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Dad-of-six dies on his 56th birthday after house exploded when he checked on it after neighbours smelled gas – The Sun

A DAD-OF-SIX died on his 56th birthday after a suspected gas explosion that destroyed a family's house when they were stranded abroad.

Munir Hussain suffered 90 per cent burns in the blast when he went to check on his relative's house in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, after neighbours smelled gas yesterday.

The family-of-five, who live in the house at Crescent Walk, Ravensthorpe, were stranded in Pakistan due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Mr Hussain, was rushed to Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, but died at 1.30am on his 56th birthday.

His nephew Waj Ali said: "Uncle Munir, of Crescent, Ravensthorpe, has sadly passed away.”

A second male suffered a head injury after being hit by debris and flying masonry as the front wall of the brick terraced house was blown off in the blast exposing the bedrooms and lower rooms.

Local residents reported hearing a "huge booming sound" as the whole street shook.


Terrifying footage showed the blast reducing the house to rubble after the  explosion at 11.40am.

Debris is seen flying from the front of the house as the blast rips through the two-floor home on Crescent Walk.

One neighbour described hearing a loud bang that shook the entire street.

He said: "It's just exploded. Both sides. Bang.It proper shook my bed. That's what woke me up.

"I thought it was an earthquake. My wife started screaming.

It was a huge booming sound and the whole street was shaking

"She said 'I think a house has blown up'. I ran outside and I saw it all in flames with a guy trying to crawl out into the back garden.

"His clothes must have shredded."

An eyewitness told Yorkshire Live: "My dad came running downstairs and we ran out of the house because we thought it was unsafe.

"It was a huge booming sound and the whole street was shaking.'

Another said: "It shook the whole street, I haven't felt anything like it."

Flames and think black smoke billowed from the roof as on-lookers took photographs and awaited the arrival of emergency services.

A man claiming to be a relative of the family said at the scene yesterday: "My brother has taken his family to Pakistan and the house was been looked after by another brother.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said officers and fire and ambulance services found the property had suffered "significant damage and was on fire.”

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BTS: Jimin Turns His VLIVE Into an Iconic Fashion Show

Jimin told BTS fans he would be back on VLIVE soon, and as always Jimin kept his promise. The BTS singer spent nearly an hour talking with fans, and opened the livestream with a brief fashion show.

Jimin showed off his new coat in the VLIVE

The VLIVE was titled “My fancy entrance,” and when it started Jimin was not seen on screen. Then Jimin danced into the frame before taking a seat. While sitting down, Jimin danced in his seat and spun the rolling chair around the room.

He then told ARMY watching that he was not wearing any makeup and going barefaced. Jimin said it was 5 p.m. when he started the VLIVE, and he stopped by to broadcast it in between work activities. The BTS singer stood up and showed fans his new coat.

“Actually… everyone,” he said. “Today… Don’t I look different? This outfit?”

Jimin then spun around so fans could see the back of the coat.

“I don’t think I wore this before,” he said.

He acknowledged it was probably fans’ first time seeing him in that outfit. Jimin told fans he normally wore sweatsuits to the company, and that he bought the coat in 2019. He originally planned to wear it to the airport, but then it was too cold because of winter. Because there is not a reason to go to the airport now, he decided to wear the coat since it fit the weather.

The singer ordered food while talking with fans

As he talked with fans on VLIVE, Jimin ordered food to be delivered. For his meal, Jimin ordered Kimchi fried rice and pork cutlet.

“Food is here,” he said excitedly once he sat back down. “I only talk about eating these days… I don’t think I ever lost my appetite. I always feel like eating something. I eat well even when I’m sick. For example, when I’m sick and go to the hospital, ‘You need to fast.’ But they couldn’t stop me. I had to fast but… I pretended I was ordering porridge but I ate pork.”

Jimin also showed viewers the fried egg with his Kimchi fried rice, and talked about how he loves food made with eggs, but fried eggs are his favorite.

Jimin talked to BTS’s Jin and V on the phone

During the VLIVE, Jimin admitted he meant to invite V to join him but forgot. He then called Jin once fans started asking how the other members were doing and told Jin he was on VLIVE with ARMY.

“Hi,” Jin said on the phone. “I’m Jin.”

Jimin told Jin he called him because he figured he would be the quickest to answer. He then messaged and called V, but at first V did not pick up. The two then briefly spoke on the phone, as V was playing an online game with ARMY. On the phone, Jimin told V that he would have to come on VLIVE soon and V agreed.

