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JLo and Jimmy Fallon face-off in TikTok-inspired dance battle as singer says ‘I’m going down in flames’ – The Sun

JENNIFER Lopez and Jimmy Fallon faced-off in a TikTok-inspired dance battle with the singer saying: "I'm going down in flames!"

During last night's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the duo took part in the "Watch-it-Once TikTok Challenge".

Jennifer and Jimmy both had to perform a dance on their virtual dance floors as they filmed from home.

Jimmy introduced the game, saying: "Jennifer and I are going to watch a TikTok challenge that neither of us have ever seen before.

"We're going to try to recreate it, and whoever gets closest to it wins that round."

JLo said: "I'm gonna go down in flames in front of my kids. It's fine. They're like, 'Mom, don't embarrass us!"

On the other hand, the talk show host is much more confident, joking: "I'm kind of known for my dancing so it's gonna be easy for me I think!"

The pair then had to watch TikTok stars Charli D'Amelio, Addison Rae and more perform a dance and then recreating it immediately afterwards.

Even JLo struggles – until she challenges Jimmy Fallon to do the dance she choreographed for World of Dance's fourth season.

JLo says: "That wasn't bad! It's hard to do these in one thing. These kids take hours to do their TikToks and get them right."

Jennifer Lopez has been keeping fit as she stays with her family in Miami.

Her fiance Alex Rodriguez, 44, took to Instagram on Thursday to share with his followers the grueling workout he, JLo and his daughter Natasha were doing.

In the video, the bride-to-be showed off her toned legs and flat stomach in a matching white set, as she jogged around the home and lifted weights alongside her family.

Jennifer even gave her stepdaughters, Ella and Natasha, some tips on how to lift weights over their heads properly.

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Jimmy Kimmel Exposed the Most Boring 'Bachelor' Star He's Ever Interviewed

C’mon, does it come as any surprise that the most boring Bachelor alum Jimmy Kimmel has ever interviewed was none other than Juan Pablo Galavis. If Kim Kardashian were the host of the late night show, she’d probably go off and be like, “J.P., you are the least exciting to look at!” as 10 cameras capture every angle of Juan Pablo’s shocked face. But since this is Jimmy we’re talking about, he just spilled all the details during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

During his interview with the Bravo honcho, Jimmy took a second to answer a few questions from the viewers. One fan named Carlos S. asked, “Since you’re always forced to talk to them, who’s been the most boring Bachelor contestant you’ve ever interviewed on your show?”

Thinking out loud, Jimmy said, “The most boring Bachelor contestant I’ve ever interviewed on the show” before asking his wife, Molly McNearney, who she thinks it is. After getting her input, Jimmy responded, ” Molly says the soccer player,” which is an obvious reference to Juan Pablo. You can probably expect him to tweet about it later.

When another fan asked him if he had any “well that went south fast” interviews, Jimmy joked, “Yeah, almost every night.” Since this has happened multiple times, he couldn’t pick just one contestant. He explained:

Yikes! Good thing he’s a pro and video editors exist, right?

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Give Him a Makeover on His Show

Too cute! In honor of Take Your Kid to Work Day, Jimmy Kimmel let his 5-year-old daughter Jane do his makeup for Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, April 23.

See All the Celebrities Who Have Done Their Own At-Home Haircuts Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

“Hello, I am Jimmy Kimmel, I am the host of this house,” he jokes at the start of Thursday night’s monologue. “The reason I look like a My Little Pony bunny or something is that today, in case you aren’t aware, was supposed to be Take Your Kid to Work Day, which [is] kind of every day for a lot of us now.”

He explained that to honor the holiday, he brought his little girl to work by allowing her to do his makeup.

Stars Get Real About Their Natural Hair Colors After Salons Close During COVID-19 Pandemic

In a clip of the process, Jane keeps her hair pulled back into a pony with an adorable gold crown as she works away with eyeshadow, foundation, a set of false lashes and lipstick. “Oh my gosh,” the little girl says through laughs as she applies the red lippie. “You should look at yourself when you’re done, ok?”

“I will,” he replies.

She tops things off with a little necklace and a polka dot headband, proclaiming that he looks like a girl.

