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What is double cleansing and what are its benefits?

If you are into taking care of your skin, then you have probably heard of the latest skin care ritual that is taking over the beauty world — double cleansing. According to the Allure, like many skincare trends, the popular cleansing method originated in Korea. And double cleansing is as simple as it sounds, involving cleansing your face two times rather than once, but with two different products.

“Double cleansing is a method of cleansing your face twice: First, with an oil-based cleanser and again with a water-based cleanser. It can help remove stubborn, pore-clogging and acne-causing impurities that can remain on the skin even after washing your face once,” board-certified dermatologist David Lortscher, M.D. explained to Dermstore. And this method is something that dermatologist Dendy Engelman told Allure he recommends to all of his patients, no matter their skin type. But does it really make that big a difference? 

Double cleansing prevents breakouts

The reason double cleansing is so revered is that it cleans your skin completely, especially if you wear makeup, promoting a natural glow. As Kristy Watson, CMO of New York skin care brand Erno Laszlo told Beauty Crew, “What happens is you have makeup on, and you have a very environmentally stressful day, and if you wash your face with a foam cleanser once — foam cleansers are typically water-based and don’t have a lot of actives in it — and you rinse, you have a huge layer of pollution and makeup on your skin still.” 

If your skin is not cleaned correctly, it won’t look it’s best. “Basically, buildup of residue, oil, dirt, cosmetic products left on the skin can leave the skin looking dull in appearance, and it also contributes to clogging your pores, which then can lead to acne or enlarged pores,” Megan Rogge, a dermatologist with UT Health and UT Physicians, told Vox.  Ultimately, double cleansing ensures no bacteria or residue remains, preventing breakouts, clogged pores, and more. 

Popular YouTuber Michelle Phan is a huge fan of double cleansing and recommends Then I Met You’s Living Cleansing Balm and Tea Cleansing Gel.

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Paulina Gretzky and her doubles are taking over TikTok

What’s better than one Paulina Gretzky? How about four more.

On Wednesday, Dustin Johnson’s longtime love posted a video of herself dancing to Ariana Grande’s “Step on Up,” using a filter that created mirror images of herself on TikTok.

“Step on up to this crazy like,” 31-year-old Gretzky captioned the clip as she danced in a white crop-top and denim cutoffs.

Gretzky has starred in several TikTok videos during the coronavirus lockdown. Last month, she participated in Drake’s “Toosie Slide” challenge with Johnson’s younger brother and caddie, Austin.

In March, Gretzky “social distanced” with her future sister-in-law Samantha, as they danced in bikinis to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage.”

Samantha married Austin in the fall of 2018.

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AEW Double Or Nothing 2020 Match Card And How To Watch

All Elite Wrestling has another PPV headed your way this Saturday, May 23. Double or Nothing is the title of the event, and it is the second time AEW has used this name, with the first being the company’s premiere event in 2019. There are three title matches on the line–one of which is brand-new for the company. Check out the full match card and how to watch below.

Originally, the event was supposed to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Paradise, Nevada. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Double or Nothing will now take place at an undisclosed location. Depending on where you live on the globe, you’ll be able to watch the show in the evening, morning, or in the middle of the night–sorry UK.

Double or Nothing start time:

  • 5 PM PT
  • 7 PM CT
  • 8 PM ET
  • 1 AM BST (May 24)
  • 10 AM AEST (May 24)

There will also be a pre-show for Double or Nothing called the Buy In which will air one hour prior to the main card. If you want to watch the PPV, you’ll have to order it from B/R Live (US and Canada only) or Fite TV, depending on where you live in the world. The price for the show is $50 USD–it will differ depending on region.

Match card:

  • Private Party vs. Best Friends (Buy In Pre-show)
  • MJF vs. Jungle Boy
  • Dr. Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander
  • Casino Ladder Match (AEW Championship Title Shot)
  • Cody vs. Lance Archer (TNT Championship)
  • Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida
  • Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brodie Lee (AEW Championship)

As for the card, there is currently one match on the Buy In and six matches on the main card. Double or Nothing will also be the debut of the TNT Championship, which is happening after a long tournament on Dynamite which will see Cody face Lance Archer for the title. There should be a few more matches added after the May 20 episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT. Check out the card above, and more matches will be added as they are booked.

If you want to dive deeper into the weird world of wrestling, check out GameSpot’s weekly podcast Wrestle Buddies. Each week, Mat Elfring and Chris E. Hayner talks about the funner things within wrestling, from silly gimmicks to their favorite PPVs. Also, they occasionally interview wrestlers. New episodes arrive every Thursday, and you can check it out on Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts.

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World News

Booze sales more than DOUBLE in 1 week during virus lockdown as people turn to liquors, beer and wine – The Sun

ALCOHOL sales have spiked by 55 per cent in the week ending March 21 as lockdown measures came into force across the US according to market research firm Nielsen.

The spike comes in spite of many liquor retailers pulling the shutters on their physical stores due to lockdown measures, though some states class them as "essential businesses".

Most people seem to be stocking up on hard liquors like gin and tequila, as well as treating themselves to a few extra pre-mixed cocktails.

Sprits sales shot up 75 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The classics come second and third – Beer is the second most popular drink, up 66 per cent, followed by wine, up 42 per cent.

Nielsen's vice president of beverage alcohol, Danelle Kosmal, said: "I suspect that the week ending March 21st will feature the strongest growth rates that we will see during this consumer pantry-loading time," according to The Drinks Business.

"Data for the week ending 28 March will be very telling, and I think it will be a better indicator of the new normal in how consumers are responding to the crisis and their new normal, centered around the home."

Astor Wines & Spirits in Manhattan, New York, reported experiencing a surge in sales across the board on all products in spite of closing its stores and only being able to trade online.

CEO Rob Fischer said: "Bars and restaurants are closed so there's no other real place to get alcohol and people are stuck at home with time on their hands so they're making more lavish meals and would like to enjoy a nice bottle of wine with it."

Due to lockdown rules and people being forced to adapt to life under quarantine virtual parties and simply being bored at home has lead to a rise in home consumption.

Temporary public closures across most states and cities include restaurants, bars and other social spaces serving food and alcohol.

States with the strictest social distancing measures in place include New York, California, Connecticut, Washington, Rhode Island, Alaska, Colorado, Vermont, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Nevada, Hawaii.

In Maine, violators of the "Stay Healthy at Home Mandate" are subject to up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine according to Newsweek.

US deaths currently stand at more than 8,503, with 3,565 in New York alone.

Currently, New York City has the most confirmed cases of Coronavirus of any city in the world at 114,174 on April 5.

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