Towards the end of the livestream, Jimin made the VLIVE a fashion show again. He rose up from his seat to show off his outfit one more time.

“I was happy to wear this today,” he said. “I didn’t wear it for awhile.”

Showing off his modeling skills, Jimin walked around the room as if it was a catwalk.

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James Argent shows off his weight loss as he takes a bike ride near his home in Essex – The Sun

JAMES Argent has showed off his incredible weight loss as he takes a bike ride near his home in Essex.

The 32-year-old made the most of his daily hour of exercise outside of isolation by keeping fit.

He wore a green mask in a bid to give some protection as he ventured outside.

Keeping safe, Arg wore a helmet and kept cool in shorts with a hoodie and long socks.

Arg returned to the UK two weeks ago after spending months in a rehab in Thailand.

Yesterday he was seen reunited with his girlfriend Gemma Collins for the first time in months.

They kept two metres apart as they walked with Arg's mum for some fresh air as they caught up.

The couple's relationship famously started back in 2012 when the stars were on Towie together.

But they've been forced apart since Christmas as Arg turned to a retreat to battle his demons.

Despite the distance – and the fact they now have to self-isolate apart – Gemma has remained dedicated to getting Arg fully fit.

But it's been far from smooth sailing. Since getting out, Arg's best friend Mark Wright has been helping him "get back to his best" as he struggles to adapt to life out of rehab.

The former Towie co-stars, who have been pals since school, have always turned to each other in the tough times – and Arg has been leaning on Mark in recent months .

A pal told us: “Mark was straight on the phone to James to make sure he is OK.

"They’ve spoken a lot and James knows that Mark is there for him. Michelle will be too. They both think the world of him and want him to get back to his very best.”

The friend said that James has admitted he's found his first week back in the UK "a bit of a head-f***."

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Prince Harry Reveals His Musical Chops In A New Invictus Games Collab With Bon Jovi

The Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex has been hiding his musical talent. On Friday, Harry and Jon Bon Jovi’s musical collaboration premiered, and fans will be shocked to hear how well the royal can sing. The updated version of Bon Jovi’s "Unbroken" was recorded back in February at the Abbey Road Studios in London in support of the Invictus Games, a Paralympic-style sports competition founded by Prince Harry, according to People.

Bon Jovi originally wrote the track for the documentary To Be of Service, about service animals helping veterans struggling with PTSD. But the rock star felt the track might also be fitting to promote The Invictus Games, for which Harry is a patron. Bon Jovi wanted to "have real soldiers singing the song" and "bring a lot of attention to the issue," as per People. The duke reportedly loved the idea and, in addition to singing on the track himself, got the Invictus Games Choir on board.

The release of "Unbroken" follows some disappointing news for the sports event. On March 19, the Invictus Games were postponed until May or June of 2021 due to the new coronavirus pandemic, as per Reuters. The event was due to take place in The Hague, the Netherlands, in May, and does not yet have a rescheduled date or location.

On Twitter, Prince Harry addressed the Invictus Games postponement, and urged competitors and supporters alike to be patient and care for their health in the meantime. "This decision was the most sensible and the safest option for all of you and your families as well as everybody else involved in these games," he said. He encouraged competitors to continue to focus on training, adding: "The good thing is you have an extra twelve or so months to be at your absolute top mental or physical fitness, so in that sense I’m really excited about the games next year."

Despite the postponement, Harry remains optimistic about the Invictus Games’ success in 2021, and continues to promote the event on social media. On Feb. 28, the Sussex Royal Instagram account posted a video of Bon Jovi and Harry in the recording studio, captioned, "I said I’ll give it a shot…Stay tuned for more to come later…#WeAreInvictus."

Back in February, Bon Jovi expressed admiration for Prince Harry and his work with the Invictus Games in an interview for People. "He’s so involved in the lives of these soldiers and their stories and, of course, he can relate to them because he was one of them," the singer said. Bon Jovi, whose also collaborated with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Charles, on musical tracks, added that Harry had a great "set of pipes."

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Rod Stewart and his family thank the NHS from Florida

‘We love you, bless you and thank you’: Rod Stewart and his family ‘Clap For Our Carers’ in video shared from their Florida bolthole as they go into lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic

  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Sir Rod Stewart and his family have thanked the NHS from Miami, Florida, in a sweet video shared to Instagram on Friday amid the global coronavirus crisis.

