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People are getting flawless curls using just SOCKS in new viral hack & it won’t cause heat damage

PEOPLE are revealing how they are achieving flawless curls during lockdown – and all you need are socks. 

The latest beauty trend on TikTok is to grab your favourite long pair – ideally when your hair is wet – and separate your locks into sections for styling. 

Then you wrap your hair around the socks, and then tie the two sock ends together to make a knot – or you can secure your hair on the sock with hair bands if a knot is not possible.

You then repeat this process around your head until you have a number of dangling sock twists secured in place. 

For best results, you then need to sleep with the socks in your hair, and when you untie them in the morning, you should have a head of luscious curls. 

The best part of the hack is you don’t use heat to create the waves, so it is better for your hair than a curling wand or a pair of straighteners. 

Hundreds of women have tried out the heat-free hack, with over 30million views being racked up on the #sockcurls hashtag on TikTok. 

And even hairdressers are fans of the trick, with one stylist mum showing off the results on her daughter. 

Other people have revealed they achieve the look using their dressing gown belt. 

In other beauty news, a beauty blogger has revealed how to clean your makeup brushes in seconds with sieve.

And this woman shared her simple tip for making outgrown nails look good in isolation.

Plus Kate Middleton’s favourite salon revealed how you can get her signature bouncy blow dry at home.

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Mum creates campsite birthday party at home for daughter including ‘hot tub’ and DJ set – and parents are very impressed

CELEBRATING birthdays during the lockdown is a little trickier than usual thanks to all-important social distancing.

But one mum was determined that the coronavirus wouldn't get in the way of her little girl turning six.

In a post on Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK', the creative parent explained that her daughter had been desperate for a party from since before the pandemic began.

The woman, called Lisa, shared snaps and video clips of the incredible campsite she had created in their living room to make up for it – complete with a "hot tub" fashioned from a paddling pool, a cute tent, marshmallows for toasting and the promise of a set from "DJ Sticks".

She wrote: "Over the last three weeks my little girl KayliMia and her step-brother and sister, six and eight, had no idea while collecting sticks whenever we could get out, making insects from all the recycling we had, making arts and crafts together as a family whenever ever day, would all come together and be an INDOOR CAMP SITE!

"At 9am tomorrow they all find out together that for they’re sister birthday, WERE GOING CAMPING!!

"Apart from the Toy Story tent and some banners that got delivered, all this was made by hand.

"The painting, gluing, colouring, sticking….. has now become this….."

As well as pictures of the finished result, Lisa also revealed images of her making the decorations with the none-the-wiser kids.

The mum added: "I can’t wait! To see all their faces tomorrow and start our camping weekend."

Her post went down well with fellow members who left more than 1,200 'likes'.

One person wrote: "Wonderful idea."

Another commented: "That is so beautiful and very artistic."

A third shared: "How wonderful, what a birthday surprise, hope you all have a brilliant time."

And a fourth added: "Absolutely fantastic and I'm sure it'll be a memorable birthday. Have a wonderful day."

In other parenting news, we told you how a mum used old Domino’s pizza boxes and sticks from dog walks to create stunning wicker letters for kids’ bedroom doors.

We also revealed how a dad who strip-washed his kids' clothes couldn't believe how filthy they'd got.

And another dad froze his kids' toys in ice and gave them just a spoon to hack them out so he could have a break.

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Nordstrom’s Best-Selling Products Are All on Sale

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Madewell Dropped April Arrivals So Good, It's Hard to Choose Between These 22 Favorites

Madewell’s April Drop Is So Cute, You’ll Clear Out Your Closet For These 22 Arrivals

When I’m ready for a wardrobe refresh, I always head to Madewell. The retailer is known for its timeless staples you can wear over and over again. It also creates high-quality denim pieces that rival designer brands. Most importantly, all the silhouettes are comfortable, so you can totally wear these must haves at home.

If you’re looking for new spring pieces, we rounded up our favorite dresses, jeans, jackets, tees, and shoes that we love. These items are new releases for April, so score them before everyone else does.

