How Chrissy Metz really feels about her weight-loss contract

Chrissy Metz has struggled with her weight her whole life, admitting to The Hollywood Reporter that she was “born chubby.” The actress even joined Weight Watchers at the age of 11. However, her difficulties with her weight led her to develop a real kinship with her most-famous character, Kate from This Is Us, whose weight-loss journey series creator Dan Fogelman modeled after his own sister’s.

But before This Is Us, Metz experienced a wake-up call on her 30th birthday that inspired her to get serious about being healthy, as noted by Marie Claire. She later landed a role in American Horror Story and, interestingly enough, had to wear a fat suit because she wasn’t big enough for the role. It’s been a challenging road for Metz, but she has finally reached her happy place and she refuses to let anybody else take the credit for it. 

Chrissy Metz was happy to sign a weight-loss contract

One element to Metz’s story that has consistently gained traction relates to the so-called weight-loss contract Metz signed to appear on This Is Us. When the show began, Metz openly told TVLine that she was happy to sign it. She shared, “Because it’s one thing to try to do it on your own. But as human beings, it’s an ego thing: We’re more likely to do something for someone else.”

She later explained to Harper’s Bazaar that it’s not as strict as the word “contract” suggests because there were no real stipulations about how much weight she has to lose or when she needs to lose it by. Fogelman himself confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, “We have a general long-term plan that we’ve all talked about, and we will adjust the plan as needed.”

On their progress thus far, the series creator further clarified that he and Metz discuss the plan for Kate as well as Metz’s own goals about once every year.

Losing weight and getting healthy is Chrissy Metz's personal choice

Metz doesn’t see the weight-loss clause as a negative because she relates so personally to Kate. As she explained to TVLine, losing weight was a key part of “the trajectory of the character as she comes to find herself.” Likewise, Metz made it very clear that her weight loss is ultimately her choice, saying, “Whether or not I lose weight or stay the same, it’s purely a choice of mine for health. Not because I think that plus size, curvy, voluptuous, big bodies aren’t attractive.”  

In 2017, she told Marie Claire that she has no idea how much she weighs nowadays, and the This Is Us star further clarified with People in 2018 that her weight-loss efforts are entirely up to her.

At the 2019 Power Women Summit, as Us Weekly reported, Metz advised, “I think it’s important for every individual to determine what makes them happy and how to get to that.”

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What it really means to practice social distancing

We’ve heard the words “social distancing” tossed around quite a bit these last few weeks as every single newscast seems to lead off with the steady march of how to prepare for the coronavirus. What, exactly, does social distancing mean, though? Locking yourself in your room and never coming out? No, there’s another term for that: self-quarantine. This is something you should do if you’re actually sick, or if there’s a possibility that you might have been infected. Social distancing, however, is for the rest of us. According to The New York Times, the “distancing” part of social distancing is meant literally. They define the term as “measures that are taken to increase the physical space between people to slow the spread of the virus,” and clarify that the recommended distance is at least six feet.

How can we manage to maintain such a distance, however, as we go about our daily business? Ah, there’s the problem, since you never quite realize what a crowded world we’re living in until you try to maintain that six-foot personal space bubble and find out how much of a challenge that can be.

Social distancing and your work life

If you can work from home, you should obviously do so, and at this time even employers that were previously resistant to the idea of allowing workers to telecommute may be willing to give it another go. Obviously, though, not all jobs will lend themselves to remote work. If you have a job that brings you into contact with a large number of people — perhaps you’re a teacher, or you work in the food service industry or in retail — you will need to take extra care to wash your hands as often as possible (still the best, if simplest, defense against the virus) and stock up on the right cleaning products.

Commuting to work also poses problems when it comes to keeping your distance. If you’re driving your own car, you should be okay, and even making use of ride-sharing services will at least limit the number of people with whom you come into contact. If you absolutely must take public transportation, though, well, good luck. And try to see if you can ride at off-peak hours, if at all possible.

