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Chloe Ferry shares throwback video of herself grinding on Katie Price as she marks her 42nd birthday – The Sun

CHLOE Ferry paid Katie Price an unusual tribute on her 42nd birthday – posting a video showing of her grinding on the reality star.

The former Geordie Shore favourite, 24, shared a video from a wild night out with Pricey where she sat on the star's lap waving her arms and rubbing her bum.

She wrote: "Happy birthday sexy" before tagging her into the video in big letters.

The pair are both seen in the footage playing around for the camera and flicking their hair at what appears to be a club with a DJ in the background.

It was Katie's birthday on Friday and she was seen collecting an enormous pink birthday cake with a huge smile on her face.

She later liked Chloe's video enough to repost it herself on her own Instagram Story along with a string of others.


Among Katie's messages was one from son Junior, 14, who joked she's "getting old now".

Junior shared a photo of the pair at Thorpe Park last year writing: "Happy birthday mum. Love you lots. Have a gd day. (Even tho we’re quarantined) Ur getting old now @katieprice."

Katie is currently living with her eldest son Harvey, 17, and Dreamboys stripper Al Warrell while Junior and sister Princess, 11, are spending much of their time with dad Peter Andre.

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How to get ‘GTA V’ for free: Epic Games Store status, error code fix

The Epic Games Store surprised fans with a free release of “Grand Theft Auto V” on Thursday, but the massive rush to download the game has caused server errors across the platform.

It is a known problem that is impacting games beyond “GTA V.” In fact, users trying to access the U.S. company website are getting error messages.

“We are currently experiencing high traffic on the Epic Games Store,” Epic Games wrote on Twitter at 11:05 a.m. ET. “We are aware that users may be encountering slow loading times, 500 errors, or launcher crashing at this time and we are actively working to scale. We’ll provide an update as soon as we can.”

In an update at 12:58 p.m. ET, the company wrote, “We understand that many users are unable to access the Epic Games Store at this time. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work towards a resolution to mitigate traffic.”

The issue seems to stem from an underestimation of how much interest there would be in the game, which was originally released in 2013. With a reported one-week window for users to download before the deal disappears, though, the frenzy perhaps should have been anticipated.

When the servers do return, users who want to download “GTA V” for free will need to use two-factor authentication.

We will update this post as fixes and news about the Epic Games Store shutdown become available.

UPDATE 2:45 p.m. ET: Parts of the Epic Games site, including account sign up and community forums, are now operational. The store itself remains down.

For now, find some solace in the wave of Twitter jokes finding humor in the situation:

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Nicole Scherzinger dons blonde wig to transform into Sandy from Grease

Nicole Scherzinger went above and beyond the call of duty this week, when she transformed herself into Sandy Olsson from the iconic musical Grease.

The singer showcased her incredible figure in the famous outfit fictional character Sandy wore in the closing scenes of the 1978 movie.

She then performed an online duet with fellow X Factor star Gary Barlow for his Instagram Crooner Sessions.

Nicole and Gary sang John Travolta and Olivia Newton John’s track You’re The One I want from the famous film.

Nicole really got into character for the video.

The Pussycat Doll star wowed in a pair of black skintight trousers and an off-the-shoulder top.

The normally brunette star completed her transformation with a blonde wig and classic red lipstick.

Sharing a video of their duet on his Instagram account, in view of his 680,000 followers, Gary thanked Nicole for taking part.

He said: “Omg I love this – thank you so much @nicolescherzinger for going over and above the call of duty – great fun making this clip.

“Nicole, thank you for being a fantastic sport. Miss ya #thecroonersessions.”(sic)

The Take That star has also performed with Britain’s Got Talent star Alesha Dixon, as well as Paloma Faith and Nial Horan to name a few.


  • Gary Barlow recreates beach snap with wife to mark wedding anniversary

Making the most of her new look, Nicole posed up a storm in the eye-catching outfit before sharing the pictures on her own Instagram account.

The television star posted three sexy snaps online, and then shared a lip syncing video with her 4.5 million followers.

She captioned the footage, which used a sound clip from the film, with the well-known line: “Tell me about it…stud.”

Instagram users and fans were blown away with the transformation.

One user said: “You look awesome,” while another added: “Amazingly hot.”

Making a reference to the film, a third fan added: “I’m hopelessly devoted to you.”

