Aldi introduces new rules to control shopping in stores – how it works

Aldi has announced a new traffic light system to control how many shoppers can enter stores at one time. This will be used to manage queues as Britons practice social distancing in stores.


  • Aldi introduces new payment rules to help shoppers

Supermarkets have regularly updated rules to keep up with changing demand during the coronavirus lockdown.

Increasing safety measures has led to long queues outside many supermarkets.

This week, Aldi has introduced new technology to help manage queues and how many people are entering stores.

The retailer has brought in traffic lights that will signal when customers are able to safely go inside.

The technology will track how many people are entering and leaving the shop to ensure it does not get overcrowded.

Shoppers will be signalled to enter based on social distancing rules.

The retailer announced this will roll out to stores across the UK after being trialled in a selected number of branches.

Richard Thornton, communications director at Aldi explained: “The protection and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority and this new system is an accurate and effective way to allow us to control customer numbers in stores.

“The system’s trial was well received by our customers and we will be gradually rolling this new social distancing measure out nationwide from this week.”

NHS staff will still be able to get priority access if heading to the front of the queue.

This follows a range of other safety measures that have been brought in at supermarkets over the last couple of months.

Like many other retailers, Aldi has trolley and cleaning stations available in stores.


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Perspex screens have been put around till points to protect employees and customers and card payments have been encouraged.

Floor markings have also been put in place in stores to ensure Britons keep their distance.

This has been done to help promote social distancing as the government advises Britons to keep a two metre distance.

For customers who can not visit the retailer easily, Aldi launched food boxes that contain 22 essential items.

These aim to help elderly and vulnerable customers who may struggle to safely visit supermarkets.

Shoppers can order an Aldi Food Parcel that is filled with essential food and household products.

They included items such as soup, pasta, rice, tea, coffee, hand wash and toilet roll.

These cost £24.99 and offer contactless delivery to help shoppers stay safe.

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Stray Kids Once Talked About Fans Who Don't Understand Korean Lyrics

K-pop has been blowing up all over the world. Bands like Stray Kids and BTS have ridden a cultural moment called the Korean wave into international prominence. Fans across the globe enjoy the genre’s slick beats and the personalities of its stars.

Interestingly, many fans of K-pop do not actually speak Korean. Two members of Stray Kids — Bang Chan and Han — have discussed how they feel about this. They both had some insight into K-pop and other music.

Bang Chan and Han on K-pop fans who don’t speak Korean

Tamar Herman of Billboard asked Bang Chan what he thought about his fans who do not speak Korean. Chan found it funny how K-pop fans could enjoy his band’s music without understanding its lyrics. At the same time, he could relate. Chan said he listens to Indian and Spanish music without understanding the lyrics. He said he enjoys Indian and Spanish music because of its sound and the vocal performances.

He elaborated “That kind of makes me want to find out what the lyrics actually mean, and what the singer really wants to say through the song. I do understand that there may be [fans] that may just listen to our songs but not understand the lyrics, and I completely understand how that feels as well. So just want to put that out there. [Laughs]”

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Han made some comments on the matter which echoed Chan’s. ”People may not understand the message completely but, while there’s strength obviously in lyrics there is also strength in the melody and just the song in general as well. We do think about that as we perform and sing these songs because there are different ways you can gain strength through music, the lyrics are just one element.”

Stray Kids’ interesting relationship to the Korean language

Billboard reports the band has released some music in English. It only makes sense that they would dos so, as they have a significant English-speaking audience. Earlier this year, the band released English versions of their songs “Double Knot” and “Levanter” from their album Clé : LEVANTER. Some English-speaking fans of Stray Kids appreciated the gesture while others prefer to listen to the original versions of the songs.

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Interestingly, one can draw parallels between the experiences of fans who are exposed to Korean culture through K-pop and the life experience of Stray Kids member Felix. According to Seven News, Korean was not his first language. He was from Sydney, Australia and he did not move to Korea until he was 17-years-old. He said it was an adventure for him to learn the Korean language and other aspects of Korean culture. For many K-pop fans, learning about Korean culture is an adventure as well.

