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Michael Bloomberg demands Bernie Sanders releases medical record to show heart is healthy after billionaire released his – The Sun

MICHAEL Bloomberg has demanded the release of Sanders' medical records to show the state of the Democrat frontrunner's heart in detail.

Sanders' cardiac health has come under fire following his heart attack in October while he was campaigning in Las Vegas and rivals grilled him over it in recent debates.

He has arthritis, had small skin cancers removed and heartburn but all are "well controlled".

Both Sanders and Bloomberg have heart stents, which is a relatively common procedure.

Sanders, who is also 78, has previously released doctor's letters following his heart attack but will not release the exact cardiac stress test result or his exact medical records at this stage.

He has been accused of trying to sidestep medical questions since October, stoking "concerns about Senator Sanders' secrecy about his recent heart attack" according to Bloomberg's team.

The Vermont senator answered questions about his secrecy around his heart condition saying: "You can start releasing medical records and it never ends.

"I think we have released a detailed medical report, and I´m comfortable on what we have done."

Sisson also reveals that Bloomberg takes a blood thinner, a beta-blocker and cholesterol medication.

The pair are the oldest candidates standing against Trump, who is 73, and would be the oldest president ever elected to office if they win.

Senior adviser to Sanders, Jeff Weaver, told reporters he doesn't understand why there´s a recurring question about the senator´s health records and said "It´s actually a little bit ridiculous.

"He's released as much or more than any other candidate on that stage, released a letter from the attending physician of the U.S. Capitol, Brian Monahan, who has been his doctor for 29 years.

"You know, this is not one of those Trump-rent-a-doctors. All of [the cardiologists and doctors to have assessed Sanders] say he is fully able to handle the rigors of the presidency."

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump released a letter written by his physician Dr. Harold Bornstein saying his health was "astonishingly excellent" and that he would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

Dr Bornstein later claimed Trump dictated the letter and that he wrote it in five minutes while a limo sent by the candidate waited outside his office.

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'Hundreds of thousands of lives' at stake over Coronavirus in Britain, ex-Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admits

HUNDREDS of thousands of lives could be at stake if Britain can't contain coronavirus, former health secretary Jeremy Hunt warned today.

Mr Hunt said the worst case scenario was if 70 per cent of people became affected.

  • Follow the updates in our live blog here

Speaking this morning – as the 19th case of coronavirus was reported in Britain – the former Tory leadership contender said ministers needed to do more to warn the public about the risks to come and what might happen.

And there would be huge social and economic consequences involved if the county is unable to get a grip on the deadly bug as is continues to spread.

He told Sky News: "Our worst case scenario is 70 per cent becoming affected.

"Hundreds of thousands of lives could depend whether we could keep the infection levels down to 10 per cent, or five per cent."

Boris Johnson needed to be looking at the "trade offs" involved in shutting schools and cancelling events like in other countries, he said.

He added that Parliament would look at proposals "sympathetically" if ministers needed extra powers to force people into quarantine.

But he stressed most of the public would be willing to cooperate with "sensible measures, even if it is not mandated".

Mr Hunt, who is now the chair of the Health Select Committee, said: "I think we do need to prepare ourselves for what might happen, even if it's not our central projection."

He said it was an "absolutely critical moment in the evolution of the virus" and this week's stock market plummet has shown the impact of it will not only be confined to China.

However, he said he hoped the virus could – like the flu – be easier to contain as the weather gets warmer.

Economists are even predicting that Italy and Germany could even dip into recession as a result of the epidemic.

Boris Johnson will chair an emergency COBRA meeting on Monday, it was reported this morning.

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Lesbian couple kiss in front of homophobic preacher ranting at them to ‘repent sins’ at Gay Pride in New Zealand – The Sun

A LESBIAN couple kissed in front of a Christian preacher during a pride parade attended by 7,000 people as he ordered them to “repent their sins”.

The moment was captured on video during the Gay Pride Parade in Auckland, on New Zealand’s North Island, on February 8.

The preacher – from the Torch of Christ Ministries church – had turned up uninvited to the event, shouting religious beliefs on a megaphone.

In the clip, he can be heard saying: “You are controlled by the devil.”

In response, two young women begin kissing in front of him, surrounded by supporters of New Zealand’s LGBTQ+ gay community.

