Brave MMA star Cat Zingano poses topless after having breast implants removed because they made her seriously ill – The Sun

MMA star Cat Zingano has bravely posed topless on Instagram after she opened up on recently having her breast implants removed.

The 37-year-old – now signed to Bellator ahaed of her debut ;ater this year – has spoken of how she was suffering from Breast Implant Illness (BII) and how surgery was the only option to fix her deteriorating health.

Those suffering from BII can experience joint and muscle pain, breathing problems, skin rashes, as well as anxiety and depression.

And Zingano – who fought Ronda Rousey for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship in 2015 – has revealed how she didn't believe her breasts could be the reason behind her health issues.

Captioning the post of her posing topless to her 538,000 followers, she said: "This is my first photo shoot since I had my big surgery.

"I sensed and researched #BII a couple years ago but I didn’t believe in the severity and didn’t want to risk the change in vanity until I was watching it start to really kick my a**.

"I got sick, so sick, without explanation. I went to @drlujeanfeng and saw/met both men and women suffering from the same implant toxicity. Some had had implants for decades, some had had implants for months."

The American, who had the implants in 2008, then went on to declare that ever since having the operation, she has seen immediate improvements in her health.

She added: "I have felt so much better since the explant. I’ve seen first hand how much worse it can get and I was extremely supported by my friend and fellow patient @shuriecremona who can inform you much more intelligently about it.

“I say fuck it, let’s keep rollin”Had them from early 2008-late 2019. Happy I made the choice, It does get better. #BII 📸 @ericcoleman

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Rise and grind and getting stronger!! 225 lb trap bar deadlifts and I kept my chin down! 💁🏻‍♀️🥳😍. What are some gym habits you’ve had to work through and over come? #BII #alphacat #keeprolling #fight

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"I’m still rehabbing my lungs, ribs, endocrine system, muscles and some other related issues, however, my close people and I can all agree that I’m doing much better than they have seen in a long long time.

"My training has improved ten-fold (just watch my videos) and I feel so much improvement overall. I’m told there’s so much more recovery to come too!

"This photo shoot was about TRUE LOVE for my body and TRUE FREEDOM for my health. Thank you for being supportive.

"This was a big and intimidating decision and something that I encourage anyone with random, stubborn and undiagnosable symptoms to look up."

Her fans were quick to praise the courageous Zingano, as one user commented: "You’re as gorgeous now as you were then, 100%! Much love, Cat."

Another said: "This is exactly why I couldn't ask for a better role model for my 7yr old daughter!"

A third added: "So proud of you, hope all is well."

One told her: "Natural is more appealing. Keep rocking the octagon."

Another simply stated: "Looking hotter and healthier!"

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Do good anyway

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Do good anyway

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