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Criminal probe after 11 killed and 600 infected by Ruby Princess cruise passengers allowed off in Sydney – The Sun

A CRIMINAL investigation is expected to be launched today into the handling of the Ruby Princess cruise ship, after 11 people died from the coronavirus.

New South Wales police commissioner Mike Fuller, made the announcement after it was revealed four more passengers had died after contracting the virus on board.

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The total number of deaths on the cruise ship account for more than 30 percent of all Australian deaths from Covid-19.

The 2,700 passengers were allowed to freely disembark in Sydney on March 19, despite some travellers showing signs of respiratory illnesses, and some being taken to hospital with Covid-19 like symptoms.

At least 662 people linked to the cruise ship have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, more than 10 percent of Australia’s total cases.

Since the outbreak, state and federal government bodies have refused to take the blame and attempted to pass the buck back and forth.

Fuller, in a press conference today, focused his attention on the behaviour on the Carnival Cruise company.

He said: “The only way I can get to the bottom of whether our national biosecurity laws and our state laws were broken is through a criminal investigation.

“The key question that remains unanswered … was Carnival transparent in contextualising the true patient and crew health conditions relevant to Covid-19?

“There seems to be absolute discrepancies between the information provided by Carnival and what I would see is the benchmark for the laws that the federal government and the state government put in place in terms of protecting Australians from cruise ships when coronavirus had started.”

Fuller added: “The New South Wales Port Authority did an exceptional job in trying to get to the bottom of the facts in relation to this case.

“They made contact with the ship on numerous occasions.

“They actually stopped the ship from coming into Sydney harbour without further medical information, they made contact with operations manager from Carnival. And on each case they were informed that Covid-19 wasn’t an issue on the ship.”

Fuller also confirmed around 200 crew members on board were currently showing symptoms of the coronavirus but medical officers were still conducting tests.

On the night the cruise ship docked, NSW ambulance operators were told that several passengers who needed taking to hospital had been tested for Covid-19 but the results were still unknown, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

They claim this lead to port authorities denying the ship permission to dock, however a spokesperson from Carnival later allegedly called to say the ambulance has not been called due to Covid-19 concerns, and the ship was allowed into Circular Quay.

NSW Health had previously said that while passengers were taken from the ship to hospital who had flu-like symptoms, the ambulances were called because of other medical conditions, including lower back pain and heart problems.

A woman in her 70s, who was one of those passengers, died five days later of Covid-19 related illnesses.

The issue of cruise ship companies misleading authorities was raised by the home affairs minister Peter Dutton, earlier this week.

He told 2GB radio: “It’s clear that some of the companies have been lying about the situation of the health of passengers and crew on board, so what we’ve agreed to do with NSW is to look at each of the vessels.”

Previously a spokesperson for Princess Cruises said of the March 19 arrival: “Our onboard medical team was rigorous in its treatment of some guests who reported flu-like symptoms, and these guests were isolated.

“The ship reported these cases to NSW Health, which in turn requested swabs to be provided following the ship’s arrival in Sydney, some of which subsequently tested positive for Covid-19.”

On Sunday evening a spokesman for the company responded to the announcement of a criminal investigation.

He said: “We have seen the Police Commissioner’s announcement. In addition to willingly participating in the investigation, Carnival Australia will vigorously respond to any allegations of which there must now be full disclosure and the basis for them.”

NSW Health has also defended its actions, saying that while it was aware of 104 acute respiratory infections on board, they considered the ship to be “low risk” for carrying Covid-19.


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EXC: SSN cause outrage after asking viewers to judge presenters' looks

Sky Sports News bosses enrage their OWN staff after asking viewers to judge whether presenters are ‘sexy’ and ‘good looking’ in bungled email to viewers

  • Sky Sports News have sent a contentious online survey around to its viewers
  • In it they ask viewers to determine whether or not presenters are ‘good looking’
  • The survey has led to senior presenters demanding crisis talks with management

Sky Sports News are facing a backlash from staff after sending an online survey to viewers in which they were asked to judge whether the channel’s presenters are ‘sexy’ and ‘good-looking.’ 