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World News

YouTube slammed for REMOVING video of two doctors pushing for end to coronavirus lockdowns – The Sun

YOUTUBE has been slammed for supposedly removing a video of two California doctors who pushed for end to coronavirus lockdowns. 

Google's streaming giant said it would take down any videos that "disputes the efficacy of local health authority guidance" after the footage of doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi was removed.

The medics, who run a private urgent-care clinic in Bakersfield, argued that stay orders were doing more harm than good in the video – which reportedly garnered five million views and was shared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk – before it disappeared.

California news station ABC 23 KERO updated their video to provide additional EDSA context with the doctors' interview on April 22.

But it reemerged on a YouTube channel called Christian News 360 two days later.

The doctor duo argued that the number of COVID-19 fatalities was minuscule and that the stay-home orders are negatively effecting the healthcare industry as infection rates top one million in the US.

California has reported 1,800 fatalities.

"It's time to open back up," Erikson argued. "The science says it is. The models we've been using from predictions, to predict the amount of disease, are not accurate."

They claim to know colleagues who are under pressure to list coronavirus as patients' cause of death.

"We've been to hundreds of autopsies. You don't talk about one thing, you talk about comorbiditie," Erikson claimed.

"ER doctors now [say] 'It's interesting when I'm writing about my death report, I'm being pressured to add COVID. Why is that?"

The pair later told Fox News people could get "herd immunity" without a vaccine, citing the Swedish model of reopening with less sweeping restrictions.

Their comments come as other tech giants like Facebook and Twitter are ramping up the removal of posts containing misinformation or urging people to defy state lockdown laws.

Disease experts, state officials, and the Feds have all cited social distancing efforts and the majority of Americans' stay home efforts as flattening the curve of the deadly bug.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told CNN last week "anything that would go against World Health Organization [WHO] recommendations would be a violation of our policy."

But the removal of the video resulted in a lot of objection online.

"This. Is. Censorship. On what is arguably the most important media platform in the United States," tweeted Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson also blasted YouTube's decision to remove the video.

"The doctor's video was produced by a local television channel. It was, in fact a mainstream news story," Carlson continued. "The only justification for taking it down was that the physicians on-screen had reached different conclusions than the people currently in charge."

YouTube said Wednesday they remove any content that violates their Community Guidelines.

A spokesperson told The Sun: “Content that provides sufficient educational, documentary, scientific or artistic (EDSA) context is allowed.

"For example, news coverage of this interview with additional context.

"From the very beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had clear policies against COVID-19 misinformation and are committed to continue providing timely and helpful information at this critical time.”

Google bought YouTube in a billion-dollar deal back in 2006.

The news comes as President Trump confirmed that social distancing guidelines would be "faded out" from Thursday when they expire.

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Liverpool v Atletico Madrid: Mayor calls for inquiry amid coronavirus concerns

Media playback is not supported on this device

The mayor of Liverpool City Region has called for an investigation into whether a Champions League fixture should have taken place in the city in March amid concerns it could have led to a high number of local coronavirus cases.

Liverpool’s match against Atletico Madrid at Anfield on 11 March was attended by 52,000 supporters, including 3,000 from the Spanish capital, where a partial lockdown was already in force.

The UK government has defended its decision to allow such events to go ahead before restrictions on mass gatherings were enforced 10 days later.

But Steve Rotheram told BBC Sport an independent inquiry was needed into a potential connection with a surge of cases in Liverpool since.

“If people have contracted coronavirus as a direct result of a sporting event that we believe shouldn’t have taken place, well that is scandalous,” he said.

“That’s put not just those people in danger, but those frontline staff in the NHS and others in their own families that may have contracted it.”

The latest figures show 246 people have died with coronavirus in Liverpool’s NHS hospitals.

Meanwhile, Madrid is one of Europe’s worst affected cities and Spain has the second highest number of confirmed infection cases in the world, behind the United States.

“We’ve seen an increase in the infection curve, and that’s resulted in 1,200 people [in Liverpool] contracting Covid-19,” said Rotheram.

“That needs to be investigated to find out whether some of those infections are due directly to the Atletico fans. There were coronavirus hot cities, and Madrid was one of those.

“They weren’t allowed to congregate in their own country, but 3,000 of those fans came over to ours, and potentially may well have spread coronavirus.

“So it does need looking at, and it does need the government to take some responsibility for not locking down sooner.”

The mayor of Madrid has already said the decision to allow the match to go ahead was “a mistake”, as has Liverpool city council’s director of public health Matthew Ashton.

