New Tottenham 2020/21 home top leaked but furious fans slam silver design as ‘awful’ – The Sun

SPURS fans are fuming at the prototype of their new 2020/21 home kit – after images of the shirt were leaked.

One fan branded it 's***' and another said it was 'awful'.

Credit: Footy Headlines
The Nike design looks like a series of dirty marks on the white shirt meant to be silver flecks.

It has navy blue and white striped sleeves and a navy blue and yellow colour.

The leaked home shirt,  posted on Twitter by "Lilywhite_Rose", was quickly savaged by fans.

Clinicalsissoko said on Twitter: "I want to know. Whoever designs these kits. Do they sit back and be proud of s*** like this."

While 'Carl' just posed a meme of American actor Steve Carell pulling a face of disgust.

"It's awful," said Tottenhammark82 on Twitter.

Coys100 posted: "It’s a shame cause I like the collar but rest is s***."

While Aden said: "If they took the pattern onto the arm and got rid the blue it’ll be much better."

Spurs also plan a yellow away kit with a blue trim and a green third kit.

Of course, a fans' backlash has prompted a change in design in the past.

Manchester United dropped their design in May.

But at this late stage it is unlikely Tottenham chiefs will ask Nike to redesign it.

Spurs are yet to confirm their design for the new home kit for next season.

Most clubs will delay their release as the season is unlikely to start until September.


Spurs players returned to training last week ahead of the restart of the Premier League season on June 17.

Tottenham play host to boss Jose Mourinho's old club Manchester United in a crunch starter.

But they are likely to have injured quartet Harry Kane, Son Hung-min, Moussa Sissoko and Steven Bergwijn all back in the side.

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World News

Nurse, 21, forced to walk home in tears after 13-hour coronavirus shift after £600 bike stolen

A STUDENT nurse was forced to walk home in tears after a 13-hour coronavirus shift when her brand new £600 bicycle was stolen from outside the hospital.

Lily Richardson, 21, a third-year student nurse, locked her orange Cube bike outside Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary before starting her shift at 7am on Monday.

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But when she left the hospital at 8.30pm, after a gruelling 13 hour shift, her bike was nowhere to be found.

The 21-year-old, who is living with a pal to avoid potentially infecting her mum with the virus at home, only had the bike for three weeks before it was stolen.

She told the Newcastle Chronicle: "I locked it right outside the hospital.

"As well as spending a fortune on the bike I spent an extra £40 to get a good lock.

"I'd had a long shift, I couldn't feel my feet but when I walked outside, my bike wasn't there."

The security guard on duty then told her the bike had been taken.

She said: "I didn't really think someone would take my bike from outside work, it's mind-boggling that someone would do that, especially in the current situation.

"I just had to walk home and cry, and I'm still walking in to the hospital. It's a nightmare."

Lily is now appealing for anyone who sees the bike to get in touch with the police.

She added: "It wasn't so much the bike, it's the principle of it. They would have known it was an NHS worker's bike. It's just beyond me why they would do that.

"I'm still hoping I might get it back."

Northumbria Police’s Neighbourhood Inspector for Newcastle city centre, Karen Madge, said the theft of Lily's bicycle was "despicable".

She said: "At 12.35pm on Monday we received a report that a bicycle had been stolen from the site of the RVI in Newcastle.

"Officers attended the area but the suspect had already fled the scene, it later emerged that the bicycle belonged to a nurse at the hospital.

"We are carrying out extensive enquiries to identify the bicycle and locate the offender. That includes the review of CCTV cameras in the area and high visible patrols around the area of the hospital.

"It is not the first time property belonging to hospital staff has been stolen and we have increased our patrols around the RVI in recent weeks so it is disappointing to receive reports of further incidents.

"Our NHS heroes are doing an incredible job in the fight against Covid-19 and it is despicable that anyone would target them at this time.

"We know the community will rally round the victims of these thefts and we will do everything we can to recover their stolen property."


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World News

Home coronavirus test kits run out again in just 80 minutes after Government expand testing to 25m people

HOME coronavirus test kits have run out again in just 80 minutes after the Government expanded testing to 25million people.

The website ran out of home test kits at 9.20am this morning after everyone over-65 was told they can apply if they have symptoms.

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Drive through slots were still available this morning, but the millions of Brits able to apply could now have missed out.