The rolling news channel has been at the vanguard of promoting award-winning female broadcasters and journalists over the last 20 years, but have caused outrage with a bungled attempt at market research that has led to senior presenters demanding crisis talks with management.

The Sky Insight survey sent out this week, which has seen by Sportsmail, features a section in which viewers are asked if presenters on the channel possess certain characteristics. Among the options listed are ‘reliable,’ ‘sexy,’ ‘good-looking,’ ‘pretentious’ and ‘irritating.’

Sky Sports News have angered staff after asking viewers to determine whether they are ‘sexy’

The company asked viewers via an online survey whether or not if they find staff ‘good looking’

When staff discovered the contents of the survey earlier this week many are understood to have initially thought it was an April Fool joke, but Sky Sports News Director Mark Alford has since confirmed that it was genuine and had been sent to subscribers. Alford has spoken to staff to hear their grievances, although in an email defended the channel’s data-led approach.

A Sky spokesman told Sportsmail that the generic survey formatted by a market research company was sent in error, and the data collected was never used. The survey also made clear that the questions related to both men and women.

‘A survey which had historically been used for testing opinion on entertainment shows and characters, including comedy, was mistakenly used for Sky Sports and will not be used again,’ they said.

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Mum, 66, dies days after caring for coronavirus-hit sons as youngest fights for life – The Sun

A MUM died days after developing coronavirus symptoms – with her son now fighting for his life in hospital with the killer bug.

Linda Tuppen, 66, had been caring for son Rob, 28, when he was struck down with the disease following a trip to Poland.

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But she began developing Covid-19 symptoms herself and spent all day in bed after complaining of a chest infection.

The 66-year-old from Bolton deteriorated but refused to speak to NHS 111 last Friday and instead said she just wanted to sleep.

Tragically, Rob went to check on his mum the next morning and discovered she was dead – five days after she first fell ill.

In a cruel twist, Linda's youngest son James, 23, is now fighting for his life in hospital after testing positive for the killer virus on Sunday.

Recalling the heartbreaking moment he discovered his mum dead, Rob told MEN: "I was in a panic, she was just lay there, and I shouted ‘mum, mum,’ but she didn’t answer.

“I was doing chest compressions until the ambulance came. I was still in the room when he came over and said she was gone.

"It’s devastating, we lost our father in 2008, so we’re pretty much on our own now.

"She was a kind, loving lady who adored me and James and would have done anything for us.

“She always used to say that we were her lives. She would do anything for anyone.”

Rob had become ill with the disease in March – with selfless community volunteer Linda taking care of him.

He described the illness, which has so far killed 2,392 in the UK and infected 29,474 others, as "one of the hardest things".


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The software engineer added: "Your temperature is sky high, so you’re constantly freezing cold and shivering, then other times you’re basically roasting hot and you have to take your coat off.

"I would have to run from the toilet to my room, which is about five steps, because I felt like I was going to black out."

The mum, who had asthma, had worn a cloth over her mouth in a doomed bid to protect herself.

But her and youngest son James both fell ill – with Rob now urging people to take the disease seriously and follow government advice.

He added: "This is serious. This is not a joke, this could happen to anyone.

"They were fine when I came back, but then I got ill, and they’ve picked it up off me because my mum was looking after me while I was ill."

A GoFundMe page has now been launched to help the brothers.

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After threats, Anthony Fauci to receive enhanced personal security

Washington, DC: Dr Anthony Fauci, the United State's leading expert on infectious diseases, who has become a regular at President Donald Trump's coronavirus briefings, will receive enhanced personal security after receiving threats following his repeated pleas for Americans to help slow the spread of the deadly pandemic, officials said on Wednesday.

Fauci has been the Trump administration's most outspoken advocate of social distancing rules that have shuttered the nation's schools, forced businesses to close, kept people in their homes and battered the US economy.

Fauci has been criticised by some of the President’s supporters even though Trump himself has praised the doctor.Credit:AP

That has made him a target of online conspiracy theorists who have accused Fauci, a longtime scientist and civil servant who has served presidents of both parties, of trying to undermine Trump during a year in which the President is fighting for reelection.