‘An interesting hypothesis’

On the day of the match at Anfield, England’s deputy chief medical officer, Dr Jenny Harries, said the UK was “following the science and the evidence” in not banning sports events, as other countries had done by then.

“In general, those sorts of events and big gatherings are not seen to be something which is going to have a big effect,” she said, despite the World Health Organization urging tougher action by governments that day.

A few days earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson had attended England v Wales in the Six Nations at Twickenham.

But while there is no confirmed link between the Liverpool match and any coronavirus cases, on 20 April the government’s deputy chief scientific adviser, Angela McLean, said it warranted further investigation, describing it as an “interesting hypothesis.”

“The government was saying it was a low risk at the time, but of course just a few days later they completely locked down the country; they banned sports and events and large gatherings,” said Rotheram.

“And this could have happened sooner. I haven’t got access to the government’s scientific advisors, but they would have been asking those questions.

“That’s why I think an inquiry needs to tease out just what the government was being advised to do at that time.”

On Wednesday, Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden defended the timing of the UK government’s ban on mass gatherings.

“Throughout all of this, we have based what we did on the scientific evidence we received both from Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) and from the medical officers,” he told MPs.

“There wasn’t a case for singling out mass gatherings.”

‘I wish I could go back in time and not go’

Media playback is not supported on this device

A Liverpool fan who fears he may have unwittingly spread the disease at Anfield told the BBC the decision to stage the match was “negligent”.

Having returned from a holiday a few days earlier, Ben Johnson felt slightly unwell on the day of the Atletico game and sought medical advice.

As he did not have a cough or fever, he was told to carry on as normal and attended the match.

In the days that followed he developed coronavirus symptoms. He was not tested but says he was on the verge of going to hospital, before recovering.

“It was obvious it shouldn’t have gone ahead,” he said.

“It just seems crazy. I wish I could go back in time and not go, and I wish there wasn’t the opportunity to go. I just don’t understand how it was allowed to go ahead.”

Both European football’s governing body Uefa and Liverpool have declined to comment.

Cheltenham ‘should have been stopped’

The Liverpool v Atletico match was the last major football game to be played in England, with the season suspended two days later.

There have also been calls for an investigation into whether horse racing’s Cheltenham Festival – staged in the second week of March – should have gone ahead. There are concerns it may also have led to a high number of local coronavirus cases, with 251,684 spectators in attendance across the four days.

Professor Gabriel Scally, former director of public health in the south west of England and visiting professor of public health at the University of Bristol, said there “seemed to be” a high number of Covid-19 cases in Gloucestershire.

“I think it’s very tempting to link it to the Cheltenham Festival,” he said. “Really, from a health point of view, [it] should have been stopped in advance.”

Government data shows there have been 972 cases of the virus in Gloucestershire, and 147 people have died.

A number of high-profile attendees have reported symptoms – including West Bromwich Albion player Charlie Austin, comedian Lee Mack and Gold Cup-winning jockey Andrew Thornton.

Cheltenham organisers introduced special hygiene measures for the event, including extra hand-washing stations, and say they had followed clear guidance from the government and science experts.

Dr Sue Smith, senior racecourse medical officer for the festival, has said the hygiene standards were “of the highest level and all measures were taken in accordance with daily updates from Public Health England”.

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Adrienne Bailon and Husband Trying for a Baby ‘Very Seriously’ During Quarantine

‘The Real’ host assures in an episode of the show that she has everything under control as saying, ‘I have somewhat of a control problem, but I have absolutely thought about it.’

AceShowbiz -From trying a new hobby and working for home, people all around the world have been doing all kind of things to keep themselves from getting bored during this quarantine. Adrienne Bailon is among those people, though she has different kind of activity that nobody probably would have never thought of. In the latest episode of “The Real“, she revealed that she is trying to get pregnant.

During the episode, she told her co-hosts, “Ya’ll let me let you know, we are — pause — hard at work to make it happen. That just sounded crazy coming out of my mouth. But yes, you guys, I’m taking this quarantine thing very seriously.” Adrienne then went on revealing that she had ordered pregnancy tests and ovulation sticks online to get pregnant.

However, given the pandemic that has been going on for months now, it’s only natural that some people are worried about the health care. Adrienne assured that she has everything under control, though. “So literally trust me, I’ve thought all about this, you guys know I like to plan ahead, and I have somewhat of a control problem, but I have absolutely thought about it,” she said, adding that she has been considering to give birth at home.