Ministers had initially offered just 5,000 home test kits a day when the website was launched last Friday.

They now aim to expand this to 25,000 a day by the end of the week.

The tests were previously only open to Britain’s 10 million key workers, but this has now been expanded by at least 12 million for the over-65s.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock had previously vowed the Government would hit 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month.

Yesterday he expanded testing for Covid-19 to make sure around 15 million more people more can get checked – under radical plans to get the country moving again.

Mr Hancock also confirmed that testing has been expanded to include:

  • Care home residents, staff and NHS workers without symptoms
  • All over-65s and their families with symptoms
  • Anyone who have to leave home to work and has symptoms, including builders, plumbers, those in manufacturing
  • Families of anyone who leaves the house to work and has symptoms

It takes the number of Brits eligible for swab tests to around 25 million – after ten million key workers were included last week.

Monday saw just 43,453 tests, leaving him still more than halfway from his target.

Yesterday Mr Hancock appeared to try and change the pledge, placing placing a £100 bet with LBC radio presenter Nick Ferrari that he would hit 100,000 by the end of May.

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Eva Amurri Shares Raw Home Birth Photos of the Moment Her Son Was Born

Home births are having a moment in the collective consciousness these days. With moms going the home-birth route last-minute as an alternative to birthing sans partner in the hospital mid-pandemic (yikes, seriously don’t try this at home please!) as well as celebrities like Cindy Crawford revealing all the details of their past home births, it’s clear this type of birth is no longer just a choice of crunchy hippies (like my mom, who birthed me standing up in 1985, respect). The latest celeb to open up about her home birth experiences is lifestyle blogger Eva Amurri, aka Susan Sarandon’s daughter and our surprise 2020 co-parenting icon.

Amurri posted on Instagram on April 16 to share some raw, beautiful and seriously emotional photos of the very moment her third child, son Mateo, was born. He arrived on March 13, and Amurri posted at the time: “Our sweet little boy came earth-side yesterday, peacefully at home,” Amurri captioned. “Birth was bright, fast and beautiful, and we are all so in love.”

This week’s photo is a beautiful look into the raw emotions of any birth (at home or otherwise) and also features Amurri’s 5-year-old daughter Marlowe as well as her doula. Amurri captioned the pic with a moving Rumi poem: “Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do. There Are Hundreds Of Ways To Kneel And Kiss The Ground.” And she noted that she’s sharing Mateo’s birth story on her blog “with the deepest gratitude and love for my son and this beautiful experience he bestowed upon me.”

But it wasn’t just about the beautiful moment of birth; on her blog, Amurri writes more deeply about the strangeness of welcoming new life into a world on the brink of a global pandemic.

“The experience of birthing Mateo marked the precipice of one of the most devastating pandemics in global history,” Amurri writes on her blog. “He was born just days before social distancing orders were put in to effect, and at a time when we knew very little about the virus. While everybody at the birth was keeping track of their own health, washing hands, and monitoring themselves as per common sense and the guidelines at the time, we all knew little of the COVID-19 virus or what it would go on to do. In our little community, and beyond. I look back and am so grateful that we were all healthy, and that I was able to have a birth in the way that I did – since guidelines are now much, much stricter.”

Honestly, even those of us parents who weren’t giving birth mid-March can echo those sentiments. Even in those obsessive hand-washing days, we were still leaving our homes, going to parks, maybe even seeing friends. None of us knew how lucky we had it.

Three cheers to Amurri for bringing this beautiful boy into a scary world with bravery and grace.

Here are 24 more celebrities who chose to have a home birth.

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Home cook shares her very simple cob loaf recipe

The ultimate lockdown treat: Mum’s VERY tasty twist on a traditional cob loaf recipe takes the internet by storm

  • A home cook has used a cob loaf to make a hearty dinner for her family 
  • She filled the bread with mince, vegetables and cheese instead of a dip 
  • The idea has been praised for being the perfect meal to eat in quarantine  

An Australian woman has inspired home cooks across Australia after sharing her unique twist on the traditional cob loaf dip.  

The savvy mum used 10 ingredients – mince, onion, gravy mix, water, beef stock cube, tomato sauce, parsley, grated cheese, tomato and a cob loaf – to transform the party-pleaser dish into a hearty dinner for the family.

