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James Charles Was Allegedly Threatened by an Uber Driver in Orlando

20-year-old beauty YouTuber James Charles sent his fans into panic mode when he posted on Twitter saying an Uber driver threatened to assault him.

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On Thursday, February 27, the makeup expert tweeted, “@[email protected]_Support hi! one of your drivers in Orlando just called my employee & I dumbasses, bitches & threatened to hit us. Please contact me as soon as possible.”

The company responded to the YouTube star’s tweet less than 30 minutes after Charles sent the tweet, writing, “We take this very seriously. Please send us a DM with your email address and phone number so we can connect ASAP.”

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Charles hasn’t shared any more information about the accident, but he’s still scheduled to attend the Playlist Live festival in Orlando Florida from February 28 to March 1.

This scary news comes just after the upstate New York native revealed that he’s disappointed in the way critics have been acting on social media.

“I get that a lot of people don’t like me,” the 20-year-old told his 4.8 million Twitter followers. “I’ve learned to accept & understand it — but the extent that some people on this app are willing to go in attempt to ruin my life is truly sad.”

He continued, “I hope one day people find a way to feel validation without having to bash others for likes.”

Charles faced backlash after impersonating the Latinx accent of TikTok star Adam Ray Okay (a.k.a., Rosa) on Snapchat. The YouTuber deleted the video when it began to receive a negative response.

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Apparently, Charles has thought about deleting his Twitter account to steer clear of social media trolls. He responded to a follower who recommended that option and said, “I think about it all the time and have tried but it’s such a huge part of my business and I keep updated on current events with twitter :/.” 

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Everything you need to know about knotless braids

Written by Florie Mwanza

Knotless braids are said to be the low-tension answer to box braids. We found out if this new braid style really is as protective of the hair and scalp as it is decorative. 

Braids may appear purely decorative, but their primary purpose is to protect the wearer’s hair from things like split ends, breakage and dryness caused by abrasive daily habits and exposure to the elements. Black hair, whether natural or chemically-treated, thrives when it’s left undisturbed in styles that require no heat and low manipulation, which is why so many black women opt to wear their hair in braided protective styles.

Although box braids have emerged as one of the more popular braid styles, the issues they can cause – from scalp inflammation to hair shedding – have many questioning whether they’re more destructive than protective.

By the looks of what’s trending on some of Instagram’s most popular braid pages, knotless braids might just be the answer. These new favourites not only count the likes of Beyoncé, Justine Skye and Alissa Ashley as devotees, but they’re also being hailed as the better option for hair and scalp health, while maintaining the same look and versatility of their predecessor. Thinking about trying it yourself? Here’s everything you need to know about knotless braids…

Main differences

Although knotless braids can come in the same sizes and lengths as box braids, the main difference between the two, according to Gemma Moodie, afro hair stylist at Neville Hair and Beauty, is that “knotless braids look like they’re growing out of the scalp, whereas with box braids you can see the knot where the extension has been added”.

To achieve the look she explains knotless braids are created “by adding small amounts of hair to the braid as you go,” rather than starting out with a bulky, chunk of extension hair.

Eunice Asiedu, who’s been braiding her own hair for years and has recently worn her hair in knotless braids, explains: “The main difference between the two styles for me is with knotless braids, you have the instant flexibility to style and you can manipulate the hair, but with box braids it takes a few days for your scalp to relax before you can style them.”

Traction alopecia

The small distinction in how the extension hair is added might not sound like much, but one of the main reasons why box braids can be detrimental to the health of your scalp is because the tightness of the knot tends to pull on the hair, causing excessive hair shedding, and traction alopecia – especially around the hairline, which is prone to thinning.

According to Gemma, gradually adding hair to the braid means “knotless braids are an overall safer option, because the method creates less tension and pulling on the roots, so there’s less chance of traction alopecia and follicle damage.”

As someone who’s been getting her hair braided since childhood, Jhaniel Smith is adamant that this braiding technique makes a huge difference in the way her scalp feels. She explains that in the past although “the hairdresser had done her best to not to tug on my hair and scalp”, box braids still left her scalp feeling tight, and she experienced “damaged edges”.