The preacher also says: “Today you can receive Christ in your heart.”

The video was released by the church on YouTube with a warning claiming that it includes “lewd sexual acts, partial nudity, troubling images, and other sexually suggestive content” and it “is not suitable for most children to watch”.

The caption reads: “We preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and repentance while also telling people they are loved and cared about.

“We did our best to approach people with the fruit of the Spirit while also standing firm on God's truth.

“Many people did very vile and lewd sexual acts on the camera while later having a conversation with us because of the conviction of sin that set in.

“We bared our hearts, left everything on the altar to the Lord, and we pray that He is glorified by our obedience.

“Thank you for your prayers.”

Phillip Blair, the leader of Torch of Christ Ministries, was surrounded by LGBTQ+ supporters who told him “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it”.

The preacher – who has spoken at LGBTQ+ parades in the USA, as well as New Zealand and Australia – was eventually asked by police to move on, Mirror Online reports.

Last year, Mr Blair sparked controversy when he filmed himself shouting about his religious beliefs on a busy Sydney train, according to Mail Online.

He said: “We care more about saving the whales than we care about saving our unborn children.”

A man who was reading a book became annoyed as Mr Blair kept telling passengers that Jesus Christ can save them.

The passenger said: “All I want you to do is shut up and leave me alone.”

The Torch of Christ Ministries – which says its mission is “taking the light of Christ into all dark places” – often posts controversial videos.

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Black dad ‘who tortured his toddler to death’ has sentence SCRAPPED when white juror is revealed to be a racist – The Sun

A BLACK dad sentenced to death for murdering his two-year-old daughter will face a new trial after a white juror was found to be a racist.

Glen Bates was found guilty of beating and starving to death daughter Glenara in March 2015 but his sentence has now been quashed.

It emerged white woman known as Juror 31 had stated on the preliminary juror questionnaire that "sometimes black people" made her feel uncomfortable and "strongly agreed" that black people were inherently more violent.

She was still allowed to be on the jury and was not questioned about her bias even when recommending the death penalty.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Bates, from Cincinnati, deserved a retrial.

The Supreme Court concluded "the prejudice to Bates is apparent" and that "an actually biased juror sat on the jury and, therefore, Bates was denied his constitutional right to be tried before an impartial jury".

The court has reversed Bates’ conviction and death sentence and returned the case to the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court for a new trial.

The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office said they are reviewing the decision but declined further comment.

Authorities said Glenara was beaten and had bite and belt marks when her parents took her to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

According to police and prosecutors, Glenara had been placed in foster care as soon as she was born in January 2013 and returned to her birth mother, Andrea Bradley, later that year, WCPO Cincinnati reported.

In December 2014, Ms Bradley took Glenara to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where doctors found signs of malnourishment but no other physical abuse.

When Bradley returned to Children’s Hospital with Glenara’s body the following March she was so malnourished that she "looked 6 months", “was totally emaciated” and had “multiple old scars”.

The toddler weighed only 13 pounds when she died of starvation and blunt force injury. Examinations also revealed broken teeth, bite marks, lesions and “bruises from head to toe.”

Her 10-year-old sister testified he had held Glenara by the legs and swung her at the wall the night before her death and that Bates hit and bit her.

Bates changed his story multiple times during questioning, at first denying the abuse, then attributing it to Bradley, then confessing to hurting Glenara but denying he had done it on purpose.

He also said Glenara was often made to sleep in a downstairs bathtub because of a bed-wetting problem. Prosecutors said the tub was filled with feces.

Andrea Bradley pleaded no contest in the case and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

She was ineligible for the death penalty as she only has an IQ of 67. Bates rejected a plea agreement that would have spared his live.

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Aunt, 19, ‘accidentally’ shoots her nephew, 10, as she took SELFIES while posing with a gun – The Sun

A BOY is in critical condition in hospital after being shot by his aunt as she took selfies with a gun.

Caitlyn Smith, 19, shot her nephew, 10, by mistake while babysitting him on Tuesday with a handgun she found in her family's apartment.

The young boy was shot at around 4pm in an apartment in the Chisholm Trail area of Houston, Texas.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, the boy's aunt started taking selfies with the gun, unaware that it was loaded.

