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What is double cleansing and what are its benefits?

If you are into taking care of your skin, then you have probably heard of the latest skin care ritual that is taking over the beauty world — double cleansing. According to the Allure, like many skincare trends, the popular cleansing method originated in Korea. And double cleansing is as simple as it sounds, involving cleansing your face two times rather than once, but with two different products.

“Double cleansing is a method of cleansing your face twice: First, with an oil-based cleanser and again with a water-based cleanser. It can help remove stubborn, pore-clogging and acne-causing impurities that can remain on the skin even after washing your face once,” board-certified dermatologist David Lortscher, M.D. explained to Dermstore. And this method is something that dermatologist Dendy Engelman told Allure he recommends to all of his patients, no matter their skin type. But does it really make that big a difference? 

Double cleansing prevents breakouts

The reason double cleansing is so revered is that it cleans your skin completely, especially if you wear makeup, promoting a natural glow. As Kristy Watson, CMO of New York skin care brand Erno Laszlo told Beauty Crew, “What happens is you have makeup on, and you have a very environmentally stressful day, and if you wash your face with a foam cleanser once — foam cleansers are typically water-based and don’t have a lot of actives in it — and you rinse, you have a huge layer of pollution and makeup on your skin still.” 

If your skin is not cleaned correctly, it won’t look it’s best. “Basically, buildup of residue, oil, dirt, cosmetic products left on the skin can leave the skin looking dull in appearance, and it also contributes to clogging your pores, which then can lead to acne or enlarged pores,” Megan Rogge, a dermatologist with UT Health and UT Physicians, told Vox.  Ultimately, double cleansing ensures no bacteria or residue remains, preventing breakouts, clogged pores, and more. 

Popular YouTuber Michelle Phan is a huge fan of double cleansing and recommends Then I Met You’s Living Cleansing Balm and Tea Cleansing Gel.

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Spike in online searches for walking and driving directions

Government mobility chart reveals spike in online searches for walking and driving directions after Sadiq Khan ‘misses his target of providing 75% of Tubes with only 50% of services running’

  • TfL claims that Tube services are back at 75%, DLR and London Overground at 80% and buses at 85% today
  • Sadiq Khan also names 20 stations the public should try to avoid because of potential overcrowding 
  • Rail passengers are required to wear face coverings during their journey and book seats on many services 
  • Some rail companies proposing to allocate time-restricted ‘travel slots’ at stations to prevent overcrowding 
  • Mayor of London has also brought back the congestion charge – two weeks early – reimposed from today 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

The Government has revealed a spike in online searches for walking and driving routes as industry sources told MailOnline Sadiq Khan failed to meet his promise that Tube services would rise to 75 per cent of pre-lockdown levels from today – with the true figure closer to 50 per cent. 

Commuters promised more carriage space questioned the Mayor of London’s figures as they still had to wait long periods for trains on packed platforms where social distancing was impossible.

Today’s rush hour was the busiest of the lockdown with Tube ridership between 5.30am and 10am up 18.5 per cent – compared to last Monday – with around 15,000 extra people using the underground this morning. 

But as pictures of more packed trains emerged, the Aslef union revealed that more London Underground trains could have been running on Monday but some drivers were sent home after they raised concerns about ‘health and safety’. While the RMT Union also shared CCTV images of packed trains during rush hour this morning where most people were not wearing masks. 

Tens of thousands more Britons were back in work this morning but gaps between trains in the capital were still up to 15 minutes on some lines with critics demanding to know why the Mayor of London is not running a full service now common in European capital cities such as Berlin.

It comes as Apple data used in Government press conference slides has revealed a sharp increase in requests for walking and driving routes in the UK compared with early May.

The latest figures show requests for walking directions just 38 per cent beneath the Apple baseline – calculated since January 13 – with driving just 40 per cent below baseline. 

Despite these figures being well below average for this year, they are a significant increase from figures for lockdown generally.