However, if like Smith, you convert to knotless braids to reduce tension on your scalp, Eunice is adamant that you limit the amount of time you wear them for because in her experience, as your “hair starts to grow out the braids will start to feel heavier especially on the braids around the perimeter of your hair. I would advise you to only keep them for around two to three weeks.”

Scalp sensitivity

One of the advantages of getting rid of the bulky braid knot is that it keeps the extension hair from touching the scalp too closely. This is a significant plus for knotless braids, because the alkaline coating manufacturers use on synthetic braiding hair has been known to cause scalp sensitivities such as itching and inflammation.

For Smith, this distinction is the deciding factor in her switching to knotless braids for the “foreseeable future”. Her previous experience of getting box braids included a reaction. “Spots and bumps appeared on my scalp that were very itchy a few days later,” she says. Since moving to knotless braids and having them installed twice, Smith hasn’t experienced this, despite using the same brand of synthetic extension hair.

Knotless braids may be a novel concept, but the steps you take to prep your hair for an install are no different than those you’d follow for any other long-term protective style.

“Always wash and deep-condition the hair before install, and then blow dry it. The straighter the hair, the easier it is to blend with the extensions,” says hair stylist Gemma Moodie.

Any straight extension hair can be used to achieve this braid style, but Moodie advises you keep in mind the length of your hair before booking an install, as one of the drawbacks of knotless braids is that “the stylists generally need a little more length to work with because of the braiding technique”.

As for upkeep, knotless braids are considered low-maintenance, so she advises a simple routine. “Be gentle when washing, maintain your style with scalp oil, and keep your hair wrapped at night with a silk scarf.”

Images: Eunice Asiedu/Jhaniel Smith

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Finally, a Cheap Hack to That Sun-Kissed Glow All Over TikTok

Finally, a Cheap Hack to That Sun-Kissed Glow All Over TikTok

Like most Gen Yers, I initially downloaded TikTok as a joke never expecting to stick around. Here I am a few months later doing the “Renegade” dance in my bathroom at 2 a.m.

Truth be told, I find the app and it’s many trends entertaining and often educational. I recently learned of a new and popular makeup trend, one that seemingly mimics the singed stain of a sunburn on your face. This sounds a little absurd, I know, but haven’t you ever wanted to be a little sun-kissed but without the damaging affects from a real sunburn? Of course, I felt compelled to copy the look, but almost all of the blushes I owned didn’t do it justice. Every powder looked too matte or fake, while the liquid formulas were too messy. Then, I met the one product that got the job done: Maybelline Cheek Heat.

If you’re thinking it looks eerily similar to one other cream blush made by a particularly millennial brand, you’re right — it does. Despite the twinning packaging, the product inside is unmatched. The formula is water-based and oil-free, so it glides onto skin with ease without leaving behind a saturated stain. Instead, it creates a sheer wash of color that is buildable without ever being overdone.

While most people say to use your fingers to apply the product, I use a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to line two to three dots of the blush onto the apples of my cheeks. After patting that out, I add another two dots to the bridge of my nose and swipe it down the sides to really create the impression that I spent all weekend basking in the sunlight. (If you still think this looks bizarre, know that Camille Rowe, my French hero, uses the same method for her everyday makeup routine.) As far as colors go, there are six to choose from, but my go-to is a cocktail of Coral Ember and Nude Burn (fitting, no?).

So, I found the best-kept secret to a just-off-the-beach flush. Now, TikTok, go do your thing and give it the hype it deserves.

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Why ‘clean manicures’ are healthier for the planet and your nails

Clean manicures have a tick of approval from Elle Macpherson and Teresa Palmer.Credit:iStock

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free, $70. Credit:Jennifer Soo

Road Test

This week I try …a clean manicure

The lowdown I am at Jocelyn Petroni’s salon in Sydney to try the new Clean Beauty Manicure to revive my parched nails (I’m in good company as Jocelyn has done this treatment on Elle Macpherson and Teresa Palmer). Jocelyn says the manicure “focuses on the overall health of the nail. We’ve hand-picked products and ingredients that help protect the skin and the environment.”

