014 from a Bourbon Barrel , this cask yielded 126 bottles at 56.5% ABV . Getting onto Orange Marmalade in Colour , the nose is incredibly fresh , bags of vanilla to start with then wood spices , very buttery and digestive biscuits . The palate is really sweet , loads of grain , butter , again wood spices and vanilla . The finish is long , sweet and spicy .

What can you say about this ? It is very similar to a Scottish Grain Whisky but tastes so much fresher and sweeter , I’m still not up to speed on the Canadian processes but is this what they class as the base for their whiskies (blends) , the neutral spirit ?  if so it’s a pretty good dram on it’s own ! 

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