The Maggie May singer, 75, was joined by wife Penny Lancaster, sons – Aiden, nine, Alastair, 14, and Sean, 39, and daughter Ruby, 32, for the post.

Rod and his family followed the nationwide applause in honour of NHS workers on Thursday during the UK coronavirus lockdown. 

Thanks! Sir Rod Stewart and his family have thanked the NHS from Miami, Florida, in a sweet video shared to Instagram on Friday amid the global coronavirus crisis 

In the video, the singer said: ‘This is Rod Stewart and we’re bunking down here in Florida. We just want to send our regards out to the NHS, the police force, the dustmen and anyone else who is keeping our great country going.

‘We love you, bless you, and thank you for all the tireless hard work. Well done the UK.’ 

The family then started applauding and cheering, with Penny, 49, shouting: ‘Well done the NHS!’ 

Rod penned alongside the video: ‘Our family want to say a huge thank you to everyone working in the NHS as well as to all the health care workers and emergency services that are helping keep Britain’s families safe in these extremely difficult times. #nhs #clapforourcarers.’

Applause: The Maggie May singer, 75, was joined by wife Penny Lancaster, sons – Aiden, nine, Alastair, 14, and Sean, 39, and daughter Ruby, 32, for the post 

Lockdown: Rod and his family followed the nationwide applause in honour of NHS workers on Thursday during the UK coronavirus lockdown

The family’s gesture comes after Daniel Craig and the Beckham family led a slew of stars in a nationwide applause in honour of NHS workers on Thursday night.

Rod also has children Sarah Streeter, 57, Kimberly Stewart, 40, Renée Stewart, 27, and Liam Stewart, 25, from previous relationships.  

Meanwhile, Rod was seen taking his bike for a spin in Miami on Thursday as he enjoyed a quick break from quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The superstar had a successful knee replacement back in January due to an injury he sustained playing football over the years.   

At the end of February, Rod’s wife Penny teased that there is ‘no stopping’ the star after his surgery, as his knee is now ‘better than ever’.

Family: Rod also has children Sarah Streeter, 57, Kimberly Stewart, 40, Renée Stewart, 27, and Liam Stewart, 25, from previous relationships (pictured in April) 

Speaking to The Mirror while sharing an update on Rod’s recovery, Penny said: ‘[Rod has] just done two private shows in Florida and he said, “My knee is better now than it has ever been.” 

‘He said he was running sideways and it has all been sorted. He is like a masterclass of knee replacement and there is no stopping him.’ 

Following his surgery, Rod had been gearing up to head out on tour across America and Australia later this year. 

However, the coronavirus pandemic could affect Rod’s plans to tour, as the outbreak has seen many music gigs and festivals, including Glastonbury, either postponed or cancelled this year. 

Isolation: Forced to stay at home instead of hitting the road, Rod told fans he has spent his time in isolation wisely while clearing out his garage (pictured)

Forced to stay at home instead of hitting the road, Rod told fans he has spent his time in isolation wisely while clearing out his garage. 

He also celebrated wife Penny’s 49th birthday, as the couple invited friends over to their house for a dinner party in what was one of their last gatherings for some time now.

Sharing a snap from the party to Instagram on 16 March, Penny wrote: ‘Thanks to all our friends for coming together (at our home in LA) to celebrate my birthday during the most unprecedented time we have known. 

‘Together we stand, together we give thanks and although this might be one of the last get togethers for a while let’s pray we all remain safe and healthy.’ 

Under new lockdown measures, many countries have now restricted movement in a bid to control the spread of COVID-19, as the number of confirmed cases and deaths in relation to the flu-like infection continue to rise. 

In the UK, schools have closed, as well as pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes and gyms. 

People are being told to stay at home and only leave for essentials or to exercise once a day. 

Birthday celebrations: Penny had celebrated her birthday at the couple’s LA home earlier this month before COVID-19 lockdown measures came into full effect 

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Council engineer gets his van CRUSHED by hydraulic road bridge

That parking spot’s a tight squeeze! Council engineer gets his van CRUSHED by hydraulic road bridge when it lifts open

  • An engineer parked his van well beyond a safety bridge barrier on Wednesday
  • As a result, when the mechanical hinge of the bridge opened it crushed the van
  • The hinge of the bascule bridge was opening up to let a boat sail through below
  • The incident happened on Wednesday along part of Poole Harbour in Dorset 

A hapless council worker was ‘in for a rollicking’ after parking his van too close to a lifting bridge which crushed it when it opened.

