People are getting flawless curls using just SOCKS in new viral hack & it won’t cause heat damage

PEOPLE are revealing how they are achieving flawless curls during lockdown – and all you need are socks. 

The latest beauty trend on TikTok is to grab your favourite long pair – ideally when your hair is wet – and separate your locks into sections for styling. 

Then you wrap your hair around the socks, and then tie the two sock ends together to make a knot – or you can secure your hair on the sock with hair bands if a knot is not possible.

You then repeat this process around your head until you have a number of dangling sock twists secured in place. 

For best results, you then need to sleep with the socks in your hair, and when you untie them in the morning, you should have a head of luscious curls. 

The best part of the hack is you don’t use heat to create the waves, so it is better for your hair than a curling wand or a pair of straighteners. 

Hundreds of women have tried out the heat-free hack, with over 30million views being racked up on the #sockcurls hashtag on TikTok. 

And even hairdressers are fans of the trick, with one stylist mum showing off the results on her daughter. 

Other people have revealed they achieve the look using their dressing gown belt. 

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