“I’ve thought about giving birth in a tub, how I would possibly get a mid-wife — have them tested…,” she went on saying, before admitting that she does feel a bit afraid at the thought of giving birth during this time. However, “if God allows me to get pregnant during this time, then it’s in his will,” so Adrienne said.

Should their effort come to fruition, this will be Adrienne’s first child with her husband Israel Houghton, whom she married in 2016. Israel himself is already a father to four children from a previous relationship.

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World News

Government orders 15,000 new ventilators to fight coronavirus after model is approved by regulators – The Sun

THE GOVERNMENT has ordered 15,000 new ventilators after the first mass production model was approved by regulators.

Boris Johnson had called on British industry to rapidly design and produce new machines that help Covid-19 patients to breathe.

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The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has now approved the Penlon Prima ES02 for hospital use. It follows extensive testing over the past fortnight to ensure the devices are safe and effective.

Health secretary Matt Hancock has said the government wants to increase ventilator stocks from around 10,000 to 18,000. It follows concerns that the county does not have enough to meet an expected surge in critically ill patients.

Ministers have now ordered 15,000 of the new Penlon devices, with the first 40 dispatched yesterday [THU].
Hundreds are expected to be built over the next week, with production ramping up after that.

Penlon was part of the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium, which also included Ford, Siemens and Formula 1 teams. All responded to the Prime Minister’s plea to boost the supply of machines.

Tory minister Michael Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, said: “The approval of Penlon’s device underlines the significant progress being made in the Ventilator Challenge."

“I pay tribute to the incredible ingenuity and commitment of our manufacturing industry, coming together as part of the national effort to protect the NHS and save lives.”


Dick Elsy, chair of the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium, said: “I’m very pleased to confirm that we have now secured MHRA approval for the Penlon Prima ESO2 device which has been undergoing stringent testing and clinical trials for the last two weeks."

“Ventilators of this type are complex and critical pieces of medical equipment so ensuring the absolute adherence to regulatory standards and meeting clinical needs were always our priorities."

“We will now accelerate the ramp up of production at the Penlon site in Oxfordshire and the new VCUK production lines we’ve built in Broughton, Dagenham, Woking and Maidenhead."

“I want to take this opportunity to again thank every member of the consortium and the hundreds of dedicated colleagues who have been working day and night to get us to this point.”

It comes as the University of Warwick announced a new NHS trial to establish the best way of giving coronavirus patients oxygen. They hope to find effective alternative solutions for patients with Covid-19 to reduce the need for treatment with a ventilator.

Other options include masks and tubes through the nose. Patients admitted to NHS hospitals will be able to join the trial.


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The ventilator is based on an existing design but some of its components have been tweaked to enable it to be mass produced at speed. The design had to be changed again when the government changed the specification given to firms involved in the project.

The new requirements mean the devices must be easy to switch on and off regularly so fluid can be drained from patients’ lungs.

It is understood firms will be protected from the cost of any legal claims arising from personal injury caused by faulty machines.

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‘I would’ve thought guilty’: Victorian man unsure how to plead over brother’s samurai sword death

A Victorian man accused of killing his brother with a samurai sword and trying to murder a former classmate has told a court he isn't sure how to plead.

Jonathon Dick appeared via video link over the alleged murder of his sibling David at Westfield Doncaster shopping centre in February 2017.

Police in Hosier Lane last year when Jonathan Dick was found. Credit:Erin Pearson

He is also accused of trying to kill former classmate David Cammarata with a hammer in August 2018, along with stalking Mr Cammarata.

The 42-year-old initially told magistrate Donna Bakos he didn't know how to plead.

"I'm not too sure," Dick told Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday.

"I would've thought guilty," he said.

But Mr Dick's lawyer explained there was difficulties in trying to communicate with his client because of coronavirus restrictions in prisons.

Ms Bakos did not accept Dick's initial guilty plea after reading the submitted written material.

Instead she entered a "not guilty" plea on his behalf and explained this to Dick.

"Thank you, Your Honour," the accused killer replied.

He will next appear at the Supreme Court in July.


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Coronavirus: Parma v SPAL kicks off 75 minutes late amid calls for Serie A suspension

Parma’s Serie A tie against SPAL kicked off 75 minutes late after Italy’s sports minister requested the league was suspended with immediate effect because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The match was due to kick off at 12:30 local time (11:30 GMT) but players were told to return to the dressing room from the tunnel.

