Scandals that shook Jessie Wallace-suspensions, driving bans and ‘drunken’ shame

Jessie Wallace is currently in the EastEnders dog house after allegedly landing herself a suspension for boozing on set.

The 48-year-old actress, who plays feisty Kat Slater, was apparently hauled in for crisis talks after 'making an a***' of herself during filming for the 35th anniversary episode.

Show bosses are said to be scrabbling to come up with ways to tackle her sudden exit from the BBC One soap, including possible storylines about Kat going to rehab.

"Bosses were left with no choice but to discipline her. During the meeting she was told to sort herself out before returning to work," a source told Mirror Online.

And a second insider told the Daily Star: “Jessie has had plenty of troubles and brought plenty of drama of her own to the set. Writers are now thinking about a plot line that involves an intervention and rehab for drinking for Jessie’s character.”

Jessie has apparently been struck off for two months, and a friend of the long-time Albert Square star said she fears she's skating on thin ice.

“She knows one more strike and she could be out. Something needs to change," the insider told The Sun.

“It’s a well known saying within EastEnders that nobody is bigger than the soap.”

It's not the first time Jessie has raised eyebrows with her behaviour.

Back in 2018 she got 'ordered home' from the British Soap Awards before the ceremony had even started for being 'too drunk'.

Jessie apparently rocked up half cut to the pre-awards reception at East London’s Hackney Empire, and is said to have loudly refused to put the breaks on her boozing.

Instead, she reportedly wound up being sent home in a taxi at 7pm.

“Jessie had obviously been drinking quite heavily before she arrived," a source told The Sun.

“She was slurring her words, and then started knocking them back at the pre-ceremony party too.

“Someone approached her and told her she needed to slow down but she seemed to totally ignore the advice and was angry about being told what to do.

In January 2003 she was suspended from the soap for two months over her wild ways.

Admitting she'd been a 'little sod', Jessie told the Guardian she had taken her position for granted and lost 'perspective'.

She said: "It really was a kick in the teeth. I would turn up late. I was so blasé about stuff. I don't think I was very popular at the time on set. The two months' suspension gave me two months to think about what I was doing."

Just weeks later she was arrested for drink driving when police pulled over her silver Mercedes in Chelmsford and found the star to be one and a half times over the limit.

Her uncle tried to defend her in court, claiming he'd spiked her white wine with vodka because, "She was a bit subdued, I thought I would cheer her up.

"She is very comical when she has had a few drinks," he continued.

But the judge didn't buy it and handed her Jessie – who had previously been banned for 15 months for refusing to take a breathalyser test – another three year ban and a £1,000 fine.

Meanwhile, her love life has been equally dramatic, especially after she fell in love with the police officer assigned to look after her during the court case.

She moved in with copper Dave Morgan after just a month of dating, and an engagement soon followed along with the birth of their daughter Tallulah.

But they parted ways in a blaze of acrimony after two rocky years, with Dave said to have signed a gagging order.

Her 2011 wedding to catering boss Vince Morse was called off on the day when she found out he'd allegedly been sexting his ex.

She was also linked to Paul Whitworth, an old friend of gang boss Reggie Kray and American toyboy Andy Burton.

And in 2018 her ex Chris Osborn, 51, sensationally claimed the actress would regularly pass out from boozing and that alcohol-induced paranoia left her convinced hidden cameras were spying on her.

Speaking to The Sun, the builder, from Enfield, North London, claimed: "Our relationship was 100mph.

“She loves ­screaming and shouting, effing and blinding. She’d buy £30 bottles [of Sancerre] and get obliterated at home rather than go out — probably because she knew she’d be pictured ­looking a mess."

As for her family, like her character Kat, things are far from rosy with her siblings.

Last October it emerged she was at war with her family, with her younger sister Danielle confirming their bitter feud to the Daily Star.

“We’ve fallen out again. She stitched me up on my birthday, so I got the hump. I just got the nark. We fell out," she said.

“We had a massive row and called each other all the names under the sun. It was worse than anything on a soap opera."

The sisters previously fell out for 10 years after Danielle accused Jessie of ignoring her stepfather Ron Mason during his battle with leukaemia.

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