Mama June’s Daughter Anna Cardwell, 25, Cuddles BF & Shows Off Implants After $47k Surgeries

Anna Cardwell is loving life with her boyfriend, Eldridge Toney, and new cosmetic enhancements! Check out before and after photos of her plastic surgery.

Anna Cardwell, 25, loves her new implants — and her boyfriend Eldridge Toney! Mama June’s daughter has been showing off both on Instagram. On March 26, Anna shared a photo of herself lovingly pressed up against her longtime boyfriend. Given the cuddly position, Anna’s plastic surgery was a bit more difficult to see in this picture. However, her implants (and other cosmetic enhancements) were front and center in a slideshow of pictures shared on March 21!

“Finally I get to share photos of my makeover journey and introduce you to all the great doctors and beauty professionals who worked on me to make me beautimous!! Please follow them all they changed my life!” Anna captioned her plastic surgery debut photos, giving a shout-out to the doctors and beauty team behind her full-body makeover.

Anna thanked Dr. Michael K Obeng, who performed her breast life and inserted her 500cc Allergen Breast Implants. The procedures, which cost $17,000 total, upgraded Anna from a B cup to a 36D cup. Anna had Eldridge in mind before going under the knife. “It’s going to make my boyfriend very happy,” she told DailyMail TV in an interview about her plastic surgery, published on March 16.

I would say our second best photo haha @eldridgetoney

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Finally I get to share photos of my makeover journey and introduce you to all the great doctors and beauty professionals who worked on me to make me beautimous!! Please follow them all they changed my life! Details… *Boobs & lift: @drmichaelkobeng *Veneers by : @draamirwahab *Hair:@sandradiclemente @diclementesalon *makeup: @booboobrandee @summer_yates37 Thank you to @ginarodriguez & @natashafett for making it all possible ❤️

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Anna also gave a shout-out to Dr. Aamir Wahab, the dentist responsible for installing her $30,000 set of bright white veneers. This was a full-blown makeover: a beauty team even jumped in to give Anna a blonde makeover and a nude makeup beat. From the implants to hair dye, this was an extensive process that racked up a total of $47,450 on Anna’s end. Her little sister Jessica Shannon, 23, also joined the makeover journey when the duo ventured out to Los Angeles in February — combined, they spent up to $120,000 on surgeries and cosmetic services!

“I don’t have confidence in myself. Hopefully this will, you know, get it up there,” Anna confessed to DailyMail TV, explaining why she resorted to such a dramatic makeover. It appears it gave Anna the confidence she desired, judging by her elated smiles in the photos above! Now, the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star can focus on her relationship with Eldridge and her two kids, whom she welcomed with estranged husband Michael Cardwell (they’re still finalizing the divorce after splitting in 2017).

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‘Hot To Not’ Trailer: Mama June’s Rotting Teeth Are Revealed As She Sobs During Family Intervention

Circumstances are still not looking good for Mama June, as she walks back into her daughter’s lives, telling the cameras ‘No one knows what the real story is’ in WE tv’s season 4 trailer for ‘Mama June: Family Crisis.’

Mama June” Shannon is back and she’s bringing a lot of drama with her. In the new trailer for WE tv’s Mama June: Family Crisis, the 40-year-old mother of Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon, 20, and 14-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, is brought back into the family fold after months of dealing with the law. The latest trailer reveals June and her volatile boyfriend, Edward “Geno” Doak’s, use of drugs and how they made the news for their illegal escapades. In March of 2019, Mama June and Geno were both arrested for drug possession and an alleged altercation between the pair. In October, the pair pleaded not guilty, but it seems the consequences of their actions are coming full circle in the dramatic trailer.

“I don’t even know who she is anymore,” Honey Boo Boo confessed to the camera, while headlines highlighting the words “cocaine” and “crack” flash from newspapers. “Geno’s got such a hold on her,” another voice shares. And Geno’s influence is still not sitting well with Lauryn. “He’s a piece of sh*t,” Lauryn says straight to the camera during her confessional. “I don’t think Mama really understands that everything she does affects all of us too.”

And the affects of Mama June’s decisions are about to come home. In the latter half of the trailer, Mama June faces an intervention with Marriage Boot Camp‘s psychiatrist, Dr. Ish Major. Honey Boo Boo sheds a lot of tears in the intense situation, as Dr. Major tries to comfort her by saying, “Understand, that your mother loves you.” Fueling even more drama in this tumultuous trailer, Jennifer — married to Mama June’s ex, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson — wants full custody of Honey Boo Boo, who is currently under the guardianship of her old sister.

It all culminates in Mama June’s final reveal. Her teeth look as though they’re rotting, and she confesses to the cameras, “No one knows what the real story is.” With the less than happy reunion underway, Lauryn tells the camera she is “about to throw down.” The next chapter in this dramatic story will unfold when Mama June: Family Crisis returns to WE tv Friday, March 27th at 9.

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Mama June Faces Her Family Crisis in Dramatic Trailer


Mama June is back. But it’s not a happy family reunion on Mama June: Family Crisis.

The new season of Mama June: From Not to Hot (now labeled Mama June: Family Crisis) premieres Friday, March 27 and features the Shannon family struggling to pick up the pieces following June Shannon’s drug addiction—and arrests—with boyfriend Geno Doak.

“Mama said nothing’s ever going to come between us,” Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) says in the new trailer. “I don’t even know who she is anymore.”

Mama June: Family Crisis sees Lauryn Shannon (Pumpkin) and husband Josh doing their best to keep the family together. They’ve taken custody of Alana and are raising her alongside their toddler Ella.

“I just don’t think mama understands that everything she does affects all of us too,” Lauryn says.

But after Alana begins to act out on social media, her father, Sugar Bear, and his wife Jennifer come calling to demand full custody.

Meanwhile, June’s sister Joanne (Doe Doe) takes it upon herself to find June and separate her from Geno. But you can’t help somebody who doesn’t want it.

“I don’t care how many rocks I have to find June; I’m not leaving Alabama until I do,” Joanne says.

June does appear in the trailer, including a tense moment between her and Lauryn.

“Nobody knows what the real story is,” June cries.

But it’s not all heartbreak. The show will feature Alana’s return to high school, Ella’s baby pageant debut and family therapy moments with Dr. Ish.

In a press release for the new season, WE tv asks, “Will June finally hit her rock bottom and seek professional help? Can she return to the family as the ‘old June’ they all miss terribly? Can love and belief in each other get them through a family crisis that is all too relatable to thousands of American families?”

Mama June: Family Crisis premieres Friday, March 27 at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

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