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You Can Still See A Dermatologist While Social Distancing With Teledermatology

Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s panic-munching snacks–however you’re being affected in these trying times, your skin might be freaking out too (hello, new zits!) But, with all non-essential doctor’s visits at a standstill right now, you can’t get to the dermatologist’s office like you would normally.That’s where teledermatology comes in. Yup, you can basically FaceTime with your derm and have them quell any concerns you have about your skin while still practicing social distancing.

“While the treatment of COVID-19 infected patients is the most pressing health issue we are facing right now in this country, it is important not to neglect the routine medical care needed by patients,” says Joshua Zeichner MD, Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. “Video visits are definitely filling the void that has developed over the past few weeks as patients have been remaining at home and doctor’s offices have closed their doors to all non-essential or non-life threatening health issues.”

Virtual visits have been around as an option before, but they’re definitely seeing a spike and coming in handy now. Here’s everything you need to know.

There are different methods of telederm visits.

You can have a “live” virtual visit, where you are speaking to your derm in real time over video (every dermatologist has different preferences), or a “store and forward” visit, which involves taking photos for your provider to evaluate and talking through text to communicate with a dermatologist.

A snapshot of what Apostrophe’s quiz for patients looks like.

As for platforms, you might have to download a HIPAA-compliant service like RingCentral or MyChart. Other derms we spoke to said they were fine with even using FaceTime or Skype if that was easiest for their patient. Even if you do opt for video, however, it’s good practice to take pics in case anything changes in your skin by the time you meet.

“Many dermatological conditions can be diagnosed visually, meaning without the use of additional labs or skin samples,” says Aimee Paik, MD, a dermatologist with Apostrophe. It’s a store and forward platform that has you take a quiz (it takes five minutes), submit photos, get evaluated within 24 hours, and prescriptions (both oral and topical) sent straight to your doorstep. “This makes the process more efficient for everyone and results in lower costs to patients,” she says. Apostrophe doesn’t take health insurance, but a visit can be $20 (and goes towards the total cost of your Rx regimen).

Not every skin condition can be evaluated digitally.

“In general, teledermatology is best for acne, rosacea, melasma, rashes, skincare curation, and cosmetic consultation,” says dermatologist Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, founder of Entiere Dermatology. That being said, concerns that require in-person treatment–like draining a boil, applying liquid nitrogen to a wart, or getting a cortisone shot in a cystic pimple–obviously can’t be addressed. “TeleVisits won’t cure any concern where a procedure is needed, but at least patients can get piece of mind,” says Roy Seidenberg, MD, dermatologist at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.

Dr. Levin’s teledermatology set-up at home.
Entiere Dermatology

Some patients that have to be monitored with monthly visits, like those on Isotretinoin (more commonly known as the discontinued brand Accutane) or psoriasis patients on biologic medications will definitely find video visits helpful for not interrupting treatment.

Body checks, like skin cancer screenings, are best left for when you can get in front of a derm IRL.

Telederm communication requires some preparation.

However you’re communicating with a derm, you’ll need to give a clear picture of your skin’s condition. “You should prepare for a video visit the same way you would an in office visit. Take off any makeup.Make sure you are wearing an outfit that can easily be moved to show the doctor your rash,” says Dr. Zeichner.

Dr. Zeichner waiting for a patient to join a virtual visit.

Lighting is important! Natural lighting is best, so turn off flash, stand in front of a window and try to have a plain, non-distracting background. You can also try the bathroom, which tends to be the most well-lit room in the home.

“I always recommend patients have a list of questions ready, so they don’t forget anything,” says Dr. Seidenberg. “Also have a pen and paper to take notes and the name and number of your local pharmacy.Collect your present medications, as we may review your treatment regimen.”

Dr. Paik advises avoiding using any scrubs or exfoliants before you capture your skin. She also has wise advise for getting a clear photo, “You want to take the photo from straight in front of you so that your face takes up almost the entire frame. Using your phone’s camera tends to produce the best images, much better than those taken by your computer’s camera.”

Dr. Levin has her patients take three photos of the area of concern with this useful guide: Further away (ask yourself, “Who is this?”), mid-distance (ask yourself, “Where is this?”), and close-up (ask yourself, “What is this?”).

A virtual visit could cost different from your usual visit.