The hydraulic road bridge that spans part of Poole Harbour in Dorset is currently closed to traffic for maintenance works.

The unnamed engineer working on the structure parked the Fiat Talento well beyond the red and white safety barrier thinking it was safe to do.

A council worker saw his van crushed in unusual fashion by a hydraulic road bridge in Dorset

The incident happened when he left it too close to the mechanical hinge of the bascule bridge

But he left it too close to the mechanical hinge of the bascule bridge which lifted up to let a passing boat through.

At that moment the hulking steel counterweight on one arm of the bridge swung down on top of the Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council van and squashed it.

Luckily the workman was not in the vehicle at the time and was not injured.

But he was overheard by witnesses telling a colleague that he would be in big trouble.

Lee Hebditch, a transport manager at Poole Docks, saw the aftermath of the incident that happened on Wednesday.

Lee, 48, said: ‘I was cycling home for lunch I saw the lifting bridge was in the up position.

‘As I got closer I could see the white council van parked the other side of the safety barrier.

‘The bridge has this solid grid work that acts as a counterweight and that had completely crushed the van.

‘I saw a guy who I think was the unlucky workman because I overheard him say he was going to get a good rollicking from his boss. He looked a bit embarrassed about it.

‘I think he must have thought that because the bridge was closed to cars he could park well beyond where the safety barrier is and either forgot the bridge was going to open or just parked too close to it.’

The bascule bridge was opening up to let boats sail through below along the Poole Harbour

Gary Powell, head of engineering at BCP Council, said: ‘One of our maintenance vans has been severely damaged at Poole lifting bridge.

‘The bridge is currently closed for scheduled maintenance works and no one has been injured in this incident.

‘The vehicle was recovered and we are moving quickly to assess any possible damage to the bridge.’

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Cuomo thanks Trump for his ‘cooperation’ amid coronavirus response

The vinegar Gov. Andrew Cuomo unleashed on President Trump and his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday gave way to honey on Wednesday, as he thanked the White House for its “cooperation.”

“What we’re working on is a common challenge,” said Cuomo in an Albany press briefing, noting that he’s been on the phone with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, as well as the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, the “extraordinarily helpful” Jared Kushner.

The united front was a sharp change from Tuesday, when a fiery Cuomo accused Trump and the federal government of dooming tens of thousands of New Yorkers to die by not doing more to help the state amass 30,000 needed ventilators.

“It’s something that our team is working on with the White House team, and I want to thank the president for his cooperation and his team for their cooperation,” Cuomo said Wednesday.

Cuomo also appeared to come around on Trump’s restrained use of the Defense Production Act.

The president could exercise the law to compel private businesses to manufacture needed supplies, but — to Cuomo’s chagrin — has resisted doing so in favor of relying on companies to step up voluntarily.

But despite previously critiquing Trump’s reticence to use the DPA, Cuomo on Wednesday saw the light.

“The president and his team, I think, are using the DPA well because it’s a leverage tool when you’re dealing with private companies,” he said.

Cuomo wasn’t entirely without critiques for Washington, however, panning a $2 trillion federal stimulus package as not going far enough for New York.

“It would really be terrible for the state of New York,” he said. “What does it mean for New York state government? It means $3.8 billion. … But we’re looking at a revenue shortfall of $9, $10, $15 billion.

“New York City only gets $1.3 billion from this package,” added Cuomo. “That is a drop in the bucket.”

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Chris Hughes gives his best bet for Thurles in his latest Sun Racing column

What a strange time we live in!

There’s no racing to get your teeth into, and it feels an age before the British action will get going again.

It’s mad to think that the Cheltenham Festival was just over a week ago.

The apple of my eye – Annie Mc – ran her heart out in the Marsh Chase and definitely would have finished closer to the principals had she not clattered through the third-last. 

She lost nothing in defeat and although the rest of this season has sadly been put on hold, she has a big future ahead of her next season.

The next time we see British racing may not be until the Guineas at Newmarket, but it’s been a season to remember over jumps.

Chris's Thurles Cracker

2.40 Thurles Goulane Jessie Bet here

From Cyrname/Altior, to Defi Du Seuil, to Al Boum Photo winning his second Gold Cup on the trot, it’s been full of quality.

Chappers and I have been having a great time with our NAP Battles, and although he’s tried hard, it’s definitely been a win for me!

As for action this weekend, we’re very lucky the ITV cameras are making their way over to Thurles.

I’m not sure they’ve ever been there before but it’s great for the track and it finally gives sports fans something to watch!