The idea that Fauci is responsible for the country's hardship — and for whatever political damage Trump might suffer as a result — was fuelled in part by a moment during a news briefing in which Fauci dropped his head and touched his forehead as the president was speaking. The image went viral online and right-wing supporters of Trump cited it as evidence that Fauci sought to undercut the President.

The hashtag #FauciFraud has been used by more than 70 Twitter accounts, some posting hundreds of times a day, according to an analysis by The New York Times. Criticism of Fauci has also come from leading conservative voices and supporters of Trump, including Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a conservative group; Bill Mitchell, host of the far-right online talk show YourVoice America; and Shiva Ayyadurai, who has falsely claimed to be the inventor of email.

The Department of Health and Human Services granted the enhanced personal security for Fauci, 79, after the Justice Department signed off on a request for extra agents to guard him, officials said. Alex Azar, the health and human services secretary, had grown worried that the threats against the doctor were increasing as more of the country shut down in response to the coronavirus.

"Yesterday, upon the recommendation of the US Marshals Service, the department approved the special deputisation request from HHS for nine HHS-OIG special agents to provide protective services for Dr Fauci," the Justice Department said in a statement, referring to the Office of the Inspector General at the health department.

Caitlin Oakley, a spokeswoman for the health department, would not confirm Fauci's enhanced security but called him "an integral part of the US government's response against COVID-19."

Fauci has been criticised by some of the president's supporters even though Trump himself has praised the doctor. During Wednesday's briefing, when a reporter asked about Fauci's personal security, the President said: "He doesn't need security. Everybody loves him."

For weeks, Fauci's remarks on television and at the White House stood in sharp contrast to the commentary from Trump supporters who repeatedly claimed that Democrats, the news media and public health experts were inflating the threat of the virus.

The New York Times

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Beijing lashes out after US embassy in China used the 'Wuhan virus'

China’s state media blasts ‘sinister and shameless American politicians’ after the US embassy in Beijing called coronavirus the ‘Wuhan virus’ on its state-controlled social media

  • The diplomatic mission used the term twice as it posted in Chinese on Weibo
  • The posts emerged hours after Beijing blasted Mike Pompeo for over the name 
  • Xinhua today condemned the embassy for ‘publicly echoing’ Pompeo’s remarks
  • Replies from furious Chinese web users have inundated the embassy’s account 
  • Trump said the US would ‘work closely’ with China in a phone call with Xi today
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

China’s state media has lashed out at the US embassy in Beijing after it referred to the novel coronavirus as the ‘Wuhan virus’ on heavily censored Chinese social media.

The diplomatic mission used the term twice yesterday when it commented on the pandemic in Chinese on Weibo, the country’s equivalent to Twitter, sparking an uproar among web users.

Beijing’s censors are particularly sensitive about controversial articles and posts written in Chinese because they can be understood by Chinese citizens, who are not allowed to use foreign social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

China’s state news agency Xinhua has condemned the US embassy in Beijing after it used the term the ‘Wuhan virus’ twice on its official account on Weibo. Pictured, security officers wearing hazmat suit check the passport of passengers arriving at Wuhan railway station today

The US embassy (pictured) uploaded the controversial posts hours after China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang condemned US State of Secretary Pompeo over the term

The posts emerged hours after China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang accused US State of Secretary Mike Pompeo of having a ‘sinister motive’ for calling the virus to be named after the city where it was first detected.

Official news agency Xinhua today doubled down on the criticism as it slammed ‘certain American politicians’ as ‘sinister’ and ‘shameless’ over the wording from the US embassy.

The first post in question was uploaded yesterday evening on the embassy’s official Weibo account when it shared the translated transcript of a speech given by the Pompeo a day earlier. 

The first post in question read: ‘State of Secretary Pompeo: On the occasion of the unprecedented global challenge that is the Wuhan virus, it is more important than ever to collaborate with our partners.’ Beijing accused Pompeo of having having ‘sinister motive’

The embassy then posted the translation of a statement from the office of the spokesperson, which criticised Iran. ‘The rumour Khamenei fabricated about the US being responsible for the Wuhan virus puts Iranians, Americans and the whole world in danger,’ it wrote

Part of it read: ‘State of Secretary Pompeo: On the occasion of the unprecedented global challenge that is the Wuhan virus, it is more important than ever to collaborate with our partners.’