The woman is the latest in a line of home cooks who have used a hollowed out cob loaf for a tasty dinner creation instead of filling it with a dip made of spinach, French onion soup mix and cheese. 

‘This was tonight’s dinner. This is the basic recipe, but I generally modify it by adding extra veggies, garlic and swapping gravy mix for pepper sauce,’ she wrote on Facebook.

An Australian woman has inspired home cooks across Australia after sharing her unique twist on the traditional cob loaf dip 

First, the woman cut a circle in the base of the cob loaf and removed the soft bread to make it into crumbs.

She then melted the butter in a pan and added in the onion, mince, gravy mix, water, crumbled stock cube and sauce.

The amateur chef placed cheese and tomato in bread case, topped it with the meat mixture then wrapped the loaf in foil and cooked it in the oven for 35 minutes.


 500g mince

1 Medium onion, chopped

2 tbsp gravy mix

1 1/4 cup water

1 beef stock cube

1/3 cup tomato sauce

1 tbsp parsley

1 cup grated tasty cheese

1 tomato sliced

1 cob loaf


1. Cut a circle 2cm from base of cob loaf. Remove soft bread leaving crust, make it into crumbs and reserve

2. Melt butter in pan, add onion and cook until soft

3. Then add mince and brown well. Add gravy mix, water, crumbled stock cube and sauce, stir over heat until mixture boils and thickens. Then stir in parsley and reserved bread crumbs.

4. Place cheese and tomato in bread case, top with meat mixture and place the round piece of bread back on

5. Wrap loaf in foil, place on oven tray, and cook on approximately 180 degrees for about 35 mins

Other Facebook users praised the woman on sharing a simple and delicious recipe, and said they couldn’t wait to try it themselves.

‘Wow looks fantastic I’m definitely trying. Thank you,’ one person commented. ‘What a great idea. Will be making,’ another agreed.

‘There is only two of us here, so might make it but use bread rolls instead of cob loaf and freeze the unused ones,’ another suggested.

Facebook users praised the woman on sharing her simple and delicious recipe, and said they couldn’t wait to try it themselves

This woman isn’t the only one who has impressed the internet with a thrifty recipe as an amateur chef recently prepared a cob loaf with the traditional dip in an air fryer.

The home cook, who posted the steps to Facebook, mixed sour cream, French onion soup, cream cheese, frozen spinach and cheese.

She then spooned the entire mixture into the loaf and put it in the microwave for one minute before placing it in a $69 Kmart 3-in-1 Air Fryer for an additional five on 180.

This woman isn’t the only one who has impressed the internet with a thrifty recipe as a home cook recently prepared a cob loaf in a Kmart air fryer

How to make cob loaf in a Kmart air fryer


– 300g sour cream

– 250g cream cheese

– Half a packet of trench onion soup

– 250g frozen spinach

– Small handful of cheese


1. Mixed it all together in a bowl and put in microwave for one to two minutes

2. Spoon mixture entire mixture into the loaf

3. Then place it in the air fryer for around five minutes at 180

The woman explained that heating the mixture before placing it in the air fryer made the cooking process much faster.

‘I heated the mixture in the microwave so it was only the bread that needed toasting [in the air fryer],’ she wrote on Facebook.

She continued: ‘I also put the pieces of bread in the grill but chucked them in the air fryer for a couple of minutes when I took the cob loaf out.’

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Bobby Berk on Vacuuming, Clutter, and the Dirtiest House on 'Queer Eye'

If there's one thing collective quarantine has proven, it's that we're all basically the same. We all share in shameless rituals—and at the moment, cleaning like a maniac is at the top of the list. So we're picking the brains of our favorite self-proclaimed Clean Freaks to find out how they get their digs spotless. From all-purpose spray to palo santo, these are the products you'll never find their homes without.

Even if you're not usually the type to deep clean your house for therapeutic purposes, the stress and boredom from being stuck inside for about a month may have driven you to that point. Quarantine and Chill is only "chill" for so long, and if you've found yourself panic-organizing your pantry or rage-cleaning your couch, we don't blame you. If an hour-long vacuuming sesh is what you need to stay sane right now, do you, but not before reading Bobby Berk's tips on how to do it like a pro. We figured there was no better person to kick off our Clean Freak series with than the interior design extraordinaire—and he didn't disappoint with his long list of cleaning hacks and favorite cleaning products.