The dermatologist we spoke to noted that, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, most commercial insurances are covering video visits like they would cover in-person visits. You’re likely paying the same amount you would normally, however, some insurances are waiving fees or allowing you to pay less during this difficult time. Some offices also offer a self-pay option, but it’s best to check with your insurance and your derm’s office to workout how much out of pocket your vid chat will require.

Dr. Paik evaluating an Apostrophe patient remotely.

Your evaluation will likely be quicker.

You’ll save a lot of time with submitting all your info and comments beforehand and not having to commute to your doctor’s office or wait in the waiting room. “My video visits tend to last no more than 15 minutes,” says Dr. Zeichner. “Most of the issues being treated by video tend to be very directed and specific.While your dermatologist can look at a new or changing spot, a video visit cannot take the place of an in person full body exam.” All the other derms we spoke to echoed the same 15-minutes to half an hour, max, time frame.

Is teledermatology what the future looks like?

“I think many people will realize how convenient telemedicine is and how it can easily be incorporated into one’s life,” says Dr. Paik. “Rather than taking off work and wasting precious time waiting in a doctor’s office and/or pharmacy, telemedicine makes medical care extremely efficient and flexible.” That being said, there’s something to be said about in-person communication with your provider. “The exam is more thorough: The lighting is better, I can palpate the skin lesion, I can use my dermatoscope, patients usually change into a gown,” says Dr. Seidenberg.

It’s best if you can continue with your regular dermatologist since getting on a call with a brand new doctor can be more challenging without an established relationship. While there’s no other option other than a virtual visit right now, you’ve got all the 411 to make the best choice for yourself moving forward.

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Converse announces up to half price sale including limited edition designs

CONVERSE have announced a half price sale, and it's packed with hidden gems.

With huge discounts on limited edition pairs and old favourites it's a great time to snap up a pair.

Shoppers can save up to 50 per cent on Converse trainers right now, so if you've been eyeing up a pair don't hang about.

  • Save up to 50 per cent on Converse trainers – buy here

With prices starting at £7.99, the sale includes casual wear, accessories, and trainers.

Shoppers can find deals on bags, beanies and tops, as well as their iconic Chuck Taylor high tops.

Whats more, there are a number of limited edition trainers on offer, so if you thought you missed out on a range, then fear not now's your time to snap them up.

You can check out the full sale range here, but if you don't know where to start we've listed some of our favourite picks below.

  • Culture Weave Chuck 70 High Top, £49.99, was £85 – buy here
  • Women's Unite Platform Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top, £39.99, was £70 – buy here
  • Unisex Nautical Prep Chuck 70 Low Top Shoe, £34.99, was £65 – buy here
  • Converse x Batman Chuck 70 High Top, £54.99, was £80 – buy here
  • Chuck 70 Archive Restructured High Top, £39.99, was £95 – buy here
  • Unisex Archive Print Chuck Taylor All Star High Top, £24.99, was £55 – buy here
  • Unisex Seasonal Colour Leather Chuck 70 Low Top, £44.99, was £80 – buy here
  • Archive Prints Chuck Taylor All Star High Top, £24.99, was £55 – buy here
  • Unisex Renew Denim Tri-Panel Chuck 70 Low Top, £29.99, was £75 – buy here
  • Chuck TaylorAll Star Platform Low Top, £34.99, was £75 – buy here
  • Unisex East Village Explorer Chuck 70 Low Top, £39.99, was £75 – buy here

Topshop unveils new 2020 ‘it’ dress Willow and it’s perfect for effortless summer dressing.

Fearne Cotton launches Yoga range for Sweaty Betty and it looks amazing.

Vans launch Neon Collection – and here’s where you can buy them.

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Naomi Campbell Says Her Quarantine Wardrobe Consists of Elizabeth Taylor's Old Caftans

Naomi Campbell is finding comfort in her vintage wardrobe collection while self isolating at home.

Although she’s keeping it casual during the day like the rest of us, the supermodel recently revealed during a phone conversation with InStyle that she’s switching things up at night by wearing Elizabeth Taylor’s old caftans.

“I’m in the most practical clothes I could ever wear — T-shirts, sweats. It’s Adidas, it’s workout clothes, and the shoes are sneakers and slippers,” she told the outlet on Monday. “Then at night, to give a little change, I wear caftans. I’ve got some really great ones. I’ve got some I bought from Elizabeth Taylor’s auctions, so I have some of hers.”