Pompeo was addressing reporters at a press conference at the State Department in Washington after a virtual meeting with the G7 foreign ministers.

The second mention appeared about an hour later when the embassy posted the translation of a statement from the office of the spokesperson, which criticised Iran for suggesting that the US should be held responsible for the virus.

‘The rumour Khamenei fabricated about the US being responsible for the Wuhan virus puts Iranians, Americans and the whole world in danger,’ it wrote. 

China has strongly pushed back on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s insistence on referring to the deadly novel coronavirus as the ‘Wuhan virus’ after the city in China where it was first detected. Pompeo is pictured speaking at a briefing in Washington on March 25

Both posts were quickly met with criticism from Chinese web users, who left tens of thousands of angry replies under them.

One popular comment said: ‘Correction: American virus.’

Another reply accused the US of giving disinformation: ‘If the US did not cover up the [fact] of the virus and lie to American people, how can it explain that the number of confirmed cases soared from a few hundred to 70,000 in less than 10 days.’

The pandemic has killed more than 23,900 people and infected over 530,000 worldwide

In a commentary today, Xinhua News Agency condemned the US embassy for ‘publicly echoing’ Pompeo’s remarks.

It said: ‘Some people in American go against the stream and are destined to lose public support.’

It accused ‘certain American politicians’ of failing to actively contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

‘Instead, [they are] devoted to shifting their responsibility in creative ways, have sinister motives and are shameless,’ it blasted.

The commentary was released hours before US President Donald Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping discussed the pandemic in a phone call as the two countries locked horns in a diplomatic row over the origin of the disease.

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping spoke over the phone Thursday night in their first direct contact since the coronavirus pandemic emerged, vowing to work together to beat the disease

Trump praised the call with Xi as ‘very good’ and said the US and China were ‘working closely’ in their fight against coronavirus.

It was the first direct conversation between the two leaders since the global crisis began in Wuhan late last year.

Trump touted his ‘respect’ for China’s efforts to tackle the disease, despite goading Beijing over what he has described as the ‘Chinese virus’ in recent weeks.

US coronavirus cases have been following an exponential growth curve – roughly doubling every three days – though Trump has claimed the numbers are down to increased testing

Experts have warned that 80,000 Americans could die from coronavirus even with quarantines in place, despite Trump hinting he wants the country back at work by Easter

Meanwhile, Xi said he ‘wishes to continue sharing all information and experience with the US’ and called on the two countries to ‘unite to fight’ the disease.

The call came shortly after the US leap-frogged China to report the largest number of coronavirus cases anywhere in the world at 83,553.

Beijing has reported 81,340 cases, claiming zero domestic infections in recent days after draconian lockdown measures – of the kind being resisted by the US – were put in place.

China slams Pompeo after he called the bug ‘Wuhan virus’ 

Pompeo’s call for the virus to be identified by name as the ‘Wuhan virus’ at a virtual meeting of foreign ministers from the Group of 7

China has strongly pushed back on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s insistence on referring to the deadly novel coronavirus as the ‘Wuhan virus’ after the city in China where it was first detected.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Thursday that it was an effort to ‘stigmatise China and discredit China’s efforts in an attempt to divert attention and shift responsibilities.’ 

‘He has a very sinister motive,’ Geng told reporters at a daily briefing.

Geng also defended China’s efforts at tackling the virus and denied it was seeking to place responsibility for the outbreak elsewhere.

China has been accused of trying to squelch information about the outbreak during its early stages, and some of its diplomats have openly suggested that the virus may have been brought to China from the United States.

Pompeo’s call for the virus to be identified by name as the ‘Wuhan virus’ at a virtual meeting of foreign ministers from the Group of 7 leading industrialised countries resulted in their opting against releasing a group statement.

The World Health Organization and others have cautioned against giving the virus a geographic name because of its global nature.

President Donald Trump has steered away from those terms as critics have said they foster discriminatory sentiments and behaviour against Asians and Asian Americans. 

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Street to be named after fallen soldier as council do U-turn following campaign by The Sun – The Sun

A STREET is set to be named in recognition of a fallen soldier, in a council U-turn following a campaign by The Sun.