I’m obviously a huge fan of Jesy Nelson and although GOULANE JESSIE is spelled slightly differently, she should win the 2.40 at Thurles.

Simon Torrens is a good booking and he takes off 7lb, so I expect her to stay on strongly and seal the deal.

The ground will probably be pretty tough going but she should relish every yard and can put a smile on the face of racing fans around the land.

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Tom Sandoval Reveals His Best Pickup Line in ‘Candlelight Confessions’

Baring it all! Tom Sandoval revealed his best pickup line in the newest installment of Us Weekly’s Candlelight Confessions series.

The Vanderpump Rules star, 36, told Us exclusively on the Tuesday, March 17, episode of Candlelight Confessions that his go-to line to land a date has to do with breakfast.

“How do you like your eggs in the morning? Fertilized?” he jokingly said of his perfect opening lines when talking to a woman.

The Tom Tom co-owner also reflected on his high school prom and his “priest-looking collar” with a silver tie and wing-tipped shoes. “I danced my ass off,” Sandoval said about the night.

As for what fans might not know about his girlfriend, Ariana Madix? “She used to play piano,” the Missouri native revealed. “She was a championship cheerleader.”

When asked which celebrity he would switch places with, Sandoval took it literally, choosing Brad Pitt’s body. “I think I would take his body,” he admitted.

If he was the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, 56, for the day, Sandoval would “maybe send a text to Angelina [Jolie]” or “take my private jet [and] fly around the world.”

“I would dress up in full Fight Club gear and go out to bars just to f—k with people,” he added.

Watch the video above to see what other confessions the Bravo star spilled to Us about his tattoo and where he got it done in Las Vegas and which movie makes him cry whenever he watches it.

Check out a new episode of Candlelight Confessions every Tuesday at 3 p.m. for more celebrity secrets and revelations!

For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube!

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Steven Spielberg to unveil his version of ‘West Side Story’ this winter

When you’re a jet, you’re a jet forever — or until you phone home.

Steven Spielberg will premiere his new version of “West Side Story” on the big screen this December — a passion project for the legendary director that he said has been a “haunting temptation” for years.

Spielberg, 73, told Vanity Fair recently that he’s been imagining putting the classic lovers’ tale onto the screen since he was mesmerized by the music from the original Broadway production as a boy.

“‘West Side Story’ was actually the first piece of popular music our family ever allowed into the home,” Spielberg, who has directed Hollywood classics such as “ET” and “Indiana Jones,” told the magazine.

“I absconded with it—this was the cast album from the 1957 Broadway musical—and just fell completely in love with it as a kid. ‘West Side Story’ has been that one haunting temptation that I have finally given in to.”

The classic New York tale tells the story of two lovers from warring groups: Maria, a Puerto Rican transplant whose brother Bernardo is a leader of the “Sharks” street gang. And Tony, a former leader of “The Jets,” who battled The Sharks on the streets of 1950’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Maria will be played by first-time movie actress Rachel Zegler, while “Baby Driver” actor Ansel Elgort will star as Tony.

The Anita character, a confidant to Maria and girlfriend to Bernardo, will be played by Ariana DeBose, a broadway actress who got her start on the television series “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Maria’s immigrant story, Spielberg told Vanity Fair, is as pertinent now as it was when the show first hit Broadway more than half a century ago.

“I really wanted to tell that Puerto Rican, Nuyorican experience of basically the migration to this country and the struggle to make a living, and to have children, and to battle against the obstacles of xenophobia and racial prejudice,” he said.

To bring the tale to a modern audience, Spielberg teamed up with playwright Tony Kushner, who he’s worked with previously on “Munich” and “Lincoln.”

The movie will include the classic songs from the original Broadway production, but will modernize the backdrop and will star Hispanic and Puerto Rican actors in the roles of The Sharks, according to Vanity Fair.

One update to the script is the character “Doc,” a local shop owner whose store serves as neutral territory between the gangs, will be swapped out for a woman named Valentina.

Valentina is played by 88-year-old Rita Moreno, who won an Oscar for her role as the character Anita in the 1961 version.

Moreno told the magazine she’s encouraged by Spielberg and Kushner’s adaptation, which, she said, corrected “wrong things” about the original film.

One of the things they corrected the lack of Hispanic actors who were featured in the 1961 film.

“That’s what they were trying to fix and ameliorate, and I think they have done an incredible job,” she said.

The movie is expected to open nationwide soon before Christmas 2020.

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