But Campbell’s impressive collection of caftans doesn’t stop there: “I’ve got one from the Middle East. I’ve got some beautiful ones from Africa,” she said.

“It’s giving hope and opportunities to many,” Campbell told InStyle of the new competition show (which also stars Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum). “There are many people out there who are probably going to look at it and say, ‘I could be on the next one,’ and that’s what it’s about. We want those people, worldwide. There are some amazing young, gifted designers out there who just don’t have the platform, or are able to get the connections that they need to get out there. This show gives that opportunity.”

“We have to stay in the light. We have to. To keep each other up every day,” Campbell said.

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. To help provide doctors and nurses on the front lines with life-saving medical resources, donate to Direct Relief here.

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Blake Lively's Affordable Jeans Are on Major Sale Right Now — Starting at $15!

Buy It! High-Waisted Raw-Edged Flare Ankle Jeans, $20 (orig. $39.99);

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Dad freezes his kids’ toys in ice & gives them nothing but a spoon to get them out so he can take a break amid lockdown – The Sun

A MISCHIEVOUS dad proved he would do anything for a bacon sandwich and a bit of peace during coronavirus lockdown when he hilariously froze his children's favourite toys in a block of ice.

The Sheffield-based father went to great lengths to ensure his break wasn't cut short and gave his two sons nothing but a spoon to retrieve their prize possessions.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

In the short 20-second video shared by dad Duncan Gillespie on Sunday, we see his two young sons trying to tackle the impossible.

Proving to be credits to him and his partner, the brothers happily focus on the task at hand and begin hitting the blocks with their dessert spoons.

At one point, the pair ask each other how best to get their toys back safely, with the older one saying: "How about we try…" before his younger brother points at his spoon and begins to hack at the block.

Captioning the hilarious video, which has been viewed more than 43,000 times, Duncan wrote: "Just froze the kids toys in ice and gave them only spoons to free them. Time for a bacon sandwich and some coding".

The prank has been branded "genius" by fellow parents, who are looking at inventive ways to keep their little ones entertained so they can take break.

One viewer commented: "Genius Duncan! I've passed this one on!"

"Stealing that for tomorrow!" another shared. "Genius! I’m doing this tomorrow".

However, one Twitter user revealed that the joke went awry for him when he tried freezing his kid's Nintendo Switch and had to buy a new one.

"I tried this and now we have to replace the Nintendo Switch," they commented underneath the post.

Amid all the comments applauding his ingenuity, many asked whether they successfully got their toys back to which Duncan revealed they did – but it took a total of 90 minutes and the help of a shoe.

A woman asked: "This is too funny. I'm now curious to know how long it lasted?"

To which, he replied: "It was about 90 mins before they freed the toys and they were pretty focused (hitting with shoes eventually cracked the ice)."


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However, not all pranks are successful, take this mum who instantly regretted pulling a chocolate poop prank on her daughter.

Last month, these parents performed the same 'poop' trick on their son with Nutella – and his reaction was priceless.

In more parenting news, this savvy mum shared her meal prep tips which mean she has ZERO waste when cooking.

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This Woman Filmed Herself Giving Her Husband a Haircut, and . . . LOL

“Honey, that’s too much” – Cory Pendergast

With hair salons closed around the country and hairstylists not currently taking appointments, we’re all just trying our best when it comes to fulfilling our beauty needs right now. That means taking the reins and becoming our own stylists for treatments like manicures, pedicures, and even haircuts, although the latter can sometimes prove to not work out so well. Take it from this couple from Ohio who recently shared a video of themselves attempting an at-home haircut that went about as well as you’d expect.

In the video, Emily Pendergast gives her husband, Cory, a haircut in the pair’s bathroom while he attempts to coach her through it using what appears to be a video tutorial on his phone. From Pendergast admitting she was using the wrong scissors — it looks like she’s using a pair of crafting scissors — to her husband’s commentary (“Honey, that’s too much!”), the clip is a hilarious reminder of why we leave these things to the pros when we can.

Watch the couple’s full video above to see how the haircut turned out.

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