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, $69.Credit:Jennifer Soo

My manicurist starts with the acetone-free Mavala Crystal Nail Polish Remover. Next comes her own cuticle softener with aloe vera, followed by antibacterial organic honey, then organic lemon essential oil.

To finish, the nail plate is buffed to a glassy finish and a natural keratin nail treatment, CND Rescue RXx, is applied to strengthen my nails.

Pain factor The reverse – the accompanying hand massage is very relaxing.

Downtime 45 minutes. The treatment lasts for two weeks.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream, $49. Credit:Jennifer Soo

Where to get it
Sydney: Jocelyn Petroni, Cost: $80. Melbourne: Missy Lui (for a similar treatment), Cost: $90.

At home Try CND Rescue RXx Keratin Liquid, $9,

Trend: Tinted Moisturisers

Travelling light is always a challenge for us, which is why we love these compact products. All three are equally adept at helping you freshen up after a long-haul flight or simply giving light but effective coverage on the road.

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Eye Serum.Credit:Jennifer Soo

Add To Cart

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Eye Serum (, $115) helps to revive the delicate skin around the eyes. It delivers a hit of brightening and firming vitamin C complex in a lightweight formula. Apply morning and night under the eye and along the orbital bone using your ring finger.

Ask Stephanie

What is a good foundation for ageing skin?
Chantecaille Future Skin foundation (, $119) is an oil-free product with light-reflecting pigments that help to disguise fine lines and uneven skin tone. It also combats dehydration, making skin look plump and giving it a delicate glow.

Follow Stephanie Darling on Instagram @mrssdarling. Send questions to [email protected]

This article appears in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale March 1.

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Kylie Jenner's New Photo Features a Subtle Nod to Travis Scott


Kylie Jenner is showing her support for Travis Scott in a fashionable way. 

The 22-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Instagram on Thursday and shared a photo of herself traveling in a private jet. In addition to rocking a blonde ‘do, the makeup mogul sported a pair of the yet-to-be-released sneakers the 27-year-old rapper designed for Nike. She also donned a black jacket and gray joggers and accessorized her look with a pair of sunglasses and a purple Hermes Birkin bag.

“BRB baby,” Kylie captioned the photo.

Kylie and Travis, who welcomed their daughter Stormi Webster in February 2018, split in 2019. However, they’ve remained on good terms. From spending holidays together to getting together for their little one’s birthday, they continue to co-parent.

“We have such a great relationship,” Kylie recently told Harper’s Bazaar. “We’re like best friends. We both love Stormi and want what’s best for her. We stay connected and coordinated. I think about [my parents] in situations with Stormi, what they would do. They were very hands-on with me, and I want the same for Stormi.”

The Astroworld artist also opened up about their bond to XXL Magazine at the end of last year.

“I love [Stormi’s] mommy and I always will,” he said. “The hard part about relationships is just trying to be in one without a million outside voices interfering.”

So, where do the stars stand now? Earlier this month, a source told E! News “Kylie and Travis are not officially back together but are pros at co-parenting Stormi at this point.”

“They have not had a deep discussion about getting back together and are very happy at the stage they are at right now,” the source said. “It has been brought up many times, but they are going with the flow. They both truly still care about each other and there are strong feelings there. It’s inevitable they will get back together. Everyone around them sees the love they share and thinks they should just give it another chance.”

A second insider reiterated that “Kylie and Travis seem very happy with where things are.”

“They are getting along well and parenting together every day,” the second source continued. “They are always together and there is so much love between them with Stormi. It’s hard to imagine they won’t get back together officially. You can see they still love each other and want to be close.”

Of course, fans could always ask Kris Jenner.

“I don’t know if they’re back together,” the momager said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week when asked about Kylie and Travis’ status. “They’re just great co-parenters.”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns Thursday, March 26 at 8 p.m., only on E!

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Justin Bieber Strips Down to His Socks and Underwear in New Calvin Klein 'Deal With It' Campaign: See the Video!