The gun then went off and shot the boy in the stomach, with police called to the apartment at around 4.30pm.

The young boy was rushed to a nearby hospital in a serious condition, but Gonzalez confirmed that no vital organs had been hit and the boy is expected to recover..

His aunt was arrested on Wednesday and has since been charged with serious bodily injury.

At the scene, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told Fox 26: “There was an unsecured weapon inside the home.

"The female indicates that she retrieved that weapon to take pictures, and in the course of taking pictures the gun went off and struck the child.“

The Sheriff added it was a "tragic situation" that is unfortunately common.

He said: “Very tragic situation, we see this quite a bit. In my opinion, no child should ever have to undergo anything like this.”

Cece York, whose son attends the same school as the boy, called the incident "crazy".

She told FOX: "It’s really sad. To know that you even pull out a gun in front of a child is really crazy.

“To even think, to even pose with a gun, or if you was having him take a picture with the gun, take a picture of you with a gun, that’s crazy. You shouldn’t… I don’t believe you should do that.”

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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Billionaire Dubai ruler Sheikh Al Maktoum loses court bid

Billionaire Dubai ruler Sheikh Al Maktoum loses court bid to keep secret his marital feud with youngest wife Princess Haya after she ran away to London ‘in fear of her life’

  • Ruler of Dubai wanted to keep two judgments relating to the legal row in secret 
  • However, Lord Justice Underhill rejected his bid at a Court of Appeal hearing
  • The couple are locked in a long-running row over the custody of their children  

The ruler of Dubai today lost his court bid to keep secret his marital feud with his youngest wife who ran away to London.

The Appeal Court ruled that the world should know what a judge has concluded about Sheikh Maktoum and Princess Haya’s High Court wrangle, which has been going on since she fled Dubai last year.

Princess Haya, wearing a lilac dress suit, was in the Appeal Court in London to hear the verdict, arriving with lawyer Baroness Fiona Shackleton.

But despite the ruling, the details of the case remain private because the billionaire sheikh – a friend of the Queen – now has the option of taking his appeal to the Supreme Court, to ask the highest judges in the land to keep the case under wraps.

Princess Haya, 45, ran away to London last year ‘in fear of her life’, taking the couple’s two children with her and applying for them to be made wards of court.

The sheikh, who owns racehorse stables and homes in the UK, applied to the High Court for the ‘summary return’ of the young royals. 

The judge in the High Court case, Sir Andrew McFarlane, has presided over a dozen hearings in private and has made a series of findings, which at present cannot be reported because the family court operates in private.

 But Sir Andrew, the president of the family division of the High Court, has ruled that his judgment can be made public. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 70, appealed this decision, and there was a hearing on Wednesday at the Appeal Court.

Today, the Appeal Court vice president Lord Justice Underhill said: ‘The unanimous decision of the court is that these appeals should be dismissed.’

Princess Haya arriving at the Court of Appeal with Baroness Fiona Shackleton for today’s hearing 

Princess Haya accompanies Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum at Ascot in 2008

Princess Haya, 45, who was the youngest of his six wives, is supporting a media application for the world to be allowed to see the family court’s judgments in the case. The independent guardian, who was appointed by the court to represent the two children’s interests, is also supporting the bid to publish the documents.

Princess Haya was accompanied by her solicitor Baroness Shackleton, nicknamed the ‘Steel Magnolia’, who famously handled the divorces of Prince Charles and Sir Paul McCartney.

Sheikh Mohammed’s legal team is headed by Lord Pannick QC, who acted for Gina Miller in the landmark Supreme Court case over the prorogation of Parliament. He has also employed Helen Ward who represented Guy Ritchie when he was divorcing Madonna.

The Daily Mail is spearheading the application to ease reporting restrictions, along with The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, the BBC and others.

Princess Haya (seen outside the Court of Appeal today) has been locked in a long-running custody battle with her estranged husband 

Sheikh Mohammed’s legal team is headed by Lord Pannick QC, (left) who acted for Gina Miller in the landmark Supreme Court case over the prorogation of Parliament. He was also represented in preliminary hearings by Lady Helen Ward, (right) a solicitor who represented director Guy Ritchie in his divorce from Madonna

The long-running case has included evidence from a British police chief who investigated claims that Sheikh Maktoum previously kidnapped a runaway daughter, Princess Shamsa, from Cambridgeshire and had her returned to Dubai.

