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Mrs Hinch horrifies beauty fans by using SUPERGLUE to keep her gel nails looking good while all salons are closed

MRS Hinch has shared ahilarious video revealing she's resorted to re-attaching her fake nails with superglue. 

The mum-of-one turned to home remedies to fix her talons, after all the salons shut due to the coronavirus pandemic and the UK was placed in lockdown. 

Rather than embrace her natural nails, the cleanfluencer decided to stick one of her nails which fell off back on – using superglue. 

The 30-year-old claimed it was the only thing she could find the house, but she instantly regretted the decision. 

While the mum usually shares her enviable cleaning hacks, this is one tip which we don't think we'll be using.

She shared a clip of her nails to Instagram, saying: “Check out the regrowth. 

“I don't advise you do this.

“But I found my nail that broke off and stuck it back on… this is all I had in the house.”

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, showed fans the bottle of “incredibly strong” Gorilla Glue, which the makers say “bonds virtually everything”. 

But it seems Mrs Hinch, from Essex, soon regretted the decision to use the industrial product for her fake nails. 

She later added: “It hurts, my nails feel really tight now.

“I don’t advise gorilla glue. Probs best to leave them off.”

While it seems she’ll be embracing her au naturel nails from now on, she’ll probably have to wait for the superglued one to grow out.

In more Hinching news, Mrs Hinch shows how she’s disinfecting her house during coronavirus lockdown from remotes to light switches & candles.

And she showed fans how to clean your bathroom while keeping your feet dry.

Plus, Mrs Hinch shows how she budges tough stains from her dressing table using a £1 Sainsbury’s paste.

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Mrs Hinch shows why cleaning rooms clockwise is the key to getting every spot spic and span

MRS Hinch has revealed the best way to get your house sparkling from top to bottom with a “clockwise clean.”

Taking to her Instagram story, the cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, shared a time-lapse video of her cleaning her dining room in a clockwise motion.

Captioning a snap of her cleaning caddy, she wrote: “I’ve put everything in the basket that I know I’ll need and the room I’ve chosen is the dining room.”

Explaining how to perfect a clockwise clean, the mum-of-one said: “Getyour Hinching baskets out walk into the room and start to your left (that’s your 12 o’clock) work your way around the room (1,2,3 o’clock)

“I love these cleans because I know I haven’t missed one thing in the room.”

She recommends carrying the baskets around the room with you as it makes things “so much quicker” revealing she purchased hers from Pound Stretcher.

She uses Elbow Grease spray on her PVC and Astonish window and glass cleaner on the mirror.

She uses a Pledge fluffy duster and Mr Sheen to polish the area before using Febreeze to freshen up the artificial flowers, curtains, rug and table runner.

Sophie was keen to remind Hinchers to clean their skirting board as they make their way around the room.

Once she had finished her clockwise clean, she added: “I’ll now hoover and mop throughout this room and I’m done.”

In other cleaning news, this handy guide reveals how often you should be washing your sheets to kill bugs.

And this mum showed off the huge cleaning haul she got for Mother's Day but was slammed for stockpiling.

Plus this Mrs Hinch fan drew a willy on her wall, but now she can't get it off.

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Mrs Hinch fan divides the internet after admitting her fiance got her a MOP from Wilko for her birthday

MRS Hinch took to Instagram earlier this month to rave about her favourite mop causing her flock of followers to dash to the store to pick one up. 

But one Mrs Hinch fan has divided opinion after announcing that'd she'd received the Flash Power mop as a gift from her fiance' for her upcoming birthday – and some people weren't impressed.

Mum-of-two Demi Barnett revealed that her other half got her the popular mop during a trip to Wilko's where upon seeing the mop she announced that she'd love it for their home – so he purchased the mop for her as "an early birthday present".

Excited by the gift, Demi took to Facebook to share with other members of the 'Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It' Facebook group, but the post attracted a huge amount of negative comments from people who were horrified by the "shocking" birthday gift.

Upon witnessing such a negative response, the once excited mum felt it necessary to defend the gift from her fiance' in a bid to set the "haters" straight, and claimed that the gift was one of many received for her birthday.

She said: "Before I get any more unwanted comments this isn't my only present from him we were out in Wilko today and I said how I wanted this mop so he said another birthday present and put it in the basket.. also we aren't all lucky to have loads of money and big home and I have two baby’s so things like this make me very happy."

But this prompted more than 500 comments from other people who supported Demi and her chosen gift, with some claiming the mop would be their "ideal gift".

One person said: "This kind of thing would be a great birthday present for me. In my Christmas stocking I’ve had a carpet brush and a radiator brush before"

And another added: "My boyfriend said to me I could have anything I wanted for my birthday.. I got him to take me to the UK's biggest Primark and I also got an air fryer because I'd wanted one forever "

While a third person said: "I would love that ! I asked for one of of those small hand vacuums. I got it. !! Love it. My husband wasnt sure. But best present in years"

Some people were left so unsettled by the fact Demi had to even defend herself, and her fiancee's gift, to begin with that they reassured her that the gesture was a great one and encouraged her to ignore the negative responses she'd received.

