Zuidam 5yo Dutch Rye

As of late i’ve taken a shine to Rye Whisky , Particularly 100% Canadian Rye , so at The Tynemouth Whisky Show when i was given the chance to try a Dutch Rye  i jumped at it . I really enjoyed it so when i spotted a bottle for sale i went for it…….


Distilled in January 2005 and bottled in September 2010 this is bottle 232 from Casks 684 and 685 , it was bottled at 40% ABV . Almost Burnished Copper in colour , the nose on this is wonderful , straight away you get the dusty rye , followed by toasted brown bread , vanilla and oak spices . Quite an amazing nose ! On the palate again the dusty rye is the first thing you notice , then the spices and the butterscotch sweetness , i love this taste ! The Finish is long , sweet and spicy .

This is an Amazing Rye , i’d put it alongside anything from North America , long may they continue to produce it and i have a Millstone 100 Rye Whisky to open when i’ve finished this !    

More info can be found at //www.zuidam.eu

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