Another witness who gave evidence was present on a yacht when another of his daughters, Princess Latifa, was also allegedly abducted. The sheikh vehemently denies the claims.

Sheikh’s divorce sees two of Britain’s most famous lawyers go head-to-head  

Two of Britain’s most successful divorce lawyers are going up against each other in the battle between Sheikh Al Maktoum and his estranged youngest wife Princess Haya.  

Fiona Shackleton, who represented British heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles in his divorce from his late first wife Princess Diana, is representing Princess Haya.

The Baroness also handled Paul McCartney’s split from Heather Mills.

She famously left the High Court smiling but soaked alongside her client Mr McCartney after his divorce from Mills became so heated that she poured a jug of water over Fiona as she was awarded just 24.3million of the Beatles star’s £820million fortune.

Fiona, believed to be the highest-paid divorce lawyer in the country, was made a life peer in 2010, becoming Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia. She is related to the explorer Ernest Shackleton through her husband Ian. 

Sheikh Mohammed, meanwhile, is represented by Helen Ward, who acted for British film director Guy Ritchie in his divorce from pop star Madonna. 

Lady Ward, who works for Stewart’s Law of London, is known for her sharp intelligence and work ethic, previously claiming she worked 17 or 18 hour days ‘if I have to.’

Lady Ward was also represented Bernie Ecclestone in his £2bn divorce battle with ex-wife Slavica, at the High Court in 2009.

The Sheikh’s legal team also includes David Pannick, who has successfully represented anti-Brexit campaigners in two high-profile court victories over the government.

The princess asked the High Court for a ‘non-molestation order’, commonly used in domestic violence cases. She also urged the court to protect one of her children from being forced into an arranged marriage, applying for a ‘forced marriage protection order’. This is designed to stop someone who may be at risk of a forced marriage from being taken out of the UK. 

Sheikh Mohammed challenged the decision to publish two judgments which relate to ‘certain disputed factual issues’ and ‘issues arising out of the special position of (Sheikh Mohammed) as the sovereign and head of government of a foreign state’. 

Haya’s solicitor Baroness Shackleton became a life peer sitting on the Tory benches in 2010 and remains the personal solicitor of Princes William and Harry. 

She is related to the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton through her husband Ian. 

Sheik Mohammed, who turned 70 last July, is the vice president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. He has more than 20 children by different wives.

He is also the founder of the successful Godolphin horse racing stable and received a trophy from the Queen after one of his horses won a race at Royal Ascot earlier this year. 

At a previous High Court hearing, before Sir Andrew in November, Tiina Jauhiainen – a friend of one of Sheikh Mohammed’s daughters from another marriage, Princess Latifa – and David Beck, formerly a detective chief inspector with Cambridgeshire Police, attended to give evidence to the court.

Ms Jauhiainen has previously said publicly that she helped Princess Latifa attempt to flee the UAE, before her friend was allegedly abducted and taken back to Dubai in March 2018.

Mr Beck, who led an investigation into the disappearance in 2000 of Princess Shamsa, Princess Latifa’s sister, has previously told the BBC that he applied to visit Dubai with the intention of speaking to Princess Shamsa but that his request was rejected, adding: ‘I was never given a reason why.’

The Appeal Court refused an application by the sheikh to take his case to the Supreme Court. However he has the option of applying directly to the Supreme Court. The Appeal Court gave him until 4pm on Tuesday, by extending reporting restrictions until then. 

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TikTok lets reckless teen yobs post videos of drug deals, shoplifting and anti-social behaviour – The Sun

RECKLESS teens are pretending to be gangsters on TikTok with brazen videos bragging about taunting cops and breaking the law.

The youngsters are posting clips of themselves shoplifting and boasting about drugs as they cause havoc across Britain.

Using the hashtags 'roadman' and 'chav', the teens post clips of 'drug deals' and anti-social behaviour just to rack up likes on the video-sharing app.

The Sun Online also found dozens of clips of young boys mocking police while others brazenly post videos of clothes and make-up they shoplifted.

