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Stacey Solomon reveals she’s rowing with Joe Swash in coronavirus lockdown as Loose Women launch first online episode – The Sun

STACEY Solomon  has revealed she's rowing with Joe Swash in coronavirus lockdown as Loose Women launch first online episode.

The TV presenter, 30, opened up about the pressures of keeping her romance alive while juggling homeschooling under the coronavirus lockdown.

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Stacey came clean about the troubles in her relationship with Joe during Loose Women's first ever online episode today.

The ITV show was taken off air earlier this week but the hosts are still doing a 15 min episode by video chat from home.

Speaking during the first live online episode of Loose Women today, she said: "Joe is getting on my nerves."

The mum-of-three added: "How are all your marriages going? He is driving me mad.I want to know so I don't feel as bad for myself."

Stacey explained the problems came from cleaning their house which is over three floors.

The mum-of-three said: "Me and Joe are arguing over who does what levels of the house."

She explained the top was the easiest, it only has one room, while the second floor was the hardest with all the bedrooms, and the ground floor was the next hardest.

Speaking of the Dancing on Ice winner who she shares son Rex with she said: "He hoovers the corridors, but then shuts the doors," explaining that while the corridors look great, he doesn't bother hoovering the rooms.

Meanwhile Kay Burley confessed her other half had turned into a "domestic goddess."

While Nadia Sawalha hinted that her sex life had never been better.

She joked: "I miss hugging people I'm not having sex with."

A shocked Stacey said: "What. Are you having  sex?"

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Stacey Solomon thrilled as she spends first Saturday with Joe Swash since Christmas after Dancing On Ice final

STACEY Solomon has shared her delight as she spends the first Saturday with Joe Swash since Christmas after the Dancing On Ice final.

Joe, 38, won the ITV skating competition last Sunday after months of training and weeks of performing.

Yesterday, Stacey, 30, revealed Joe had been ill and confined to his bed with a poorly ear, but today she managed to get him out of the house to enjoy their first Saturday together in months.

Sharing a boomerang of him pushing their son Rex in his pram, She wrote: "Got hoe out, we are going to for a walk while it's not raining and get some lunch."

Once at their chosen lunch spot, Stacey filmed Rex in his high chair before panning to Joe – who had his head all bandaged up – and said: "What a treat, we haven't seen you on a weekend in months."

The couple then toasted with their drinks as Rex watched on.

Later, the couple got a further treat when Rex fell asleep, allowing them to enjoy a cup of tea on the sofa.

Stacey said quietly so as not to disturb the sleeping tot: "Feels like we've won the nap timing lottery. Happy Saturday everyone."

Their outing comes a day after Stacey updated fans on Joe's health.

She said: "Loads of you asking where Hoe is today… he's ear is really playing him up so he's in bed resting (sic).

"But I'm quite please because now he won't find out that I caved, gotta find somewhere to hide it until Easter (sic)," she added, referring to all the Easter goodies she purchased today.

Joe beat Diversity's Perri Kiely to the Dancing on Ice title on Sunday, which came as a shock to some viewers.

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Stacey Solomon brands Joe Swash ‘pervy’ as he rubs against her on garden swing saying ‘it feels nice’ – The Sun

STACEY Solomon joked that her boyfriend Joe Swash was a perv as the couple enjoyed some alone time today.

In between dropping the kids off at school and looking after their nine-month-old son Rex, Stacey and Joe cuddled up together in a rare moment of peace and quiet.

Filming a selfie video on her Instagram story, 30-year-old Stacey and Joe can be seen sat on their garden swing giggling.

The Loose Women panellist captioned the video: "Pickle is having a nap so we are sitting in the garden getting some fresh air before the school run… sorry about pervy Hoe."

Stacey jokingly refers to Joe as 'Hoe' on social media and Pickle is their nickname for baby Rex.

"Don't swing it that much," Stacey tells Joe, to which he replies: "Mmmmm it feels nice," with a cheeky grin on his face.

Giggling, Stacey then tells him: "Err no it doesn't, what are you talking about?"

The former EastEnders actor was crowned winner of the ITV show last weekend following weeks of gruelling training.

>He and Stacey decided to have a social media free day on Tuesday out of respect for Caroline Flack who was laid to rest in a private funeral.

Returning to Instagram this morning, Stacey shared an adorable video of Joe and Rex cuddling up in bed together.

The clip showed Joe laying topless in bed with Rex cuddled up next to him.

The Dancing On Ice champ is seen beaming at his son, who looks like his daddy's double with a massive grin.

Stacey added Lonestar's love song Amazed over the footage, writing: "Good morning, hope you all had a lovely day yesterday."

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Stacey Solomon felt her ‘entire insides were going to fall out’ on first toilet trip after giving birth – The Sun

STACEY Solomon felt like her "entire insides were going to fall out" when she first went to the toilet after giving birth.

The 30-year-old star spoke candidly about childbirth during an appearance on Loose Women earlier today, joined by Christine Lampard, Nadia Sawalha, Jane Moore, and new mum Lacey Turner.

The women were discussing ABC's decision not to air an advert from Frida Mom during the Oscars, which depicted life after giving birth for mothers.

It was ruled that the ad contained "too much nudity" to be shown before the watershed, with mum-of-three Stacey commenting: "It's just the truth, it shows what most women do after they have had a vaginal birth.

"They have to crawl to the toilet as if everything's about to fall out of their vagina and pour water down the toilet when they're going for a wee because it's so painful.

"You've either got stitches or… Basically a human has come out of there and ruined it.

"The whole advert depicts that and those moments where you feel like: 'I honestly don't know how I am going to go to the toilet ever again'.

"You're trying to love your baby and care for your baby but also at the same time you're thinking: 'What the heck has happened to me?'

"It actually made me really emotional, that advert."

She continued: "The only thing the advert didn't show was the first poo post-birth.

"It's genuinely the most scariest ever. I felt like my entire insides were going to fall out."

Lacey, who gave birth to her first child Dusty in July last year, agreed: "No one told you how much it hurts when you go to the toilet after giving birth, that for me was more traumatic than the actual birth – I was sitting in the toilet crying.

"Cramps, I didn't even know you'd get cramps."

Stacey welcomed baby Rex, her first child with boyfriend Joe Swash, in May 2019, and is also mum to 11-year-old Zachary and seven-year-old Leighton.

She has delighted fans with how honest she is about being a mum on social media, previously speaking openly about everything from body hair to breastfeeding to piles.

Posting to her Instagram Story following her appearance on the ITV show today, Stacey shared: "On my way home from Loose Women, got to talk about post birth.

"Oh my gosh, does anyone else remember the fear of the first poo after having a baby? It really took me back."


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