Stray Kids Once Talked About Fans Who Don't Understand Korean Lyrics

K-pop has been blowing up all over the world. Bands like Stray Kids and BTS have ridden a cultural moment called the Korean wave into international prominence. Fans across the globe enjoy the genre’s slick beats and the personalities of its stars.

Interestingly, many fans of K-pop do not actually speak Korean. Two members of Stray Kids — Bang Chan and Han — have discussed how they feel about this. They both had some insight into K-pop and other music.

Bang Chan and Han on K-pop fans who don’t speak Korean

Tamar Herman of Billboard asked Bang Chan what he thought about his fans who do not speak Korean. Chan found it funny how K-pop fans could enjoy his band’s music without understanding its lyrics. At the same time, he could relate. Chan said he listens to Indian and Spanish music without understanding the lyrics. He said he enjoys Indian and Spanish music because of its sound and the vocal performances.

He elaborated “That kind of makes me want to find out what the lyrics actually mean, and what the singer really wants to say through the song. I do understand that there may be [fans] that may just listen to our songs but not understand the lyrics, and I completely understand how that feels as well. So just want to put that out there. [Laughs]”

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Han made some comments on the matter which echoed Chan’s. ”People may not understand the message completely but, while there’s strength obviously in lyrics there is also strength in the melody and just the song in general as well. We do think about that as we perform and sing these songs because there are different ways you can gain strength through music, the lyrics are just one element.”

Stray Kids’ interesting relationship to the Korean language

Billboard reports the band has released some music in English. It only makes sense that they would dos so, as they have a significant English-speaking audience. Earlier this year, the band released English versions of their songs “Double Knot” and “Levanter” from their album Clé : LEVANTER. Some English-speaking fans of Stray Kids appreciated the gesture while others prefer to listen to the original versions of the songs.

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Interestingly, one can draw parallels between the experiences of fans who are exposed to Korean culture through K-pop and the life experience of Stray Kids member Felix. According to Seven News, Korean was not his first language. He was from Sydney, Australia and he did not move to Korea until he was 17-years-old. He said it was an adventure for him to learn the Korean language and other aspects of Korean culture. For many K-pop fans, learning about Korean culture is an adventure as well.

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Justin Bieber Once Gifted His Childhood Best Friend a Mustang

A lot of people may dislike Justin Bieber for all sorts of reasons, but he’s actually a pretty decent guy. He has used his fame, money, and platform to do some good in the world.

And, like many celebrities who get big, he’s never forgotten about the people who knew him before he was famous. This usually means that he takes care of his family, but he has also taken care of his friends.

Here’s a look at Justin Bieber’s relationship with his best friend and the Mustang that he gave him as a gift.

A brief look at Justin Bieber’s childhood

Back in 2007 when YouTube was still new to the world, young people from all over the world uploaded videos on there to share with others. Bieber had a video on YouTube of him singing, and through pure luck, he was discovered by someone in the music industry.

It didn’t take long before Bieber flew from his home in Canada down to Atlanta to record songs with Usher. 

He was 13 years old at the time, and until then, he had lived a relatively normal life. He went to school, hung out with his friends, and sung a few songs from time to time. And then, in a year or two, Bieber became a teen idol for millions of fans from around the world.

But despite this newfound fame, Bieber remembered the friends that he had before his life blew up. One of those friends was Ryan Butler, who had been his best friend since they were 7-years old.

Who is Ryan Butler?

Butler was not just his childhood best friend. According to The Daily Mail, Butler’s parents helped raise Bieber when his mom, who was a single mother, needed the extra help. Bieber and his mom lived in a small apartment while Butler and his parents lived in a more modest-looking house. 

When he hit it big, he and his mom obviously didn’t need Butler and his parents to help them anymore, but still, he maintained his friendship with Butler.

For example, as Heavy wrote, Butler shows up in a couple of Bieber’s early music videos. In fact, Butler also showed up in a few interviews to talk about him and his relationship with Bieber and the Bieber family.

Their relationship lasts to this day, and Heavy said that the two can be seen eating at restaurants from time to time. Of course, a relationship as strong as that is built through mutual love and appreciation.

So, in 2011, probably to thank Butler for all the love and help that he and his family has shown him and his mom, Bieber gave Butler a brand-new Ford Mustang convertible, according to The Daily Mail.

The Ford Mustang that Justin Bieber gave as a gift

Details are scarce about the exact trim and options that he picked out for his best friend, but since it was brand-new, it was likely a 2012 model year Mustang. Butler seems to be a big fan of powerful and fast cars, so it’s entirely possible that Bieber bought his best-friend the most powerful Mustang that he could get.

According to Consumer Reports, Ford offered five engine options on the 2012 Mustang, with the most powerful being a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine that generated 550-hp. This powerful engine allowed it to go from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.1 seconds and it could also hit a top speed of 200 MPH.

A 2012 Mustang convertible would’ve cost at least $50,000 at the time. That said, cheaper versions of the same car would’ve started at about $30,000. Either way, Butler seemed thrilled with the gift from his best friend.

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The Queen once played Pointless with Alexander Armstrong and was ‘so competitive’ she won ‘hands down’

THE Queen once played a game of Pointless with presenter Alexander Armstrong, and was ‘so competitive’ she ‘won hands down’. 

Alexander, who’s fronted the quiz show alongside Richard Osman since 2009, revealed the monarch did exceptionally well when he hosted a mini game for her. 

The 49-year-old said it was a “weird day”, after he ended up at the Sandringham branch of the Women’s Institute – where the Queen is a member. 

Alexander claimed he was in a church hall “in the middle of nowhere”, with a group of women – which to his surprise included the Queen. 

The host chatted with Jonathon Ross about the surreal experience, saying: “It was a very weird day, I went up to a village hall right in the middle of nowhere, in the Norfolk countryside. 

“There are 34 women in this church hall, and me. 

“And one of them is the Queen. Just sitting right there.

“We played a little version of Pointless where we do a higher or lower, so I’ll give a score out. 

“So I’ll say, on the ABBA gold album how many of our one hundred people named Dancing Queen as one of the tracks. 

“Somebody says ‘ooh, 48’. And you say higher, lower. 

“Anyway we did a best of five, she stormed it.”

The popular quiz shows tasks people with trying to "to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of".

And it turns out the 93-year-old knows a thing or two about trivia, as Alexander said she killed the competition, agreeing she was “competitive”. 

When asked by Jonathon if she won, Alexander replied: “Absolutely. Hands down.”

And when pressed if he let her win, Alexander said the monarch didn’t mess around. 

Jonathan asked: "Was she competitive though? Did you get the feeling she wanted to win?” 

To which Alexander made an elbowing gesture, while saying: “She was good. She had her eye on the prize”.

The Queen joined the Sandringham branch of the WI in 1943, while she was still Princess Elizabeth, and attends an annual meeting.

She spends every Christmas at her Sandringham Estate, in Norfolk, with her family.

It's one of her private homes, and holds special significance for her as it's where her grandfather and father died.

As a tribute to him, she stays at the estate until February 2 each year – the date he passed away in 1952 – and is often spotted attending the local church service.

While we revealed Nadiya Hussain stunned royal staff by asking to high five or chest bump the Queen after baking her 90th birthday cake.

And we revealed the Queen had a crush on her bodyguard as a teenager, calling him 'devastatingly attractive'.

Plus Prince Phillip once joked that the Queen’s ‘flawless’ complexion is ‘like that all over’, reveal royal insider.

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