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Study Reveals the 6 Best Disney Movies That Bombed at the Box Office: Watch on Disney+

Disney — the third largest global media conglomerate boasting multiple uncontested films and tv shows — stands behind several of the greatest box office successes. From animated classics like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast to Marvel Cinematic Universe installments like Avengers: Endgame, Disney knows how to make money, and gain critical acclaim. Yet, critical acclaim and box office success do not always go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, a great movie doesn’t lure audiences to the theater.

A recent study by BroadbandChoices analyzed some of Disney’s blockbuster flops, as well as their critic and viewer ratings across Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Metacritic. The study aimed to uncover and draw attention to the Disney films that are worthy of a watch – in terms of narrative, character, cinematography, and other essential “good film” qualities— that may have been passed over when they first premiered. The below movies were deemed box office failures, for they failed to rake in the customary 2-3 times their budget (if not more). 

6. ‘Treasure Planet’ (2002)

Treasure Planet premiered in 2002. Though the film cost Disney a total of $140 million dollars, it only made $110 million at the box office, resulting in a loss. Yet, the movie was not a critical flop by any means, as its vision of outer space was deemed captivating, while the action sequences were strong enough to keep anyone interested. 

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While the characterizations could have used further development, it holds a 70% review score when accounting for the above-listed sites ( Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and Metacritic). 

5. ‘Pete’s Dragon’ (2016)

Pete’s Dragon, premiering in 2016, gave fans Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard in an adorable and inspiring Disney tale – reminding viewers never to judge a book by its cover — but it failed to make money. The movie cost Disney $65 million, and it only made $143 million at the box office. Combining the review sites, BroadbandChoices gave the film a 72% review score. 

4. ‘Fantasia 2000’ (1999)

Fantasia 2000 features celebrity hosts introducing various segments, in a new musical program interpreted by Disney storytellers. Though the likes of Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Quincy Jones, James Earl Jones, and more all make an appearance, the movie failed to bring in the big bucks. The average review score is a 75%, but the film had an $80 million budget, and only made $91 million a the box office. 

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3. ‘Bolt’ (2008)

Remember Bolt — the one about the really adorable dog who thinks he is a superhero because he plays one on TV? Though the premise was adorable, as the dog discovered heroism doesn’t need to be an extraordinary quality, the movie failed at the box office. Despite its 75% review score, combining the several major review sites, it only made $310 million at the box office, despite its $150 million.

2. ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ (1986)

When London’s master toymaker is kidnapped, Basil the mouse embarks on a journey to discover the culprit — taking on the greatest case of his career. The film cost $14 million an only made $39 million at the box office. The 1986 film boasts a 77% review score.

1. ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (2000)

The Emperor’s New Groove is straight-up hysterical — there are so many big laughs in this movie that it’s worth watching for the humor alone. When an arrogant emperor is transformed into a llama, madness, and self-discovery ensue. The film cost $100 million and only made $169 million at the box office, despite an 82% review score.

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Mum reveals son, 4, has made amazing recovery from caravan blaze

Mother whose son, 3, died in a caravan blaze during a weekend sleepover with his father reveals her other boy, 4, who was rescued has made an incredible recovery four months later

  • Inferno ripped through caravan near Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales, in January 
  • Blaze happened while dad Shaun Harvey was having sleepover with his children
  • Parents lost their three-year-old son Zac in the fire but Harley was rescued  
  • Harley was in critical condition in hospital but has made a remarkable recovery 

A mother who lost her three-year-old son in a caravan blaze says her other boy, four, is making an incredible recovery – despite being given a slim chance of survival.

Erin Harvey, 28, lost three-year-old Zac Harvey in the tragic inferno earlier this year.

The fire ripped through the home of dad Shaun Harvey at around 5am during a weekend sleepover with his children. He was tragically unable to save Zac but managed to reach his other son Harley and save him.

Harley Harvey suffered severe burns when the caravan fire that took his brother’s life set his father’s home ablaze but he is slowly managing to get back to grips with normality

Zac Harvey (right) was killed by the fire in Ffair Rhos near Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales and his brother Harley (left) is recovering remarkably despite being given a slim chance of survival

Harley was airlifted from the scene and doctors have been amazed by his progress 

Harley, four, was left in a critical condition following the horror blaze in Ffair Rhos near Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales.