The Queer Eye star is responsible for literally stripping tired homes and turning them into Insta-worthy masterpieces—changing lives and enriching our Netflix queue along the way. So, when we hopped on the phone with Bobby from his Austin Airbnb (where they're currently filming the Emmy-winning show's sixth season), we were all ears, ready to soak up his expert tips to fuel our newfound cleaning obsession—from oddly satisfying rituals to the Fab Five member that learned the most from his cleaning wizardry.

What's your favorite room to clean?

All of them, because I don't like dirt. But my favorite is probably the kitchen because I love organizing. With other rooms, like the living room, it's really just cleaning—but with the kitchen, you get to put things away and organize shelves while cleaning up the food from last night.

How would you describe your cleaning ritual?

Vacuuming is an everyday ritual for me. I love my little Dyson cordless vacuum. I use it almost every day, especially now, because I'm in Austin with my trainer and his dog, Marco—a long-haired Daschund-Corgi mix. His legs are so short, so every time he goes outside he gets dirt on his belly hair which ends up all over the house. Every morning, I love to go around and vacuum up his hair and little dirt specks. If I'm going to dust, I always do that first, because if you vacuum beforehand everything you dusted falls on the ground and the vacuum was a waste of time. I dust from the top-down (important to avoid dirtying spots you just cleaned), then vacuum, then mop.

Dyson V7 Trigger Vacuum

Dyson V7 Car+Boat Handheld Vacuum

Do you have a cleaning uniform?

My cleaning uniform is the same as my uniform in life: a black t-shirt and black shorts or sweatpants. I wear pretty much the same thing every day if I don't leave the house; it's one less decision to make.

What's your go-to cleaning playlist?

Lizzo. I turned her on about 10 months ago, and I haven't changed the playlist since.

What's one oddly satisfying cleaning technique?

I know I say vacuuming a lot, but there's just something about it. Years ago, when I had retail stores around the U.S., I would go to do store visits, and I'd get to the stores before the store managers would. They would come into the store and find me vacuuming, and for new managers who didn't know me very well, they'd call a manager at another store and be like, "Oh my God, I got here and Bobby was cleaning my store. Is that a bad thing? Does he think my store is dirty?" And they're like, "No, he just oddly likes to vacuum." Vacuuming is like instant gratification, and kind of zen watching the dirt and filth just go away.

How do you think a clean space impacts one's mental health?

I think it has a huge effect—not just a clean space, but an organized space. When I walk through a house (and I'm probably a little extreme) and there's stuff left out on the counter, it instantly gives me anxiety. I drive my husband nuts going behind him putting stuff away, and he's like, "I wasn't done with that yet." I'm like, "Okay, well you are now." When there's chaos around you, it creates chaos in your head. So mental health, cleanliness, and organization have an especially huge effect on us since we're all home. Everything having its place really just brings you a sense of calm, and I didn't realize how much it even affected me until I saw how everything in my current Airbnb has such a perfect, tidy, organized place–it makes my heart sing.

What is the dirtiest room you usually see in people's homes?

Probably the bathroom. There've been nasty ass bathrooms where I'm just like, how.

What's one life-changing home product you bought in the past year?

Aesthetically, things like brooms and dustpans are not pretty. And if they are, they're usually ridiculously expensive for something you're using to clean up dirt. Target has a line called Made By Design of brushes, squeegees, a refillable spray mop, dish and toilet brushes, etc—and they're black, white, and gray, so they look super chic, sleek, and sexy in your house. I've always wanted to hide my brooms and dustpans, but now I don't have to. I can hang them on a cool rack in my room and they actually look really pretty.

Made By Design Plunger and Toilet Brush Set

Made By Design Squeegee

If you were a cleaning scent, which one would you be and why?

I love a good lemon verbena. It just smells clean to me, and I think it might be from growing up in the '80s, like lemon Pledge was the thing that everyone used. You instantly know things have just been cleaned when you smell lemon.

J.R. Watkins All Purpose Lemon Cleaner

Organic Lemongrass Natural Surface Cleaner

What's one cleaning product you've shamelessly splurged on?

The Molekule air purifiers are amazing. Not only do they clean the air really well, but they're so beautiful. They're this stainless steel cylinder with a nice leather handle, and you can turn them on and off via an app.

Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule Air Mini

What's one green cleaning swap you've made to decrease your environmental impact?