“What do you think Guillermo [Rodriguez],” he asks his comedian cohort. “Do I look like a girl?”

Rodriguez laughed and replied, “Yeah, a little bit. You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Guillermo and thank you Jane! Who knew my color palette was Jolly Rancher.”

Teamwork! See Which Celeb Couples Do Each Other’s Hair — Including Haircuts, Hair Dye and Root Touch-Up!

Lots of celebrity’s kids have been doing their parents’ makeup to pass time while stuck at home in quarantine. Hilary Duff shared a series of videos of her 8-year-old son Luca Cruz Comrie doing hers on Wednesday, April 8. In March, Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia played around with mom’s makeup while the tennis pro tried to shoot a mid-day skincare routine video.

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Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Loses Her Tooth in the Middle of His Interview with Ciara and Russell Wilson

Fallon’s guests share in the family’s excitement as Winnie shows off her new gap and gives the breakdown of just exactly how it happened.

Jimmy Fallon’s daughters are the gifts that keep on giving, and once again on Tuesday life got in the way of him trying to simply do the job of putting together a late-night talk show from his house. As always, though, the interruptions are just too precious!

This time, though, it was a milestone moment for his youngest daughter Winnie as she’d just lost a tooth … as in the moment went down even as Jimmy was talking with his guests Ciara and Russell Wilson. Russell was talking about the important charitable work that he’s involved with, and how his organizations are giving back during the coronavirus pandemic when Winnie suddenly ran into the room.

Jimmy tried to hold her off for a moment until he’d processed what she just said. "Daddy, I lost my tooth," she told him. And just like that, he had to put the interview on pause to address her excitement. But as parents themselves, Ciara and Russell were just as thrilled with the major moment as Jimmy.

Ciara asked Winnie how it happened, and it turns out there was more going on behind the scenes than just a random tooth loss. "Mommy put a string around my tooth and she tried to pull it out and then it worked," Winnie explained simply.

So while Jimmy was talking with his guests about how they’re adjusting to life inside, life was going on right outside the room for him and his family.

Calling it the "new normal," Ciara and Russell said they’ve had to get used to kids interrupting their video meetings and pretty much everything else.

Like many parents across the nation, they’ve stepped up as teacher’s aides (and sometimes teacher) with Russell subbing in as the gym coach and Ciara even teaching her entire family how to dance … her entire family.

"How are Russell’s moves on the dance floor?" Jimmy asked her.

"He’s got his nice little– he’s a good pocket dancer," she finally replied.

"Hey, I’m in the pocket, you know what I’m saying?" Russell smiled, though we’re not quite sure that’s what she was trying to say.

"He’s got his nice little groove that he goes to and he does it very well," Ciara said.

Jimmy is actually settling into a nice groove of his own with these "At Home" editions of "The Tonight Show." The barely controlled chaos of him at home with his family has been an absolute delight to watch and given a fresh new energy to his show. Plus, we are all absolutely in love with his daughters Winnie and Franny.

As much as we want the world to go back to the way it was, we could almost enjoy seeing an "At Home" tonight show on a regular basis once things do settle down. Maybe Jimmy could film his Friday shows from home, or at least check back in from time to time.

We’re going to miss his girls, his cool slide and playhouse, the amazing "graphics" created by his daughter … really everything about it.

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Jimmy Kimmel Knows What Jesus Would Say To Trump’s Open-U.S.-By-Easter Plan

Jimmy Kimmel invoked a higher power Tuesday to slap some sense into President Donald Trump. (Fast forward to the 2:45 mark in the video below.)

In his latest home-confinement monologue, the talk show host mocked Trump’s goal to have the country “opened up” by Easter to get people back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s aspiration, Kimmel noted, defies health experts, who say we need to maintain social distancing for a longer haul to stem the death toll.

“By Easter?” Kimmel asked incredulously. “That’s in 2 1/2 weeks. Even Jesus is like, ‘Jesus! Calm down, let’s think this thing through.’”

The host added: “We’re all gonna die so the president can eat Peeps.”

Kimmel also mentioned that first lady Melania Trump tested negative for COVID-19.

“Of course she did, she’s been six feet way from her husband since Stormy Daniels,” he cracked. “Their marriage was the inventor of social distancing.” 


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