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NYPD cars hit protesters who surrounded and began pounding on cop vehicles – The Sun

A VIDEO has emerged showing a NYPD cop car driving into protesters in the city.

The footage was uploaded to Twitter on Saturday night.

The Sun has approached the NYPD for comment.

The shocking footage appears to show two SUV's drive into protesters who are holding onto barriers on the streets of New York.

Demonstrators were banging on the hood of the cars as they continued to drive.

More to follow…

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Lockdown parents have faced 120 cries of 'I'm bored!'

Lockdown parents have faced 120 cries of ‘I’m bored!’, 100 meltdowns from their children and mopped up 50 food and drink spillages over the past 10 weeks

If you’ve reached the end of your tether juggling work, home schooling and housework during lockdown, you’re far from alone. 

A new survey reveals how millions of parents are craving some peace after being cooped up with the children for the past ten weeks. 

According to the poll, the nation’s offspring have yelled ‘Mum!’ an average 190 times and ‘Dad!’ 140 times. 

Hard-pressed parents have faced an average of 100 meltdowns, been told ‘I’m bored!’ 120 times and asked ‘What’s for dinner?’ 110 times. 

A new survey reveals how millions of parents are craving some peace after being cooped up with the children for the past ten weeks

On average, mums and dads have spent 60 hours preparing meals, mopped up 50 food and drink spillages and loaded and eventually unloaded the dishwasher 80 times. 

An average of 91 loads of washing have been done per household – more than one a day. Families have also settled down to around 110 movies together, while children have been read 100 stories and allowed to play on iPads 111 times.   

Parents have refereed eight arguments between siblings, on average, yet despite homes sometimes becoming battlegrounds, more than half of parents admit they have loved having more time to spend with their youngsters. 

The survey of 1,500 parents with children under the age of 11 by toymaker Little Tikes found a third of parents believed lockdown had brought their family closer together, despite heightened stress levels. 

One in five said they had learned more about their children from having to spend time together. 

Around six in ten parents told researchers that they have appreciated the chance to play with their children, with four in ten reporting they know their youngsters better because of the time spent at home. 

They also found that families have been keen to connect with loved ones by video calls during the lockdown, by making an average of seven Zoom calls to grandparents each week. 

But the strain on family life caused by the lockdown was also apparent. 

Nearly three quarters – 72 per cent – of parents admitted finding life more stressful than it was before the coronavirus pandemic Little Tikes spokeswoman Michelle Lilley said: ‘Lockdown has been a huge challenge for families across the UK. 

‘As well as home schooling, parents are also battling to keep their children entertained 24/7, many of whom also have to fit in their day job at home too. 

‘It’s encouraging to see that plenty of parents are feeling closer as a family and that they’re learning more about each other than ever before.’ 

Schools start to go back from tomorrow, starting with Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 of primary 

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Grimes reveals new nickname for son X Æ A-12 after she and Elon Musk were forced to legally change his name – The Sun

GRIMES has announces her nickname for her son X Æ A-12 after she and Elon Musk were forced to legally change his name.

The Canadian artist and the SpaceX billonaire announced the birth of their first child earlier this month and caused a stir with his unusual name.

Grimes has now revealed she calls the baby "Little X" for short amid furious debates among fans about how to pronounce the name.

It comes after it emerged his name was changed from X Æ A-12 to X AE A-XII on his birth certificate – XII being the Roman numeral form of 12.

Little X's birth name was slightly changed to abide by California law, which does not allow certain characters in names.

The 32-year-old new mom shared the baby's nickname during an interview with Bloomberg promoting her upcoming art show in LA.

After changing the baby's name, Grimes also took to Instagram and said having it in Roman numerals "looks better tbh".

The couple's announcement of his name caused quite a stir, as many people didn't understand what it meant and couldn't work out how to pronounce it.

On Twitter, the Genesis singer said: "X, the unknown variable. Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence). A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft).

"No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent + (A=Archangel, my favorite song) (metal rat)."

To make matters more confusing, her and Elon appeared to disagree with how it was pronounced.

The tech entrepreneur explained it was "Ex Ash Archangel Twelve" while the artist claimed it was "Ex Ash A Twelve".

Little X's unusual name is claimed to be mostly the idea of Grimes, but his dad said the reference to the high speed recon plane was his idea.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Podcast, Elon said: "I mean it’s just X, the letter X.

"Um, and then, the Æ is, like, pronounced ‘Ash’. And then, A-12, A-12 is my contribution.