He was given little chance of surviving his injuries and newly released photos from hospital show the extent of the ordeal he has gone through.

But mum has now revealed that he is making an ‘amazing’ recovery – even attending school before lockdown.

Police say an investigation into the cause of the fire in the early hours of January 19 is still ongoing but it is not being treated as suspicious.

Harley left), seen here with mum Erin, was asleep in the caravan when it suddenly fire caught

It took some adjustments for Harley to return to normality but he has adapted excellently

Erin said: ‘Zac was such a little ray of sunshine, always so happy and cheeky. Our home is very quiet now he’s gone.

‘Harley and his brother Alex are coping well at the moment, and we’ve got support in place.

‘It’s something that will never get any easier and our family will never be the same again.’

She described having nurses and doctors to help ‘around the clock’ when Harley eventually left hospital, after around six weeks.

The boy was airlifted to Bristol Children’s Hospital after the fire, where he stayed until 25 February. He was home by the end of the month.

Erin added: ‘The first few weeks of adjusting to home life was hard, after having nurses and doctors to help around the clock to being on my own with Harley.

Zac’s coffin featured messages from loved ones and the funeral was earlier this year

‘It was worrying for me, but Harley adapted to the change well. We soon got into a routine of medications, baths, dressing changes and creams.

‘He was in a wheelchair for the first few weeks but you wouldn’t even think it now. He’s definitely back to his active self.

‘He still can’t do all the things he could before and needs help with things like eating and toilet trips.

Eric Harvey helped nurse her young son back to health and he was discharged in February

‘He doesn’t have full function of his left hand, but to our amazement he wiggled his fingers for the first time the other day.

‘He’s definitely making progress.

‘He had done two afternoons back in Pontrhydfendigaid School before lockdown happened, and he can’t wait until he can go back and see all his friends.

‘The teachers have been a massive support to us and still continue to check in on us all via phone.

‘We are waiting for an appointment with his consultant to discuss his next surgery in Morriston.

Despite the nature of his injuries, Harley showed great spirit to take recovery in his stride

Mum Erin accepts that it will be a long way back but thanked the Morriston Burns Unit

Initially Harley was given a slim chance of survival given the seriousness of his condition 

‘It’s going to be a long road, but the way Harley takes it all and excels in every way possible makes it much easier on us all as a family.

‘The staff at Morriston Burns Unit have been amazing. I would like to thank everyone who is supporting us along our journey.’

The tragic fire shocked the community in the remote village earlier this year.

Neighbours described the screams of devastated dad Shaun, 28, in the aftermath of the blaze.

One said: ‘Shaun was screaming: ‘My boy’s dead. My boy’s dead. I’ve killed my boy. I was telling him that no one had killed anybody – but he was in such a state.’ 

Neighbour Miriam Connolly, 54, and her husband Sean saw Mr Harvey desperately trying to get back into the caravan to reach his little boy in the village of Ffair-Rhos, near Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire.

At the time of the incident, Shaun Harley was tragically only able to save one of his young sons 

Zac was killed by the blaze and neighbours recalled his father’s devastated screams 

Mrs Connolly, who was woken by Mr Harvey’s shouts and a plant pot being thrown at her window, said: ‘They kicked the fence down to come to us for help. It was horrific. 

‘The caravan went up like a tinder box, we were trying to reassure him he did everything he could to save his child.

‘We ran a cold bath for him and his little boy, they were both in extreme pain. They asked for potato peeling which are supposed to be good for burns.’

Tree surgeon Shaun had been living in the two-berth caravan in his stepmother’s garden after breaking up with Erin the previous summer.

A fundraiser was launched by friends following the tragedy to raise money for the family. The total currently stands at more than £11,000.

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Keith Lemon reveals he calls Stacey Solomon ‘the most attractive weasel on the planet’ – The Sun

KEITH Lemon has joked he calls Stacey Solomon "the most attractive weasel on the planet".

The Celebrity Juice presenter told how he was reminded of Stacey by a mystery craft that appeared on his new series The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft.

He joked: "It looks like Stacey Solomon during lockdown.

"She knows I call her the most attractive weasel on the planet. If it was in Wind in the Willows those weasels would be all over her.

"She's said it too, she said, 'Someone said I look like a rat'. You do. But I said a really pretty rat though. She is really pretty."