I recently discovered Blueland, which makes these little pellets you can put in a refillable spray bottle. I try to use products sparingly, and buy environmentally friendly ones with minimal packaging. Blueland is basically zero packaging—you just wait until your old cleaning products run out and put the pod in the old bottle, so it's almost zero waste except for the small little plastic bag it comes in.

Blueland The Clean Essentials

Blueland Hand Soap Starter Set

Is there a Fab Five member you could teach a thing or two about cleaning?

When we got done filming Season 1, Jonathan [Van Ness] went out of his way to tell me how powerful it was seeing me change those homes every week, and how we organized them to make them work for our Heroes, really changing them emotionally and impacting their lives. He hired a designer to redo his apartment because it made him see how having things in your home that, as Marie [Kondo] would say, "spark joy," really has an effect on your mental health. I'm very proud to say I taught him something, because he saw that and thought, "Wow, this can affect the way you live every single day, and it can affect the way that you feel when you wake up."

What is the grossest thing you've ever found while redoing someone's home?

Oh, god. I won't say which Hero, but there was one house that was so dirty and had such bad air quality that when the cameras weren't rolling, we had to wear face masks. There were dirty diapers on the floor. There were pet feces. The mattress underneath the sheets had–and I'm not exaggerating—a layer of, like, crust. Those are things we don't put on TV. They're on film, but we'd never put that on the show because it's so mortifying to our Heroes. They might not have even realized it got so bad because of the mental and emotional state that they were in, and we're there to build them up, so we'd never show things that could potentially set them back.

We already have Hoarders for that, right?

I actually love watching Hoarders. When we were filming Season 5 in Philly, we had an episode coming up that could have been an episode of Hoarders. So, I started rewatching it to mentally prepare myself and get some vernacular from the amazing therapists on Hoaders to help this person.

What is your number one tip for making a place squeaky clean before having guests over? (Which, hopefully, we'll all be doing again soon.)

Always have a good junk drawer you can just throw all the crap from the counter into. And keep little storage containers like baskets that can hold the clutter without you having to super-clean. Getting rid of clutter is a really great way to make your space look clean and fresh.

Large Wire Baskets – Set of 2

Open Spaces Medium Bins

What's one cleaning cheat you'd give someone who doesn't have time to really get in there?

Fluff your sofa. Fluffing your sofa cushions and throw pillows, and folding up a blanket or a throw, will instantly make it look like, "I'm not living on my sofa right now." Especially right now when we're all on them so much, the cushions get all scrunched down and it just looks sloppy. Fluffing your cushions instantly makes your living room look like you've cleaned the whole thing. Because if your sofa's nice and fluffy and fresh, it just gives people that mindset like, "Oh, they cleaned."

More tips from Bobby to keep in your back pocket:

  • Wash your glass light fixtures in the dishwasher: It sounds crazy, but many of the glass globes that cover the lightbulbs on your fixtures can be washed in the dishwasher to give them a fresh clean and get rid of dirt, dust, and spots. Set it on a quick cycle and then pull them out to hand dry them.
  • Enlist a fabric shaver to renew your decorative pillows: Using a fabric shaver (used for sweaters) you can shave off pills and lint from your decorative pillows to give them a brand new look.
  • Magic Clean Erasers are musts: They aren't just for walls. I love using them on tile in the bathroom, the bathtub, and the inside of a sink to clean scum and hard water stains.
  • Use a clear shoe organizer on the back of your pantry door: If you have a pantry door or a closet door, throw a clear hanging shoe rack over it and then you can organize all of your cleaning supplies in it without taking up floor or cabinet space.
  • Store your dry goods: I always decant my food items into plastic airtight jars (OXO and Target have great ones) which free up space in the cabinet, keep dry goods fresh longer, and allow for stacking and better organization.

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7 best stay at home experiences you need to try out now 2020 | The Sun UK

KEEN to experience something new and exciting without having to leave your home?

Here are the best stay at home experiences you can snap up now.

The country might be in lock down, but that doesn't mean you can't broaden your horizons.

From dog pampering to star gazing there's plenty of new experiences you can try out at home.

Plus if you want to emerge from quarantine a more rounded person, you could learn a new skill, or even a new language without setting foot outside your front door.

So we've rounded up the best stay at home experiences you can buy right now.

