Line Of Duty star Stephen Graham shaves his head in lockdown

Line Of Duty star Stephen Graham stuns fans by getting son Alfie to SHAVE his head during coronavirus lockdown

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Stars have found various ways to pass the time during the coronavirus lockdown.

And Line Of Duty Stephen Graham decided to take matters into his own hands in the absence of a barber during isolation, by getting his son Alfie to shave his head.

The actor, 46, shared a video his transformation on Twitter as his son took a pair of electric clippers to his short brown hair.

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Hilarious: Stephen Graham, 46, stunned fans on Thursday by shaving his head in a surprise Twitter video

In the clip, even Stephen struggled to hide his shock as Alfie shaved off a patch of his hair with ease.

Swearing in disbelief, the This Is England star settled in before having the rest of his hair removed, reminding Alfie to take care he didn’t miss any patches.

Clearly trying to pass time during the nationwide closures, Stephen simply captioned his post: ‘Lockdown locks!!!!’

Stunned: The actor got a helping hand from his son Alfie, who took the electric clippers to his brown hair

Transformed: Stephen documented the changing of his look in a video he posted to Twitter during the nationwide lockdown

It’s gone! In the clip, even Stephen struggled to hide his shock as Alfie shaved off a patch of his hair with ease

The look was also eerily similar to that of his character Combo in the drama This Is England.

Stephen appeared in the fifth series of Line Of Duty last year, when his character was killed off in violent fashion.

The sixth series of the police drama began filming last month, but production was halted earlier this month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting a new look? Swearing in disbelief, the This Is England star settled in before having the rest of his hair removed

Be careful! He reminded Alfie to take care he didn’t miss any patches as he ran the clippers across his head

Coronavirus has already wreaked havoc with the television industry with a slew of other shows forced to stop their filming, including Loose Women, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Casualty and Holby City.

On Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the country would be placed in lockdown for at least three weeks, to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus was classed a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) earlier this month, leading countries such as Italy, Spain and China to implement nationwide lockdowns.

Sporting events, music festival and other social gatherings have been either cancelled or postponed due to the crisis. 

Messing around: Clearly trying to pass time during the nationwide closures, Stephen simply captioned his post: ‘Lockdown locks!!!!’

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EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite slammed as she tries to hire builders after blasting those out in coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

TAMZIN Outhwaite has been slammed by fans for attempting to hire builders in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The former EastEnders star, 49, took to Twitter to ask her followers for advice on building work at her home.

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She wrote: "I’m confused. Can I find 1 or 2 workmen to level and tile an area of the garden in these times?"

And while some followers were keen to offer their suggestions, others quickly let her know the work was "non essential".

One wrote: "Just why though? No grey needed. Not essential, not needed, saving lives is and that’s not a grey area. It’s simple, non-essential, do not do it!"

Another said: "This is so non essential."

A third commented: "Considering you could not believe people were still going out a few days ago, I cannot believe you are expecting people to come out to fix some paving slabs for you !! Practice what you preach."

Following the lockdown announcement, the government has said that builders on sites should continue to work but that they must practice social distancing.

The decision has been questioned by many and yesterday Piers Morgan accused ministers of "putting money above lives" by allowing builders to keep working.

Tamzin's post comes days after she urged fans to stay in doors amid the deadly bug.

She previously wrote online: "I can’t believe how many of you are still going out!"

Tamzin has two daughters with her ex-husband and Lucifer actor Tom Ellis: Marnie, seven, and Florence, 11.

The pair married in 2006 and split in 2014 after he reportedly cheated on her with Lost actress Emilie de Ravin.

However, the star has since found love with toyboy Tom Child, 28, who she has dated for two years after meeting at a yoga class.

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Hills star Audrina Patridge’s sister Casey Loza says son’s ‘writhing in pain’ as she fears all kids caught coronavirus – The Sun

THE Hills' star Audriana Patridge's sister, Casey Loza, believes she and her three children have coronavirus after one of her sons got really sick.

She also talked about how they're still waiting on the results of the test.

In a series of lengthy Instagram posts, the 34-year-old mom revealed the ordeal of having to take care of three children with possible coronavirus while also dealing with it herself.

In her first post, which accompanied a photo of her son Vallon wearing a mask, she talked about his symptoms.