Justin Bieber is wearing nothing but boxer briefs, tube socks and sneakers in the Calvin Klein Spring 2020 ad campaign — and he wants you to deal with it!

The 25-year-old singer shared a clip from his new spot — a continuation of the #MyCalvins movement and celebrates “unapologetic confidence and self-love,” according to a Calvin Klein press release — on Instagram with the caption, “It’s Friday.”

Throughout the video, Bieber shows his tattoo-covered body (much to the delight of fans on social media) and strikes a variety of poses while lounging on a leather chair.

“Who does this kid think he is,” the “Yummy” singer says in a voiceover, after shrugging his shoulders and raising his eyebrows.

“Cannot tell me he’s not a 10,” one Instagram user wrote in the comment section.

“Holy lord,” another said. While a third person added, “He got that yummy yummy 🤤”

View this post on Instagram

It’s Friday

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Calvin Klein also shared the black and white “Deal With It” campaign video (in which Bieber appears alongside Kendall Jenner, Lil Nas X, Euphoria break-out star Hunter Schafer and singer-songwriters Maluma, SZA and Lay Zhang) on Instagram.

“@justinbieber does what he wants. DEAL WITH IT. #MYCALVINS. by @bardiazeinali” the brand wrote alongside the clip — fans quickly flooded the comment section with heart eyes, flames and drooling emojis!

Calvin Klein started rolling out the “Deal With It” campaign, shot by iconic photographer Mario Sorrenti with accompanying videos by Bardia Zeinali, on Thursday: “The surreal campaign mixes real emotion with fantasy for expressive imagery that exudes confidence,” the brand said in a press release.

In the group ad, the star-studded cast —“chosen for their willingness to bare themselves to the world,” Calvin Klein states — gets real about who they are and what they stand for, all while modeling the latest styles from both Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear.

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Houseproud mum gives her husband’s Playstation a makeover using sticky back plastic so it matches her living room decor

THEY say that relationships are all about compromise.

So when your partner turns a blind eye after you come come home with yet another set of wax melts, you are basically obliged to have his various Xboxes, Playstations and Nintendos on display in your perfectly decorated living room.

But just because you've made your peace with his various gaming consoles, that doesn't mean they have to be a total eyesore cluttering up the place.

Demonstrating how you can turn your partner's Playstation into a chic, rustic wooden shelf, one mum decided to cover her husband's console in printed sticky-back plastic.

Posting the photo on her Snapchat, the anonymous woman joked: "When your husband's Playstation doesn't go with your decor… you vinyl it." See? Compromise.

The photo was then shared on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It where hundreds of Facebook users fawned over the idea.

One replied: "I'd do exactly the same – and all his gaming stuff too!"

Another added: "Such a great idea!"

"My lad would go mental if I did this," a third wrote. "He doesn't even like me cleaning it!"

If you're thinking of trying this at home, it's important not to cover the vent on the side of the consoles to avoid them overheating and becoming a fire hazard.

For more home interior tips, this woman made a stunning dressing table for less than £50 using IKEA and B&M bargains.

And this savvy mum transformed her dining room by chopping up her table and using bargains from The Range and eBay.

Plus this mum created a Mrs Hinch-inspired kitchen using £28 Amazon sticky wrap after she was quoted £7k for a renovation.

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Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Reveals The Best Workout You Can Do At Home To Get In Shape Like The Star

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian has a fabulous figure & her trainer, Melissa Alcantara, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, the best at-home workout you can do to get in shape!

Kim Kardashian, 39, has an amazingly toned figure and it’s all thanks to her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara. Luckily, Mel, Celebrity Trainer, All-Natural Athlete & Fitplan Trainer, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, what workouts the pair do together and how you can try the same workouts at home. Mel gushed about working with Kim admitting, “Kim and I share a special bond, we constantly motivate each other to train harder and see the world with fresh eyes. Kim is more than just my client-athlete, she’s a mentor.”