"The Archangel-12, the precursor to the SR-71, the coolest plane ever."

Grimes and Musk welcomed the Little X into the world on May 4.

He is their first child together, but the 48-year-old Tesla boss also has six sons with his ex-wife Justine Wilson.

Tragically, one of his children, Nevada, who was born in 2002, died of sudden infant death syndrome at the age of just ten weeks.

Little X's arrival into the world comes as Grimes prepares to legally sell her soul to the highest bidder in a conceptual art piece titled Selling Out.

The original plan was to sell her soul for $10million, but she has since decided to sell it in an auction.

She said: "The deeper we got with it, the more philosophically interesting it became.

"The idea of fantastical art in the form of legal documents just seems very intriguing to me."

Meanwhile, Musk will be attempting to make history tonight with the launch of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft to carry two Nasa astronauts to the ISS.

It is the second attempt after the first launch on Wednesday was cancelled due to bad weather – and comes after a SpaceX rocket exploded during an engine test in Texas

There have been no launches carrying humans into Earth orbit from US soil since the space shuttle was retired in 2011.

Musk – who has an estimated $38.2 billion fortune – dreams of revolutionizing space travel and creating a city on Mars by 2050.

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Trump puts Army police on alert to quell riots over George Floyd killing

The Army’s police units are preparing to head to Minneapolis — on orders from President Trump — if the violence keeps raging over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of a white police officer during his arrest.

Defense officials issued the order Saturday on the directive of the commander in chief, three people with knowledge of the order told the Associated Press. A president hasn’t put military police units on alert to deploy to America’s streets since the 1992 riots over the beating of Rodney King, a black man, by cops, the Daily Mail reported.

Trump made the move as fiery protests spread to other cities across the nation — including in Detroit, where a 19-year-old was shot and killed; in Atlanta, where demonstrators set up CNN’s headquarters and the governor declared a state of emergency; and in New York, where the NYPD arrested more than 200 people Friday in different protests.

Overnight, the president took to Twitter to respond to a tweet by a group of supporters, Former Democrats for Trump, which pointed out Minneapolis was ruled by Democrats: “Time for a change! #2020.”

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Billionaire builds £280m superyacht with eight labs for scientists

Billionaire oil tycoon builds £280million superyacht with eight laboratories and submarine and will invite 400 marine scientists on board for four weeks a year to study how to protect the ocean

  • Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke is planning to give something back 
  • After building a £280m superyacht he wants scientists to now step on board 
  • The plush vessel, with three swimming pools, will be used for marine research 
  • Ship has a unique trawl system to gather samples of fish and suck them into a laboratory without crushing them 

Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke is using his bottomless reserves to give something back, after overseeing the creation of a £280million superyacht which will be intermittently offered to scientists.

The magnificent vessel, named the REV Ocean, stands as the worlds largest of its kind, and comes lavishly furnished with three swimming pools and two helipads.

Yet it is the eight separate laboratories which will be of most interest, with the oil and fishing tycoon set to invite up to 400 marine scientists a year to spend three to four weeks each on board studying how to protect the ocean from climate change, overfishing and plastic waste.

Scientists will be given free use of the REV Ocean, a 600ft research and expedition vessel, for a third of the year, as report the Times.

Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke is planning to give something back with the Rev Ocean

The £280m superyacht is the world’s largest and will be used alongside scientific research

It will be used for expeditions for another third and for private charter for the rest of the year to help fund the science. 

The huge superyacht is currently being fit out in Brattvaag, Norway, and is poised to set sail later in the year.

The jaw dropping £280m vessel has its eight labs which come decked out with scientific equipment worth more than £20 million, including a submarine for three people that can descend one and a half miles. 

It also has a robot to survey and gather samples on the sea bed at a depth of almost four miles.

Mr Inge Rokke, 61, has overseen designs to be as workable as possible for scientific use, with the ship possessing a unique trawl system to gather samples of fish and suck them into a laboratory without crushing them, allowing them to be released unharmed. 

The huge superyacht is currently being fit out in Brattvaag, Norway, and is poised to set sail later in the year, with a tour stop to London

The vessel comes lavishly furnished with three swimming pools and two helipads, while also boasting eight separate laboratory facilities

The Rev Ocean uses up to 25 litres of diesel per nautical mile at ten knots and can stay for 120 days at sea without needing refuelling, allowing it to reach the most remote parts of the ocean and therefore making it ideal for deep sea exploration.

