Debenhams, M&S, and John Lewis join Next and New Look to slash prices by up to 70% to shift £15bn leftover stock

HIGH street shops are slashing prices to rock bottom in an attempt to shift stock not sold due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Online sales have already started at John Lewis, Debenhams, New Look, H&M, M&S, and Next and when they reopen, these sales are expected to continue in stores.

Most high street shops were forced to close their doors on March 23 when the Prime Minister Boris Johnson said non-essential businesses should close as part of the lockdown.

While some continued to sell online, others stopped sales temporarily including Next, which stopped all sales on March 26 over safety fears in its warehouses.

These shops are now preparing to reopen, following the Prime Minister’s announcement that all non-essential shops would open on June 15.

John Lewis has already confirmed the first 13 shops to reopen in June.

But because these shops were shut for so long, there is now around £15bn of spring and summer stock to clear.

Retail analysts have predicted discounts of up to 70 per cent off throughout July, August and September.

We list all the current online sales in the box below.

Debenhams, for example, has a huge-range of stock for up to 50 per cent off including mends, womens and kidswear and some sections, including men’s jackets, have up to 70 per cent knocked off.

While Next’s sale section boasts up to 50 per cent off, with a few items discounted beyond this.

The shops with online sales already live

These sales are all available right now

  • Debenhams: There is a big range on sale for up to 50 per cent off including mens, womens and childrenswear. Some sections have bigger discounts including men's jackets, which are up to 70 per cent off. There's up to 20 per cent off beauty and fragrance products and 30 per cent off homeware.
  • H&M: Up to 70 per cent discounts are available on more than 700 sale items at H&M across all of its clothes sections.
  • House of Fraser: There's up to 30 per cent off clothes in the House of Fraser sale. This includes mens, womens, and kids as well as home, beauty and fitness items.
  • John Lewis: You can get 50 per cent off a selection of clothes in the mens and womens sections, as well as other offers including 20 per cent off the home and lighting sections.
  • M&S: High street staple M&S has launched a 50 per cent off "Rainbow Sale" which includes selected items. There's also lots of other discounts including 30 per cent off furniture and women's skirts, 20 per cent off shoes, and four items for the price of three on all menswear.
  • Matalan: Womens, mens, childrens and homeware all are included in Matalan's current sale.
  • Monsoon: At Monsoon there's 50 per cent off all stock included in its mid-season sale on women's clothes and accessories.
  • New Look: There is an up to 60 per cent off sale at New Look, which includes mens, womens, and the 915 girls section. It also has a 50 per cent sale on some specific summer items.
  • Next: The Next sale says its items are up to 50 per cent off or more but if you search within the sale items there are bigger discounts on a few items.
  • Topshop: Up to 30 per cent has been knocked off a wide-range of summer clothes at Topshop. It also has special summer prices on certain items, grouped into under £10, under £20, and under £30 categories on the website.
  • Tu: There's up to 75 per cent off clothes at Tu including mens, womens, and childrenswear. This follows on a 25 per cent discount on all items which was launched earlier this month.

We spotted some women’s navy collettes priced at £3, originally on sale for £22, an 86 per cent discount and capri trousers for £3, originally £28, 89 per cent off.

While many of the sales are advertised as up to 50 per cent off, if you look carefully you can often find discounts of over 70 per cent.

Spring mid-season sales are nothing new, but this year because shops have been shut since March 23, they now have a huge amount of excess stock to shift.

This means the sales are for longer and retailers are offering bigger discounts than ever before.

When shops do reopen they are expected to look very different with customers expected to use hand sanitiser before touching items, restrictions on the number of people in shops, and no changing rooms available.

A number of fast food chains have now begun opening to delivery and takeaway.

Pubs have also begun preparations for opening, including Wetherspoons.

While charity shops will have to quarantine stock for 72 hours before handling it to stem the spread of the virus.