The acid-tongued comedian also revealed how he was struggling not to be filmed crying at some of the talents on offer on the show.

He said: "It's good to do crafting and when someone comes along and says, 'Your crafting's amazing' it makes your chest get bigger, it's good for your soul.

"There was a girl on there who had never been told she was good and when we were all amazed by her craft she was in tears.

"I was in tears and I had to think of my tax bills because I could feel the camera coming around me and I thought 'You're not filming me crying'."

Presenter Anna Richardson added: "And then there was a girl who came on, a beautiful Asian woman called Ann, who the challenge was to create a mythical creature or legendary creature .

"She'd taken this old Chinese goddess who was half snake half woman and she created this porcelain head, hand painted it, hand sewed this snake body and it was a glove puppet.

"It was so exquisite that we dimmed the lights and she did this sort of shadow dance with the glove puppet and we were all moved to tears by it.

"We said to her you are not just a crafter, you are an artist and this woman cried and said no-one had ever told her she was any good."

* The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft starts Sunday May 10 at 8pm on Channel 4

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Chris Harrison reveals which Bachelor Nation contestants frustrated him the most

Millions of fans across the country have been watching with bated breath as contestants on ABC’s the Bachelor franchise pick who they believe could be their true love. In fact, the hit series recently peaked during its 23rd season with over 8 million viewers tuning in, according to Variety. Having 18 years under his belt as host of the show, Chris Harrison is now revealing that he hasn’t always gotten along with each contestant. He appeared virtually on the The Kelly Clarkson Show and admitted it hasn’t always been easy.

When she asked if he’s ever had the urge to “scream” at any of the participants, his answer was yes. “Gosh, I don’t know if there’s anyone on the show that I haven’t wanted to do that,” he said. “I mean, even this last season with Peter [Weber], I wanted to just grab him by the shirt collar and be like, ‘Come on, man. Pull it together.’ Because he was a mess coming down the stretch.”

Chris Harrison admits multiple contestants have upset him

Harrison also disclosed that the beloved pilot wasn’t the only one to frustrate him over the years. “Colton [Underwood], obviously, jumping the fence and running away from me in the Portuguese countryside,” he admitted. “So, yeah, and even Hannah [Brown] and I had our moments. So, I think probably with every Bachelor and Bachelorette, there is that moment where they want to scream at me — and sometimes they do — and then I want to yell at them.”

After his no-filter comments, Harrison told the The Voice coach that things ultimately get that heated because he gets emotionally invested in the contestants. “That’s part of [it], honestly, I do get involved in these people’s lives and I do care about them and I think when you do love people — it’s not that you abuse them, that’s not love, but I think you do have those heated moments where you’re really telling your truth,” he explained.

After being on the show for nearly two decades, Harrison also divulged if he believes this makes him an authority on love. “I feel like, you know, I’m not a doctor, but I definitely should have some sort of honorary degree in psychology of dealing with relationships because I have truly seen it all,” he said. “I’ve been through it myself and seen it on TV”

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Ander Herrera reveals he quit Man Utd after dispute with board and tells of ‘sad’ PSG title tarnished due to coronavirus – The Sun

ANDER HERRERA has revealed that a disagreement with Manchester United's board led to his summer exit from the club.

With his contract expiring at the end of last season, the Spaniard agreed a free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain despite wanting to stay at Old Trafford.

Herrera has not been afraid of criticising those who run his former team since departing – but insists he still has a lot of "respect" for Ed Woodward and Co.

The midfielder told ESPN: "When I look back a year ago, my intention was not to leave Manchester United.

"I had some different opinions with the board but I respect them. I respect them a lot.

"They do things for Manchester United and I disagree with the people who say they don't. They really suffer when things don't go well and they really fight to bring Manchester United back.

"I disagreed with some of the decisions they made but this happens in football. In happens in every company.

"Apart from that, I respect them. I had a great relationship with Ed Woodward and with the owners when they came so I have nothing to complain about with them."


In November, the 30-year-old blamed the United board for prioritising business over football.

Although it was also reported that Herrera sought a wage of £350,000-a-week to remain in Manchester.

Upon signing for PSG, he described the Red Devils' offer to keep him at the club as "late" before adding: "There were differences regarding the project and my importance within it."