One video shows two hooded teens running across train tracks at Buckhurst Hill Tube station with a text overlay reading: "Right the police are being called brilliant".

A station announcer can be heard slamming the two boys for walking across the tracks as the person filming says: "We're getting kicked out now".

A caption reads: "Getting kicked out of train stations is fun" along with a laughing face emoji.


TikTok has spread like digital wildfire, snapping up over 1.5 billion users since its global launch three years ago — including millions in the UK. 

On the surface, the world's fastest growing social media platform shows short clips of  lip-syncing to songs or showing off dance moves but there’s a far more sinister side. 

It’s become a magnet for paedophiles as well as a hotbed for violent and extremist content, with TikTok predators exploiting the platform's young user base and lax security to prey on the vulnerable.

We've seen kids as young as eight being groomed on TikTok, while other creeps take advantage of young girls posting sexualised content of themselves on the platform.

And that's especially worrying on a site which is attracting millions more children every year, with 53 per cent of kids now owning a smartphone by the age of seven.

That's why we launched our TikTok Time Bomb series — to make sure parents are aware of the risks their kids are being exposed to, and what they can do to better protect them. 

Everyone agrees that social media can be a force for good, but it has to be used the right way and with proper controls in place.

We want TikTok to better moderate its content so that it’s not being left to kids to protect themselves online.

Tags off and shoplifting tips

Another clip shows a user getting their ankle tag cut off by a probation officer, with the caption: "MY TAG IS FINALLY OFF. #F**kThePolice".

In one video captioned "This is why you leave the crime to the Al's (Albanians), a boy can be seen running from a JD Sport in Harrow, North West London after apparently shoplifting.

There are also dozens of other clips boasting about stolen goods apparently swiped from high street shops.

One shows a number of different items – including a jacket from Next, make-up from Debenhams and a portable charger from Primark – with the caption: "#stealing #foryou #fyp #shoplifting #newlook #next #sportsdirect #debenhams #primark".

A text overlay at the end says: "Steal safe. Qotd what's your favourite shop? XX"

Another shocking clip shows a young girl teaching her followers how to "shoplift like a God" – including "tips and tricks" on stealing top brands.

We also found one video where the user asks followers not to "judge" her as she "didn't lift that much today".

But the short clip reveals she stole fake eyelashes, lipstick, cosmetics, body lotion and bath bombs.

Other teens have posted videos where they appear to get in trouble with the police.

One clip we found shows two teens being walked through a car park by uniformed officers with a pig emoji on the video.

It then switches to the boys posed up in tracksuits and later making gangster signs in their school uniforms.

Knife crime fears

Teenagers brandishing knives are commonplace too, with one captioned “knife training” showing a lad throwing a 10 inch carving knife about a kitchen.

In another, a balaclava-clad lad talked about Iran winning World War 3 and stabbed at the screen with a long blade.

Sun Online launched its TikTok Time Bomb series to make sure parents are aware of the risks their kids are being exposed to, and what they can do to better protect them.

We also want TikTok to better moderate its content so that it's not being left to kids to protect themselves online.

Our campaign is shining a light on the dangerous side of the app and how its lax security and moderation has allowed it to become a magnet for paedophiles, profanity, crime, violence and extremism.

But while many of the young users might treat the videos as a joke, gruesome crimes have arisen from teens using social media to pretend they are real-life gangsters.

Two knife-obsessed teens were slammed by a judge last year after stabbing their pal to death in a row over a drug deal gone wrong.

Yousef Makki, 17, a scholarship student at the prestigious £12,000-a-year Manchester Grammar School, was knifed in the heart by Joshua Molnar, 18.

He was cleared of murder and manslaughter after telling jurors he acted in self-defence when Yousef pulled a knife on him, while Adam Chowdhary, 18, admitted owning the blade.

During their trial, jurors were told the stabbing was an "accident waiting to happen" as all three boys indulged in "idiotic fantasies" playing middle class gangsters.

Despite their privileged upbringing, the teens led "double lives" on social media – calling each other "bro" and "fam" while smoking cannabis and listening to drill music.

Molnar also posted videos posing with his "shanks" – knives – as they acted as "juvenile gangsters playing around with knives".

A TikTok spokesperson said:"Keeping our community safe is a top priority for TikTok and we do not allow content that promotes criminal activities.