She wrote: "Vallon was tested for covid-19 on 3/18 after spiking a fever of 102 along with a bad cough and diarrhea.

"After listening to his lungs and checking him they swabbed him for the flu & rsv. Both negative. Swabbed him for covid-19 and sent us home to quarantine and treat his symptoms, keep him comfortable.

"2 days later we were back, he was having trouble breathing and wheezing. His left lung has fluid in it and he has full blown pneumonia now, we don’t have test results back yet but the doctors all said the same thing, there is NO treatment so the positive/negative is just a label."

She continued her lengthy post: "This isn’t a joke, or a hoax. It’s really freaking sad and watching your baby suffer, writhing in pain and cough so bad he throws up in his sleep.

"It’s not a cold. It’s not the flu. I’m not a celebrity who rang up a mate to get checked for a status update.

"My baby is sick, really sick. Even the person running out to grab provisions brings home germs!!

"Setup a changing station in your garage, follow protocols. Leave your shoes outside.

"I felt like I needed a positive result to post something but It really doesn’t matter at this point. He’s getting sicker and this sucks with or without it."

In another post today, Casey revealed she and her other children are all sick now.

She first started by thanking her friends and family for the well-wishes.

She continued: "Vallon’s fever broke, he’s responding to the antibiotics and albuterol inhaler is helping wheezing.

"Sadie, Draven and I now all have it. We all have our individual inhalers and zithromyacin. ( I have some extra meds because the dr knows I have to function to care for them/ more on that).

"They also have scolded me for not resting, to be fair I thought the chest pain was just anxiety from worrying about my kids and the baby being so sick I wasn’t sleeping much.

"Apparently I have pretty bad pneumonia so that’s fun, they gave me something for my lungs called Benzonatate and it’s taking away the sharp stabby pain in the back of my left lung and bottom of my right one.

"At this point I feel more in control just because now that I have what Val has I know what he is going thru so I can help him. Praying this isn’t covid and it’s just a weird coincidence we all got pneumonia within days of showing any symptoms."

Casey is one of the many celebrities who are battling through the coronavirus pandemic with debilitating symptoms.

The mom of three made a few appearances during The Hills back in 2007.

She also was there for sister Audrina in her 2011 show and also popped up a couple of times during the revival of The Hills in 2019.

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NBA star Jamal Murray claims he was hacked after sex tape leak as girlfriend Harper Hempel begs fans to delete video – The Sun

NBA star Jamal Murray claims he has been the victim of hacking after an explicit video was leaked on his Instagram account.

A leaked sex tape of the Denver Nuggets player and his girlfriend Harper Hempel was reportedly posted on his Instagram story.

Four random pictures were also posted on his account before they were eventually deleted.

Murray has 480,000 followers on the social media site while his girlfriend, who has deleted her account, has over 13,000.

The Canadian, 23, took to Twitter yesterday to immediately apologise while Harper begged those who had the video to delete it.

He wrote on Twitter: "First and foremost I would like to apologize to my fans. My account has been hacked, currently working on the issue. Thanks"

Harper added: "If you have the video please delete it."

Fans have taken to Twitter to show support after their privacy was exposed.

One said: "It's ok, you did nothing wrong. Stay strong."

Another added: "Always remember you did nothing wrong. Stay strong!"

Murray is one of the biggest stars in NBA after signing a five-year deal worth £147million in November.

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Portsmouth star Sean Raggett appeals to pub punters to self-isolate after he tests positive for coronavirus – The Sun

PORTSMOUTH defender Sean Raggett last night spoke about his fear of spreading the coronavirus.

Raggett was having a meal on Friday evening with two friends at The Star, a Hungry Horse restaurant in Gillingham, when he was told he was positive.

The 26-year-old was unaware of Boris Johnson’s announcement hours earlier that all pubs and restaurants were shutting to curb Covid-19 as he travelled from the south coast to his parents’ house for Mother’s Day.

And, after receiving a call from Pompey physio Bobby Bacic to tell him of the positive test, Raggett immediately called time on his meal in the pub.

Now Raggett is appealing to anyone who was in pub to self-isolate because of the risk someone might have been infected or carry the virus on to others.

His pals have already shut themselves away and Raggett, on loan from Norwich, said: “I was mortified. We all got tested on Tuesday at the training ground and I couldn’t believe I had come up positive because I haven’t had any symptoms whatsoever.