Mr Inge Rokke, 61, had humble begins in the working world and started off working as a deckhand on a fishing vessel after dropping out of school in Norway. 

He amassed his now £1.4 billion fortune initially by running a fleet of fishing vessels before moving into offshore drilling and earning vast sums in oil extraction and trade. 

His company, Aker Energy, has a range of subsidiaries focusing on oil and gas. He has no plans to stop drilling and admits that he is ‘part of the problem’ that he is inviting scientists to investigate.

His company owns half of a vast oilfield discovered recently in deep waters of the south Atlantic off Ghana. 

Kjell Inge Rokke made his millions in the oil and fishing industry, starting off as a deckhand

Mr Inge Rokke (pictured with Bill Clinton in 2005) has no plans to stop drilling for oil and admits that he is ‘part of the problem’ that he is inviting scientists to investigate

The Norwegian billionaire served a month in prison in 2005 after trying to bribe a Swedish yacht inspector for a licence. 

Looking to bring on board some of the world’s top leading academics to the project, he has hired Oxford University’s leading marine conservation scientist Alex Rogers as science director.

Professor Rogers is helping to draw up plans for the Ocean’s 250-day maiden voyage from the Arctic to the Antarctic, with a display visit to London. 

Among the itinerary, scientists will begin studying the effect of declining sea ice in the Arctic on bowhead whales, one of the world’s oldest living mammals. 

The extent and impact of plastic pollution from the surface to the deep sea will also be measured, along with the impact of illegal fishing in the Pacific and ocean acidification.

Mr Inge Rokke (second from right) hopes to join scientists on the superyacht for at least two months of the year during the research period

Professor Rogers told the Times it had been difficult to leave his ‘steady academic job’ at Oxford but Mr Rokke convinced him that he was passionate about supporting ocean research. He said that the scientific tools would also appeal to paying guests. 

A remotely operated submersible to ‘visit the Titanic would be feasible’, he added, which could be a highly lucrative earner.

Mr Rokke has also recruited Nina Jensen, former head of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Norway, to be the chief executive of the vessel. She admitted that Mr Rokke’s plans for oil and gas extraction presented ‘huge dilemmas’.

‘That was one of my big reservations in taking the job,’ she said, adding that she continued to have ‘lengthy discussions’ with Mr Rokke about opening up oil and gas fields. 

Upon signing on the dotted line however she has secured a pledge from him that the Aker energy group would not seek to extract oil off the Lofoten archipelago in the Arctic, which is considered a natural wonder. 

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Looking good for his age! Face of a priest who died 900 years ago

Looking good for his age! Face of a priest who died 900 years ago is recreated after his remains were found buried in Lincoln Cathedral

  • The man died approximately 900 years ago and was uncovered with a pewter chalice and plate used to hold Eucharistic wine and bread similar to other burials
  • The facial reconstruction techniques used result in an image that could be recognised by friends of the person but the colour of the hair and eyes is a guess
  • The archaeological dug was funded by the National Lottery and includes the delivery of vital restoration and renovation works to the iconic Lincoln Cathedral

The excavation of a burial site for clergymen at Lincoln Cathedral has allowed experts to uncover the face of a medieval priest. 

The man died approximately 900 years ago and was uncovered with a pewter chalice and plate used to hold Eucharistic wine and bread.

Similar objects have been found in other 12th and 13th centuries gravesites. 

Analysis of the skeleton has confirmed that the priest was a male, around 169cm tall and died between the ages of 35 and 45 years old.

Inverness-based forensic artist Hew Morrison, then used Allen Archaeology’s measurements and photographs of the skull, to create a lifelike reconstruction of the priest’s face.  

Forensic facial reconstruction of a 900-year-old medieval priest unearthed by Allen Archaeology at Lincoln Cathedral during recent renovation works

The priest’s excavation was carried out by Lincoln-based Allen Archaeology Ltd as part of the Lincoln Cathedral Connected project to enable drainage works and landscaping around the Cathedral. 

Studies have shown that the facial reconstruction techniques used result in an image that could be recognised by those who knew the person. 

The features of the priest’s skull such as his close-set eyes and slightly asymmetrical chin are taken from the measurements of the skull and are accurate. 

Without the availability of DNA testing, however, the colour of the hair and eyes can only be an educated guess.  

Other interesting  finds from the skeleton showed that the priest had suffered from barely any disease or injury during his life, with the exception of bruising an small deposits of mineralised dental plaque. 