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John Humphrys: Why Covid could kill off the big city dream…

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Why Covid could kill off the big city dream… and we should all be grateful

He was just what you would expect a New York cop to look like. Big and tough and chewing gum with his gun strapped to his bulging belly and a bored look on his face.

I was a slightly overawed 27-year-old who’d arrived in the U.S. for the first time in his life the night before. It was a sunny Saturday morning and I wanted to explore the city.

‘Excuse me,’ I said politely in my best British accent, ‘can you tell me the best way to get to Central Park?’

He didn’t even glance at me.

‘Buy a f*****g map, buddy.’

John Humphrys (pictured) explains how coronavirus might change the way people look at big cities 

I knew then that when I brought my wife and two small children out from Britain, we would not be living in this city. 

Instead, I rented a house 20 miles away in Irvington, on the banks of the great Hudson River. They arrived a few days before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, I was flying south to report on a massive earthquake in Nicaragua, riddled with guilt at leaving my family in this strange land where they knew nobody. 

I shouldn’t have. They were immediately adopted by lovely neighbours who treated them as if they were their own family.

This was small-town America.

When Watergate forced us to move south to Washington DC, I chose once again to live in a small town. In the battle between small town and big city, I reckon there’s only one winner.

Big cities around the world — not least London — have been having a hard time of it since Covid-19 went on its rampage. Behind every death lies a personal tragedy.

Cities like London (pictured) have been struggling since the coronavirus pandemic began

Yet Covid is destroying not only life, but the way we live. And perhaps we should not fear those changes but welcome them.

Throughout history, cities have been a magnet. From the late 18th century, people have been abandoning the land and the villages where they were brought up, to find fortune in the big cities of the new industrial revolution, like Birmingham and Manchester. But it was never a bed of roses.

As the great novelists tell us, many ended up in slums with their hideous overcrowding, their violent crime and their susceptibility to disease. 

Yet they kept coming. And no city exerted more pulling power than London.

In modern times, the new arrivals have been mostly young people drawn to the bright lights. Keen to get on and keen to escape the narrowness of provincial life. And keen to have fun.

Then it changed again. Immigrants arrived to fill the jobs at the sharp end of the service economy. They worked in social care and the NHS. Waiters and hotel staff now had foreign accents.

And the rich came, too. The changing skyline screamed out that this was becoming the financial capital of the world. 

A little over a year ago, the financial services sector contributed a massive £132 billion to the economy of the nation. Roughly half was generated in London.

We don’t yet know what effect the pandemic will have on that financial powerhouse. We do know how it’s affecting those who work in it. As I write, their offices — and thousands more — are empty.

Working remotely began as necessity, but is now becoming a choice. Many company owners are re-examining their leases and asking: what are our vastly expensive offices actually for?

Technology is changing everything. And this is just the beginning. Quantum computers are already being developed. You need to be a physicist even to begin to understand what they do, and I’m not. But they will make today’s supercomputers look like children’s toys.

Mark Zuckerberg, in a rare interview this week, revealed his plans to have half of Facebook’s staff working from home in less than ten years. He called it ‘fundamentally changing our culture’. 

Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) highlighted how change can always happen in society when he announced that he wants half of his Facebook staff to be working from home in ten years

Where Facebook leads, others will surely follow. Twitter already has.

And Covid has given this revolution the motivation it needed. Cities equal crowds. Crowds spread infection. 

And it’s not a straightforward, linear equation. The theoretical physicist, Geoffrey West, has shown that as cities grow, the ‘hazards’ they pose grow at a greater rate — not just the spread of infections but crime, especially violent crime. So if a city doubles in size, the risk more than doubles.

Perhaps a new Charles Dickens will emerge to bring home to us quite how dreadful conditions can be in Covid London beyond the bright lights and the comfortable homes, like mine, on pleasant parks.

Perhaps Covid will make those at the bottom end of the social and economic ladder wonder whether the city game is really worth the candle.

Perhaps Covid, combined with the digital revolution, will finally finish what began with the industrial revolution.