Data for early May shows requests for walking and driving requests at around 70 per cent below the baseline – with public transport route requests hovering at around 80 per cent below baseline.

All three categories – walking, driving, and public transport route requests – took a sharp plunge when lockdown was announced in March, but public transport requests have remained the lowest since then – with walking and driving route requests now at their highest this month.

Apple data used in Government press conference slides has revealed a sharp increase in requests for walking and driving routes in the UK compared with early May. The latest figures show requests for walking directions just 38 per cent beneath the Apple baseline – calculated since January 13 – with driving just 40 per cent below baseline. Despite these figures being well below average for this year, they are a significant increase from figures for lockdown generally

The RMT Union shared this image of a packed District Line train in rush hour today – where most were not wearing masks – as Aslef said some drivers were sent home for raising health and safety concerns 

Traffic in London remains way short on pre-lockdown levels – but are increasing every day as more people return to work with congestion on the capital’s roads now up four per cent today – compared to last Monday, according to TomTom data

Transport for London, which is run by Mayor Khan, said today that Tube services would be back at 75%, DLR and London Overground at 80% and buses at 85% of pre-lockdown capacity as Boris Johnson encouraged as many people as possible to return to work.

But as the morning peak ended a senior Tube source told MailOnline: ‘That might be the aim but in reality, across the entire Tube network, it was about 50 per cent of service.’ At least 30 Tube train drivers refused to work on Health and Safety grounds saying not enough had been done to protect both them and passengers from the virus, the insider said. It is not known how long they instead to stay away but they are not expected to return soon. There are around 3000 drivers on the London Underground, including those who work for the night Tube.

Transport for London insisted 75 per cent of Tube trains were running. 

Nick Dent, Director of Line Operations for London Underground, said: ‘The safety of our staff and customers is the most important thing to us as we carefully work towards a return to the level of service on the Tube closer to normal, with 75 per cent of services running this morning.

‘We would never force a member of staff to work if they were concerned about safety. If they are not reassured by the evidence we offer describing the extensive safety measures we’ve introduced, we provide them with a detailed pack of written information and ask them to return when they are satisfied. We are always available to clarify any points which continue to be a cause for concern.’

‘We have installed screens and social-distancing signage in depots and service control centres, and have implemented one-way systems to make social distancing easier. Hand sanitiser and masks have also been provided to staff to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible in addition to the continued regular rigorous cleaning of the Tube. All of these changes have been fully risk assessed and comply with all PHE and Government.’

ASLEF chief Finn Brennan tweeted: ‘Bizarre situation this morning where Underground managers are sending home drivers who raise H&S [health and safety] concerns..meaning fewer drivers fewer trains! A driver who wasn’t prepared to use a mess room where she would not be able to social distance has been sent home and told pay at risk. She lives with 84 year old parent. Shameful stuff from TFL management’.

He added: ‘It’s disappointing and worrying that so many people are still using the tube without face covering this morning. They are risking the safety of staff and other passengers’. 

There is a large police presence at Waterloo station in London today as train and Tube services headed back to 70 per cent to accomodate more workers

Stewards line up at Britain’s busiest railway station for interchanges, Clapham Junction in south-west London, as train services were increased today

The majority of people who crammed on to this Tube train at Canning Town before 7am today were not wearing face masks as Britain returns to work 

Tube passenger Raymond Campbell, who had travelled on the Piccadilly Line from Hounslow Central to Earls Court Tube station told MailOnline: ‘I waited almost 15 minutes for a train and that’s not acceptable. Normally they come along every two or three minutes. We need more Tube trains to be running as quickly as possible because the number of passengers will only increase.’ Shop worker Dinesh Shukla, who was returning to work for the first time today, said: ‘The platform was quite crowded because we had to wait a lot longer for a train. I don’t understand why there isn’t a full service’.

There was also confusion growing over whether commuters should wear masks and it was revealed that stations will be shut if they get too busy with security teams brought in to manage crowds.