The natural wear and tear on the discs of his lower spine show that the priest was involved in a degree of physical activity, and were typical of someone of that age. 

His remains also suggest that he was well nourished and had a risk-free lifestyle.

The Revd Canon, John Patrick, Subdean of Lincoln, said: ‘These excavation findings are truly captivating and the historical insights we gain are testament to the rich history of the religious site.’ 

Lincoln Cathedral dates from 1072 and was once one of the tallest buildings in the world

During the excavation, many other fascinating artefacts were found which are currently dated and cataloged. 

They will then be displayed as part of the new Lincoln Cathedral visitor centre. 

Senior manager at Allen Archaeology, Natasha Powers, said: ‘This burial is just one of the fascinating discoveries that our team has made during the Cathedral Connected project. 

‘We have revealed new evidence of Roman, Saxon, medieval, Tudor and Victorian activity within the site, and full analysis of the 50 or so burials that have been unearthed will provide us with a window into understanding the lives of the medieval population of Lincoln.’

The project is funded by the National Lottery and includes the delivery of vital restoration and renovation works to the iconic Lincoln Cathedral which are due to be completed in 2022. 

These works will also include a new visitor centre displaying the artifacts found. 

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Donald Trump claims shoot looters tweet was public safety message – not a threat

Donald Trump has claims his banned ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ tweet was a public safety warning rather than a threat. Speaking at a meeting of business leaders at the White House Friday, Trump also denied knowing that the phrase was first uttered by segregationist Miami Police Chief Walter Headley in 1967.

Trump said: ‘I’ve heard that phrase for a long time. I don’t know where it originated from. Frankly it means when theres looting people get shot and they die and if you look at what happened last night and the night before you see that, it’s very common. That’s the way it’s meant.

‘It’s very accurate in the sense that when you have looting like you had last night people get shot and they die, and we don’t want that to happen.’

President Trump’s tweet was sent in the early hours of Friday in response to ongoing riots and looting in Minneapolis sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Floyd died after Minneapolis Police Department Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes. Chauvin and three other cops involved have been fired from their jobs, with Chauvin also charged with murder on Friday.

Trump’s tweet said: ‘These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen.

‘Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!’

The tweet was later hidden by Twitter for breaking the social media site’s terms by ‘glorifying’ violent. Users can still see it, but they must click a ‘view’ button to do so. Trump has been at war with Twitter all week after it fact-checked two of his messages claiming mail-in ballots encouraged voter fraud.

Trump also spoke of his disgust at the video showing Floyd’s death on Friday, saying: ‘Horrible thing to witness and to watch. It would certainly look like there was no excuse for it.’

The 46 year-old security guard was arrested after allegedly passing a fake $20 bill in a grocery store. He could be heard wheezing ‘I can’t breathe’ in a distressing video clip, with the phrase since becoming the rallying cry for Black Lives Matter protests held in the wake of Floyd’s death.

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Officer Filmed with Knee on George Floyd's Neck Is Taken into Custody

The fired Minneapolis police officer seen on video with his knee on the neck of an unarmed black man who later died has been taken into custody, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety announced Friday.

It was not immediately clear what charges the officer, Derek Chauvin, might face.

John Harrington, commissioner of the public safety department, announced at a press conference on Friday that Chauvin was taken into custody by state authorities in connection with the may 25 death of George Floyd.

CBS Minnesota reports that Chauvin, who was fired Tuesday along with the three other officers present, had been with Minneapolis police for 19 years.

The encounter between Chauvin and Floyd, 46, was caught on camera, with viral footage sparking widespread outrage on social media. In the video, Chauvin is seen placing his knee firmly on the back of Floyd's neck as he lies face down on his stomach, next to a patrol car.

Floyd can be heard in the video groaning in pain while bystanders plead with Chauvin to be more gentle. Throughout the nine-minute clip, he repeatedly asks for help. He tells the officers that he cannot breathe and says that "everything hurts." The video continued until Floyd was visibly still.

In the initial media statement after Floyd's death, the Minneapolis Police Department alleged that he was "under the influence," and that police were responding to a report of forgery.

Police also alleged that Floyd resisted arrest. But many lawmakers in Minnesota and others have questioned the police account, pointing out that no video evidence shows Floyd resisting.

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After Chauvin was taken into custody, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar wrote on Twitter the arrest was "the first step towards justice."


Floyd's death has sparked protests, some of which have turned violent.

PEOPLE was not immediately able to reach Chauvin, and it was not immediately clear if he has retained an attorney.

