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Piers Morgan compares himself to Donald Trump with orange face and white ears after doing his own make up for GMB – The Sun

PIERS Morgan compared himself to Donald Trump on Twitter after he sported an orange face and white ears on Good Morning Britain today.

Speaking to viewers, the 54-year-old host said he had suffered "blending issues" but added "I don’t think my orange head should be the main talking point" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

His co-host Susanna Reid, 49, begged to differ and replied: "But every time we look at your face we get a moment of joy."

GMB fans spotted Piers' peculiar look just after 6am today and flooded the ITV show with questions on Twitter.

One fan wrote: "Why is @piersmorgan looking orange on #gmb. Is he going for the @realDonaldTrump look? Taking me back to my teenage days of being orange at school hahah, love ya piers xo"

One more asked: "Did @piersmorgan do his own make up again? He looks abit orange compared to his hand"

And scrolling through his Twitter live on air, the presenter said: "People are now sending me licking pumpkins."

Piers added: "Apparently I have blending issues .I don’t even know what that means. Apparently this part of my face is orange and this part isn’t.

"I don’t care. I come in, I’m slapping this on, and in the general scheme of things in the world right now my blending issues are not that important people."

Susanna then explained to viewers: "You are turning into your friend Donald Trump."

And Piers clapped back: "We don’t have our army of make-up and hair people. It is not that important/

"For anyone who is offended by my orange head, trust me."

Elsewhere on the breakfast show, Piers revealed his youngest son Albert has shown symptoms of coronavirus.

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The presenter shocked his co-host Susanna Reid with the admission on the ITV breakfast show today.

While speaking to Daily Mail journalist coronavirus sufferer Andrew Pierce about his COVID-19 symptoms, Piers said: "One of my sons had it in a much milder way. My youngest boy.

"I think most people are associating (lack of taste and smell) that with the virus, it’s a very unnerving thing to get."

Susanna, 48, turned to Piers and said: "Your son?"

And Piers replied: "Yes, he had mild symptoms which have cleared up now."

Piers has three sons with his ex wife Marion Shalloe, including 19-year-old Albert, Spencer, 22, and Stanley, 26.

He has a seven-year-old daughter Elise, from his current marriage to Celia Walden.


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Stalker let himself into house of victim and stretched out on her bed

Obsessed stalker, 54, let himself into house of victim 30 years his junior and stretched out on her bed as she cowered in nearby room

  • The 24-year-old Cleethorpes animal trainer spoke of her long-running ordeal  
  • Vincent Cutsforth met the woman when he went with others to buy a puppy 
  • Cutsforth was handed a three-month suspended sentence and restraining order

A shocked woman has relived the terrifying moment she realised that an obsessed stalker was inside her home – and stretched out on her bed – as she cowered in a room nearby.

The persistent stalker – 30 years older than her – let himself into her home while she was resting in her underwear in another bedroom.

When she realised what was going on, she barricaded herself into the bedroom and secretly texted family and friends to ask for help and for the police to be called in but was frightened that he would hear her.

Vincent Cutsforth, 54, (pictured) admitted stalking the 24-year-old between September and December 2018

The intruder had, over a period of weeks, repeatedly bombarded her with telephone calls and messages, called her ‘babe’ and turned up outside her home during a ‘horrible’ campaign.

The 24-year-old Cleethorpes animal trainer spoke of her long-running ordeal after her unwanted admirer, Vincent Cutsforth, 54, of Riby, appeared in court.

He admitted stalking the woman between September and December 2018.

She told Grimsby Live: ‘He was lying on my bed with his shoes off. I was in the spare bedroom in my underwear and I heard his ringtone. His phone was ringing.

‘My best friend had just died of cancer and I wasn’t sleeping very well. At first, I just thought that, because he had been harassing me, I had just dreamt it.

‘Then I heard him speaking. I had one per cent on my mobile and I texted his partner, my mum, my grandma and two friends to tell them that Vinnie was in my house and not to ring me and to call the police.

‘I didn’t want Vinnie to hear me talk. I spoke to his partner and she said there was nothing she could do because she was in London.

‘I barricaded myself in. The police turned up and he was arrested on my bed. He was just waiting. As he was arrested and taken out of my house, he just said: ‘I love her, I love her’.

‘I ran downstairs with a bedspread wrapped around me.’ Cutsforth walked in because the door was open at 8am after the woman had returned from walking dogs at 6am.

‘He entered the house and got in my bed,’ she said. ‘I have cameras in my house and he walked around first.

‘Psychologically, it was a lot to cope with and I had my bedroom redecorated.’

Cutsforth (pictured) was given a three-month suspended prison sentence, 20 days’ rehabilitation and a five-year restraining order at Grimsby Crown Court

The woman said: ‘I couldn’t leave the house without somebody coming with me. When I got home, I had to ring my friend to get from my car into my house. I was just scared.

‘I just didn’t want to be by myself. I live alone. It just put a real strain on my life. It has been a living nightmare for me.

‘It’s changed my personality and it’s made me more guarded in the future.’

She said of Cutsforth: ‘It was nothing romantically at all. I think he has just got an addictive personality. He just took my kindness the wrong way and took advantage really.

‘I’m the kind of person who would help anybody but I just keep myself to myself. I think that he was sly.

‘I also think that what he has done is very unfair and he just seems to have got away with it all.’

Cutsforth was given a three-month suspended prison sentence, 20 days’ rehabilitation and a five-year restraining order at Grimsby Crown Court.

The woman said: ‘He saw himself as a role model and someone to help me. Then he became obsessed and quite needy.

‘I definitely think that he was attracted to me because he made references to sex. He definitely fancied me.

‘He asked me one day if I thought he was good looking and I said ‘No’. Then he lost it with me.’

She claimed: ‘He was name-calling and he hit me across the face with a dog toy. The assault charge was dropped and put into the stalking case.’

In court, Michael Greenhalgh, prosecuting, said that the woman was an animal trainer and ran a dog training class.

Cutsforth met her when he went with others to buy a puppy.

The stalking began when Cutsforth turned up uninvited when she was walking her dog on land and at her workplace, which was in Grimsby at the time.

He monitored her movements and loitered outside her home, spying on her.

Cutsforth sent her messages asking to see her and called her ‘babe’, saying that he cared for and loved her.

‘He would turn up on numerous occasions outside her house,’ said Mr Greenhalgh.

Cutsforth would make as many as 250 calls and would sit in a vehicle outside her home. He posted a Facebook message saying: ‘All I do is care.’

He told police after they found him on the woman’s bed: ‘All I have ever done for this girl is look after her and maybe she should be in handcuffs.’

Gordon Stables, mitigating, said that the incidents happened over a period of two weeks and then over another of one week.

There was a long period when nothing happened.

Cutsforth had suffered alcohol and other problems.

‘He is turning his life around and doing a good job with it,’ said Mr Stables.

Judge Mark Bury told Cutsforth: ‘You overstepped the mark quite significantly. ‘You walked into her house uninvited and lay on her bed. That must have been quite frightening for her.

‘The impact if all this behaviour on her has been quite significant.

‘She is 30 years younger than you and it’s quite plain that she didn’t want to have the sort of contact with you that you wanted with her and you should have left it.

‘You caused her really serious distress. This is persistent offending and there are aspects of it that are particularly unpleasant.’


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