It eventually got under way at 13:45 local time (12:45 GMT).

On Sunday, up to 16m people were placed in quarantine in Italy.

Italy has seen the largest number of coronavirus cases in Europe and reported a steep rise in infections on Saturday.

The death toll in Italy has passed 230, with officials reporting more than 36 deaths in 24 hours. The number of confirmed cases jumped by more than 1,200 to 5,883 on Saturday.

Last week, Italy’s government said all sport in the country would be played behind closed doors until 3 April.

On Saturday Damiano Tommasi, the president of Italy’s players’ union (AIC), called for football to be suspended in the country.

In a statement, he said: “There is a risk for players and we must take all precautions for the security of those who play: on the pitch you certainly can’t stay at a distance of one metre away.

“But every measure must be taken to guarantee the safety of everyone at the stadium, including staff and personnel, to reduce the risks.

“There are those among the players who are happy to continue, others who express their concerns.

“There are many foreign players too and it’s obvious their families will be worried watching what’s happening in Italy.”

Four other Serie A matches are due to take place on Sunday, including Juventus versus Inter Milan (19:45 GMT), while Sassuolo’s match against Brescia on Monday (17:30 GMT) is also due to go ahead.

  • Coronavirus – sport timeline






Match Stats

Live Text

Attempt missed. Gervinho (Parma) left footed shot from the right side of the six yard box is high and wide to the left.

Foul by Simone Missiroli (SPAL).

Alberto Grassi (Parma) wins a free kick on the right wing.


Substitution, SPAL. Jacopo Sala replaces Mohamed Fares.


Gastón Brugman (Parma) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

Simone Missiroli (SPAL) wins a free kick on the left wing.

Foul by Gastón Brugman (Parma).

Thiago Cionek (SPAL) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Foul by Jasmin Kurtic (Parma).

VAR Decision: No Penalty SPAL.

Hand ball by Mattia Valoti (SPAL).

Offside, SPAL. Andrea Petagna tries a through ball, but Mattia Valoti is caught offside.

Thiago Cionek (SPAL) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Foul by Andreas Cornelius (Parma).

Mattia Valoti (SPAL) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Foul by Andreas Cornelius (Parma).

Foul by Mohamed Fares (SPAL).

Alberto Grassi (Parma) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Mirko Valdifiori (SPAL) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Foul by Gastón Brugman (Parma).

Attempt missed. Bruno Alves (Parma) header from the right side of the box is high and wide to the right. Assisted by Jasmin Kurtic with a cross following a corner.

Corner, Parma. Conceded by Thiago Cionek.

Attempt missed. Mattia Valoti (SPAL) right footed shot from the left side of the six yard box is high and wide to the left. Assisted by Mirko Valdifiori with a cross following a corner.

Corner, SPAL. Conceded by Matteo Darmian.

Attempt saved. Andrea Petagna (SPAL) right footed shot from the left side of the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Assisted by Mohamed Fares.

Attempt missed. Dejan Kulusevski (Parma) left footed shot from outside the box is close, but misses to the left. Assisted by Gervinho.

Foul by Francesco Vicari (SPAL).

Andreas Cornelius (Parma) wins a free kick in the attacking half.

Second Half

Second Half begins Parma 0, SPAL 0.

Half Time

First Half ends, Parma 0, SPAL 0.

Foul by Andrea Petagna (SPAL).

Bruno Alves (Parma) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Hand ball by Andreas Cornelius (Parma).

Hand ball by Andrea Petagna (SPAL).

Attempt missed. Mattia Valoti (SPAL) left footed shot from outside the box is close, but misses to the right. Assisted by Mirko Valdifiori.

Mohamed Fares (SPAL) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

Foul by Matteo Darmian (Parma).

Attempt blocked. Gervinho (Parma) left footed shot from the centre of the box is blocked. Assisted by Dejan Kulusevski.

Attempt blocked. Gervinho (Parma) right footed shot from the centre of the box is blocked.


Felipe (SPAL) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

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Manchester United v Manchester City quiz: Players to score three or more Manchester derby goals

Manchester City make the short journey to rivals Manchester United on Sunday.

The two sides have already met three times this season with City winning in the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg at Old Trafford, while United won the second leg and the Premier League game at the Etihad.

Since the Premier League began in 1992, 14 players have scored three or more goals in Manchester derbies.

How many of them do you think you can name?

You’ve got five minutes… good luck!

Can you name the players to score 3+ Manchester Derby goals?

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