Without social life, London loses its lustre and many will be escaping to the countryside

It is not just the poor who may be having second thoughts. Samuel Johnson wrote: ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’ Not these days there isn’t.

Even for the middle classes, the indulgences have disappeared. The theatres, the opera, the galleries, the museums, the fashionable restaurants. All closed. And when eventually they open, will they still retain their allure if their patrons are treated as potential lepers?

London without social life loses its lustre. No wonder the wealthy have decamped to the countryside.

Like millions of others, I escaped last weekend. I rested after running through glorious woodland that gave way to pastures full of grazing sheep, their mischievous lambs trotting around, a lone hare spotting me and loping off towards the distant hills. 

Everything bathed in the morning sun. I was 50 miles from London. An hour’s drive away. A century away.

Those forced to live in the polluted mean streets of a big city like London often dream of the rural idyll, and the response of governments to this pandemic has focused many minds on alternatives. 

Commuting is not just boring and wasteful. Now, it can also be life-threatening.

Why not build communities where we can afford to live, and where social divisions are not as extreme as they are in the capital?

Take away the power of the financial services, and much that it dictated begins to wither. Once cities lose their economic function, they go into slow decline. 

Ask Liverpool. It is a wonderful city, but 100 years ago it was the greatest port in the world and the world flocked to it.

Liverpool used to be the greatest port in the world – the way the city has declined in value shows that big cities can be doomed

But can cities really be doomed? Perhaps they will adapt to dangers like Covid. London looks as if it may have the better of it for now, and yet the Mayor is cautious about lifting the lockdown.

And anyway, a pandemic changes the psychology of a city. It’s not just the disease that makes crowds potentially so unappealing. Cities are uniquely vulnerable to many other threats.

When the Cold War ended in 1989, I asked the head of MI6 where the next greatest threat to our way of life might come from. He did not hesitate. Cyber warfare. It seemed fanciful then. It seems prophetic now.

A hostile country, or even some maniac loner, might well bring our economy to a juddering halt by hacking into the essential computer systems that keep it running.

The cities would fall first. And then the ‘crowd’ could very easily turn in on itself. We would not be competing for toilet rolls but fighting for food.

In short, the calculus of city living is undergoing great changes. No one knows where they will lead, but if it ultimately loses its appeal, would that be such a bad thing?

Those outside London and other big cities — fed up with being called ‘provincial’ — might rejoice to see the end of city bragging. A provincial nation might be better prepared for a pandemic.

Those who live away from London might just enjoy everyone not bragging about the big cities 

Look at Germany: its biggest city, Berlin, is a third the size of London. One consequence of Covid here could be a resurgent local government.

And maybe those who sneer at ‘the suburbs’ from their metropolitan ivory towers might envy them instead. Especially when there’s no need to spend thousands commuting to the office. Imagine, too, what it will do to house prices.

Both Theresa May and Boris Johnson have talked about ‘rebalancing the country’.

They may not have chosen this new path, but it may lead there. And given how all politicians love a slogan, let me suggest one.

If you love life, leave London.

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World News

John Glenn's widow Annie dies at 100 due to coronavirus complications

Annie Glenn, widow of astronaut and US Sen. John Glenn, dies at 100 due to coronavirus complications

  • Annie Glenn died Tuesday of COVID-19 complications at a nursing home near St. Paul, Minnesota
  • She was the widow of astronaut and US Sen. John Glenn, who died in 2016
  • Annie was a communication disorders advocate who was on the advisory boards of numerous child abuse and speech and hearing organizations 
  • William Cohen honored Annie Glenn with the Department of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service in 1998 and called her ‘a hero in her own right’ 
  • She was praised for being ‘a strong voice for children, speech and communications, and the disabled’ 
  • A virtual memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 6, with no parishioners or guests in attendance due to the COVID-19 restrictions
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Annie Glenn, the widow of astronaut and US Sen. John Glenn and a communication disorders advocate, died Tuesday at age 100 after contracting coronavirus.

Glenn died of COVID-19 complications at a nursing home near St. Paul, Minnesota, said Hank Wilson, a spokesman for the Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University.