We launched our push in memory of Pte Jeff Doherty after his local authority refused to honour him.

Pte Doherty, known as JJ, was shot dead in a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan in 2008, two days after he turned 20.

Southam Council, Warwicks, initially offered to name a street after him — then changed its policy on memorials.

Now it is poised to vote to allow it after all.

His mum, Joyce, 46, said: “We’re hopeful they will see sense. JJ made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Labour MP Hilary Benn said: “His sacrifice should be commemorated.”

We launched our campaign after JJ's brother, Pte Fin Doherty, 18, was awarded a gong at The Sun's Millies for following in his footsteps to become a para.

Other towns have honoured their war dead with street names.

Charlie Wood Way in Middlesbrough was named after the bomb disposal expert, 34, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2010.

And Corporal Roberts Close in Helmington, Middlesbrough, was named after Cpl Andrew Roberts, 32, who was killed in Helmand Province in 2012.

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Kirstie Allsopp slammed after fleeing to Devon as husband diagnosed with Covid-19

KIRSTIE Allsopp has been criticised for taking her family to their second home in Devon despite thinking she has coronavirus.

The Location, Location, Location presenter, 48, revealed that her husband Ben Anderson had tested positive for coronavirus over the weekend.

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Writing a seven-day self-isolation diary for The Sunday Times, Kirstie explained how the couple took their four kids – Oscar, 11, Bay, 13, Hal, 17, and Lydia, 19 – out of school after Ben was diagnosed and brought them to their home in Devon to self-isolate.

Kirstie wrote: "We’re not separating within the house […] But we’re not sharing bathrooms, towels, utensils etc."

The star also fears Ben may have passed on the disease to her sister, who has been showing signs while self-isolating at her home in Edinburgh.

Describing her sister's symptoms, Kirstie added: "She's really unwell, totally bedridden and feeling as if she has 'smoked a packet of B&H every day for the past 20 years."

Earlier this week, Kirstie appeared on Good Morning Britain where she said she was "pretty sure" she'd had the illness after developing a "slight tightness in her chest".

Although they originally thought they would have to self-isolate for only seven days, the family had to remain in their Devon home for a full two weeks to avoid infecting others.

It was while Kirstie's family were already in lockdown that Boris Johnson urged the public to avoid any essential travel and remain at home.

However, the star has faced backlash online since the piece was published on Sunday as fans criticised her for taking her family to Devon rather than remaining in London.


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As well as being labelled an "entitled princess" by one Twitter user, another wrote: "She deemed herself too important to heed the advice of no unnecessary travel and bring her family ( with a confirmed case) to her second home in Devon."

A third raged: "Absolutely not surprised at the entitlement from Kirstie Allsopp who brought her family – infected with coronavirus and travel to Devon from London.


In more celebrity news, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry praise ‘moms, mamas and grannies’ around the world in a sweet Mother’s Day post.

And Mrs Hinch showed how she’s disinfecting her house during coronavirus lockdown from remotes to light switches & candles.

Plus Stacey Solomon reveals how she isn’t shaving during lockdown, loves her ‘tache and chats about her pubes.

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Camper dies after she fell off waterfall during outdoors expedition with friends

A woman died after she fell over the edge of a waterfall while she was camping with friends, officials said.

Taylor Coleman was killed after she fell 75 feet over the edge of a waterfall at Laurel Fork Falls in Pickens County, South Carolina, according to County Coroner Kandy Kelley. Authorities say the fall happened around 2 am on Sunday.

According to Kelley, Coleman had been camping with her friends on top of the falls when she fell. Emergency officials were called to the scene north of Lake Jocassee shortly before 4 am, according to The Greenville News.

Crews from both Pickens and Oconee Counties responded by boat, all-terrain vehicles, and hiking to the remote location, according to a statement from Pickens County Emergency Management.

However rescuers were unable to remove Coleman from the area with their equipment, so they had to call a South Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue team to extract her.

She was rushed to Prisma Health in Greenville where she was later pronounced dead.

An autopsy for Colman was scheduled for Monday.