Sadiq Khan has said that people catching the Tube or bus should cover their faces but in contrast Sir Peter Hendy, chairman of Network Rail, said that face coverings are not mandatory on mainline trains with commuters claiming ‘hardly anyone’ is wearing them.

Sir Peter said: ‘We are relying on people to be sensible. We want people to stay apart if they humanly can and if they can’t, then a face covering is a quite sensible thing to do for the brief moments when you might be getting on or off a train or moving through a station’. He added: ‘We have processes to close stations if they become too full’.

Roads also appeared busier today as Sadiq Khan brought back the congestion charge two weeks early – before the price rises from £11.50 to £15 next month and is imposed on weekends for the first time.

As Britain’s travel network edged back to normal, it was also revealed today:

  • Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary blasts Government’s ‘idiotic’ plans for 14-day coronavirus quarantine for arrivals into the UK;
  • Fears British lockdown won’t hold because of prolonged good weather as Europeans pack onto beaches and throng to bars and cafes as life begins to return to normal on the continent;
  • PM said to be insistent he will not vary lockdown rules across the country – despite the R coronavirus infection rate ranging widely in different regions;
  • Government announces £130million plan to manufacture Oxford Covid-19 jab the moment it’s proved to work, so UK can have 30 million doses ready by Autumn and be first nation to get it;   
  • But the World Health Organisation has said that Europe must prepare for a second deadly wave of the coronavirus;

Tube services are being returned to 70 per cent of capacity today but many say that it should be at 100% to maintain social distancing 

Signs warning people not to travel without face coverings and hand sanitiser stations have appeared at Tube stations

Traffic builds up on the A102 in Greenwich on the approach to the Blackwall Tunnel in south-east London as Sadiq Khan brought the congestion charge back in central London today

Sadiq Khan has again urged people to stay at home unless they have to leave – but people on public transport have complained there were not enough face masks

A list of Transport for London’s (TfL) 20 busiest stations has been published to help people avoid overcrowding hotspots.

The transport body issued the information as it urged people not to use its most popular stations during peak hours unless journeys are essential.  

These stations are: Barking, Brixton, Canada Water, Canary Wharf, Canning Town, Clapham Junction, East Croydon, East Ham, Lewisham, Leyton, Liverpool Street (Tube), London Bridge (Tube), North Acton, Seven Sisters, Stratford, Walthamstow Central, West Croydon, West Ham, Wood Green and Woolwich Arsenal.

It will be regularly updated depending on journey patterns.

Passengers are warned they should ‘expect to queue to enter’ some stations, as transport bosses attempt to allow two-metre social distancing ‘wherever possible’.

Those who arrive in central London at mainline stations are being asked to complete their journey by walking or cycling, rather than changing onto a Tube train or bus.

The Tube network is at its busiest from 5.45am to 8.15am and 4pm to 5.30pm.

TfL said: ‘It will help keep everyone safe if you can travel outside these times.’

The capacity of Tube stations and trains will be constrained even once services are restored to full strength.

TfL services have been reduced in recent weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it has pledged to return them to ‘as close to 100% as soon as possible’ as part of its agreement with the Government for a £1.6 billion bailout.

Operations were ramped up on Monday, meaning TfL is running 75% of Tube services, 85% of bus services and 80% of London Overground and Docklands Light Railway services.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: ‘Even when services are running at the highest possible frequency, the need to maintain safe social distancing will dramatically reduce capacity on the Tube to just 13-15%.

‘We are making it safer for people who have no alternative but to use public transport by reopening stations, installing hand sanitiser points, introducing one-way systems and reminding people of the need to stay two metres apart.

‘We are also making sure Londoners know which stations to avoid at what times.’

Mr Khan added that people should only use public transport ‘as a last resort’. 

