Intermittent Fasting Tips From Kourtney Kardashian: Drink Green Tea, More

Kourtney Kardashian is revealing her diet tips! In a recent Poosh article about intermittent fasting, the reality star shared several tricks she uses to stick to the popular eating regimen, which involves not eating for long stretches of time.

One of the 41-year-old’s go-to intermittent fasting hacks actually involves several small steps. To make sure she’s fasting for a long enough period of time, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star typically has an early dinner and stops eating around 7 p.m. While Kardashian does have a healthy collagen drink before bed (which she admitted might be considered “cheating”), she doesn’t eat agin until after her workout the following morning.

The Poosh post, which was published on Wednesday, May 6, defines intermittent fasting as “limiting food intake to specific times.”

The article adds: “Instead of restricting what you eat, it focuses on when you eat your meals. IF has been shown to help with weight loss, aid cholesterol regulation, improve overall health, encourage self-control and heighten concentration.”

Additionally, the piece details the various forms of intermittent fasting. One iteration, the 16/8 method, involves fasting every day for 14-16 hours and constricting your daily eating pattern to 8-10 hours. Another approach, the 5/2 Diet, entails “normal” healthy eating five days a week and two days where you limit yourself to about 600 calories per day.

Given the fact that no matter what form of intermittent fasting you choose, you’re bound to get hungry at some point, Kardashian has additional tactics she employs to curb her appetite. For example, if she feels herself getting hungry, she’ll brush her teeth to “avoid eating for no reason.”

Kardashian previously opened up about her diet habits in the April 2020 issue of Health magazine, where she explained that she quit one of her favorite eating regimens — the keto diet.

“In my house, we are gluten and dairy-free; my skin is very sensitive, and if I eat dairy, it affects it,” she explained at the time. “I love doing a keto diet, though I’m not doing it now. I noticed my body change for the better.”

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