In his first season in France, Herrera claimed a Ligue 1 winners' medal after the campaign was cancelled early due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And he has admitted that the circumstances behind his first league title triumph left a sour taste.

The midfielder continued: "To be honest, I didn't celebrate it. I love football but I love to play football and win trophies on the pitch.

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Sports dietitian, 31, reveals the weight loss tips that REALLY work

Sports dietitian, 31, reveals the weight loss tips that REALLY work – and what she eats in a typical day to stay lean and healthy

  • Sports dietitian Leanne Ward, 31, revealed the weight loss tips that work 
  • The Brisbane expert said you need to drink water before and between meals
  • Leanne also said you should aim for 10,000 steps per day or a small workout
  • The 31-year-old shared a typical day on her plate for staying lean and healthy 

A leading sports dietitian has revealed the weight loss tips that will really give you results, as well as what she eats in a typical day to stay looking and feeling her best.

Leanne Ward, 31, from Brisbane, is a firm believer in the idea that it’s not what you eat but how much of it and how often you eat it that is key to seeing long-term weight loss.

Leanne said if you can be ‘consistent’ with just a few things, you’ll see the kilos drop off and you will not only look but also feel better.

Scroll down for video 

A leading sports dietitian revealed the weight loss tips that will really give you results, as well as what she eats in a typical day to stay looking and feeling her best (Leanne Ward pictured)

‘Are you being consistent with all these things?’ Leanne wrote on a recent video she shared on TikTok.

‘These weight loss tips are both helpful and realistic.’

1. Reduce all packaged food and sweets to once per day 

The first thing the accredited dietitian wants you to do is reduce all packaged food and sweets to just one serving per day.

While it might feel easier to eat food that comes straight from a packet, they are usually packed full of additives and preservatives – all of which are not good for your waistline.

Leanne said, instead, you should prioritise ‘real wholefoods’ – including plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, slow-release carbohydrates and a little of the ‘good fats’ like olive oil and avocado.

The dietitian said you absolutely must ensure that half of your plate is filled with vegetables and salad at every meal (pictured: inside her fridge)

2. Eat half a plate of salad or vegetables with every meal 

Secondly, Leanne said half a plate of salad and/or vegetables should be mandatory at every mealtime.  

‘The ideal portion sizes for fat loss are half a plate of veggies or salad, a quarter of a plate of protein, a quarter of a plate of carbs and a thumb-sized amount of fat,’ Leanne said.

If your quantities are off in any way, you are unlikely to be able to reach your goals.

3. Drink a large glass of water before and between every meal

Hunger is often mistaken for thirst, but Leanne said if you have a large glass of water before and between every meal, you’ll be far less likely to over-eat.

While the experts are often divided over whether you should sip on water during a meal, they all agree that before and between eating is a good way to stop you from thinking you’re hungry when you’re not.

Leanne (pictured) also said you should be looking to drink a large glass of water between and before every meal, as well as aiming for 10,000 steps per day

4. Get 10,000 steps per day or a small workout

While it might feel hard in isolation to hit your step goal, Leanne said if you can either fit in 10,000 steps each day or a small 30 minute workout, your body will thank you.

10,000 steps equates to around eight kilometres or one hour 40 minutes of walking, depending on your stride length. 

According to Medibank, the recommendation of 10,000 steps a day originally came from Japanese researchers in the 1960s. 

Led by Dr Yoshiro Hatano, a research team found that the average person took 3,500 to 5,000 steps each day – and that if they increased it to 10,000, they could improve their overall health and fitness.

Dr Hatano’s calculations estimated that 10,000 steps could burn around 20 per cent of an individual’s caloric intake.

The dietitian (pictured) said we often eat when we’re bored rather than hungry, and if we don’t get enough sleep, then this affects our hunger hormones negatively

5. Only eat when you’re truly hungry (rather than bored)

In the same way that we often mistake hunger for thirst, so too do we nibble and snack when we’re not really hungry.

Leanne recommends you try to only eat when you’re really hungry, rather than bored. 

6. Sleep 7-8 hours each night

Lastly, the dietitian said you absolutely must get at the minimum seven hours of sleep each night, and ideally eight hours.

‘Lack of sleep affects the hunger hormones,’ Leanne said.

If you find yourself repeatedly clocking under seven, you’ll often think you want to snack more the next day.