One person wrote: "Your *edit makes me so sad – what gives people the right to be so judgemental? You have what you want for your birthday girl – and if a mop makes you happy – he’s a fab partner! "

And a second person agreed: "Happy Birthday. You don't need to justify your presents to anyone. Have a lovely day xx"

A third person added: " Don't ever feel the need to justify yourself to others,especially strangers!! You're happy and that's all that matters. Happy birthday "

Meanwhile, a fourth person said: "Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day, Don't justify yourself to anyone, you are both happy and at the end of the day that's all what matters "

The bloke is a legend in our eyes – who wouldn't be absolutely chuffed with this present? Mrs Hinch would certainly agree.

And Demi later added that the mop worked like a charm, so she was super stoked to have received it after all.

Recently we revealed this thrifty mum makes a reusable pad for Mrs Hinch’s favourite Flash mop to cut down on costs and people love the idea.

And we also shared how Mrs Hinch gets her curtains looking picture perfect – using pipe insulation.

Meanwhile, this Disney fan transforms her kitchen into a Mickey Mouse themed haven using bargains from Primark and eBay.


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Mrs Hinch blasts eBay sellers for upping price of £10 storage racks to £150 after fans copy super-tidy kitchen cupboards

SHE might have shot to fame for her quick and easy cleaning hacks – but these days, Mrs Hinch is equally as famous for her dreamy grey interiors and expertly organised home.

So whenever the star raves about it on her Instagram stories, it's hardly surprising that her 3.2 million followers rush to buy it.

Since having her kitchen redecorated, Mrs Hinch has been singing the praises of a set of white plastic drawers she bought for £10 on eBay.

The new mum uses two of the bargain buys to keep Ronnie's food organised – including his fruit pouches, porridge and baby milk.

Naturally, the purse-friendly products flew off the shelves (metaphorically speaking) but yesterday the star noticed they had become available again.

Sophie said: "Just to let you know guys, these drawers are back on eBay now."

But even though she credits the drawers for keeping her cupboards tidy, the mum insisted that they weren't worth more than a tenner.

She added: "Don't pay more than £10 for them guys. I didn't. I didn't pay more than £10 for mine."

After raving about them online, Sophie was horrified to find later that day that eBay sellers had increased the price of the drawers to a whopping £150 EACH.

Sharing a screenshot of the bonkers new price, Sophie wrote: "What the hell!

Although sellers are keen to cash in on Mrs Hinch's recommendations, the star also acknowledged that the new price could be a reflection of the traffic she was driving to the website.

"Maybe I don't understand eBay that well because how can this keep happening," she said. "I won't share the link guys because I can't any for £10 now. I'm so sorry!"

Earlier this month, the star sent fans wild over a personalised chopping board which she bought for just £15 on eBay.

And back in January, Mrs Hinch fans went wild over Poundstretcher cupboard poles which the influencers uses to keep her bin bags organised.

For more celebrity stories, Mrs Hinch's favourite Zolflora scent is making a comeback – and she's shown fans exactly how she uses it.

And Stacey Soloman made Mrs Hinch her own jewel-encrusted Febreze bottle after Khloe Kardashian's ad went viral.

Plus Mrs Hinch fans went wild for Zoflora's £1.50 Midnight Bloom scent which smells like Thierry Mugler's £80 Alien perfume.

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Mrs Hinch gives fans a sneak peek at her HUGE stockpile of cleaning products which is so big she keeps it in the garage

HER love of everything from Zoflora to Minky is legendary – and it seems Mrs Hinch has ensured she's never caught short when it comes to keeping her home spotless.

The Instagram star, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, gave fans a sneak peek at her huge stockpile of cleaning products.

In a series of videos shred on her Instagram Story, the mum-of-one showed her 3.2m fans the super-tidy utility area in her garage.

"This here is my little utility area," she could be heard explaining as she filmed the space, which houses items including a tumble dryer, iron and ironing board.

"I don't have the space or the room in the house for one."

The camera then panned over to a ceiling-height white cupboard.

Sophie joked: "I won't show you what's in here because you can probably all guess"

However, the social media favourite appeared to have a change of heart and opened the door anyway.

Inside could be spied shelf after shelf of cleaning products – including her beloved Zoflora.

It comes as she gave fans a proper look inside her new stunning grey kitchen.

Sharing a photo of the new space, Sophie wrote: "Honestly, I can't even explain how happy I am just standing in this kitchen, wiping down the worktops, shining the sink, filling my jars and labelling everything!"

Last week, she revealed that she'd given her old kitchen worktops and cupboards to her parents as she and her husband Jamie extended their kitchen to make room for their growing family.

Sophie's new kitchen features statement shelves and an oven which has been integrated with her brand new grey cupboards.

In order to get some natural light coming into the kitchen, she knocked through the back wall to create a small window and she also installed two hanging grey lights.

In other cleaning news, we told you how a handyman has explained the reason why you should never close the door of your washing machine.

We also revealed how a mum used a £7 Wilko spray to clean child's mattress after bed wetting.

And a mum has shared her massive stockpile as coronavirus panic-buyers rush to shops.

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