Liam Payne opens up on mental health for podcast with Jordan Stephens

Liam Payne has opened up about his mental health in a conversation with Jordan Stephens and surprised the podcast host with how ‘sensitive’ he really is behind the scenes. 

Former Rizzle Kicks star Jordan is currently hosting season two of Killing It, a Spotify Original podcast, which sees him sitting down with musicians to talk about mental health issues.

An upcoming episode features a chat with ex One Direction star Liam, and it’s safe to say, it was an eye-opening discussion for Jordan. 

Speaking to about his chat with the pop star, Jordan revealed: ‘I learned that Liam is I think a lot more sensitive [than he comes across]. 

‘I don’t think he’s trying to portray himself as having a lack of sensitivity but I think he has a lot more weight on his shoulders and an incredible expectation. 

‘I think again like everybody, he wants to be a certain version of himself. It was really powerful to hear him speak candidly about how much strength it takes to maintain an expectation of yourself that you’re comfortable with.’ 

Jordan added: ‘To hear that from a member of the biggest boy band in the world is really important and powerful. I think we could have got more, the conversation could have doubled in length. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in his shoes at the moment.’ 

As well as talking through how he dealt with fame being in One Direction, one of the world’s biggest boy band, Liam opens up about the reaction to his debut solo album LP1 which earned some criticism. 

‘He’s had bad reviews of his album since and I came out of that podcast going, “I just wish there was more of an accessible understanding of him rather than it being this statue that anyone can chip away at”,’ Jordan explained. 

‘He’s a human being the same as everyone else and that’s what I felt.’ 

Jordan continued: ‘These feelings, these pressures almost always result in some kind of consequence and if he feels that he’s developed some kind of inner strength, then that’s really admirable and something that can help a lot of people. 

‘But that’s for him to know.’ 

The podcast host can relate to Liam’s struggles following his rise to stardom as one half of Rizzle Kicks in 2011. 

Alongside Harley Sylvester Alexander-Sule, the group earned four top 10 singles including the hit song Down With The Trumpets. 

Jordan has since gone on to host the ITV2 game series Don’t Hate The Playaz with Maya Jama and is set to release a series of books in 2021. 

The Killing It podcast will also feature an in-depth chat with former Sugababes singer Mutya Buena, who left the group in 2005 after much chart success. 

Recalling her mental health discussion, Jordan said: ‘I was taken aback by the hand that Mutya has been dealt. She has had really, really been through it and there were points listening to that conversation with Petra where I felt heartbroken. 

‘Not because of where she’s at, she is who she is, and she’s incredibly talented and incredibly open which is a blessing. But I think she got famous at 14 and she got really put through it. And it’s just another example of the way in which the public has developed this kind of bizarre barrier between fame and humanity.’ 

‘I would never ever, ever put someone through what she went through.’ 

Relating to his own experience with fame, Jordan explained: ‘The overwhelming [thread] between these conversations is, one of the things I was told when I first became famous, is that you should never complain about fame, just don’t complain about it. 

‘Because people won’t get it. People who were working their asses off every day, in a little flat, or whatever else with a little family and they’re getting f*****g crushed by the government, they’re not gonna want to listen to someone with a record deal saying that it’s really difficult.’

He added: ‘They just don’t want to hear it and I think that whilst that has some truth in it, I think that has forced a lot of people to harbour genuine grief and genuine sadness, and I think there should be a space to hear that.’ 

Jordan Stephens hosts series two of Killing It. Available to listen to exclusively on Spotify now.

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Royal Ballet and Liam Scarlett part ways after an investigation

The British choreographer Liam Scarlett on Tuesday left his position as the Royal Ballet's artist-in-residence, after an investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct with dance students.

Mr Scarlett will "no longer work with, or for, the Royal Ballet," the company said in a statement, which added that a seven-month, independent investigation the company commissioned "found there were no matters to pursue in relation to alleged contact with students of the Royal Ballet School".

Choreographer Liam Scarlett.Credit:Julian Anderson

A spokesman for the Royal Ballet said the company would not comment further on the announcement. Mr Scarlett did not immediately answer an email requesting his response.

Mr Scarlett, once heralded as a "choreographic wonder boy of British ballet" by The New York Times, has created works for dance companies worldwide, including Australia's Queensland Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre. This month, the Royal Ballet was forced to end the sold-out run of his Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House after the coronavirus pandemic shut down the venue.

The Royal Ballet learned of the allegations against Mr Scarlett in August; though the company didn't disclose them at the time, it suspended Mr Scarlett immediately.

