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17 Coronation Street virtual pub quiz questions

Our weekly doses of Coronation Street have been rationed out recently after the soap was forced to shut down production amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led us to reminiscing about some of the show’s most memorable moments.

From Alan Bradley’s dramatic death to Deirdre Barlow and Mike Baldwin’s affair, there’s been plenty of drama on the Cobbles over the years since the show first hit our screens in 1960 and what better way to our knowledge about the goings on in Weatherfield than with a Coronation Street virtual pub quiz?

So if you’re a Corrie fan, settle down with a cuppa and see if you can answer these questions – then test your mates in your next virtual pub quiz. A virtual drink atThe Rovers Return Inn for anyone who can get them all correct!

Q: Who is the longest running character on Coronation Street?
A: Ken Barlow (he’s been in the soap since the very first episode!)

Q: What was the original title of the soap before it was renamed ‘Coronation Street’?
A: Creator Tony Warren had to rename the series from its original title Florizel Street

Q: Who played Sinead Tinker in Coronation Street until last year?
A: Katie McGlynn

Q: Which stalwart of the street said goodbye to the soap on Christmas Day 1987 and was sent off with a sing-a-long in the Rovers?
A: Hilda Ogden (Jean Alexander)

Q: What dramatic event did Coronation Street stage during their live episode to celebrate the soap’s 50th birthday in 2010?
A: The iconic tram crash

Q: What were Les and Cilla Battersby doing when they crashed through a ceiling together?
A: Having a bath with their dog

Q: Who did Gail Platt describe as ‘Norman Bates with a briefcase’?
A: Her serial killer ex-husband Richard Hillman

Q: Coronation Street featured the first transgender character in a UK soap opera, but what was her name?
A: Hayley Cropper

Q: How was Alan Bradley killed in 1989?
A: He was hit by a tram as he chased Rita across the tracks

Q: Which character did actress Michelle Keegan play on Corrie?
A: Tina McIntyre

Q: How old was Sarah-Louise Platt when she gave birth to her daughter, Bethany?
A: 13

Q: What record did Jack Duckworth put on before passing away in 2010?
A: A Matt Munro record

Q: Who took everyone in the Bistro hostage and shot Michelle Connor in 2018?
A: Pat Phelan (Connor McIntyre)

Q: Who played Rosie Webster in the soap from 2000–2018?
A: Helen Flanagan

Q: How did Tracy Barlow murder Charlie Stubbs in 2007?
A: Using a heavy brass ornament, which she reached for while dancing to Oasis

Q: Who composed the iconic Coronation Street theme tune?
A: Eric Spear

Q: Which member of the British royal family has appeared in Corrie?
A: H.R.H. Prince Charles, who made an appearance on the show’s 40th Anniversary episode in 2000

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‘The Biggest Loser’ Is Virtually Casting for Its Next Season. Last Season’s Winner Shares Some Tips for Future Contestants

Jim DiBattista might have been crowned the big winner on the last season of The Biggest Loser, but his journey to the show started as a joke. The Philly native and his wife were long-time fans of the reality-based weight-loss competition series, so when she saw that producers were looking for contestants for a new season of the rebooted show, she sent him a link, teasingly suggesting he try out. 

DiBattista, 47, was game, making plans to secretly attend the open casting call and snap some selfies to send to his wife. But, as he explained in an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, he was taking things a bit more seriously than he let on. 

Jim DiBattista’s path to ‘The Biggest Loser’ 

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I put my heart into it,” the 47-year-old said of his experience filling out the application and submitting “a ton” of pictures and videos. He weighed nearly 400 pounds, and he knew it was time to make a change. Competing on The Biggest Loser seemed like a good way to do it. 

Producers liked what they saw. When they reached out and expressed their interest, DiBattista quickly had to decide whether he really wanted to go through with the process. The choice was obvious. 

“Yes, I want to take a minute and do something for myself that could potentially save my life,” he said. 

DiBattista believes that simply being himself in the videos he submitted to the casting directors was key to catching their eye. 

