Lauren Goodger reveals friend's died from coronavirus

Towie star Lauren Goodger has said a mutual friend has died from coronavirus, as the Covid-19 pandemic grips the nation.

Sharing an image of her mate, referred to as Spud, Lauren implored her followers to take the lockdown rules seriously.

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According to the reality star, he died after contracting the illness in hospital – however she didn’t share more details pertaining to his symptoms.

‘Rest in peace Spud. This virus is real, and it’s spreading,’ a message on Lauren’s Instagram read on Wednesday.

It added: ‘Please stay at home people.’

The 33-year-old star added: ‘So sad a friend of a friend died yesterday from Islington.

‘He caught the virus from hospital and didn’t make it.

‘This is real just keep safe and clean.’

Lauren’s post and message comes just days after she become embroiled in an argument with an NHS worker after ignoring the rules around quarantine and social distancing.

She’d refused to let the Covid-19 outbreak stop her from living her life as she headed out and about in Essex last week, wearing a black face mask to protect herself.

Sharing paparazzi pictures of her outdoors and wearing the mask to Instagram, Lauren wrote: ‘So today was covid19 mask. Be safe, be careful and keep clean #quarantine #thanks #onlines.’

However, this did not come without backlash from her followers, in particular NHS workers who criticised her for ‘mocking’ the illness and not choosing to self-isolate indoors.

Lauren was not afraid to snap back, and responded to the many comments she received, as she stated she will continue to work in her beauty salon ‘until the government and NHS says all salons are closed’.

Coronavirus latest news and updates

One disappointed NHS employee said: ‘You are not meant to be out. So so selfish. Did you seriously not think before posting this??’

She added: ‘I work for the NHS. People are dying. Please delete this and please stay indoors.’

‘I am working, please shut up,’ Lauren responded. ‘Until the government and NHS says all salons are closed, until then, I will be working!’

‘As a NHS worker you are taking the p***,’ another added. How ridiculous!’

To which Lauren then replied: ‘What about?! You should know better then.’

Despite the previous malarkey on social media, the amount of videos Lauren has been filming on her social media today shows she’s taking the social distancing much more seriously this week.

And besides, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has closed all the beauty salons, anyway.

Coronavirus UK lockdown: key points

The key points of Boris Johnson’s historic address are as follows:

  • Britain ordered into coronavirus lockdown except for shopping and exercise
  • The NHS will not be able to handle coronavirus if too many people become seriously unwell
  • Police will be able to issue fines to people not obeying lockdown measures
  • Shops, churches and playgrounds to close
  • Weddings and christenings banned
  • Gatherings of more than two now forbidden

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Coronavirus latest news and updates

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