Internet users share most hilarious things they have spotted online

Not the brightest sparks! Social media users share hilariously daft comments by people with no common sense – including a woman who thought she could be an aunt OR an uncle

  • Bored Panda rounded up hilarious social media posts from around the world
  • One person tweeted asking why women don’t take DNA tests for their child
  • Another was mocked for asking ‘why grown adults still want to use umbrellas’ 

If you’ve ever written something on social media that you’ve later regretted, then spare a thought for the people behind these hilarious posts.  

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of the funniest things that have been written on dating apps, Twitter and texts by people lacking in common sense.

Many of the posts have previously gone viral on Twitter, including one person who bought four pregnancy tests for their friend – who believed the positive results were a sign that she was expecting four children.

Elsewhere another woman amused users when she posted, ‘My sister is pregnant, I can’t wait to see if i’m going to be an aunt or uncle’.  

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of hilarious social media posts from around the world, including a woman who was mocked for believing umbrellas are only for children 

One person believed to be from the U.S., shared a text exchange where a woman thought she had her friend’s phone despite receiving replies

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Another American Twitter user, was mocked for asking users why women never have to take a DNA test to prove they’re the mother of their child 

A woman who lives in the U.S., went viral on Twitter after saying that she can’t wait to see if she will be an aunt or uncle when her sister gives birth 

Google it! Elsewhere, a British man stunned his Tinder match after thinking that transgender is a type of search engine 

One American man said he would hurt a Twitter user’s feelings, after she tweeted about being unable to choose the father of her child

An American airline passenger posted a photo on Twitter of a man who wore a surgical mask over his eyes for the entire flight  following the coronavirus pandemic this year

An individual selling a TV in America, was left in hysterics after a persistent buyer offered to increase payment despite being told the TV is no longer available 

A Twitter user who lives in America, went viral after revealing his friend thought she was expecting four children because four pregnancy tests showed positive 

Another individual revealed their friend has been wondering where avocados were coming from in his garden, unaware that he has a tree 

One user, presumably from the US, shared a picture of a Facebook friend making a vast geographical error 

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