“I am myself,” he explained. “Everything you see is who I am, I can’t do it any other way. I think that’s really what they want — they want genuine people who really want to get healthy and really want a change. And I was that guy at that point in my life.”

DiBattista added that he felt his story was likely relatable to many people. “Honestly, I think I think there’s a very large portion of our population of middle age people that let themselves go,” he said. “People that don’t know how to get healthy.” 

‘The Biggest Loser’ gave him a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

DiBattista admits that an intense environment like The Biggest Loser might not be the right option for everyone who wants to lose weight. But for him, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. 

“Losing weight is a really personal experience,” he said. He was drawn to the way The Biggest Loser offers contestants like him a chance to “completely reboot your life.”

“To me, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?” he said. “But I totally understand people who want to lose a pound a week too. There’s no wrong way.” 

His advice for contestants 

So, how did DiBattista manage to crush The Biggest Loser competition? 

“I’m a game player. I’m a very strategic person,” DiBattista said. That helped him once he actually made it on the show. 

What I was able to break down, and what I think most people that were successful on the show were able to break down, is you can’t worry about the end game. What you have to do is figure out your process every day,” he said. 

He also trusted in the trainers, nutritionists, and doctors. Contestants who struggled more, he said, were more likely to bump heads with the show’s experts. 

That is the key to success in Biggest Loser, being coachable, allowing them to do their jobs with you,” he said. “And being consistent every day.” 

Interested in being on the next season of The Biggest Loser? If you have 100 pounds or more you’d like to lose, visit the show’s casting page for information on how to apply. 

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Groom has virtual stag do which has him drinking out of a dog bowl

A groom-to-be who was supposed to have his wedding in May had to have a virtual stag after the UK went into lockdown.

Dan Marshall, 33, from Worcester, celebrated his upcoming nuptials over Zoom with his friends, who made it as wild as it could be.

Dan was due to marry fiancée, Sam Kitching, 33, a primary school teacher, in a civil ceremony at Pebworth but the wedding has been postponed until late October.

To cheer him up, Dan’s friends got creative and organised a virtual celebration.

Just because they were socially distancing didn’t mean they skipped the stag do behaviour.

Dan had to dress up for the night and drink for every ten likes that stags got on their Facebook profile picture (of Dan).

Other heady tasks included drinking out of a dog bowl and doing lots of press ups.

Just usual lad behaviour. Dan loved (almost) every minute of it.

The account manager said: ‘The lads decided to throw me a virtual stag do after the real one had to be cancelled.

‘It was so much fun, and definitely a night to remember.

‘Partners were invited too and, on the night, it was five couples, including me and Sam, and my brother Jay.

‘We all had to dress up. Sam and I dressed as Mario and Luigi.’

Others were dressed as Joe Exotic from the Netflix show Tiger King, a nurse, a cat and other random costumes.

Dan added: ‘During the day, some of the stags changed their Facebook profile pictures to a photo of me and each one said “10 likes = 1 shot”.

‘Some of the photos had 70+ likes, so it was a challenge! My brother then did a This Is Your Life with old photos of me, we played quizzes, the Mr and Mrs game and the keepy-uppy challenge with loo roll.

‘They even challenged me to see how many press-ups I could do in a minute and made me drink out of a dog bowl.

‘It was a really fun night, although the hangover the next day was not so much.’

Bride-to-be Sam looks forward to her own virtual hen do on 9 May.

She said: ‘Seeing how much fun Dan’s stag do was, I’m can’t wait for mine.
It’ll be a welcome distraction from being in lockdown.

‘I’m just hoping isolation ends in time for October, as I’ll be so disappointed if we have the postpone the wedding again.’

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Couple had 300 virtual guests at their wedding

Couple who managed to tie the knot with 12 guests JUST before the lockdown reveal 300 loved ones watched on Facebook in their wedding outfits

  • More than 300 people watched a British couple get married on Facebook 
  • Kirsten and Richard Groom married at St Matthew’s Church, Walsall, on Saturday
  • They wed a month earlier than originally planned, amid the ongoing pandemic 

A couple who got married just days before the nationwide lock down suspended weddings, revealed their nuptials were watched by more than 300 people on Facebook.