"Our safety teams have investigated and removed all videos that violated our guidelines. We would encourage our community to use our extensive reporting tools to let us know if they are concerned that someone is using TikTok inappropriately.

"Accounts, videos, and comments can all be reported in-app and once a report is made our expert review team will take appropriate action in line with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service."

Take control of TikTok – change these settings now

Parents should do the following immediately…

Go private:

  • Head into Settings > Privacy and Safety and look for the Discoverability heading at the top.
  • Under that you'll see a setting called Private Account. Toggle this on.
  • TikTok recommends your page to lots of other users to improve video circulation.
  • Switch the setting off and the account will no longer be recommended to other users.

Shut out weirdos:

  • In Privacy and Safety > Safety, you can prevent other users from interacting with you.
  • Most of the settings are on Everyone by default, but can be changed to Friends or Off.
  • You can prevent interactions on comments, Duets, Reacts, users seeing which videos you've liked, and also messages.

Restricted Mode ON:

  • Restricted Mode tries to limit age-inappropriate content from appearing for children.
  • It's not perfect, and works through using computer-scanning systems – so some dodgy content will inevitably be missed.
  • It's also possible to set a passcode to prevent your child from changing this setting later on.
  • You'll find this in Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Screen Time Management.

Family Safety Mode:

  • This setting lets you assign accounts as 'Parent' or 'Teen', giving you remote control over a child's TikTok access.
  • You can set watch time limits, exclude inappropriate content and limit who can send messages.
  • It's possible to do this from your own smartphone, so you can make sure your child is as protected as possible from anywhere.
  • This setting is in Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Family Safe Mode.

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France’s Europe minister warns Boris Johnson Brexit deal could need SIX MONTH extension – The Sun

FRANCE’s Europe minister has warned Boris Johnson a Brexit trade deal could need a six month extension.

Amélie de Montchalin insisted the EU would not sign “any kind of a deal” at the end of the transition period in December, saying “substance is much more important than deadlines”.

The pledge is a blow to the Prime Minister, who has repeatedly promised to deliver a bumper trade deal by the end of the year.

Ms de Montchalin said: “We cannot let our level of ambition be affected by what I would call artificial deadlines.

"We are not ready to sign off any kind of a deal on the 31st of December.

“For us, substance is much more important than deadlines.

“If we feel the need, we all know we have the legal opportunity to extend."

The French politician added: “We do not care so much about these deadlines, we are ready but we won’t do a deal, if we need six more months so it will be".

Her comments come just a day after the PM threatened a No Deal Brexit if EU trade talks are not sorted in just three months.

If a deal is not close by June and talks are badly bogged down, the Government will end the negotiation with Brussels and spend the next six months preparing for no trade deal at all.

Ms de Montchalin also warned Britain not “underestimate the unity of the 27” EU member states.

She said: “Those who think the EU’s unity may falter, let me say, you are in for a disappointment.

"We are stronger if we stay united.

“We did not accept cherry-picking from the UK in the first half of negotiations, we will not accept it now.”

Despite issuing the warning about an extension, she also insisted a deal could be struck.

She added: "I am totally open and thinking it's possible. We just need consistency."

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Storm Jorge: When will it hit the UK? – The Sun

WITH large parts of the UK already under water and battered by THREE storms in February alone, Storm Jorge is on the way to wreak yet more havoc.

But when will it hit the UK and what weather warnings are in place? Here is everything we know about Storm Jorge.

When will Storm Jorge hit the UK?

Storm Jorge is set to hit TODAY – February 28.

It's expected to take hold in the early hours of Friday morning and fully get to grips with the UK over the weekend.

Strong winds are forecast for Wales and northern England, with the Met Office adding these areas could see between 60 and 80mm of rainfall.

The north-west of the UK will see strong winds and heavy rain.

But the worst hit area will be the Republic of Ireland.

A spokesperson for the Met Office described the storm as "not good news".

Just before the storm is set to hit, the River Severn reached its highest ever level of 19ft.

Aerial snaps show Worcestershire County Cricket ground and several rugby and football pitches completely flooded.

Only the tops of goal posts were visible on several pitches near the River Severn.

What weather warnings are in place?