How to make Leanne’s chicken turmeric curry


Leanne shared her recipe for her favourite chicken turmeric curry (pictured)

300g raw chicken

100g raw brown rice (250g cooked)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 tbsp curry powder

3 tsp turmeric powder

2 x 400ml cans of light coconut milk

2 large carrots, diced

2 large zucchini, diced

1/2 (300g) small cauliflower, diced

1/2 (300g) small broccoli, diced

8 medium button mushrooms, diced

250g green beans, diced

1 medium brown onion, diced


1. Heat a large fry pain and add 1 tbsp of the oil. Add the onion, 1 tbsp curry powder and 1 tsp turmeric and stir for a few minutes until fragrant. Add the chicken and 1 can of coconut milk.

2. Allow the coconut milk to simmer then turn the heat to low and allow the chicken to cook for 15-20 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked through, remove it from heat and pop aside.

3. Cook the rice as per the packet instructions.

4. Meanwhile, heat another large fry pain and add the rest of the oil, turmeric and curry powder. Add optional chilli flakes if you like it hot! Stir until fragrant then add all the chopped veggies to your pan.

5. Pour the second can of coconut milk over the veggies and allow the milk to come to a simmer. Turn the heat to low and put a lid on the fry pan and allow the veggies to simmer in the coconut milk until they are cooked through (roughly 10 minutes).

6. Remove from heat.

7. Divide the chicken and rice into 4 portions and add 1/4 of the veggies to each portion. Stir and enjoy!

Source: Leanne Ward

Leanne revealed her typical day on a plate, which encompasses 1,800 of nourishing and delicious foods – including her breakfast of protein clusters and protein yoghurt and a large soy cappuccino (pictured)

Dinner is a ‘delicious kale salad with tuna and tofu and a garlic and yoghurt dressing’ (pictured)

Leanne also revealed what she eats on a daily basis for optimum health.

‘This is what 1,800 calories of nourishing nutrition looks like,’ she captioned another TikTok video. 

What is Leanne’s typical day on a plate?

* BREAKFAST: Protein clusters with a high protein yoghurt.

* MID-MORNING: Large soy cappuccino and a banana.

* LUNCH: Chicken and turmeric curry with rice.

* AFTERNOON SNACK: 30 calories of nuts.

* DINNER: Kale salad with tuna and tofu with a garlic and yoghurt dressing.

* DESSERT: Homemade Anzac biscuit and a square of Lindt dark chocolate. 

‘You can either eat an entire pizza or all of this delicious, nourishing food. Eat to nourish your body, not starve it.’

The 31-year-old said she typically starts her day with protein clusters and a high protein yoghurt from YoPro.

Leanne accompanies this with a large soy cappuccino.

Mid-morning and before a workout, she said she’ll typically have a banana for energy, before returning to enjoy lunch of chicken turmeric curry. 

In the afternoon, Leanne said she often snacks on 30 calories of nuts to get her through the 3pm slump.

Dinner is a ‘delicious kale salad with tuna and tofu and a garlic and yoghurt dressing’.

She followed this on this particular day with a homemade Anzac biscuit and a square of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt caramel flavouring. 

She followed this on this particular day with a homemade Anzac biscuit (pictured) and snack on a handful of nuts in the afternoon (also pictured)

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Skincare expert reveals how to plump your pout with massage

How to plump your pout without any fillers: Skincare expert reveals special facial massage technique that will make your lips look fuller without ANY cosmetic help

  • New York-based esthetician Danna Omari shared a video on TikTok in which she revealed how to massage your lips to make them naturally fuller 
  • She says that by kneading the mouth muscle every day, you will ‘plump, tone and strengthen it’, which will make lips look bigger 
  • Danna advises that you do 30 reps of the orbicularis oris exercise every day 
  • Her video has gone viral on TikTok, racking up more than 241,000 views and more than 12,000 likes  
  • Many beauty businesses have shut down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving people unable to receive their usual treatment 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

A beauty expert has revealed a genius technique for achieving fuller, plumper lips without the need for fillers – offering a brilliant alternative for anyone who is unable to receive the treatment during the pandemic, or for those who are too nervous to try it out. 

New York-based esthetician Danna Omari revealed in a viral TikTok video that you can use a special massage technique to ‘plump, tone and strengthen’ your mouth muscle – the orbicularis oris – which will in turn leave you with a fuller looking pout. 