Social distancing and life's little necessities

No matter how much you may want to stay home and hide under the covers, at some point you’re going to run out of food. Luckily, we live in an age where grocery and food delivery services are expanding to cover more areas than ever before. As long as we’re under threat of coronavirus, many food delivery services are even offering “contact-free” delivery options. Going out to an actual restaurant is kind of iffy, though — unless you live in NYC, in which case mayor Bill de Blasio claims (via New York Eater) that it’s practically your patriotic duty to keep dining out in order to stimulate the economy, virus be damned. (Keep in mind, though, that de Blasio also eats pizza with a knife and fork, so you might want to take what he says with a pinch of garlic powder.)

Working out at the gym is another grey area, so if you were looking for an excuse to be lazy, you’re in luck! If you actually enjoy working out, though, you should try to go to the gym at a less crowded time — or you could always exercise at home, you know. If you absolutely must have an audience to admire your sets and reps or whatever it is that you’re doing, you could always livestream your workout on Facebook. After all, social media puts the “social” back in social distancing.

Social distancing and your social life

At last, there’s finally some benefit to being an introvert! For those of us already practicing the hikikomori lifestyle (via Psychology Today), social distancing = pretty much life as usual. For those of you new to the ranks, well, you’ll be spending a lot more time hanging out in your room, and your social life will be conducted almost entirely online. Scientific American suggests that video chats are the best substitute for actual face-to-face interaction if you’re having to gradually wean yourself off actual human contact. In time, though, you may grow used to interacting with strangers through comment fields and Reddit threads.

As far as your actual loved ones go, you’ve already shared the germs of anyone living in your house, so carry on as usual (with the added bonus of stir-craziness and cabin fever, if you’re not used to so much togetherness). If you’re still in the dating phase with someone and have yet to progress to moving in together, two out of three health experts interviewed by The Atlantic suggest that if you know each other well enough to be reasonably sure your partner’s virus-free, it’s okay to keep on seeing them, though you should avoid going out to public gatherings. Netflix and… whatever… should still be okay, though. Oh, that third expert interviewed? They were more cynical, suggesting you and your partner “get creative” with text messages, FaceTime, or phone calls. (How creative, we’d really rather not know. TMI!)

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How John Mayer Really Feels About Ex Katy Perry’s Pregnancy

Seeing things in a new light. John Mayer wants nothing but positive vibes for his ex-girlfriend Katy Perry, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom.

“John is happy for Katy and wishes her the best,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively. “They don’t keep in touch that much.”

The “Waiting on the World to Change” singer, 42, and the American Idol judge, 35, dated on and off from 2012 to 2015 before she moved on with the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 43, in January 2016. The former couple’s breakup inspired Mayer’s song “Still Feel Like Your Man.”

“Who else would I be thinking about?” he told The New York Times in 2017 when asked whether the track was about Perry. “And by the way, it’s a testament to the fact that I have not dated a lot of people in the last five, six years. That was my only relationship. So it’s like, give me this, people.”

While Mayer has not been linked to anyone since the “Teenage Dream” singer, she quickly fell head over heels in love with Bloom. The actor proposed in February 2019 during a Valentine’s Day helicopter ride.

Perry announced her pregnancy on Thursday, March 5, by debuting her baby bump in her “Never Worn White” music video. She later revealed that she is due to give birth in the summer.

“I am excited. We’re excited and happy,” she gushed to fans on Instagram Live. “It’s probably the longest secret I’ve ever had to keep. I like to tell you guys everything, but I knew I would tell you in the best way, which was through a piece of music because that’s how I speak to you.”

The Grammy nominee, who hopes to have a baby girl, was previously married to comedian Russell Brand from 2010 to 2012. Bloom, for his part, shares 9-year-old son Flynn with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, to whom he was married from 2010 to 2013.

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Beauty and Fashion

Sophie Turner Really Regrets Wearing This Sexy Look to Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's Wedding

“One of my worst looks,” she admits.