“My first concern was not to infect anyone I was with or any of the public in the vicinity because there were at least 25 people in there at the time. So I left straight away.

“I am seriously mortified by the thought of passing this on to anyone. I was sitting with just two friends and I didn’t really get into close contact with anyone else.

“But as a precaution if anyone was in there that evening, they should self-isolate.

“If I had any idea I had the infection then of course I would never have gone in there in the first place.


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“I didn’t watch or hear the Prime Minister’s briefing so I had no idea pubs had been told to close.

“I was getting ready for the weekend and then driving up. I only went there to eat with two friends. I was there for about an hour.”

Raggett was due to spend the weekend in Gillingham with parents John and Jane for Mother’s Day.

But, following the shock news of his test, he visited their house to let them know he would not be staying — because he could not reach them by phone.

He added: “I knocked on the front door then stood a few metres back and spoke to my dad and sister.

“I told them the news and obviously let them know I couldn’t stay with them because I had caught the infection.

“My other big concern was that my girlfriend was with her family so I needed to let her know because obviously she’s been with me while I’ve had the disease.

“I didn’t want to risk her potentially passing on the infection, either.”

Luckily, Raggett’s girlfriend had not arrived at her parents’ house in Colchester and had turned around to join the centre-back.

So after leaving his family home in Gillingham, Raggett and his partner drove back to his apartment in Portsmouth where they are now self- isolating, as recommended by the NHS.

He said: “It’s really scary stuff because I’m completely fine. We both are.

“I haven’t had a high temperature, I’ve not been coughing or sneezing, nothing. I’ve no flu-like symptoms at all. It’s really weird. But it illustrates how dangerous this disease is if people have it but don’t know because obviously that increases the chances of more people being infected.”

Pubs and restaurants have been closed since Friday until further notice by the Government — a move that the defender agrees with, given what has happened to him.

He said: “We don’t know too much about this disease but clearly there must be lots of people out there like me who have no idea they’ve got it who could be passing it on.”

Portsmouth decided to test players as a precaution after Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta contracted the virus.

Pompey played Arsenal in the FA Cup at Fratton Park on March 2, ten days before it was revealed Arteta had Covid-19.

And the results showed Raggett’s team-mates James Bolton, Andy Cannon and Haji Mnoga had also been infected.

Raggett said: “My advice to everyone is just be wary of who you are around and stay safe. Don’t go and visit people who are elderly or vulnerable, regardless if you have symptoms or not.

“Quite clearly, as shown with me, you can still be carrying it and if you pass it on to someone else it can be very dangerous.”

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Raggett and his Pompey team-mates have not played since a 2-2 draw at home to Fleetwood 12 days ago.

And the defender was the last Portsmouth player to score.

He said: “It’s pretty boring without football. I’ve been doing basic gym work at home to try to keep myself fit.

“I’ve been playing Call of Duty and Super Mario Kart, and all the lads are in a WhatsApp group so we’re keeping in touch, too.

“Football pales into insignificance at the moment. It’s important to stay healthy and once this is all done we can all get ourselves back to normal.”

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How 'iCarly' Star Jennette McCurdy Found Humor Even in the Darkest of Times

Overcoming dark times isn’t easy for anyone to do.

While some people can easily pick themselves up and push forward, others have to work up the strength to prevail over troubling times.

For Jennette McCurdy, finding it in herself to overcome personal tragedies and downfalls proved to be complicated. But in the wake of incredible grief and health battles, the actress found a way to turn her personal tragedies into comedy.

Her one-woman show tackles a profound loss

Many people have their own ways of dealing with something as profound as losing a loved one. While some let their emotions take over as they grieve, others work to find acceptance in the heartbreak.

For McCurdy, finding a way to turn personal tragedy into hope proved to be successful when she turned her grief into humor for her powerful one-woman show, I’m Glad My Mom Died.

During the comedic performance, McCurdy tackles the grief of losing a parent but does it with such humor that at times you forget she is talking about such a heavy issue. 

“The show is about how my mom’s death went from being the worst thing that ever happened in my life to the best thing that ever happened in my life,” she said. “And I show it because it felt very appropriate, it felt aligned with the sense of humor of the show, and I wanted anybody who was potentially interested in seeing the show to be aware, totally, of what they were getting into ahead of time so that it’s not a shock.”