Travellers now face major changes on the railways and Tube as services including mandatory booking of seats on some routes or face not being able to board. And going forward commuters could even be told to book a slot to enter their local railway station to prevent overcrowding, with stewards brought in to manage crowds at Clapham Junction today – Europe’s busiest station by interchanges. Police and security guards were also deployed at other stations to prevent rush hour surges. 

And as many more people started working today, panicked passengers complained of packed trains and some mainline services ran with half the usual number of carriages. They have also been told to allow for social distancing – but despite floor stickers being installed on trains in European cities to ensure people stay two metres apart – they don’t appear to have been put in on the Tube.  

Sadiq Khan warned during rush hour this morning that ‘lockdown has not been lifted’, adding: ‘London’s doing an incredible job slowing the spread of #COVID19, but if we’re to prevent a disastrous second wave we must all continue to stay at home as much as possible and avoid any unnecessary travel, especially on public transport. Don’t let up now. Let’s keep it going’. 

Mr Khan’s transport chief Heidi Alexander today urged people to stay away from public transport as many more people were due to return, and tweeted: ‘LONDON: please don’t use public transport unless you really have to. Work at home if you can. Don’t travel first thing. Wear a face covering. And always wash your hands before and after you travel’.  

The Tube was also busy again in rush hour, especially on routes from east London into central London most used by blue collar workers such as those in the construction industry.

But those who commuted into major cities today complained that while there were more trains – services were not up to scratch, especially on services where the number of carriages were halved.

Peter Moore, who was commuting from Kent to Victoria station on told MailOnline: ‘I waited twice as long for a train than I had to prior to the lockdown. I know that there’s not a full service operating but that needs to happen quickly because there’s going to be more passengers. They’ve had plenty of time to prepare for people to return to work and they should have had a full service by now.’  

And While Edward Reeves. who travelled to London on a Greater Anglia service tweeted: Why was the 0443 service to LST from Colchester this morning only a 4 carriage? It’s usually an 8 carriage. Social distancing is difficult enough without halving the capacity of a train’. 

London’s Victoria station was not as busy as expected with the expected deluge of commuters failing to materialise. Around 50 security staff were on duty to ensure passengers maintained social distance and signs had also been erected urging commuters to stay two meters apart.

Transport police recruited to man railway stations  

An army of transport police will be drafted in at rail stations amid fears of chaos after commuters were warned not to board ‘overcrowded’ trains.

Passenger numbers are expected to rise by as much as a quarter this week. But train firms yesterday urged people not to travel, with services operating at as little as ten per cent capacity to maintain social distancing rules.

British Transport Police said thousands of officers will patrol platforms at mainline stations and on the Tube. But a spokesman admitted there was nothing illegal in a passenger breaking social distancing guidelines and no law that could prevent a commuter boarding a ‘crowded’ train.

Nigel Goodband, of the BTP Police Federation, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘As a force, we have had a call to arms this weekend. We will be there to ensure that tensions don’t reach a point where people are spitting, coughing or assaulting staff.’


Amarjit Singh, 50 who had travelled from Welling, south-east London to Victoria to return to work on a construction site for the first time since the lockdown said: ‘It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The train was not as busy as it usually is, but I had to wait a lot longer for it because I was told that services are not as frequent.

‘I’m worried that once things return back to normal, which they are slowly doing, it will not be as easy to maintain social distance and that it may lead to an increase in coronavirus infections. We need more trains because very soon there are going to be a lot more passengers.’

Sirrin Bena, 24 who was returning to his job as a lettings agent and had travelled from Kent said: ‘It was actually quite pleasant being on the train because there was hardly anybody on it.

‘I was doing this commute every day prior to the lockdown and today is my first day back. I thought it would be very busy, but it hasn’t been, which is good. But I waited around 20 minutes for the train, which is double the amount of time I usually do. We need a full service up and running so that we can travel to work safely.’

Dora Howard, 52, who works in a studio and had travelled to Victoria from south-east London said: ‘I actually return to work last week and the train’s have not been that busy. I think most people are still working from home or travelling to work in cars.