At the time of John Glenn’s death in 2016, the two had been married 73 years. She had moved out of the apartment they shared in Columbus in recent years and gone to live with her daughter, Lyn, according to Wilson.

Annie Glenn was thrust into the spotlight in 1962, when her husband became the first American to orbit Earth. She shied away from the media attention because of a severe stutter.

Annie Glenn died Tuesday of COVID-19 complications at a nursing home near St. Paul, Minnesota. In this December 16, 2016 file photo, Annie arrives to view the casket of her husband John Glenn

She was the widow of astronaut and US Sen. John Glenn. Pictured, Annie and John wave to friends at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on November 8, 1998 after a nine-day science mission

Annie was a communication disorders advocate. In this December 8, 1983 file photo, Annie Glenn speaks during an interview in Newport, New Hampshire

Later, she underwent an intensive program at the Communications Research Institute at Hollins College, now Hollins University, in Roanoke, Virginia, that gave her the skills to control her stutter and to speak in public.

By the time 77-year-old John Glenn returned to space in 1998 aboard space shuttle Discovery, Annie showed she had become comfortable in her public role when she acknowledged that she had reservations about the retired senator’s second flight.

‘John had announced one year before that he was going to retire as a senator, so I was looking forward to having him as my own because I had given him to our government for 55 years,’ she told a NASA interviewer.

Her career in advocacy for those with communication disorders included service on the advisory boards of numerous child abuse and speech and hearing organizations. 

The Annie Glenn Award was created to honor individuals who overcome a communication disorder.

Defense Secretary William Cohen honored Annie Glenn with the Department of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service in 1998. 

He called her ‘a hero in her own right’ and praised her for being ‘a strong voice for children, speech and communications, and the disabled.’

In 2009, Glenn received an honorary doctorate of public service from Ohio State, where she served as an adjunct professor of speech pathology in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science. The department bestows an Annie Glenn Leadership Award annually. 

John Glenn and Annie (right) pose with their son Dr. David Glenn (left) and daughter, Lyn (second left) after the senator arrived with his shuttle crewmates at the Kennedy Space Center from Houston, Texas on October 26, 1998. Annie moved in with Lyn when John died in 2016

Astronaut John Glenn gives the thumbs up as he rides in an open car with his wife Annie during a ticker tape parade down New York’s Canyon of Heroes on November 16, 1998

In this February 3, 1962 file photo, astronaut John Glenn poses with his wife, Annie, outside their Arlington, Virginia, home during his first news conference

Marine Major John Glenn, Jr. waves as he walks from his Navy F-8-U-1-P Crusader jet plane after it set a new speed mark by zooming coast-to-coast in the elapsed time of three hours, 23 minutes and about eight seconds. He’s pictured with Annie, Lynn, 10, and David, 11

Pictured: (l-r) President John F. Kennedy, the first American astronaut to orbit Earth, John Glenn, wife Annie Glenn, Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson during Glenn’s presentation ceremony of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Distinguished Service Medal on February 23, 1962 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station 

American astronaut John H. Glenn Jr. and his wife Annie ride with American Vice President (and later President) Lyndon Baines Johnson during a tickertape parade in Glenn’s honor, New York, March 1, 1962. The parade was in celebration of Glenn’s historic space flight in the Mercury-Atlas 6 space mission (also known as Friendship 7)

Glenn was born Anna Margaret Castor on February 17, 1920, in Columbus. 

Senator John Glenn and his wife Annie Glenn pose in 1984 at City Hall in Tallahassee, Florida

She met her husband while they were children growing up in New Concord. She was offered an organ scholarship to The Julliard School, but World War II began and John proposed – so she decided to stay with him, according to a biography on the Glenn College’s website. 

The high school sweethearts attended Muskingum College and were married in 1943. They had two children, David and Lyn.

The Glenns served on the board of trustees of the college, now Muskingum University, and Annie Glenn was named a distinguished alumni fellow in speech communications at the school.