1. Best stay at home experience for gin lovers

  • Explore The World of Gin from Home with an Online Tutorial and Tastings, £33 from Virgin Experience Days – buy here

This is the perfect experience for any gin lover: a taste at home gin kit containing six different gins with tonics, an explanatory video and a tasting booklet.

You'll have a chance to dive into the history of gin, learn about the process and understand the botanics behind all of it.

It also makes a great present for anyone who enjoys a glass of quality gin and is keen to learn more about the popular drink.

2. Best stay at home experiences for learning Spanish

  • Online Spanish Level 1 and 2 Certification Course for One, £29 from Buy A Gift – buy here

If you always wanted to learn Spanish or deepen your existing knowledge, here's a great offer from Buy A Gift.

For £29 you'll get a comprehensive six-hour course to obtain a level 1 and level 2 certification course.

You can use the lock down as a chance to get ready for your holidays in a Spanish-speaking country by learning some of the language.

3. Best stay at home experiences for astronomy fans

  • Virtual Stargazing and Astro Photography Four Week Online Course, £45 from Virgin Experience Days – buy here

Always loved gazing at the stars? Now you can learn to take great pictures of the night sky.

This online course, has a four-week program with weekly video lessons taught by the leading experts in the industry.

You'll also get access to an online discussion group so you can share your ideas and thoughts with like-minded people.

4. Best stay at home experiences for dog lovers

  • Dog Grooming Diploma Online Course for One, £19 from Buy A Gift – buy here

If you love dogs, this could be the course for you.

Dog grooming is a great stay at home experience (and very useful if you want to save some cash in a long run).

With this experience, you'll get 10-hour online dog grooming diploma course.

It can be a great start in your new hobby or a different career path.

5. Best stay at home experiences for gardeners

  • Urban Gardening Five Part Online Course, £22 from Virgin Experience Days – buy here

Having a garden can be a real blessing, but it takes a lot of hard work to make sure everything is in order.

If you want to know more about gardening, you'll benefit from this expert advice.

You'll also get a CPD certificate at the end of your course that will be valid for life.

6. Best stay at home experiences for whisky lovers

  • Guide to Whisky at Home with an Online Tutorial and Tastings, £33 from Virgin Experience Days – buy here

Similar to the gin tasting experience, you'll get a complete package with this offer from Virgin Experience days for £33.

Six different 20ml whiskies, tasting notes, access to a live Facebook feed or YouTube video, and information about whisky's history and production and all included in the package.

7. Best stay at home perfume experience

  • Design Your Own Fragrance from Home with Online Tutorial and The Perfume Studio, £35 from Virgin Experience Days – buy here

Love perfume? Always wanted to learn about combining different smells and create your own unique scent?

You can do all of that with this course without breaking the bank.

You have a choice between five different fragrance kits: Natural, Exotic, Fresh, Floral, For Men.

In your online class, you'll learn about combining different smells from a trained perfume expert.

We've recently written about the best places to order your plants online, if you want to add some green life to your home's corners.

Keen to get a new pyjama? Here are our top choices, including Boohoo Satin Button Through PJ Set.

And head to Sun Selects to discover to the full range of our round ups and reviews.

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Sainsbury’s home delivery – what time are slots released? – The Sun

AFTER the government's directive for Brits to stay at home, many have turned to online shopping for their groceries.

As one of the biggest supermarkets in the country, Sainsbury's offers delivery services in the midst of the lockdown.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Does Sainsbury's do home delivery?

Sainsbury's provides home delivery services for customers who spend £40 and above.

Also, the supermarket is currently giving priority to elderly customers and those who are disabled.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said, “We’re working with the government to prioritise the nation’s most vulnerable people.

"Our elderly customers do still have access to available slots and we urge everyone to keep trying.

“As of Wednesday March 25, we had proactively contacted 270,000 customers who had already given us information that meant we could identify them as elderly or vulnerable. We had also booked slots for 115,000 elderly and vulnerable customers."

While elderly and vulnerable customers are being prioritised, delivery slots are open to the general public.

However, new registrations are now closed.

What time are Sainsbury's delivery slots released?

Sainsbury's does not have a specific time when slots are released.

According to a spokesman for the supermarket: "Our customer careline is working at full capacity and we are able to give an additional 8,000 customers a day access to delivery slots over the phone."

