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Two face attempted murder charges for defying South Africa quarantine

Two people face attempted murder charges in South Africa after ‘refusing to go into quarantine when they tested positive for coronavirus’

  • One suspect is a tourist who tested positive during a stay at Kruger National Park
  • He allegedly left his lodge and interacted with others despite orders to isolate
  • Second suspect is a salon owner who allegedly continued working with the virus
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Two people are facing attempted murder charges after allegedly refusing to go into quarantine in South Africa, it has emerged. 

One of them is a tourist who tested positive for coronavirus while staying in the Kruger National Park but is accused of ignoring orders to self-isolate in his lodge, South African media says. 

The other is a salon owner in the city of Ladysmith, who was arrested after 27 people came into contact with him at his workplace and a religious gathering he attended after allegedly refusing to go into quarantine.  

South Africa’s 57million people are today beginning a nationwide lockdown as the number of cases hit 709, becoming the worst outbreak in Africa. 

South Africa is investigating two people who are accused of refusing to go into quarantine (file photo, a health worker unrelated to those cases tests a motorist Johannesburg)  

According to TimesLive, the infected tourist is accused of leaving Kruger National Park despite being ordered to remain in his lodge.

Police minister Bheki Cele said the man was tracked down to holiday accommodation and then taken into quarantine in hospital. 

‘The tourist ignored the instruction and proceeded to St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal, where he apparently interacted with an unknown number of people,’ he said. 

Health officials are now desperately trying to trace anyone who might have come into contact with him.

Police are investigating the man under emergency regulations announced by South African president Cyril Ramaphosa.  

The second suspect, a 52-year-old salon owner, was ordered to quarantine himself after returning from ‘various’ other countries, according to The South African. 

‘On his return on March 18, he was tested positive with Covid-19 and was instructed to self-quarantine for at least 14 days pending the blood results,’ a police spokesman said.

‘However, he allegedly continued with his business and in doing so disregarded the instructions by a doctor.’

Authorities are seeking 27 people who may have come into contact with him, either at his salon or at a religious service he attended. 

South African president Cyril Ramamphosa, pictured in Cape Town last month, has ordered a 21-day lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus 

Both suspects are facing charges of attempted murder, South African news outlets reported yesterday. 

South Africa currently has 709 confirmed coronavirus cases, with no reported deaths. 

The country’s health minister Zweli Mkhize has warned that infections are expected to keep rising.

President Ramaphosa himself has tested negative after taking the test as a precautionary measure, his office said today.   

The president underwent the test on Tuesday on the advice of physicians and received his results on Wednesday night, a statement said. 

Ramaphosa has ordered some of the toughest measures on the continent, including a 21-day lockdown which starts today.

He has also deployed the army to support the police.

Businesses are bracing for the lockdown, with Airlink becoming the latest local airline to suspend flights from midnight on Thursday. 

State power utility Eskom has applied for its critical staff to be exempt from the stay at home order so electricity supplies can continue uninterrupted. 

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Man charged with attempted murder over car shooting

A man has been charged with attempted murder after a kids' soccer coach was shot at in the front seat of a car in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs.

Kevin Passanise, 25, was critically injured when he was shot in the upper body while parked in a driveway at Shrives Road, Narre Warren South, about 5am on March 7.

His condition has since improved.

On Thursday, armed crime squad detectives arrested a 33-year-old Lynbrook man and charged him with attempted murder.

Kevin Passanise is a soccer coach and aspiring musician. Credit:Facebook

A woman from Narre Warren was charged with possessing a drug of dependence, committing offences while on bail and weapons offences.

The pair were due to face court on Thursday.

Mr Passanise grew up in Melbourne but moved to Sydney several years ago with his long-term partner. He was on a trip to visit family when he was shot.

Friends told The Age they could not understand why anyone would target Mr Passanise, who was an aspiring rapper and hip hop musician who performed under the name "Kognacc".

Melbourne musician Shawn Lee said she was introduced to him through mutual acquaintances in the industry and they became close friends.

"He would tell me about his goals and dreams with the soccer thing and teaching kids and really helping them to get the most out of it. Not just the soccer itself but for the confidence, the passion and drive for things in life. He's really good like that."

She said he had been pursuing music for years and was constantly writing new songs in both English and Spanish, as his family is from Argentina.

He had previously played professional soccer in Argentina but was unable to continue a career as a player due to an injury.

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A Bodybuilder Attempted Conor McGregor's Grueling Diet and Workout

In his latest YouTube video, British bodybuilder and YouTuber Matt Morsia—aka, MattDoesFitness—decides to try out UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s MMA workout and diet, which supposedly includes a strict, 3,500-calorie per day regimen.

According to various sources, McGregor apparently starts his day by stretching and rehydrating, drinking water, and having an Americano coffee. After that, McGregor gets in a 30-minute cardio workout, which includes skipping (aka jump rope), slow jogging, and stretching.

“As if I’m going to do 30 minutes of skipping,” Morsia says, as he attempts to jump rope. “I can’t skip.” So, Morsia decides to run instead. Then it’s breakfast time, which consists of avocado, eggs, and apple slices with peanut butter.

“The foundation seems to be raw food—completely no processed food, or fast food,” he says. Next, his wife whips up McGregor’s Peanut Butter Energy Balls for a later snack that consists of flax seeds coconut flour, peanut butter, and chia seeds. Before he can eat them, however, he’s off to the gym, where he has a snack of 4 strawberries and an apple. McGregor doesn’t take pre-workout, but instead relies on the fruit to fuel him.

The workout starts with 30-second stretches, then moves to ‘animal’ mobility walks, including a duck walk, horse walk, and a lizard walk. “Conor McGregor does not do this,” Morsia laughs.

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Then he’s into the actual workout, which includes a bodyweight circuit, 5 sets of each move for 1 minute, which includes: muscleups, pushups, pullups, and air squats. After that, he rehydrates with coconut water and his protein balls, just as McGregor does.

Once he finishes his snack, he’s back home and eating again. This time, it’s a protein-packed midday meal consisting of chicken with mustard, honey, paprika, and lemon, alongside rice and corn with greens and flaxseeds. “This is a really good meal,” Morsia says. “7.5-8 out of 10 meal.”

And in true McGregor fashion, Morsia has another snack and cracks open a bottle of McGregor’s triple-distilled Irish whiskey called Proper Twelve with some dark chocolate. “I’ve probably drank whiskey once, so I’m probably not a good gauge,” he says. For his last meal of the day, he eats cod, sweet potato, green beans and kale—with a shot of whiskey.

“I’m done and I’m full,” he says. “Not a lot of calories, but lots of volume. My stomach is pretty full.” His final dessert/snack is yogurt, fruit and nuts. While he was a fan of the diet, the training was a bust, and not likely correct. “The training was terrible,” he says in conclusion. “I’m gonna wager the training source was not very reliable.”

Watch the video here:

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