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N’Golo Kante back at Chelsea for more tests after club allowed midfielder time off due to coronavirus fears – The Sun

N'GOLO KANTE was back at Chelsea today for a second day of testing – a day after being given compassionate leave due to his fears over coronavirus.

The midfielder was pictured leaving the Blues' Cobham base on Thursday afternoon after being told he could train from home on Wednesday.

Kante, 29, joined Chelsea’s first training ground session on Tuesday after testing negative for coronavirus.

He looked to be in good spirits as he sported a new haircut.

And Kante, widely regarded as the nicest man in football, even rocked up to Cobham in a shiny new Mercedes instead of his classic Mini.

But Frank Lampard gave the star his blessing to continue working out from home a day later.

Kante’s father passed away when he was just 11 years old.

And the World Cup winner also lost older brother Niama to a heart attack.

Kante himself fainted in front of teammates at the training ground two years ago.

And he was understood to have concerns about the safety of going back to duty.

Kante wasn’t the only star seen leaving Chelsea’s base today.

Olivier Giroud looked cool as a cucumber as he sped off in a jet-black Ferrari.

Mason Mount and Reece James both flashed thumbs-up as they headed home.

And even Willian showed off his signature hand gesture from behind the wheel.

But Fikayo Tomori was in full concentration mode as he left for day.

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Coronation Street 'will film scenes of oldest stars from home'

Coronation Street ‘will film scenes of oldest stars from home for 60th anniversary celebrations as they avoid returning to set amid COVID-19 crisis’

  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Coronation Street producers are reportedly considering to film scenes of the soap’s oldest stars from home as they avoid returning to set amid the coronavirus crisis.

Sources have claimed bosses are keen to include the show’s most iconic faces, featuring the likes of Ken Barlow actor Bill Roache, 88, and Rita Sullivan’s Barbara Knox, 86, in its 60th anniversary celebrations, set to take place later this year.

Filming for Corrie is expected to resume in a matter of weeks after the COVID-19 pandemic forced its suspension back in March.

Drastic measures: Corrie bosses are reportedly considering to film scenes of the soap’s oldest stars from home (Bill Roache as Ken Barlow pictured)

Insiders told The Sun: ‘The celebrations would have felt a little empty if the stars who have helped make the soap such a hit for six decades weren’t involved.

‘So there are no lengths they will not consider to make this happen – though their number-one priority, of course, is the safety of the soap’s family of legends.’

MailOnline has contacted an ITV representative for further comment. 

As Brits over 70 fall within the at risk category of those more vulnerable to the deadly virus, older cast members have been told to stay home.

Plans: Sources have claimed bosses are keen to include the show’s most iconic faces, featuring Rita Sullivan’s Barbara Knox (pictured), 86, in its 60th anniversary celebrations

‘I’d like to get back’: Iconic thespian Bill recently revealed he won’t be returning to the soap ‘for some time’

Iconic thespian Bill recently revealed he won’t be returning to the soap ‘for some time’.

Speaking to Radio Derby earlier this month, the soap star shared his disappointment as he said: ‘Senior members of the cast will not be called back for some time, sadly. I’d like to get back.’ 

Bill has appeared on the soap since it began in 1960, and his character has moved into a retirement home but will be temporarily written out in favour of younger cast members.

Of how things are set to change on set, he continued: ‘They’ve said it’s going to be very, very different. Scenes will be about lockdown.

Which characters are at risk? 


Played by Bill Roache, 88


Played by Barbara Knox, 86 


Played by Sue Nicholls, 76


Played by David Neilson, 71 

‘Scenes will be shot more simply with less people. Cameras will be placed where there’s required distance, so it will be very, very different when we get back.’

Production for Coronation Street was halted in March in the midst of coronavirus, and despite attempts to ration pre-filmed episodes, ITV have already confirmed the soap could go off the air by the end of June.

Sources have confirmed bosses have put together a plan for the cast to return to set next month and film with the use of clever camera angles to ensure stars are adhering to social distancing. 

It’s thought some of the cast will return to production in smaller groups, with scenes filmed with the use of clever camera angles to ensure stars keep at least two metres apart.  