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Test and Trace will only slow spread of coronavirus IF 80% of contacts tracked down in 48 hours, SAGE docs warn – The Sun

CONTACT tracing will only slow the spread of coronavirus if 80 per cent of contacts are tracked down in 48 hours, top scientists have warned.

Documents from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) say that 4 in 5 will need to self-isolate if contacted for the system to work.

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The experts also warn that contacts will need to be notified within 48 hours to reduce the risk of transmission.

Notes from a SAGE meeting – held on May 1 but only published today – state: "Tracing of contacts should begin as soon as a new suspected case is identified, in parallel to testing.

"All individuals declaring symptoms should be tested as quickly as practical."

Previous failure

Meanwhile, notes from on February 20 show contact tracing had failed nearly a month earlier than the authorities had previously admitted.

They read: “SAGE concluded that individual cases could already have been missed – including individuals advised that they are not infectious (given the challenge of picking up the virus after the first week or so of infection).”

By February 27 the scientists had dramatically scaled up their views on problems facing the UK with the virus.

They said: “SAGE reviewed Covid-19 planning assumptions and advised that, in the reasonable worst case scenario, 80 per cent of the UK population may become infected.”

Half self-isolate

The documents also revealed that about half of people with coronavirus symptoms self-isolate for a week – raising concerns over whether future outbreaks can be prevented.

It comes days before the lockdown is eased – with people being asked to isolate for 14 days even if they do not have symptoms.

Under the NHS Test and Trace programme, people in England will be told to quarantine themselves for two weeks if they come into contact with someone who has tested positive.

A document released today shows behavioural experts informing SAGE warned of the low compliance seen on a Department of Health and Social Care app.

"We strongly recommend monitoring and rapid research into adherence rates to all key behaviours and how to improve them, noting that based on DHSC tracker only around 50 per cent of people are currently reporting self-isolating for at least seven days when symptomatic with cough or fever," they said.

Their warning comes as people across the UK are beginning to be allowed to meet up outside, at a distance, and shops start to reopen.

SAGE released a raft of documents in a drive for transparency, including the minutes of 34 of their meetings since they began convening on coronavirus in January.

On May 5, scientists stressed that alterations to retail, leisure and schools not pushing the transmission rate "R" above the crucial number of one are dependent on "an effective test and trace programme" being in place.

As he launched the programme this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted test and trace would not reach the "world-beating" standard he had promised until "the next days as we go through June".

The SAGE minutes show scientists stressed that 80 per cent of an individual's contact would need to be traced for the programme to be effective.

They warned that there is a risk individuals become "less willing to comply" if they are repeatedly asked to isolate and "are impacted financially", heaping pressure on ministers to ensure there is sufficient support.


Downing Street was unable to say how many calls were made or contacts traced during the programme's first day of operation on Thursday.

Environment Secretary George Eustice insisted "calls were definitely made" by tracers.

"I don't know how many cases were dealt with yesterday, I'm aware though that calls were made," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.


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Parents accused of torturing daughter, 3, after going on Russia’s answer to Jeremy Kyle to blame sibling for bruises – The Sun

PARENTS are being investigated for torture after shocking images emerged of their three-year-old daughter with her eyes completely black.

The girl’s parents even appeared on a Russia's answer to the Jeremy Kyle show and blamed their 18-month-old toddler for carrying out the horrific abuse.

The incident took place in the village of Dachny in the Omsk region of the southern Russian region of Omsk Oblast and came to light after mother Yulia Pogiba, 27, and father Alexander Pogiba appeared on the show.

Shocking images of their unnamed three-year-old daughter with horrific bruising to her eyes were shown to viewers.

In the photos, the girl's eyes appear to have been forced shut by the swelling.

Reports state the couple are alleged to have beaten the girl on May 8 before taking her to hospital with bruising to her face and body.

Doctors found the girl was also suffering from concussion, anaemia and malnutrition when they treated her.

The parents reportedly claim that the injuries were inflicted by the girl’s younger sister, who is just 18 months old.

A criminal case into "intentional infliction of moderate damage to the health of a minor", "failure to fulfil obligations to educate a minor", and "torture" has been launched.

Local media report the family of seven have been under the supervision of the local police department and social services after the parents were reported for not raising the five children correctly.

All the children have now been removed from the parents and are under the care of social services.

A criminal investigation has also been launched into the workers who were in charge of the case for failing to prevent the girl from being abused.

There have been no updates on the current condition of the girl and it is unclear if the parents have been arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.

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