In the clip, Danna is seen pinching her lips between her thumb and index finger, pulling them outwards to form a duck-like pout, and then ‘kneading’ the area around them with her fingers.  

All natural! A New York-based esthetician has revealed how you can plump your pout using a facial massage technique instead of getting fillers

Plump it up! Danna Omari shared a video detailing the technique on her TikTok account, explaining how to make your lips look fuller by strengthening the mouth muscle 

She slowly moves her fingers from one side of her mouth to the other, pinching her lips as she goes, before bringing both hands to the center of her pout. 

Danna then slowly slides her fingers outwards from the center to the outer corners of her mouth, maintaining a tight grip on her lips as she goes.  

‘Plump, tone, strengthen the mouth muscle!’ she wrote in the caption, while also explaining her technique in more detail. 

‘Take your thumb and index finger, gently pull and knead back and forth,’ she wrote. ‘Do this everyday to strengthen the muscle.’  

Danna warned that you should make sure your lips and face aren’t covered in any products that might make the skin slippery, explaining that you need a ‘good grip’ in order to get the best results. 

‘Make sure you don’t have too much slip so that you have a good grip,’ she wrote. 

The beauty expert advises that you do 30 reps of the exercise every day in order to achieve maximum results – and warns that anyone who has filler should avoid trying the technique no doubt because it may move the filler around and leave your lips looking lumpy and uneven.   

However, for those who are filler-free and seeking a plumper pout, Danna says the technique is the perfect alternative to the cosmetic procedure. 

Taking to the comments section, the esthetician also revealed that the technique will help to reduce the appearance of smile lines. 

The video sparked a slew of interested comments, with many users questioning whether the technique will actually work, and how long it will take for them to see results.  

One person who has tried out the massage urged other users to test it out for themselves, writing in the comments: ‘It works!’  

In another video, Danna – who specializes in facial massage techniques – reveals you can also also use a gua sha tool in order to work out your mouth muscle, while also relieving tension in the face. 

20 terrific lip products to add to your beauty arsenal

Care and attention: Dr. Pawpaw Scrub and Nourish (left, $10), E.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator (center, $4), Milk Makeup Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask (right, $22)

Treatment: Dr. Brandt Needles No More 3-D Lip Plumpfix (left, $39), Hourglass N° 28 Lip Treatment Oil (right, $49)

Balm brilliance: Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter (left, $18), Bite Beauty Agave+ Daytime Vegan Lip Balm (center, $14), Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm (right, $8)

Beefed up balms: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Lip Pop (left, $22), C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint (right, $7.50)

Sweet scents: Burt’s Bees Pink Grapefruit Moisturizing Lip Balm (left, $3.59), Lanolips 101 Ointment Coconutter Multi-Balm (center, $13.50), Sun Bum Watermelon Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF30 (right, $3.99)

Shine on: Kosas Wet Lip Oil Gloss (left, $27), Tower 28 ShineOn Jelly Lip Gloss (right, $14)

Plump it up: Nudestix Nude Plumping Lip Glace (left, $28), Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish Gloss (center, $21), Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper (right, $29)

Netral lip: Maybelline SuperStay Ink Crayon in Lead The Way (left, $7.99), Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk (right, $34)

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Hollyoaks star reveals what she's been up since soap departure

Porsche McQueen (Twinnie Lee Moore) was involved in some of the most quintessential Hollyoaks moments in the soap’s long-running history, and the most iconic of those moments — the spectacular train crash that took place on her wedding day — was re-aired this week as part of Hollyoaks Favourites.

With Hollyoaks having been forced to cease production amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the weekly episodes have been reduced to a mere two in an effort to ensure the soap remains on screen for as long as possible.

As a result, classic instalments are being shown during the latter half of the week to replace the gaps in the schedule — hence why the train crash was re-broadcast.

Reminiscing about the sublime moment, actress Twinnie — who portrayed Porsche — said: ‘It was brilliant, and the crew were absolutely amazing. I had never done anything like that before, so it was very exciting to film’

As noted earlier, Porsche featured in some of the soap’s biggest moments during her time in the eponymous village, but she ultimately departed on her own back in 2015.

Speaking about her time on the soap, Twinnie said: ‘It was such an amazing experience. I made some friends for life. “My storyline into the show was pretty special.’