When asked how she found it in herself to turn sadness into comedy, the actress shared that finding the humor in things is how she copes with many of life’s curveballs.

“I think finding the humor in it [grief] is necessary,” she said. “For my experience, for my life, at least, if I was not able to find the humor in the sad things, I would just be crying in the fetal position every day. There’s so much sadness in the world, I think, and everybody’s individual lives to not find humor in it.”

She shares how she overcame an ongoing health issue

Another topic McCurdy touches on during her one-woman show is her experience with eating disorders and addiction.

As a child star, McCurdy dealt with self-acceptance and body image. To the actress, remaining physically small meant a brighter and longlasting career in Hollywood.

“The entertainment industry is getting a lot better with how it handles body images and body inclusivity,” she said. “But when I first started acting, none of the current messaging was out there. Even being a child, you knew that being skinnier, you were going to look the part.”

After dealing with an eating disorder for much of her young life, McCurdy sought treatment by going to therapy, which she said helped her tremendously in her recovery journey.

“The number one most helpful aspect of my recovery was a type of therapy called DBT,” the actress shared. “I was fortunate enough to be in a DBT program pushing individual therapy several times a week. I was extremely helpful in my experience with bulimia.”

Although that was a dark time in her life, McCurdy doesn’t let that stop her from sharing her experiences with others.

In addition to opening up about her mother’s death during her one-woman show, the Sam & Cat star also finds the humor in her eating disorder.

“I try to show eating disorders in a humorous way,” she said. “I think that that’s important because I struggled with eating disorders for 13 years of my life — just every eating disorder in the book: bulimia, binging disorder, anorexia. Something that I really felt was missing from the narrative of eating disorders was a sense of humor.”

Not many people can find the brighter sides of personal tragedies, but McCurdy proves humor is one way to deal with pain.

If you want to see McCurdy tackle these heavy issues onstage, she will be performing her one-woman show at the Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles before doing a New York City run.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the shows are being rescheduled for later dates.

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‘A Quiet Place’ Star Emily Blunt Says Having a Stutter Made Her a Better Listener

Emily Blunt has enjoyed a successful acting career. She made a name for herself after appearing in hit films such as The Devil Wears Prada, A Quiet Place, and Mary Poppins Returns. Here’s what the actress said about her speech difficulties and how having a stutter made her a better listener.

Emily Blunt struggled with stuttering from an early age

Blunt toldMarie Claire’s Sammy Blatstein she began to stutter around the age ofsix or seven. Her speech difficulties became worse when she turned 11 or 12years old:

My stutter really started to take hold around six or seven and then kind of got progressively more challenging for me, and as I reached about 11 or 12, it was pretty ingrained. It wasn’t the whole part of me; it was just a part of who I was. There were certain people who liked to define me by that. That was tough. I decided not to really spend time with those people. I’ve probably only now come to realize that everybody has something growing up. That just happened to be my thing.

Emily Blunt says school was tough because of her stutter

Blunt says one of the toughest parts of attending school wasthat she felt limited when it came to  certain activities. She told the publicationshe became hesitant to speak up in class or have phone conversations with her classmates:

School was interesting because there were certain things I couldn’t do and wanted to, like read out my poem in class. I would never want to do that. I would hate it if the teacher called on me to answer something. I don’t know what it’s like for you, but I think when stutterers are put on the spot, that’s hard. I didn’t love calling my friends.

I could never say my own name if someone said, “What’s your name?” Because you can’t substitute a word out, which is what we tend to do to find a better flow. You substitute another word that’s easier, and you can’t substitute your name. So I realized quickly as a kid, any pressurized situations were quite hard for me.

How having a stutter helped Emily Blunt become a better listener

Although having a stutter posed some difficulties in socialsituations, Blunt was able to focus on the positive. She told Blatstein thatbeing unable to communicate the way she wanted helped her become a betterlistener because she viewed the world in a different way:

I think in some ways, when you go through something like having a stutter, you become a really good listener. You absorb the world in a different way. Because you’re maybe less inclined to talk when you’re going through it. You become really conscious of a lot of stuff going around you, so I think I was a really observant kid.

I was a really empathetic kid and still feel that’s something I try and lead with. And I encourage empathy in my kids and embracing differences and not being scared of them, or teasing people for them, you know? Making mistakes or feeling like you have something that causes you to make mistakes, is a good thing. It’s how you learn, and it’s how you grow. When you go through something like that, you establish a real sense of kindness. And you’ve got to be kind to yourself and you’re going to be kind to other people.