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Ayesha Curry Looks Ahead After Temporary Closure of Her Restaurants

Facing forward. Ayesha Curry revealed via a series of Instagram Stories that all outposts of her International Smoke restaurant empire, which is a joint effort between her and chef Michael Mina, have temporarily closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Some locations, however, are still providing take-out and delivery.

“I just want to let everybody know I’m praying for everybody and that my heart goes out to everybody through this weird, unfathomable transitional time — whatever you want to call it,” the 30-year-old restauranteur began. “I hope everybody is staying healthy.”

Pivoting to her businesses, The Full Plate author stated: “Some of you may have heard that we’ve decided to temporarily close down our International Smoke locations out of the safety of our staff as well as people looking for a place to eat. We know how important it is right now to socially distance yourselves and we don’t want to add to the problem.”

The Canada native, who added that her “heart goes out” to the staff members who are currently out of work, did her best to look ahead. “It just sucks and I can’t wait until we get through this so we can get back to the hospitality that we know and love,” she explained.

She also noted that she understands many other restauranteurs and businesspeople are in the same boat. As she put it, “I’m well aware that we’re not the only ones in this position right now, so my heart, my prayers, all of my thoughts are going out to all of the businesses alike that are going through the same thing. We’ll get through this and hopefully one day we can all sit down, have a glass of wine and look back on this as a distant memory. Love to you all.”

Despite signing off with a kiss, The Seasoned Life author continued her reflection moments later and shared her thoughts on why she loves the restaurant business. “Anybody that’s in the restaurant industry and the hospitality industry just knows that the goal is to make people happy, to serve people, and when that gets taken away from you it’s just the craziest thing in the world,” she continued. “I’m just praying for this to all be over and I cannot wait for everybody to get back to doing what they love.”

The accomplished culinary figure, who is married to professional basketball player Stephen Curry, ended on an empathetic and heartfelt note. “Honestly, my prayers and thoughts are genuinely, wholeheartedly with everybody within the Mina group, within the International Smoke family and every other business out there. I don’t have words. I’m sorry.”

Earlier this month, Ayesha and Stephen, 32, made headlines when they announced they made a contribution to the Alameda County Food Bank through their Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation. that will help provide 1 million meals to school kids in Oakland, California. With schools in Oakland closed in an effort to combat the spread of coronavirus, the donation will help children who are used to being fed at school continue to eat.

“We just found out that the Oakland Unified School District is closing their doors for the foreseeable future,” the Golden State Warriors guard said in a video posted to his Twitter account on Friday, March 13. “So we want to intercede on behalf of the kids that rely on their daily services and try to help in any way that we can.”

Given the constantly evolving nature of COVID-19, Us Weekly wants our readers to have access to the most accurate resources. For the most up-to-date coronavirus information, guidance, and support, consult the CDC, WHO, and information from local public health officials. If you’re experiencing coronavirus symptoms, call your primary care provider for medical advice.

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Mom Charged with Murder After Falling Asleep on Top of Baby

The 28-year-old tested positive for meth, ecstasy, amphetamines and marijuana.

A Louisiana mother has been charged with the death of her 9-month-old child after reportedly falling asleep on top of the infant on Thursday.

According to USA Today’s News Star, Ouachita Parish Fire Department personnel were dispatched to the home of Heather Lucille Hall, 28, after they received a call about a baby not breathing, where they found Hall with an unidentified female witness attempting CPR on the child on the kitchen floor. The infant, however, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Hall’s boyfriend told police that Hall’s uncle had called him to wake up his niece so she could "go to the store" on Thursday, per police records. The boyfriend said when he went into Hall’s bedroom, he found her asleep in the same bed as her three small children. Hall was on her back with her legs on top of the 9-month-old, who was lying face down and not breathing, said the boyfriend.

Per the arrest warrant, Hall was woken up and immediately grabbed her baby, ran to the kitchen and dropped the child on the floor, where the witness began CPR.

The witness said she was outside the house when the baby was first found unresponsive.

Hall said she couldn’t remember whether her legs were on top of the infant or not. She confessed, however, to using meth on Tuesday and ecstasy on Wednesday, before going to bed with the children.

Hall tested positive for both drugs as well as amphetamines and marijuana following a field urine analysis that was conducted by Child Protective Service investigators.

Hall was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on a charge of second-degree murder.

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