‘The wedding and train crash was so cool to film, and quite an epic moment. Porsche’s confession scene with Phoebe was also one of the most important scenes for Porsche.’

Since departing Hollyoaks, Twinnie has been incredibly busy — working both as an actress and as a singer.

She said: ‘I have been back and fourth to America, writing. I signed a major record deal, and I have been on a bunch of tours. I starred in the film ‘The Wife’ with Glenn Close. This week, I have released my debut album, ‘Hollywood Gypsy’. It’s a country pop album, storytelling lyrics with pop production.’

Hollyoaks Favourites continues Friday 24 April at 7pm on E4.

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Beauty and Fashion

B&M reveals how to make chocolate Baileys cheesecake at home and it looks DELICIOUS

B&M HAS revealed a recipe for a chocolate Bailey’s cheesecake which is easy to make and looks like the perfect lockdown treat. 

The easy-to-follow boozy recipe involves just a few ingredients and many foodies have said they are desperate to make it. 

First you need to mix together biscuits and melted butter, and then press into a tin before leaving to chill for an hour. 

Then add the double cream to a bowl and whip until soft peaks form. 

Mix the cream cheese, icing sugar and the Bailey’s together until smooth, before adding the double cream and a bar of crushed dark chocolate.

Take the chilled base out of the fridge, and then add the mixture on top. 



  • 500g of crushed McVities Bourbon Cream biscuits
  • 120g melted butter
  • 480ml double cream
  • 120g icing sugar
  • 480g cream cheese
  • 75ml of Bailey’s
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • Magic stars and silver balls


  1. First you need to mix together the biscuits and melted butter
  2. Press into a tin before leaving to chill for an hour. 
  3. Then add the double cream to a bowl and whip until soft peaks form. 
  4. Mix the cream cheese, icing sugar and the Bailey’s together until smooth,
  5. Add the double cream and a bar of crushed dark chocolate.
  6. Take the chilled base out of the fridge, and then add the mixture on top. 
  7. Chill for two to three hours, and then criss-cross melted chocolate on top, and decorate with a sprinkling of Magic Stars and silver balls. 

Chill for two to three hours, and then criss-cross melted chocolate on top, and decorate with a sprinkling of Magic Stars and silver balls. 

Voila! Your boozy cheesecake looks impressive and is ready to be tucked into. 

B&M shared the recipe on Instagram with the caption: “Bailey's + Cheesecake. How tasty does this look?!

"Who should be making you this at the weekend?! For 18+ only.”

One person raved: “holy moly that looks outrageous.”

Another foodie added: “that looks amazing.”

Previously, IKEA shared its exact recipe for its delicious meatballs and there are only six steps.

Greggs has also revealed the exact recipe of their famous steak bakes & people in lockdown are desperate to try them.

Meanwhile, a chef has shown how to make a ‘McDonald’s’ cheeseburger – and his secret to the perfect patty.

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Michelle Obama Reveals “Overwhelming Gratitude” for Global Coronavirus Efforts

So many people took part in Lady Gaga’s collaborative event with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization, One World: Together at Home, on Saturday, including Michelle Obama.

Obama teamed up with Laura Bush, and the First Ladies shared a message of hope to people all over the world from their respective homes. Obama started by saying, “Over the years, Laura and I have traveled across this country, and around the world.” Bush continued, “We visited with you at your schools, libraries, diners, places of worship, and even at your kitchen tables.”

Obama then explained, “And we’ve had the profound privilege of getting to know you and your families. Your hopes, your struggles, and you triumphs.”

Bush concurred and said, “The spirit and courage of the American people is most evident in times of crisis. And during this difficult period of physical separation, we’ve never been closer. Not just in our brave country, but tonight, we stand with the people of the world.”

Obama revealed, “Laura and I want to express our overwhelming gratitude, to the medical professionals, first responders, and so many others on the front lines, risking their lives on our behalf.”

Bush told viewers, “And we’re thankful for our pharmacists, the veterinarians, the police officers, the sanitation workers, and those of you working in grocery stores, or delivering food and supplies to our homes. You’re the fabric of our country, and your strength will carry us through this crisis.”

Finally, Obama said to the audience, “The coming days will not be easy. But this global family of ours is strong. We will continue to be here for one another. And we will get through this crisis together. Thank you.”

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