As for what workouts they do together, Mel revealed, “It changes depending on current physique and performance goals, but in general we’re looking for strength gains over time and a 100% sustainable approach to living a fit and active lifestyle. But you bet we’re always doing squats, deadlifts, and thrusts for good measure and leg day gains.” There are certain workouts that Kim excels at and Mel admitted, “She loves anything that has to do with jumping, and she’ll crush a bunch of walking lunges like it’s just regular walking.”

Mel revealed the specific workout that will whip you into shape, and the best part is, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. “You can start with doing HIIT bodyweight workouts at home so that you can learn to use your body and get into performance shape, in the comfort of your own house where it’s just you vs you,” Mel said. “I have my Built at Home training program on the Fitplan app for this specific reason, it’ll be the most rewarding ~25 minutes of sweat and burn you ever experience. Now get to work!”

If you’re looking to get in shape before spring, Mel shared the ideal workout you should try. “‘Ideal’ really depends on factors like your particular goals, age, lifestyle, time, etc. That being said, if you make working out 3-4 times per week and eating a nutrition-based diet a habit, then you’re on the fast track to getting in shape and staying in shape. The fastest way to get in shape is staying in shape.” If working out isn’t your thing, Mel explained that there are other ways to get in shape. “You don’t have to do a particular exercise or program, but you do have to be active. If you have specific goals, find a program that supports them and allow yourself to follow through to the end before you say something doesn’t work for you. Finally, whatever you decide to do in order to get in shape, if you can’t keep training and eating according to that program for at least 3-6 months then this approach is not sustainable. You want to be able to sustain your approach to really get the benefits from living that healthy lifestyle and being strong af.”

Getting in shape doesn’t just mean working out, it also means maintaining a healthy diet, and Mel shared her nutrition tips. “1. Drink water. How much? More than you think you need. 2. Cook for yourself. By cooking for yourself, and your family, you can gain tremendous control over your nutrition and maximize the work you put in the gym. 3. Take time for yourself. A big part of being healthy is being mentally healthy. Spend time with yourself and learn to enjoy your own company so that you can enjoy the company of others having a strong sense of boundaries and respect.”

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This Is The #1 Best-Selling Exfoliator In Japan — & You Can Buy It On Amazon

It’s a favorite of beauty editors, celebrities, and the in-the-know skin-care obsessed. In a country known for their revolutionary beauty innovations, it’s their number-one best-selling exfoliator. It has thousands of positive Amazon reviews, and countless blog posts devoted to singing its praises. I’m talking, of course, about Cure Natural Aqua Gel, one of Japan’s most popular beauty products and the recipient of the 2019 Brand of the Year Award in the Health and Beauty Category at the World Branding Awards (for the third consecutive year, nonetheless).

First, the good news. Cure Natural Aqua Gel is sold on Amazon, through the brand’s official storefront. That means no third-party sellers are involved, so you can trust that you’re getting the real thing. It’s even eligible for free two-day Prime shipping, which means you can have it delivered to your doorstep in about the same amount of time it’d take for you to fly to Japan.

But next, the better news. To celebrate the brand’s third consecutive year winning the prestigious World Branding award, they’ve launched an exclusive gift set containing two of their other, lesser-known award-winning products, Cure Water Treatment and Cure Bath Time, as well as a bottle of the iconic Cure Natural Aqua Gel. But the set also includes two bonus Water Treatments in travel-sized bottles for on-the-go use. Combined, that’s $107 worth of Cure products — but the set is being offered for just under $70 on Amazon.

At this point, you might be wondering what Cure Natural Aqua Gel actually is. Made of 91% activated hydrogen water, which is rich in good-for-skin antioxidants, as well as aloe, gingko and rosemary extracts, the unique formula exfoliates the top layer of your skin so it becomes smooth and baby-soft. What people most love about the Aqual Gel’s unique exfoliating formula is that you can actually see it working. As you massage the gel onto your face, you’ll see tiny white balls of dead skin coming off, which makes for a weirdly satisfying (and dare we say, fun?) experience. And of course, the results are incredible. In addition to smooth, soft skin, expect increased radiance and clarity.