A danger to life warning has been issued by the Environment Agency, plus Ironbridge in Shropshire evacuated amid flooding fears.

Where warnings are in place, areas could see gusts of between 50 and 60mph, with winds of up to 67mph possible in some coastal areas.

There are also two snow warnings in place with residents in Cumbria and Scarborough braced for travel disruption.

How do you pronounce Storm Jorge?

Named by he Spanish meteorological service Agencia Estatal de Meteorología (AEMET) you pronounce the storm's name just like the Spanish name.

Phoentically, Jorge is written "hore-hay".

Jorge narrowly missed out on being christened Ellen as the AEMET got there first.

According to the Met Office it is convention for all other meteorological services to follow suit with their partners.



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Boy, 15, who felt ‘no one loved him except mum, dad, friend and girlfriend’ fell to death at school after call to pal – The Sun

A "WONDERFUL" teenager took his own life by plunging from a stairwell at his school after a heartbreaking phonecall to a pal.

George Brankov had been chatting to his friend on the phone moments before the tragedy at UTC Media City College in Salford.

George told his pal he was "concerned about a group of friends" as he walked up the stairs in June last year, an inquest at Bolton Coroner's Court heard.

Police coroner's officer Julieann Hyde told the court: "He felt they were pulling away from him. He seemed to take it very personally."

She said the 15-year-old appeared "isolated" and told his friend the "only people who claim to love me are my mum, dad, girlfriend and you".

Ms Hyde added: "He told his friend he was going to do something but his friend thought he wasn't being serious."

The inquest heard his friend tried to reassure George on the phone but George then put his mobile on the floor and jumped from the banister.


A coroner recorded that George died of suicide.

Teachers had said that earlier in the day George seemed distracted and was using his mobile phone in the classroom.

He did not turn up for his final lesson of the day and an email was sent to members of staff about his absence.

The inquest also heard evidence from a receptionist at the college who said she was sat at her desk when she heard an "almighty crash".

She called for an ambulance, while the students were called out of class and away from the scene.


EVERY 90 minutes in the UK a life is lost to suicide.

It doesn't discriminate, touching the lives of people in every corner of society – from the homeless and unemployed to builders and doctors, reality stars and footballers.

It's the biggest killer of people under the age of 35, more deadly than cancer and car crashes.

And men are three times more likely to take their own life than women.

Yet it's rarely spoken of, a taboo that threatens to continue its deadly rampage unless we all stop and take notice, now.

That is why The Sun launched the You're Not Alone campaign.

The aim is that by sharing practical advice, raising awareness and breaking down the barriers people face when talking about their mental health, we can all do our bit to help save lives.

Let's all vow to ask for help when we need it, and listen out for others… You're Not Alone.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help dealing with mental health problems, the following organisations provide support:

  • CALM,, 0800 585 858
  • Heads Together,
  • Mind,, 0300 123 3393
  • Papyrus,, 0800 068 41 41
  • Samaritans,, 116 123

George was rushed to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in a critical condition but he later died on June 3 last year.

His mum Tania Brankov, an office manager, told the court she got a phone call from George's girlfriend to say he had been round in the morning to drop off a box of chocolates and to walk her to her school.

Mrs Brankov said George was "wonderful, happy, considerate and smart".

She added: "A couple of weeks before it happened, he mentioned to his dad that he didn't feel himself."

The inquest heard he had lost his appetite, didn't sleep very well and had "lost interest" in his sports hobbies.


He told mental health practitioners that he was "lacking motivation" and was tired.

And in May last year, before a GP, he spoke to his parents about having thoughts of suicide and that he was stockpiling painkiller.

The day before his death on Sunday, June 2, the family went out for a meal.

Mrs Brankov told the court her son hadn't "noticeably deteriorated".

He said he didn't fancy doing any revision for his exams so his mum suggested they "go home and chill".

Coroner Stephen Teasdale said: "He was always a polite, keen and considerate young man. He was athletic, he loved skiing and tennis", he said.

"He was sociable and loved his friends but in a way this became a 'weakness' as it was his 'perception that he was losing his social circle'.

Addressing George's mother, he said: "He was a charming young man, and you received a phone call no parent should have to receive.

"It was a loss to you, but also to the rest of us."

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