A virtual memorial service will be held on Saturday, June 6, 2020, at 11am EDT. 

The service will be officiated by the Rev. Amy Miracle, pastor for the Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus. The memorial will be virtual with no parishioners or guests in attendance due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

She is survived by her two children.

Pictured, Annie and John arrive at The White House for the State Dinner honoring President Jiang Zemin of China on October 29, 1997

She is pictured with US Sen. John Glenn – who was an Ohio senator – on May 14, 2015

In this April 6, 2017 file photo, Annie Glenn, seated, widow of John Glenn, watches as members of the US Marine Corps from Marine Barracks Washington carry the casket of her husband during his graveside service at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington

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John Legend: What Is His Net Worth in 2020?

John Legend is a true renaissance man. He’s a multitalented musician, a television personality, and a major social media influencer. He’s also had roles in notable films like Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert and La La Land.

The last five years have arguable been the pinnacle of his career. However, fame doesn’t always translate into large amount of money. This raises an interesting question: What is Legend’s net worth in 2020?

John Legend’s early life

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John Roger Stephens was born in Springfield, Ohio on December 28, 1978. Both his mother and his grandmother were musicians. Legend got his start performing in church as a child. He excelled as a student and skipped two grades, entering high school at the age of 12. AllMusic reports Legend left Ohio at the age of 16 to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1999, rap icon Lauryn Hill got Legend to play the piano on the hit song “Everything Is Everything.” Legend had barely reached adulthood and he’d already accomplished so much! However, performing on a hit song didn’t mean he’d made it in the music industry per se, so he started self-releasing albums.

In 2001, he met a rapper named Kanye West who had not quite reached the height of his fame. West got Legend to sing hooks on some of his songs. The two were a good musical match. West was very influenced by classic R&B at the time, and classic R&B would be the primary musical influence for Legend throughout his entire career. West signed Legend to his label GOOD Music.

John Legend breaks into the music industry

Legend’s debut single on a major label was “Used to Love U” from the album Get Lifted. It did not perform well commercially. The most popular single from that album was “Ordinary People.” Billboard reports the song reached the twenty-fourth position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Get Lifted fared considerably better than the aforementioned singles. According to Billboard, the album reached the fourth position on the Billboard 200. Get Lifted performed quite well for an album without a major pop hit to support it.

Legend released his biggest song, “All of Me,” in 2013. The track reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the best-selling singles ever released. Two years later, he had another major hit with the Meghan Trainor duet “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

John Legend’s other ventures

That’s how Legend’s singles performed in the 2010s. The 2010s were also a good decade for his film career. He had a minor role in La La Land and played Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the most famous rock operas ever, but Legend proved an R&B singer could command the title role.

In 2020, Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, bought a home in West Hollywood, California, that was worth $5.1 million. In addition, they own an $8 million penthouse and a $9 million penthouse in New York City and a $14.1 million Beverly Hills home. All together, Legend is worth a whopping $75 million.

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Daymond John denies mask price gouging and more ICYMI celeb news

Unmasking an issue

“Shark Tank” star Daymond John has been accused of trying to hawk highly coveted and hard-to-find N95 masks for more than three times their value to the state of Florida. Daymond, however, slammed the story as false and said he didn’t set prices and that his company was serving as an “intermediary” to vet distributors. The Miami Herald reported on April 22 that Daymond, who founded Fubu and now heads the Shark Group, told Florida officials he had access to 1 million masks from China at a rate of $7 per mask. The masks, which are made by 3M, typically sell for less than $2 each. Despite the high cost, Florida officials agreed to buy them at the inflated price as the Sunshine State needs them to protect health care workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The deal eventually fell through but got the attention of 3M. “3M is filing lawsuits in cases where third parties use the company’s name, brand or trademark to engage in price gouging of N95 respirators and other illegal and unethical behavior,” a spokesman said. Daymond said, “My company was serving as an intermediary to vet the numerous 3M distributors and to protect Florida taxpayers, while establishing escrow protections that allowed the State to conduct proper due diligence before finalizing its purchase of masks.”