As for the other products in the exclusive gift set? The Cure Water Treatment is a delicious, thirst-quenching moisturizer that can be used as a day cream, night cream, makeup primer, or even body lotion. It’s oil-free, so any skin type can use it safely without worrying about clogged pores or breakouts, and it absorbs beautifully into skin — sans residue, sans shine. And, staying true to the brand’s ethos of creating more innovative, inventive versions of everyday beauty products, this isn’t your average moisturizer. As you apply it, you’ll notice tiny droplets of activated hydrogen water forming — it’s almost like giving your skin a super-powered, hydrating rain shower. (Remember, in the gift set, you’ll get one full-sized bottle and two travel-sized bottles of the Water Treatment.)

The last product in the gift set is Cure Bath Time. Another ingenious way to treat your skin in a fun, creative way, these are bath salts for your face. They’re made of 100% ruby rock salts from Nepal of the highest quality, which have been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat various skin conditions for thousands of years. The salts are rich in antioxidants and can purportedly help with everything from dehydration to inflammation. To use, simply fill a large bowl or basin with warm water and pour in one-fifth a packet of the salts. Once they’re fully dissolved, splash your face a few times with the water/ salt mixture, then rinse with clean water. Your skin will be left feeling soft, cleansed, and refreshed.

If you can’t get enough of Japanese beauty, this gift set is a must-try. Or, if you’d rather start off with the cult-favorite Cure Natural Aqua Gel, you can buy it individually through the link below.

Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle’s editorial and sales departments.

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13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

When it comes to the perfect blowout, we’ll splash out. But it’s not something we can do every time our hair needs washing, unfortunately. The good news is that you can achieve a similar look at home if you have the right products and tools—and for a fraction of the cost.

So, what products and tools should you use at home for a salon-worthy blowout? Check out our recommendations below!


Hurry, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Is Back in Stock

Start with a styling balm that helps protect your hair from heat damage. This one from R+Co doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue. 

Shopping: Blowout Products

Spray this lightweight mist on your damp hair to speed up drying time and nourish your ends. It helps to smooth out your hair and gives it body and shine.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

This hydrating control cream is ideal for thick and coarse hair. It moisturizes and smooths out your strands if you apply it to damp hair before blow drying.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

This cult favorite heat protectant spray is super affordable and has never let us down. Its spray top pushes out a super-fine mist that evenly coats your strands for maximum protection. 

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

For the perfect blowout, you of course need to blow dry your hair. We recommend the futuristic Dyson Supersonic hair dryer because it’s super quick and helps to protect your mane from heat damage.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

After you’re done blow drying, consider adding in some waves with this curling wand from Blowpro. Without a clamp, it’s fool-proof to use and has different temperature settings to suit your needs. 

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

This heat protectant designed for blow drying creates a “thermal blanket” of flexible silicone resin over your strands. This protects your hair and leaves you with a smooth and silky finish.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Another option to reduce heat damage is this blow-dry spray, which forms a protective clear coat over your hair. It includes a blend of keratin proteins, panthenol, and silk amino acids for a healthy shine.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Rollers are the classic way to add volume to your ‘do. These bump up your crown and come in two sizes for any hair length.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Moroccan oil always brings the shine. This styling serum that’s applied to damp hair ensures your blow-out comes out looking smooth.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Gain both volume and heat protection from this blowout spray. You can use it before blow drying for heat protection or after as a re-styler. 

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

Living Proof’s blowout spray helps to lock in your style all day long. You can use it both on wet hair before you blow dry or on dry hair for extra hold later.

Shopping: Blowout Products

Our top tip? Using a clarifying shampoo once you’re ready to wash your hair after your blowout. There’s nothing worse than product buildup to weigh down your strands and make them look greasy. This clarifying shampoo from Sachajuan soothes a dry, itchy scalp with rosemary oil, menthol, and ginger extract.

E-Comm: 13 Blowout Products That Are Worth Every Penny

For more hair tips, check out the best products that add shine and the best hair products for cold weather. 

—Originally published July 28, 2018 at 5 a.m. PT

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