David Dobrik Reveals the Biggest Downside to His Job

David Dobrik wants to be taken seriously as a YouTuber.

The 23-year-old social media star says the biggest downside to his job is not being respected by major industry executives.

David says he’s often disappointed watching “the interest completely flutter away from the eyes” of older industry players once he says he’s a YouTuber.

“They’re like, ‘I hate YouTube. YouTube is stupid,’ because there’s just so much content going on for different people and it’s all mixed,” David told Paper magazine.

He added, “So people don’t get a very positive feel when they’re on it. The problem with YouTube is if I want to watch something serious, I can click on it, but in two seconds, I’m also going to be greeted with some video about some guy surprising his kid with a baby cat. They get angry and frustrated.”

Despite some people’s negative perceptions of YouTube, David says that things moving forward are “unchartered territory” and he has hope for the future.

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