RELATED: Stars donating to COVID-19 relief efforts

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TV and Movies

Holly Willoughby thanks John Torode for ‘saving my marriage’ after his solution to husband Dan’s loud typing – The Sun

HOLLY Willoughby joked MasterChef host John Torode has "saved my marriage" after his solution to her pet hate about husband Dan Baldwin.

The This Morning star revealed her marital gripes living in lockdown, with Dan's loud laptop typing driving her mad.

Mimicking his typing technique, she revealed he even brings it into bed sometimes to send late night emails.

As she and Phillip Schofield handed over to chef John for a cooking segment, he couldn't help but address Holly's issue.

John told her there should be an option for Dan to reduce the sound of his laptop keys, which came as a surprise to Holly.

She gleefully told him "you've saved my marriage."

It's been an emotional time for Holly of late as she deals with the unprecedented lockdown and the addition of a new family member.

Earlier this week she admitted that she "hasn't stopped crying" as she introduced her newborn niece Mabel live on This Morning.

The 39-year-old star shared a photo of the baby, who was born to her husband Dan's brother Dominic and his wife Louise.

Bursting with pride, Holly told viewers: "I just wanted to share with you some lovely news; I have a brand new niece!

"Mabel Josephine Baldwin was born this morning at Whipps Cross University Hospital.

"Daddy Dominic and mum Louise have both said thank you to the maternity unit there."

With a photo of the adorable baby on screen, the bubbly presenter added: "That is Elsie's baby sister!

"Mabel, came into the world just a few hours ago – and she is beautiful."

Phillip couldn't resist ribbing his emotional co-star, asking: "Have you stopped crying now?"

Holly chuckled in response: "I know, it's lovely.

"Even more-so now, having nice news like that about life and birth – it's just wonderful."

Holly has been married to Dan since 2007, with the pair sharing three children of their own – 10-year-old Harry, nine-year-old Belle, and five-year-old Chester.

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TV and Movies

John Oliver Sounds Off on Wendy Williams Eating on Camera

John Oliver has a long history of skewering things which seem offbeat. Wendy Williams has been offbeat from time to time. It only made sense Oliver would eventually comment on Williams.

Once her show was put on hiatus due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Williams was itching to go back to work. She got her wish. Oliver has some thoughts on the sometimes unorthodox new episodes of her show.

Wendy Williams and Betty Boop

The new version of The Wendy Williams Show is called Wendy @ Home. In it, Williams broadcasts from her house. In shots of the new show, Williams’ uniquely dressed statue of Betty Boop is visible. She eats on her show and sometimes seems a little tired.

Oliver had lots to say about Williams’ new set-up. “She’s sharing a screen with a life-sized Betty Boop decked out in Supreme gear, Chanel accessories and a disco ball, and somehow, [Williams is] still the most engrossing thing in that shot, eating a lamb chop in a weirdly dominant manner. Not many people can pull that off.”

John Oliver sounds off of Wendy Williams’ eating habits

Oliver also reacted to Williams’ unique eating habits. On the show, she ate chocolate licorice for breakfast. She calls it the “breakfast of champions.” That might not be the “breakfast of champions” which bodybuilders have in mind.

Oliver found it odd that Williams feels the need to share her eating habits on camera. He compared Williams’ relationship with food to his relationship with his cats. He noted that even though he has many cats, he doesn’t put them in the spotlight. Oliver compared this to Willaims’ penchant for eating on camera.

Wendy Williams and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ sweatsuit

Oliver also critiqued a clip where Williams discussed Tameka “Tiny” Harris defending  Bill Cosby. Williams said Cosby deserves to stay in jail for the rest of his days. Interestingly, Williams decided to stop commenting on Cosby to say she’d love to have the outfit sweatsuit Harris was wearing in the clip. She told her assistant she wanted him to help her find the outfit.

