TikTok hack reveals how to make your almost-empty peanut butter jar looking full again meaning you don’t waste a drop

IF you’ve ever used a knife to try and scrape out the last bits of peanut butter from a jar, it turns out there’s a much simpler way. 

If the prospect of throwing out containers still full of food annoyed you, one TikTok user has revealed how to get the very last dregs out – and it works with mayonnaise too. 

Uploading a clip to social media, one bloke revealed a half empty jar of peanut butter, which is smooth rather than crunchy. 

He then screws the lid back on, before spinning it twice on the floor. 

When he re-opens it, the jar looks as if it’s full again with a whipped texture on top. 

And demonstrating how it works on other condiments, he shared a second clip showing him spinning mayonnaise and salsa with similar results. 

Thousands of people have watched the clips, in shock over the simple trick which means no more digging around the bottom of jars to get every last morsel. 

Commenting on the clips, people confirmed they tried it out for themselves with success, while others debated whether it would work with Nutella as well.

One person said: "Wait a damn minute."

Another wrote: "It's 5 in the morning and i'm spinning a jar of peanut butter on the floor… btw it worked."

A third asked: "Does this work with Nutella."

While someone else thought: "This should be on Martha Stewart."

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