Patrick Stewart: Star Trek legend on ‘ridiculous’ disagreement with wife about his anatomy

Sir Patrick Stewart, 79, tied the knot with his third wife Sunny Ozell, 41, in 2013. The legendary actor has since revealed the details over a disagreement he had with his partner over whether or not he had been circumcised.

The Star Trek actor was adamant that he’d had the procedure done and went to visit a GP for a second opinion, but was surprised to learn he hadn’t been circumcised.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show in 2017, Sir Patrick revealed his wife had been correct all along.

He explained: “One night with my wife… I mentioned my ­circumcision and she said, ‘You’re not circumcised’.

“I said, ‘What do you mean? That’s ridiculous. I should know. All my life my mother has told me it was fashionable at the time’.”


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Sir Patrick, who plays Professor X in the X-Men films, said he was seeing his GP the next day for a check-up.

He said: “While he was down there I said, ‘By the way, my wife and I have had a little disagreement. I am circumcised, aren’t I?’

“He took a closer look and said, ‘Not! I am Jewish, and definitely know the difference!’”

Upon realising he had maybe revealed too much on the popular chat show, Patrick exclaimed: “Oh no, my grandchildren will be watching this!”

Meanwhile, the three-time married actor opened up about the first time he met Sunny, and hinted there may have been an “ulterior motive”.

Speaking on Loose Women, Ruth Langsford quizzed the couple on their love story, which she said was like a “scene from a movie”.

“It’s probably less of a romantic movie and more like The Walking Dead,” Sir Patrick chuckled.

Janet Street-Porter quizzed: “When you gave her your phone number, how did you rate your chances of success?”

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He replied: “It was the only time in my life that I’ve ever done that. It was all kind of a business arrangement.”

At the time, the Jean-Luc Picard actor had been starring in the stage play Macbeth.

As Sir Patrick turned to Sunny, he said: “She wanted to see our production of Macbeth in Brooklyn but it was sold out. But we were transferring to Broadway, so I said, ‘Well, if the seats are there, here’s my number and give me a call.’

“Was there an ulterior motive? I will leave it for you to decide.”


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The couple first met in 2008 at Franny’s restaurant in New York.

At the time, Sunny was working as a waitress while Patrick was starring in Macbeth at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music.

The pair tied the knot in an intimate ceremony next to Lake Tahoe in Nevada five years later and the wedding was officiated by actor Ian Mckellen.

Sir Patrick was married to his first wife Sheila Falconer or over two decades but they divorced in 1990.

He was also previously married to Star Trek producer Wendy Neuss for three years but the pair separated in 2003.

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