Oliver was amused by all of this. He said Williams had no way of knowing how she could find the outfit. He also pointed out that Williams is going to have a difficult time finding the outfit during the coronavirus pandemic.

John Oliver has some kind words and a gift for Wendy Williams

However, Oliver apparently has more resources than most people. He managed to find the tracksuit in the clip. He’d like to give it to Williams. Oliver said he likes Williams’ new show and even initiated one specific aspect of it.

“Here you go, Wendy. This sweatsuit is for you. Just tell us where to send it and wear it in good health. And, please, don’t you ever stop eating on camera.” Oliver ended the segment by eating on camera himself.

Oliver had a very positive appraisal of Wendy @ Home. He said “Willaims has ascended to a level of ‘f*cks not given’ that no human has ever achieved before.” He also called the show “an oasis of truth in a world full of lies.”

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John Krasinski Is Hosting a Virtual Prom Tonight

Have The Office fans ever wondered what it would be like to have someone they watched for 188 sitcom episodes host one of their events? Well, Jim Halpert is about to make the Class of 2020’s days just a bit brighter, as John Krasinski revealed that he will be DJ-ing a virtual prom in partnership with his new YouTube series Some Good News for those forced to miss theirs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calling it the #SGNProm, the Office star took to his Instagram to post a TikTok video of the announcement, initially wearing the classic prom attire of a suit and bow tie in front of a sparkly background before quickly switching to a stained T-shirt and pink headphones (I wonder which daughter he borrowed those from).

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“Confused? Me too,” Krasinski tells the camera in typical Jim Halpert fashion. “For all you missing prom, I’m hosting this Friday night!” He further elaborated in his caption, telling those wishing to attend to click the link in his bio for their invitation to the YouTube livestream link. (I’m personally hoping that Krasinski throws on a little Creed Bratton or maybe a remix of the The Office theme song to the dance playlist).

Krasinski gave little teasers of his newest venture to his followers throughout the week, when he posted a throwback photo of himself attending his own high school prom on Wednesday. Maybe he’ll bring the original suit he wore to prom for old time’s sake?

Throughout the pandemic, Krasinski has made it a mission to be the one to deliver good news with the help of his YouTube series. He recently scored healthcare workers at a local Boston hospital lifetime tickets to the Red Sox, along with organizing a Hamilton cast reunion to surprise a young fan who couldn’t make it to her first Broadway show amid COVID-19. And of course, he couldn’t leave out his legion of Office fans, making the first episode a cast reunion with none other than Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell.

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Watch Tyson Fury’s dad John, 55, send chilling video message to bodybuilder as he agrees ‘gypsy fight’ – The Sun

TYSON FURY'S dad John has accepted a challenge after being called out for a fight by a 56-year-old bodybuilder.

The bizarre fall out between two men who don't even know each other came after John himself challenged UFC chief Dana White to a fight.

The 55-year-old dad of the reigning WBC heavyweight boxing champion was fuming after White said Tyson would get "smashed" if he made a switch to the UFC.

But now a man called Theo Lewis, believed to be a former British bodybuilding champion, uploaded a video to the internet demanding a showdown with "Big John".

And clearly its a challenge the Gypsy King's dad is up for as he filmed a response, chillingly saying that he will "knock his false teeth out the back of his head".

As shared by IFL TV, John, who wants it to be a "gypsy fight' says: "Just replying to a video I’ve just seen there. A bodybuilder wants to fight me.

“That ain’t no problem mate, don’t know you, don’t wanna know you.

“But let me tell you something mate, you’re messing with John Fury here mate and I am the best 50-odd-year-old man in the world. And I will stand on what I say mate.

“I’ll either fight you in the ring, which you can forget about that one pal, I’ve fought world class men in my time.

“Let me tell you this my old mate, I will fight you gypsy style, don’t you worry about that.

“I have never, ever denied a challenge in my life my friend. You’ve mentioned my name, you’ve gotta fight now.

“I’m all over London with the boxing. Make yourself known mate and you can have it there and then, on the spur of the moment pal.