Safety: As Brits over 70 fall within the at risk category of those more vulnerable to the deadly virus, older cast members have been told to stay home (David Neilson, 71, as Roy Cropper)

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Fireball video: Meteor explosion over Florida ‘most impressive thing I’ve ever seen’

A bright light was spotted zooming through the sky over the southeast US, forcing residents of Florida to gaze up to the sky. The phenomenon, which took place on May 14, was captured on camera, with footage showing a bright fireball lighting up the night’s sky.

More than 60 people reported the sighting to the International Meteor Organisation (IMO), with some claiming it was the most spectacular thing they had ever witnessed.

Josh F told the IMO: “It was honestly the most surreal moment of my life thus far. The bright flash surrounding me and then watching the blue ball shoot through the sky almost as if it was a firework descending down. I think it may have been the most magical moment of my life.”

Lincoln J added: “Been looking at the sky for 28 years, this was by far the most impressive thing I have seen.”

Asteroids and meteors produce a bright explosion of fire when they hit the atmosphere as it is the first time the space rock has ever met resistance.

Air seeps into the pores and cracks of the rock, pushing it apart and causing it to explode.

The IMO said: “Fireballs are meteors that appear brighter than normal.

“Due to the velocity at which they strike the Earth’s atmosphere, fragments larger than one millimetre have the capability to produce a bright flash as they streak through the heavens above.

“These bright meteors are what we call fireballs and they often strike fear and awe for those who witness them.”

While this meteor was small, the bright flash reiterates the need for eyes on the skies to watch out for potential asteroid collisions.

While the chances of a major asteroid hitting Earth are small – NASA believes there is a one in 300,000 chance every year a space rock which could cause regional damage will hit – the devastating prospect is not impossible.

However, there are some plans on the go which could help Earth against potential asteroid strikes.

NASA is currently studying Asteroid Bennu, where its OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft arrived in 2018.

Meteor shock: Fireball so bright it is seen during DAYTIME
Fireball video: Huge fireball shoots over Europe
WATCH fireball so bright it shook the ground in Croatia

Part of the reason NASA is sending the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft there is to gather more information about the space rock which is 1,640ft (500m) in length.

NASA fears the asteroid, which has the potential to wipe out a country on Earth, could hit our planet within the next 120 years, with the next close flyby in 2135.

The mission will give vital information on how to deflect asteroids from their collision course with Earth, but NASA reiterates while there is a small chance Earth could be impacted, “over millions of years, of all of the planets, Bennu is most likely to hit Venus”.

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Beauty and Fashion

Women shares tip for keeping flowers fresh for weeks and all you need is a 2p

PEOPLE have been sharing their incredible trick of keeping their flowers fresh for weeks by simply placing a 2p coin inside the vase. 

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the savvy homeowners shared how the hack had helped their bunches to stay alive for longer than normal. 

One person shared a photo of their beautiful flowers, and said they had tried out the 2p trick. 

They wrote: “These are nearly 2 weeks old, with a 2p in the bottom! Definitely works.”

Another posted a picture of their blooms with the caption: “Works for me.”

Other people recommended sticking a needle through the stem just under the flower head.

So what does science say about the 2p coin trick and does it really work to keep flowers fresh for longer?

According to The Conversation, copper coins do act as an antimicrobial agent. 

They wrote: “Cut flowers begin to degrade almost instantly. Air and bacteria can block the small pores of the vascular system of plants, stopping vital water and food from being distributed around the flower, and they start to wilt. 

“So by reducing the microorganisms in the flower’s water you should be able to increase the life of your flowers.

“So again, in theory, the copper in coins might be able to kill bacteria and keep cut flowers fresh."

However, they also added that not enough tests have been done to fully back up the theory.

We also shared a simple trick that will help your mascara last longer… no matter how dry it gets.

And here are genius iPhone battery life tricks to make your mobile last an ENTIRE day.

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Aldi fans thrilled as supermarket brings back £2.29 product

Aldi fans are huge fans of the supermarkets special selections. And now it has a new treat for fans – a favourite is back in stock.


  • Aldi Specialbuys: Shop for garden furniture & outdoor toys from £5.99

Aldi has brought back the halloumi fries, no doubt delighting fans with the cheesy treat.