When "Game of Thrones" stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie tied the knot in 2018, one of their costars nearly upstaged the bride when she showed up rocking a bright red blazer and thigh-high boots.

Yep, Sophie Turner certainly turned heads when she walked into the ceremony with fellow-Stark Maisie Williams and now, in a new interview with Elle, she admits the whole look was a big mistake.

As part of a video series in which stars take a look back at some of their fashion hits and misses, Turner reacted in horror as this outfit in particular was shown. "Oh no," she said upon seeing the photo, "I’ll forever regret this look. One of my worst looks."


After explaining where she wore it, she said she had a "fashion emergency" that day, which led to this ensemble. "Both of my really classy dresses that I picked out did not fit me because they’d arrived the day of the wedding," she explained, "and I hadn’t had a chance to try them on, and they didn’t fit me."

Saying it was between either the boots or "nice heels" she opted for the boots because, otherwise, "all of my leg" would have been showing. Admitting she thought the boots would at least cover her up "a little," she said the overall look was "a disaster."

"Worst fashion choice," she added, before calling Williams a "great wedding date" — and the "best" date besides husband Joe Jonas.

Check out the video below to see her react to the sexy dress she rocked to Joe’s James Bond-themed 30th birthday bash, her look for the Camp-themed Met Gala and the time she went "all out" in Daisy Dukes for Stagecoach.

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What It Really Takes to Lose 280 Pounds, from a Guy Who Did It

“The turning point for me was when doctors told me this was life or death,” says Jonathan Archipolo. The 22-year-old car salesman from Queens, NY, had been overweight his whole life. Bullied at school from an early age, and with a turbulent home life, he took solace in eating. “I was an emotional eater and when anything went wrong in my life, food was always there to bring me comfort,” he says.

As he grew up, overeating had consequences. I couldn’t walk a single block without losing my breath,” he says. I had difficulty sleeping at night due to developing sleep apnea. I would stop breathing almost once a minute every hour I would sleep.” He felt helpless. At 18 years old, he weighed 510 pounds—his waist was 66 inches, and he wore a 6XL. His mother had undergone bariatric surgery; seeing her results, he decided to have gastric bypass surgery. “I consider my mother to be the strongest person I know,” he says, “and if she could do this, so could I.”

The surgery limited how much food or liquid he could consume before he felt full; it’s a weight-loss technique in and of itself. But Archipolo wanted to go farther. Healing from the surgery took months, during which he relied on protein shakes and fresh fruit. He aimed for a high-protein diet with lots of chicken. After he recovered, he joined Retro Fitness and found a personal trainer, who guided him through lots of full-body, high-intensity cardio work.

“Each day was difficult, as I was attempting to do something that I’ve never done before,” he says. He wasn’t motivated every day; sometimes he woke up exhausted from the day before. But he visualized reaching his goals. “I was determined to not be beaten mentally,” he says. “I never gave up when it would have been understandable if I did.”

In four years, he dropped 280 pounds. “I feel amazing and grateful that health is no longer an issue for me,” he says. He’s able to wear standard clothing now, and has had relationships since he started losing weight. With new confidence, he’s started working at a gym, selling memberships and personal training, and says he’s taken his auto sales to the next level.

Archipolo learned that he loved working hard in the gym.

“I discovered who I am as a person throughout this entire process,” he says. “I learned how to work hard—I wasn’t going to out-lift or out-run anyone, but I made it my mission not to be outworked.” He’s working toward cutting weight and increasing his endurance so he can run in the 2020 New York City Marathon this November.

Over the last few years, Archipolo has learned a lot about perseverance. He quotes Napoleon Hill: “Keep digging. You may be only 3 feet from gold.” When he started, he was forced to imagine a different future for himself; now, visualizing what he wants is second nature. Seeing what you want and disregarding everything else as just roadblocks, he says, worked for him. “You will want to quit,” he says. “Maybe even scream and cry. But I promise if you hold on, it will all be worth it.”

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