“I don’t need training camps, I don’t need time to get fit, I’m 24 hours ready. I will fight you, get hold of my agent Spencer Brown in Blackpool who’ll sort it all out.

“I’ll fight you anywhere you want in the UK my friend, anywhere at all. And you’ll wish you never mentioned my name.

“Spencer Brown will be contacting your people, everybody knows me. I fear no man, let alone you. And pal, I’ve seen your sparring, you’re no good to me my mate.

“But listen I’ll fight you gypsy style because fighting’s too hard mate to do for free."

John then hinted that the two could fight to raise money during the coronavirus crisis, but slammed his rival for "trying to make a name for himself".

He added: “Let’s fight for a few quid. I know the NHS thing, God bless them they’re doing a good job trying to help everyone who’s dying.

“But you’re trying to make a name for yourself from somebody’s famous father.

“It’ll be the last thing you ever do mate because you know them false teeth?

“I’ll knock them straight through the back of your head my friend.

“So don’t you worry about that, you’ve gotta fight. Good day to you and God bless you as well.”

John Fury served four years of an 11-year sentence for gouging a man's eye out in a sickening attack.

A 12-year grudge with Oathie Sykes boiled over and John tried to gouge his foe's eye out in a fight at a car auction.

John, the self-confessed 'hardest man in Britain', broke down in court as he pleaded for a lenient sentence.

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John Finlay Tells All: Why He Was Shirtless, Joe Exotic and More

A changed man. John Finlay didn’t expect such a massive reaction from Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness — but he’s taking it all in stride.

“I’m me because of my past, but I’m pretty much one of those what-you-see-is-what-you-get. And once everybody gets to know me, they tend to like me a little bit differently,” he shared exclusively with Us Weekly. “[On the show], I look like some kind of hardcore badass with tattoos and stuff. They get to know me and know I’m more of a cute, cuddly little bear!”

Finlay, who was once married to Joe Exotic, is in a very different place than he was on the series. He’s now engaged to a woman and has a daughter. However, his life isn’t exactly how it was shown on the series; for one, he wears a shirt more often. In fact, he shared with Us that producers had “suggested” he did his interviews without a shirt.

“There was a couple of interviews where I did have a shirt on. They had actually filmed quite a few interviews where I did have a shirt on,” he said, noting that he wasn’t bothered by the fact that most of what they used showed him shirtless. Plus, he appreciates the outpouring of love — and the “he’s hot” comments he’s received.

“It’s actually flattering that they do that,” he told Us. “I support the LGBTQ [community]. Everybody doesn’t deserve to be judged in life. They should be able to live how they want freely. And that’s how I feel about it. Everybody should have their way, and live how they want.”

During the series, after he and Joe Exotic parted ways, he got one of his tattoos covered up — one that read “Privately Owned by Joe Exotic” on his lower abdomen — but there are many more.

“Me and my tattoo artist right now are in discussion of what to do, but nothing is actually set in stone of how it’s going to be done,” he said. While he didn’t name the number of tattoos he has for his ex, he admitted there are “too many.”

Finlay’s teeth also drew attention during filming, but he has recently had a new set put in. However, the dental issues were not due to drug use, as assumed in the series. “It was genetic. I battled with it from a teenager up until my mid-30s,” he told Us. He got his teeth fixed before marrying Joe Exotic in 2017.

“It hurt worse than my 50-something tattoos,” he shared. “But ever since then it’s, they’re just a normal everyday part of life now. … I smile a whole lot more.”

The zookeeper said that he also has been sober for six years after a tough battle.

“I had just gotten away from Joe and started a new life. And my daughter was born, and everything around me just keeps having a domino effect of a more positive light on everything,” he said. “Because my fiancee’s around me now, and she’s been a big help, and helping me get through everything that’s been going on. … She keeps me on my toes!”

Tiger King is now streaming on Netflix. A reunion special, The Tiger King and I, will be released Sunday, April 12.

With reporting by Brody Brown

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