The supermarket announced: “Aldi has brought back its legendary Halloumi Burgers and Halloumi Fries, available in stores now at everyday amazing prices.”

It said of the product: “Aldi’s Specially Selected Halloumi Fries (£2.29, 190g) are the summer food must-have.

“Covered in a golden and crispy seasoned coating make them perfect for dunking and dipping.

“Enjoy with mayo, ketchup, or sweet chilli. Or, layer with pomegranate and yogurt for a Middle Eastern flavour sensation.”

The products can be found in the frozen food aisle.

One fans said: “Aldi halloumi fries where are you? Get in me belly!! I can’t find you anywhere.”

Another said their favourite supermarket was “Aldi…Only because they do halloumi fries lol.”

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Last year one Twitter user was pining for the food.

They said: “I know that it is special item/seasonal item but when will Aldi restock halloumi fries? That is amazing food!

“Pretty please with sugar on it that aldi makes that as regular food item instead of special item? :)”

The Aldi halloumi burger is also back in stores. 


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The budget supermarket shared the update on its Facebook page with a cheesy joke that soon got its followers talking.

Aldi wrote: “No one:

“Absolutely no one:

“Aldi’s marketing department: ‘Hallou’ is it ‘mi’ you’re looking for.”

One commented: “They’re fab. Aldi have the best range of Veggie/ Vegan options.”

Even non-vegetarians were excited to see that they were back.

Another commented: “Great veggie and vegan options (and no we aren’t either). Really tasty… The no beef burgers are fabulous and these…. Some of the best out there.”

“Ohhh they would go lovely as the cheese bit on an actual burger,” commented one fan.

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TV and Movies

'Black Widow' Star Florence Pugh Wanted to Make Sure She 'Was Calling the Shots' When It Came to Her Body — Not Marvel

Florence Pugh is getting ready for her big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the studio’s upcoming movie, Black Widow. Pugh will join the MCU as Yelena Belova, a Russian spy who graduated from the same program that created Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. With the film still a few months away from hitting theaters, Pugh recently opened up about how she took charge of her training regime during production.

Are actors tired of staying in superhero shape?

Marvel fans have grown accustomed to their favorite superheroes having a certain body type, but that might be changing as we move forward in the MCU — and Black Widow star Pugh, may have just set the standard. After all, actors are also feeling the strain of keeping their bodies in top shape, especially when it comes to roles outside of the realm of superhero flicks.

For example, one reason Hugh Jackman stopped playing Wolverine was that he was having a difficult time keeping up with the training as he got older. While Chris Hemsworth is still young, he got a welcome break from Thor’s normally chiseled body in Avengers: Endgame.

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And Robert Pattinson recently admitted that he has stopped working out altogether, despite the fact that he is playing the next incarnation of the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Pugh seemingly followed this trend when she was cast to play thepart of Yelena in Black Widow. Not only did Pugh demand to know everyaspect of her training schedule, but she also wanted full control over how shelooked in the film.

The ‘Black Widow’ star made sure she ‘was calling the shots’ regarding her body

When Marvel offered Pugh the part in Black Widow, her maingoal was to avoid being “constantly checked on” when it came to herbody. According to WeGot This Covered, Pugh told Marvel that she wanted to be“calling the shots” on her training regime, not the studio.

“When I got the job, I wanted to know what the regime was. Iwanted to know whether it was them or me calling the shots. That was a big dealfor me. I didn’twant to be part of something where I was constantly checked on. And peoplemaking sure I was in the ‘right’ shape. That’s not me at all,” the actress shared.

Based on the movie’s official trailer, Pugh’s character will be featured in plenty of action scenes in Black Widow. Insiders also claim that Marvel has big plans for Yelena, who will likely pop up in other projects in the MCU.

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Although Pugh took control of her training ahead of the movie, she clearly did a great job getting ready for the part. It is also good to know that Marvel gave her control over her training regime, something that could pay big dividends if Pugh goes on to be the face of the MCU.

The only downside is that fans have to wait until November to see Pugh in action. Marvel pushed back the premiere date of Black Widow from May to November due to the coronavirus pandemic.

