Vanderpump Rules Editor Fired After Admitting To Vendetta Against Scheana Shay!

The Vanderpump Rules drama continues!!

Bri Dellinger, an editor on the Bravo series, revealed she has been fired by the show after admitting to embarrassing star Scheana Shay.

According to multiple Bravo-focused blogs and fan screenshots, in a since-deleted open letter on the Reality TV Therapist website, Dellinger wrote:

“To any of the cast members who wanted me out: I’m out! To the critics who have made it their mission to get me fired: you succeeded in your short-sighted mission and solved nothing. I’ve been removed from the show I love and, while it is a heart-break for me because I genuinely loved editing this show, it will not ruin me professionally, nor will it change the editing of the show at all.”

This all comes after the Emmy Award nominee first made headlines earlier this month when she spilled the tea about editing the popular series during an appearance on the Twisted Plot Podcast, telling host Evelyn Marley at the time:

“If Scheana knew what was good for her, she’d befriend me because my favorite game is finding all of the embarrassing things that Scheana does and putting them all in. joke that Scheana’s memoir will be Death By a Million Embarrassments. We’ve shown a lot of her story. … I understand why she’s bitter in some ways. You know, we do poke fun at her, but she’s just so funny.”

She went on to allege that much of the cast never went out of their way to befriend her or other behind the scenes team members:

“They don’t really think about or talk to us at all. I feel like they should totally want to be friends with me. I know everything about them. Oh, wait! Maybe that’s why they don’t want to be friends with me, it must be really creepy to talk to an editor who’s been looking at your face, like, 50 hours a week.”

You’d think they would want to, especially if they want their good side getting on air in the end!! The whole conversation was a bit confusing, TBH, as Dellinger added she had been pining to become close with Stassi Schroeder:

“I was like, ‘I am totally going to be friends with Stassi.’ No, that didn’t happen. Like, I met her at the premiere parties and she doesn’t care about me — nor does anybody.”

What do U make of the latest Bravo tea, y’all?? Let us know your thoughts (below) in the comments!!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race DRAMA! Rocky Horror Actress Calls Out ‘Utterly Untalented Liar&#8

We LOVE us some Rocky Horror Picture Show! So when we saw someone was besmirching the name of one of the stars of the midnight movie, we naturally weren’t amused. But the actress in question? She was straight up INCENSED!

The infraction took place on last Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, when contestant Aiden Zhane chose to impersonate Patricia Quinn for the Snatch Game. For some reason.

Patricia is iconic in her role as Magenta in the 1975 sexual liberation celebration/B movie throwback, so normally we’d be all about the choice. However, Aiden failed to make a single Rocky Horror joke — not even so much as a Time Warp reference, not to mention sounding nothing like the Irish actress, who has a distinctively posh accent!

We mean… just watch this interview from 2017 to see all the replicable mannerisms that were missed.

Instead Aiden performed Patricia as some kind of drugged out woman with dementia. Shockingly, according to Zhane, the choice to portray the actress was made because they’d met — which did NOT come across AT ALL.

Some even called the performance the worst Snatch Game effort in the show’s history, which… WOW.

But the controversy didn’t end there; in fact it only really began after Patricia saw the show! She posted on Facebook that she was “disgusted beyond belief,” calling Zhane a “liar” for claiming they had met, further writing:

“I do not know this utterly untalented person s**te”


After her comment started getting around, Patricia (now Stephens) wrote a lengthier official statement excoriating not just the queen who made a mockery of her but the show in general. She wrote:

“Well Dammit Janet! I have been an actress since I came over on the boat from Northern Ireland to London nearly 60 years ago without a penny because I wanted to act. I have never been interested in drugs, and with regards to my memory, I was recently applauded onstage for my sharp recollections of filming The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

She continued:

“I am disgusted beyond belief at how I was portrayed on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I was flattered that a young person wanted to portray me on a popular TV show but unfortunately this is where the flattery ends. I did not respect being described as a “old cookie woman” or being depicted as a washed-up actress who has taken too many drugs. I am actually filming a new movie later this year and look forward to that and there will be no drugs on set! Well not from me anyway! I wish Aiden had given me the common courtesy of a “heads up” and maybe I could have given him a few lines etc., to say on the show.”

She then said:

“I hope I am not associated with this TV show again. From my portrayal to making fun of Katherine Hepburn’s neurological disorder I found the show tasteless.”

Yeah, can’t blame her there. She finished by taking the high road re: Aiden, saying:

“I want to thank my Rocky Horror fans who have been amazing and shown overwhelming support. I couldn’t ask for a better fan base. I do not know Aiden, but I do not wish him the upset or distress that I have felt in the past few days.”

Perhaps it’s cold comfort, but Aiden Zhane was indeed the queen RuPaul told to sashay away at the end of the episode.

We don’t recommend any future contestants try again, but if you must — maybe do your homework first??

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Wendy Williams Shading Lamar Odom & His Fiancée On YouTube Is A Return To Form!

It took a pandemic, but Wendy Williams is finally talking sense again! Well, she’s still talking trash, but at least we totally understand where she’s coming from! LOLz!

The daytime diva attempted to do her show without the audience, but in the big empty studio it just felt like it was missing something — we mean, who was she having a kiki with if no one was there??

Well, it turns out if you take away the studio, the lights, the multi-cam setup, and you just have Wendy dishing the dirt straight to camera from the comfort of her home, you have — well, a YouTube video. But at least this works!

In fact, Wendy may have missed her calling with that high-paying TV gig! LOLz! Because we are loving how real this feels!

OK, so what was the highlight of the week? Wendy trying to wrap her head around the reality show Lamar Odom and fiancée Sabrina Parr announced last weekend. She began:

“All right, so, Lamar Odom and his… Sabrina Parr, they are documenting their relationship on FUBU streaming service. Now, I don’t know what that is.”

Ha! That feels like what we want to say half the time someone tells us about a new TV show on some network we’ve never heard of. Oh, really? It’s 6 minutes and you can only watch it on the digital screen on your refrigerator?

For the record, the For Us By Us Network is the brand new TV arm of the clothing company. In addition to Lamar and Sabrina, they also have rapper Boosie and… no, that’s it for now.

Wendy continued:

“And Lamar and Sabrina, nobody cares about y’all’s relationship.”

Ha! May have to disagree with Wendy there. There’s a reason Californians famously stop everything to watch a high speed police chase. You know it’s going to end badly, you just don’t know exactly how.

The host got particularly shady re: Sabrina’s past, saying:

“Sabrina is a life coach, but she’s got a whole bunch of arrest pictures at the police precinct.”

Ooh, that is some classic goss! She also seemed confused by Lamar’s previous statements about the relationship, saying:

“Lamar says he’s a sex addict and they say they don’t want to have sex until they get married.”

Yeah, we’re intrigued by that one as well. She finally said:

“Lamar has two kids here in New York, grown. I don’t know what kind of time he spends with these kids. You know what, I feel dirty doing the story.”

Damn, really? She talked herself out of it?? LOLz!

Something tells us she also no longer has a crack research staff down the hall, so maybe that’s all the tea she has at the moment.

Get your dose of Wendy, with the Lamar stuff starting around the 9:55 mark (below)!

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