Read more: HowMuch Was Emily Blunt Paid for ‘A Quiet Place 2’?

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Love Island star Megan Barton-Hanson strips off to self-isolate during coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

MEGAN Barton-Hanson has provided a sexy self-isolation treat for those stuck at home and glued to their phones in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Love Island alumni, 26, headed to her bedroom to strip off for a saucy pose in her PJ's.

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She unbuttoned the printed pink shirt just enough to give her followers an eyeful of her cleavage as she tugged on the seams.

The ITV2 beauty appeared to have ditched any trousers to go with her nightwear as she posed kneeling on the sheets with her tanned legs.

Megan made sure to accessorise her look, by brand sleep tight studios, with two gold chain necklaces and sultry lip gloss.

She accompanied her Instagram post with the words: "Isolation.. but make it cute 😘 @sleeptight_x"

Her fans were quick to gush over the snap, with one commenting: "Jaw drops!!!"

Another gushed: "You take my breath away," as a third posted: "Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous."

One simply branded the star an "inspiration."

The brunette often uses her Instagram to update fans on her antics, recently posting images of her cupcake filled 26th birthday party.

Yet she has candidly used her page to also document the reality of her emotions and image – as opposed to uploading a perfectly edited picture.

The star spoke about how she was feeling after being seen in the supermarket, admitting: "I haven't washed my hair in days."

She wrote: "This made me smile. I felt like a sack of s**t. I haven't washed my hair in days. I'm a little down. Things haven't worked out as planned, the world has been turned upside down!

"My anxiety gets bad when I go places and don't feel good in myself.

"I get worried people will come up to me and think I'm rude or ignorant because I'm not super happy and this loud person I was perceived to be on TV."

She added: "But yeah, it may seem shallow but the main takeaway from this is that I probably looked miserable as f*** and like my hair needed a good wash, but a stranger has gone out of their way to say something kind on social media."




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Arsenal star Mustafi melts fans’ hearts as he posts adorable training picture with baby daughter during quarantine – The Sun

ARSENAL hardman Shkodran Mustafi has turned softie in quarantine – melting hearts on social media with a photo of baby daughter Noemi feeding him while he trains.

The Germany centre-back found the perfect way to forget about aching limbs amid his gruelling regime during isolation for the coronavirus scare – by sitting the smiling two-year-old on the handlebars of his exercise bike.

Mustafi can be seen gripping onto her safely, alongside his caption: “My daily workout motivation.. Hard work gets paid with chocolate ice cream.. #SM20 #Noemi”

His wife, model Vjosa Kaba, responded by posting three hearts, while Arsenal fans added comments like: “Beautiful family man” … “sweet” … “adorable”… and “This is wonderful”.

And noting how Mustafi has struggled to win over all supporters, one fan tweeted: “From adversity to one of the most likeable players yea.”

ARSENAL NEWS LIVE: Follow for the latest Gunners news

Another added: “Keep up the good work. Best defender in the league.”

But one Gooner could not resist joking: “Get her down… if things turn wrong and she’s about to fall off, you can’t defend and hold her from falling. We know you already!”

Already this month Mustafi has used social media to confirm his on-field image is poles apart from his feelings as a dad.

The 27-year-old posted: “As a child, I hated to hold my parents’ hand. As a father there is nothing I love to do more.”

And although his form has improved this year amid Arsenal’s all-round progress under Mikel Arteta, Mustafi still earns stick form some quarters.

After he dyed his hair silver last month, Gunners legend Lee Dixon told The Handbrake Off podcast: “He seriously needs to have a word with himself and pipe down a little bit.

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“Bang me 25 appearances out and 15 clean sheets then he can do what he likes with his hair and his sunglasses.

“Just sit back down for a bit and carry on churning the results out.”

But even Dixon might gloss over such colourful criticism if he sees the snap of the ex-Valencia star’s cute, clever, solo training tactics.

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'Jersey Shore' Star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi: 'F**k It' Producers 'Forced' Me to Ruin Angelina Pivarnick's Wedding

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi came under fire last fall for roasting Angelina Pivarnick at her wedding. Deena Cortese and Jenni “JWoww” Farley also took part in the controversial speech, and fans were very displeased by the cruel and hurtful things they shared. The wedding is currently playing out on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and Polizzi now claims that producers forced her to ruin Pivarnick’s wedding.