What is Yelena’s future in the MCU?

Marvel has not released a lot of information about Yelena’sfuture in the MCU, but the character was featured heavily in the movie’strailer. Given how Yelena basically has the same background as Natasha, therehas been speculation that she will become the MCU’s next Black Widow.

Johansson’s first stand-alone movie will likely be her final outing as Natasha, who gave her life in Avengers: Endgame to help bring down Thanos (Josh Brolin). With the MCU not having a Black Widow in its current timeline, Yelena could certainly fill that void.

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Black Widow will introduce several new characters who may also continue to play a part in the MCU. This includes Red Guardian (David Harbour), Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz), and Taskmaster, whose identity has yet to be revealed.

Black Widow is due to open in theaters on November 6.

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TV and Movies

Nick Cordero ‘is starting to follow commands’ from doctors as he remains in ICU during coronavirus battle – The Sun

NICK Cordero "is starting to follow commands" from doctors during his battle with coronavirus.

The Broadway actor's wife shared a big step towards his recovery as he remains in ICU from the virus.

Amanda shared on Instagram that Nick's progress is a “huge, big, huge deal.”

She said: “He is very, very, very weak still so it is very slow progress when they ask him to do things, but you can see he is trying, which is awesome.”

She went on: “This is such a blessing, I can’t even tell you.

"We did a big cheer because we’ve been waiting for at least this little momentum.

"It’s just so exciting.”

The mom to 10-month-old Elvis added Nick still has a long road ahead of him in his recovery.

She said: "He still has a lot of infection in his lungs that they are clearing out every single day. … They are just getting in there every day and sweeping these lungs, cleaning the infection out so that he stays clear, which is great.”

“But he hasn’t had a (new) infection, knock on wood. They’re keeping that under control.”

Amanda added the doctors' upcoming "long-term big goals" for Nick include moving him off of dialysis and off of a ventilator.

Still she's thrilled with this step forward: "For today, to receive this news that the doctor witnessed him trying to follow commands — it's just the best news ever. Best news ever. Yay!"

Amanda's happy news follows her Mother's Day news that she was able to have a video call with Nick.

According to E! News she relayed: "Some really great positive little things but I asked him to look up, and he did! And I asked him to look down and he did!

"That was a fantastic Mother's Day gift to start my day off with."

The Tony Award-nominated actor for Bullets over Broadway has been fighting the coronavirus in the ICU since late March.

He's suffered complications from the illness including doctors having to amputate his right leg because of blood clots.

Amanda said in a recent interview: "He's a dancer. He's an actor. He's a performer.

"It was not an easy decision to make."

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Phil Power takes inspiration from late pal Eric Bristow ahead of darts’ Battle of the Sexes against Mikuru Suzuki – The Sun

PHIL TAYLOR is using late mentor Eric Bristow as his inspiration for Thursday’s Battle of the Sexes.

The Power takes on Japan’s two-time women’s world champion Mikuru Suzuki, 38, in a virtual darts clash on Sky Sports.

Taylor owes everything to Bristow, who died aged 60 in April 2018, and says he can still hear the Crafty Cockney in his head.

The 16-time world darts king said: “I was saying to my manager Bob ‘What would Eric have done during lockdown?’

“He would have been pulling his hair out obviously. But also he was one who could be disciplined.

“Eric had a big influence in my life and it still feels like he’s still there.

Eric had a big influence in my life and it still feels like he’s still there

“You’d imagine Eric saying ‘Why are you sitting down there? Mikuru isn’t sitting down watching TV’.

“He would rub it in. And if I got beat, I wouldn’t answer my phone. I would change my number and switch my phone off.”

Taylor, 59, reckons Fallon Sherrock’s Ally Pally displays — she beat two men at world level — have opened the floodgates for female stars to thrive.

And he is expecting a tough battle against Suzuki on the Target Nexus dartboard in a Paddy Power-sponsored clash.

Taylor added: “I think you’ll get loads of girls out there believing they can beat people.

“Mikuru is brilliant. She has a great sense of humour and is a hell of a player. I wouldn’t bet against her beating me and I’ll be up against it that’s for sure.”

– To donate for NHS workers please visit

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