Islay Whisky Classics

Tasting Notes for Classic Islay Whiskies , Listed by Distillery .


No.1 Douglas Laing Platinum 1972 29yo Ardbeg
No.7 Signatory 1967 Ardbeg Cask 1138
No.8 Signatory 1967 Ardbeg Cask 1140
No.9 Ardbeg Provenance 55.6%
No.10 Ardbeg Provenance 54.7%
No.11 Ardbeg 1976 Cask 2394
No.29 Ardbeg 10yo (Allied Guaranteed….)
No.30 Douglas Laing OMC 1972 Ardbeg
No.32 ‘Ardbeggedon’ ( OMC 1972 Ardbeg)
No.34 Douglas Laing OMC 1973 Ardbeg
No.35 Ardbeg 1974 Cask 3475
No.37 Douglas Laing OMC 1974 Ardbeg
No.39 Ardbeg 1976 Cask 2398
No.43 Ardbeg 1976 Cask 2390
No.47 Ardbeg Committee Reserve ‘Young Uigeadail’
No.48 Ardbeg Committee Reserve
No.49 Ardbeg 1990 for Japan
No.56 Ardbeg 17
No.57 Ardbeg Committee 21yo
No.58 Ardbeg Renaissance
No.60 Ardbeg 1977
No.62 Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist (2008)
No.63 Connoisseurs Choice 1979 Ardbeg


No.4 Bruichladdich Sinnsear
No.28 Bruichladdich 10yo (First Edition)
No.31 Bruichladdich 12yo (2nd Edition)
No.33 Bruichladdich Fifteen (First Edition)
No.36 Bruichladdich Twenty (First Edition)
No.40 Bruichladdich Valinch “Octomore Birth”
No.42 Bruichladdich Valinch “Purest”
No.46 Bruichladdich 21
No.51 Bruichladdich 1984 Vintage
No.52 Bruichladdich Valinch “Grandpa John”
No.53 Bruichladdich Valinch “Ghost Ship”
No.54 Bruichladdich 1998 Sherry Edition “Manzanilla”
No.55 Bruichladdich 1998 Sherry Edition “Oloroso”
No.59 Bruichladdich 1970
No.61 Bruichladdich XVII


No.2 Bunnahabhain Auld Acquaintance
No.5 Bunnahabhain Feis Ile 1965
No.6 Bunnahabhain Feis Ile 1966
No.20 Bunnahabhain 12yo (40%)
No.23 Bunnahabhain 12yo (46.3%)
No.25 Bunnahabhain 18yo (46.3%)
No.38 A.D. Rattray 1974 35yo Bunnahabhain
No.41 Bunnahabhain 16yo Manzanilla Sherry Wood Finish
No.44 Bunnahabhain 14yo Pedro Ximenez finish
No.45 Signatory 1978 27yo Bunnahabhain

Caol Ila

No.3 Caol Ila 1978 25yo
No.21 Caol Ila 10yo ‘Unpeated Style’
No.24 Caol Ila 12yo ‘Unpeated Style’
No.26 Caol Ila ‘Distillery Only’
No.27 Caol Ila ‘Natural Cask Strength’


No.16 Lagavulin 16yo
No.17 Lagavulin Distillers Edition (1984)
No.18 Lagavulin Distillery Only
No.19 Lagavulin Jazz Festival
No.22 Lagavulin 12yo Limited Edition


No.12 Laphroaig 10yo
No.13 Laphroaig 18yo
No.14 Laphroaig Quarter Cask
No.15 Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strength Batch 002

Port Charlotte

No.50 Port Charlotte Private Cask R23

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