Hebrides : Islands on the Edge – Very well received….

By all accounts the recent network broadcasting of this series has went down very well !

According to reports it has been averaging about 1.7 million viewers per episode which to me isn’t bad considering it’s a fairly specialised programme shown on BBC Two in the middle of summer ! It has went down very well on the Social media sites , twitter was buzzing during and after the broadcasts , it’s not very often you actually get to talk to the people involve with the making of a programme , especially live ! I just hope it boosts the area tourism trade and is beneficial to the Islands involved , it seems to have raised awareness of the areas and the wildlife of that part of the world .

Congratulations to all involved and hopefully we’ll see some more of the Hebrides featured on the telly in the near future .

It Comes out on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow , the Amazon.co.uk links are……



And it has been the perfect build up to our Summer Visit , Roll on Saturday !