Inside Polizzi’s controversial speech

Polizzi, Cortese, and Farley were all bridesmaids at Pivarnick’s wedding, which took place last November. At one point during the ceremony, the Jersey Shore stars decided to give an impromptu speech, the likes of which caused Pivarnick to walk out.

Last fall, a video of the speech surfaced online, revealing exactlywhat the trio said to Pivarnick on her wedding day. According to Heavy,Polizzi started the mudslinging by saying that Pivarnick was a “fly on mysh*t.”

The comment prompted the other two to say that Pivarnick was the“throw up to our hangovers,” the “dump to our island,” andthe “trash to our bags.”

Guests at the wedding thought the speech was a gag for Jersey Shore at first and that Pivarnick was in the loop. But after it became obvious that the women were being purposefully hurtful, wedding guests started booing.

Pivarnick eventually walked out and did not return to theceremony for an hour. At the time, all three reality stars said that the speechwas a joke and that they did not mean to ruin the wedding.

Polizzi opens up about the wedding roast

Fast forward a few months and the wedding is now taking centerstage on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. With fans still unhappyover what happened, Polizzi recently opened up about the wedding fiasco duringher podcast, It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey.

According to TheAshley Reality Roundup, Polizzi told her followers that she neverwanted to give a speech in the first place. She felt like it wasn’t her placeto say anything at the wedding, but Jersey Shore producers urged her tostart some drama.

“Well, we’re not really supposed to talk about but…f**k it, it’smy podcast,” Polizzi stated. “Iliterally told producers, ‘I’m not going to do a speech because I’m notcomfortable doing one; I don’t think we should be doing one,” Nicole said. “[Isaid] ‘We’re not going tomake a mockery of this wedding’ and of course we were forced to do something wedidn’t want to do.”

Polizzi added that she was also against the dance routine the men from Jersey Shore did at the ceremony. Instead, she wanted to simply enjoy Pivarnick’s wedding and not turn it into a reality show.

But considering how MTV paid for the wedding, she wasn’tsurprised that producers wanted to create drama.

Polizzi tried to say no to ‘Jersey Shore’ producers

Shortly after the first video leaked, Cortese took to social media and assured fans that producers were the ones who forced them to make the speech. The Jersey Shore star quickly deleted the post, and Polizzi confirmed that she was right in blaming the producers.

“Deena was correct, producers forced us to do the speech. Iliterally said ‘no’ like 10 times,” Polizzi shared.

Polizzi went on to say that she felt like Pivarnick’s sister, whowas the maid of honor, should have been the one who gave the speech. She alsoassured her listeners that she was “really uncomfortable” throughoutthe roast.

“I was like, ‘I’m not doing a f**king speech…I don’t like to beforced to do something I’m not comfortable with and that’s what Deena wastalking about,” she added.

Although Pivarnick was clearly upset over what happened, sherecently addressed the situation on Instagram.

Has Pivarnick forgiven Polizzi?

Taking to social media, Pivarnick told her followers that she hassince forgiven Polizzi, Cortese,and Farley for what they said during her wedding. She did, however, admit thatit took her a long time to get over the roast.

In response to Pivarnick’s post, Polizzi revealed that she ishappy that her former Jersey Shore co-star has forgiven her. She alsoclaims that she never wanted to ruin her wedding in the first place.

“I’m really glad that Angelina knows that we weren’t beingspiteful and being a**holes because we truly wanted the best wedding for her,” Polizzi said. “We did so much tohelp her be comfortable and help her with the wedding and stuff, so I’m reallyglad that she realizes that weren’t not f**king a**holes and we truly didn’tmean to ruin her wedding.”

The Jersey Shore star noted that Pivarnick did give upsome control over her wedding when she agreed to allow MTV to fit the bill.Luckily, it sounds like everyone involved in the drama has moved on and is onmuch better terms.

Back in December, Polizzi announced that she will no longer be a part of Jersey Shore moving forward. The reality star told her followers that she filming the current season was a “nightmare” and that she is totally over the drama.

Jersey Shore producers have yet to say who will bereplacing Polizzi next season, though several of her co-stars have tried toconvince her to stay.

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