This episode is the latest in a string of misconduct scandals that have hit the ballet world. At the end of 2017, Peter Martins, the leader of New York City Ballet, retired after accusations of abuse were made against him. A company investigation did not corroborate the accusations, which Mr Martins denied.

Last year, an arbitrator ordered New York City Ballet to reinstate two male dancers it had fired after they were accused of sharing sexually explicit photos of female dancers.

The New York Times

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TV and Movies

Liam Gallagher demands an Oasis reunion with brother Noel to raise money for the NHS amid coronavirus crisis – The Sun

LIAM Gallagher has called for a reunion with his estranged brother Noel to raise money for the NHS to fight the coronavirus.

The singer admits that he cried because he misses his sibling so much, but hopes they can come together for a good cause.

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Liam, 47, used to Twitter to send a heartfelt message to his older brother Noel, 52, to reunite onstage and do their best to raise funds for COVID-19, which has been rampant all around the world.

He posted: "Rite sick of pleading begging etc no more olive branches I DEMAND an oasis reunion after this is all over all money going to NHS c’mon you know As we were LG x."[sic].

A fan replied to his tweet insinuating that he Noel was doing this to get his 'brother back' and that it wasn't just about bringing their old group together, which forced the star to admit: "I miss him terribly I need his love."

The fan wasn't done there as they pointed out that many of his followers believed his tweet was sarcastic, to which Liam fired back: "Give a s**t what people think I’m crying I’m sad this has all brought it home how much I miss and need him for love."

The longstanding feud between the brothers first came to light in 2009, when Noel, the group’s lead guitarist, had stunned fans when he announced his departure from the group during their world tour.

Apparently, things had gotten so chaotic between the two that Noel simply couldn’t deal with the idea of being around his brother any longer.

He wrote in a statement: "People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer."

His departure from the band came just weeks after Liam’s infamous interview with NME Magazine, where he claimed that his relationship with Noel was non-existent.

Their feud intensified last year when Liam took to the stage in Glastonbury last summer.

Prior to his performance, Noel’s wife Sara had taken to Instagram, replying to a message regarding Liam’s upcoming performance, and she definitely let it be known how she felt about her brother-in-law gracing the iconic stage.

She wrote: ‘Think I’m going to swerve that. The fat twat doing his tribute act, balancing a tambourine on his head is going to look pretty dated after Stormzy.’

After seeing Sarah’s comment, Liam is believed to have messaged Noel’s 19-year-old daughter Anais which said: “Tell your step mam to be very careful [sic].”


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The NHS, which has been under immense strain since COVID-19 took hold of the UK, was bolstered today as an army of more than 170,000 heroic Brits have signed up overnight to join NHS workers on the coronavirus frontline – after the government's call to arms.

The NHS boss said this morning he had been "bowled over" by the amazing response from the public to help fight the killer virus.

He said: "Overnight 170,000 people have signed up – that's three a minute to help the NHS," he said. "It's an absolutely astonishing response.

"This is a health emergency, we can all play a role in ensuring we get on top of coronavirus and at the same time expand capacity in the NHS."

Yesterday the UK death toll climbed 87 to 422 — the highest daily total so far — with 8,077 confirmed cases.

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Hollyoaks’ Liam is ‘capable of murder’ as he plans revenge for Jesse’s death says actor Jude McGowan – The Sun

Hollyoaks' Liam Donovan actor is "capable of murder" says the actor who plays him, Jude McGowan.

In upcoming scenes Liam decides to take revenge on anyone who has crossed him – and get to the bottom of who killed his little brother Jesse by hosting a ‘devils dinner party’.

Discussing his character’s plans, Jude teased:  “Everyone who has wronged him will be his guests.

“That would be James Nightingale (his ex), Mercedes McQueen (who aborted his baby), Maxine Kinsella (the last person to see Jesse alive), and his sister, Grace Black. Everyone else is residual collateral damage from the main offenders.”

He will also have a face-off with Warren Fox, who targets the Donovans convinced that Grace shot Mercedes.

Jude revealed: “Liam kidnaps John Paul McQueen and Sylver McQueen so he can lure Grace and James to the Dog, where the showdown is going to happen.

“He decides he’s going to hold them all hostage as collateral for James not doing anything stupid…”

And he thinks his character won’t stop at anything to get the answers he needs – even murder.

“He is capable of anything at this point, absolutely anything… He’s capable of inciting other people to do murder. He’s capable of murder himself, ”he said.

“He’s capable of getting his revenge, come what may, regardless of the repercussions.”

Jude added: “He’s gone full blown revenge, the devil-may-care as it were, pun intended. He’s been whipped up into this frenzied, revengeful, maniac, when it becomes clear to him who is solely responsible for Jesse’s death….”

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