The Sainsbury's Customer care number is 0800 636262 but they will be in touch if you have been identified as one of their elderly or vulnerable customers.


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Does Sainsbury's have restrictions on any items ordered online?

All grocery items are restricted to three per household.

The most popular items such as toilet paper and soap are limited to two items per household.

Sainsbury has said it is aware some people will be shopping for a larger households.

There are a range of product sizes to cater to large households.

What has Sainsbury's said about its response to coronavirus?

In a letter, chief executive Mike Coupe said: "Changes we’ve made already, including limiting the number of items customers can buy and creating priority shopping times for NHS workers and for elderly and vulnerable customers, are all working well.

"We really are doing our best to manage a very difficult situation," he said.

He also told customers the supermarket will work to expand its online capacity.

"Demand for online grocery delivery is higher now than it has ever been. We are working hard to increase our online capacity and we are adding more slots in every day.

"But it is not possible for us to create enough slots to meet the current level of demand," he added.

He asked for understanding for the decision to prioritise the elderly and vulnerable adding: "I apologise to our regular online customers, who I know are feeling very frustrated at not being able to book slots."

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Employees working from home don fancy dress outfits to boost morale

Beats working in your PJs! Employees don VERY creative fancy dress outfits to boost morale during lockdown – from zoo animals to a full Power Ranger suit

  • Workers from around the world took to social media to share snaps of outfits
  • Included a head-to-toe Power Ranger suit and a homemade daffodil costume
  • Many donned animal onesies while some glammed up in masquerade masks
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Employees who are working from home have taken to wearing fancy dress in their makeshift offices to boost morale amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Dozens took to social media to share photos of their impressive outfits, which include a head-to-toe Power Ranger suit, animal onesies and a daffodil headpiece made out of Selfridges bags. 

The hilarious snaps from around the globe show workers going the extra mile to inject some fun into their monotonous days spent in lockdown.

One social media user was pictured wearing a lion mane’s wig and dramatic face paint for Fancy Dress Friday.

Instagram user Blawreate created a homemade daffodil to perfectly frame his face – with petals made from Selfridges bags

 A team member from UCL Archaeology in the South East shared this snap of one of its employees donning a full Power Rangers suit

Brid Enright, of London, shared this snap of her team enjoying a group chat, during which they celebrated one of their birthdays

Game, set, match! Fran Hales shared this photo of him ‘serving up some top spin’ during isolation (right) while Alex Anthony, from St Neots, also urged people to put on fancy dress and ‘get moving’ (left)

Instagram user Goody Scott shared this snap of her working from home dressed as a pirate

They captioned their snap on Instagram: ‘Day 7? In the Big Brother house and the housemates have gone feral.’

Fran Hales, from Bristol, stood poised in a 1980s tennis player outfit as though he was ready to make a serve.

He quipped: ‘Serving up some top spin isolation Fancy Dress Friday. Keeping healthy, entertained and most important of all, doing so in fancy dress!

‘I want to encourage the inner fancy dresser in you all, to dig out costumes (or make them) and share it with the world.’

One Zoom conference call showed a group struggling to contain their amusement as they wore hippy, Batman, viking and papier mache lobster outfits

Instagrammer Diddy Gilman shared this photo of himself dressed as ‘Sister Gilman’ during a weekly Skype meeting

This Instagrammer went all out with their lion costume (left) while Jamie Fry, from Newham, London, sported a zebra onesie fitted with a hood and used the Instagram post as an opportunity to update his followers on day 12 of lockdown (right)

Meanwhile, another – called Blawreate – created a homemade daffodil to perfectly frame his face – with petals made from Selfridges bags.

He grinned from inside his headdress while clutching two daffodils in his hands – as he announced: ‘I’m a daffodil baby’.

One Zoom conference call showed a group struggling to contain their amusement as they wore hippy, Batman, viking and papier mache lobster outfits.

Another social media user admitted the fancy dress day is a ‘weekly excuse to have a giggle’ amid the coronavirus outbreak – and donned a Frida Kahlo look.

Instagrammer Caity Daws, from Canberra, stepped up the glamour for her teleconference call

Another social media user admitted the fancy dress day is a ‘weekly excuse to have a giggle’ amid the coronavirus outbreak – and donned a Frida Kahlo look

A Twitter user called George showed off his Scottish attire – teaming a tartan sash with a matching kilt and beret.