Kirsten Robson and Richard Groom spent 18 months planning their dream April wedding, before the Government imposed strict social distancing measures.  

The couple, who are both aged 26, hastily brought their nuptials forward and tied the knot on Saturday at St Matthew’s Church in Walsall – just two days before all weddings in the UK were cancelled.      

They live-streamed the service on Facebook to more than 300 guests who watched in their wedding outfits from their homes in England and in Kirsten’s native Northern Ireland. 

Kirsten Robson and Richard Groom married just days before the UK government made the decision to suspend weddings across the nation. Pictured left to right: Rev Jim Troon, Richard Groom and Kirsten Robson

Church administrator Kirsten, who is partially-sighted and Richard who is a care support worker, are planning to go on honeymoon when the crisis is over.

Kirsten said: ‘We could sense that the restrictions were getting tighter and we didn’t want to risk having to call the whole wedding off.

‘Richard had seen the situation in the UK was heating up and had floated the idea of bringing the wedding forward.

‘When the Prime Minister started restrictions last week, another person said “Why not get married now?”, but we had put a year-and-a-half into planning our perfect wedding.

‘We knew there was no way we would be able to get married in April, so we took the opportunity while we could.’

The couple who had 12 guests at their nuptials, claim over 300 people live streamed the ceremony using Facebook. Pictured: Richard and Kirsten with their wedding guests

The couple were joined by 12 other guests who had all self-isolated for a week prior to the big day, the vicar and Kirsten’s guide dog Kip.

Their friends pitched in with arranging flowers and decorating the church while all the guests were told to log in for the service.

Kirsten added: ‘We had planned the wedding for April and the dress wasn’t ready but my housemates sourced another one.

‘Me and Richard are real technophobes, so our friends also set up the Facebook live stream which was basically a mobile phone propped on a music stand so everyone could watch us walk down the aisle.

Kirsten said it was strange to be in a church that has the capacity for 1,100 people with just 14 present. Pictured: Richard and Kirsten on their wedding day

‘We know at least 304 people watched it from all over England and my family from Northern Ireland, so at least they could share the day with us.

‘The church is huge and has a capacity for 1,100 people, so it was strange for just 14 of us to be there.

‘I think we’re probably the last couple in the country to get married before the lockdown.

‘The people we have talked to so far have said they felt part of it, even from a distance, and we are really happy we were able to have that option available to them.’

Richard revealed they have been working from home since their wedding and have planned to go on their honeymoon once the pandemic is over. Pictured: The couple on their wedding day with two guests

Richard said: ‘It was very strange walking down the aisle surrounded by empty chairs but we felt all our friends and family with us in spirit.

‘We are now both working from home, and are planning to go on our honeymoon to the Lake District and Northern Ireland when all this is over.’

Rev Jim Troon, who led the service, added: ‘To be honest, I found it quite emotional when they were making the promises in sickness and in health – it was a powerful thing to be saying.’ 

Rev Jim Troon who led the service, said the wedding was quite emotional as the couple shared vows ‘in sickness and in health’. Pictured: Kirsten and Richard’s wedding day

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Celebs groove during virtual dance parties while under quarantine

Celebs like Gabrielle Union, Naomi Campbell and Mary J. Blige have been spending their time in quarantine at virtual dance parties.

Obama favorites, DJ D-Nice and DJ Cassidy have been going live on Instagram, hosting dance-a-thons from their LA homes. D-Nice started his social distancing dance party four days ago. He’s been doing nine-hour Instagram Live sessions.

“Music heals the soul. Thank you so much for this. Bless you angel,” Campbell commented during his session last night. “That’s that issshh,” Blige commented when he spun one of her tunes.

Cassidy promises to play his favorite songs and take requests every night “until the world is back to normal” with his “Resort Radio: Rockin After Midnight” dance party. Gabrielle Union and Christie Brinkley were on their Instagram rockin’ with him last night.

Meanwhile, Big Night club group — which owns venues including Memoire, Shrine, Big Night Live, The Grand — is hosting dance parties every night at 9pm at

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