Jamie Fry, from Newham, London, sported a zebra onesie fitted with a hood and used the Instagram post as an opportunity to update his followers on day 12 of lockdown. 

Meanwhile another Instagram user cut a more sleek and sultry figure – wearing a masquerade mask and satin dress.

Samantha Wragg admitted she was ‘very limited’ for fancy dress and donned a JustEat sponsored football outfit to go as Welsh footballer Robbie Savage. 

One Instagram user cut a more sleek and sultry figure – wearing a masquerade mask and satin dress

Nina Edwards shared a screengrab of her catch-up with colleagues, where the fancy dress theme was pretty loose

An Instagram user shared this photo of her ‘sweating for our superheroes’, explaining she’d been working out in her costume for the NHS (left) while Fran Hales, from Bristol, ditched his tennis attire and opted for a spooky suit to brighten up his solitude (right)

Netstar shared this snap from their team meeting on Friday, with a thank you to the NHS

Samantha Wragg admitted she was ‘very limited’ for fancy dress and donned a JustEat sponsored football outfit to go as Welsh footballer Robbie Savage (left) while Twitter user George showed off his Scottish attire (right)

Andrew Cuff shared this snap of his after work virtual drinks with colleagues – who all donned a variety of fancy dress

Instagram user patchworkeimer shared this photo of herself dressed as a virtual princess for children who couldn’t go to their nursery’s party

The trend follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing a total lockdown last Monday – permitting only ‘essential’ travel to the supermarkets, one form of exercise and social gatherings of no more than two people, last week.

In a letter to 30 million households, Mr Johnson is to tell Brits ‘we have sought to put in the right measures at the time’.

He has admitted ‘things will get worse before they get better’ and ‘will not hesitate to go further if that is what the scientific and medical advice tells us we must do’. 

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TV and Movies

5 TV Shows to Watch for Home Organizational Tips and Inspiration

Now more than ever people have time to organize their homes. For inspiration to finally tackle the ever-present junk drawer or mess of Tupperware, look no further. We’ve rounded up a list of TV shows filled with organizational tips and tricks as well as inspiration. Keep reading to check out or picks and happy organizing. 

‘Master the Mess’

Watch on: YouTube and DirecTV with on-demand

Master the Mess is from Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine. It follows professional organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, who run The Home Edit in Nashville, Tenn., according to Southern Living. Best of all, the duo makes organizing look fun. 

Watch Master the Mess on YouTube or DirecTV with on-demand. 

‘Clean House’

Watch on: Hulu Live TV

Fans of the long-defunct Style Network may remember, Clean House, hosted by actress and comedian, Niecy Nash. The program that ran for 10 seasons helped families declutter their homes.

After going through all of their belongings, the family — with the help of the show’s experts — would put together a yard sale to raise money for organizing their home and redecorating. Whatever money had been made at the yard sale, the show would match.

Just like many home renovation shows today, Clean House ended with a big reveal when Nash would give the family a tour of their newly organized and spruced up home. 

Watch Clean House on Hulu Live TV or on NBC’s website with an NBCUniversal profile.

‘Bea Organized’

Watch on: Amazon Prime Video 

Follow writer, director, and personal organizer, Beatrice Copeland, in Bea Organized, a series where Copeland tackles common household organizational issues. Season 1 premiered in 2018 and has nearly a five-star rating. 

After watching all 10 episodes — they’re super short but still helpful — check out more organizational tips from Copeland on her YouTube series from Refinery29. This show is particularly great for discovering solutions to specific organizational problems. 

‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ 

Watch on: Netflix

Feeling like you have a lot of clutter or need a bigger house to contain all of your stuff? Watch Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things on Netflix. Ok, so this one’s not a TV show but it’s too good not to include on our list.

Once the credits are rolling on this 78-minute documentary, chances are, organizing your home will be at the top of your list. It encourages viewers to consider what’s really important to them in their lives and in their homes.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 

Watch on: Netflix

No list on organizing would be complete without Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Kondo, the author of the best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, got her own series on Netflix. In a genius move, the streaming service debuted the show on New Year’s Day in 2019. 

In the eight-episode series, Kondo teaches her clients how to make their lives more stress-free thanks to her KonMari method that results in an organized home filled with items that spark joy. What’s especially great about it is that Kondo shows audiences how she organizes uses things things most people already have in their homes. 

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