‘There’s plenty of space on the trains at the moment and it’s very easy to find a seat and keep your distance. But I’m waiting longer for trains and I’m worried that they will become busier as time passes. The service needs to be running at 100% as soon as possible.’

NHS worker Nina Bual, 48 who has been commuting from Purely, south-east London to Victoria throughout the lockdown said: ‘I’ve noticed that the trains are getting busier but not as packed as they usually are.

‘But they’re not as frequent and you have to wait long for them. While most people are still working from home, what concerns me is how long that is going to last? Let’s get a full train and tube service up and running as quickly as possible before we see the usual rush hour chaos.’

The district and circle line was very busy today – up to 15 minute waits were common on some routes this morning

This was the scene on CCTV at Burnt Oak station this morning as people complained about gaps between stations

Social distancing was not possible on the Jubilee Line into London today and the majority were not wearing masks 

Commuters at London Bridge Station this morning after the prime Minister Boris Johnson said the public should be encouraged to head back to work if they can’t work from home

King’s Cross Station, one of London’s busiest transport hubs, was almost deserted on Monday morning despite a drive to get more trains running to get Britain back to work.

Government WON’T vary lockdown rules across the country despite the R coronavirus infection rate varying widely in different regions 

The government will not vary the lifting of coronavirus lockdown by region, despite the R infection rate varying widely in different parts of the UK, the business minister confirmed today.

Speaking at the latest Downing Street press conference, Alok Sharma said the government would be sticking with its national approach to the lockdown.

The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy added that it was ‘too soon’ to discuss a phased lifting of lockdown by region.

Different parts of the UK have a different R rate, which is used to indicate how fast the virus is spreading.

R rates calculated by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine suggest the East Midlands has the fastest spread of infection, with a rate of between 0.8 and 1.2.

On the other hand, London, which was the hardest hit part of the UK, has a current R rate of 0.5 to 0.8, the lowest in the country.

It has led to speculation that different parts of the country could see different forms of lockdown.

However, responding to a member of the public who asked if a phased lifting of lockdown would be better based on the virus reproduction R number regionally, Mr Sharma said it is ‘too soon’ and the Government is sticking with its national approach.

NHS England national medical director Stephen Powis added: ‘There will be variations between different parts of the country, that occurs naturally in epidemics.

‘We see that, for instance, in flu season each winter.

‘What’s important going forward is increasingly we will be able to measure R direct.’

Train companies are increasing services to 70% of standard timetable capacity, industry body the Rail Delivery group said.

But to enable social distancing, many services are running at just 10% of normal capacity and passengers are still being urged to avoid all non-essential travel.

The King’s Cross concourse was dotted with stickers reading ‘Protect your NHS, stay 2M apart’, while regular announcements urged people to stick to social distancing measures.

There were many more staff on duty than travellers, as well as several police officers on patrol around the station and neighbouring St Pancras.

The few commuters waiting for trains were mostly pessimistic about how well everyone would be able to keep two metres apart once passenger numbers start to rise.

Last night Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that he understood booking in advance was not as convenient for passengers, but it was important to help stop the spread of the virus. 

Rail operators are also likely to scrap first-class carriages to free up space so commuters can sit further apart, with season ticket holders refunded and given standard passes. 

In the weeks ahead, some rail companies on commuter routes are also proposing to allocate time-restricted ‘travel slots’ to enforce staggered commute times. Operators have agreed that train guards will no longer walk up the aisles checking tickets.

Buffet cars and trolleys are to be axed and passengers will be discouraged from eating their own food and drink on board.

Although timetables will be restored to 70 per cent of normal levels, passengers are being urged to stay at home amid fears of crowding. 

The Government has said that people should still only travel for limited reasons such as going to work if they cannot do their job from home. Public transport should be avoided where possible, with people using cars, walking or cycling if they can.

Those who must use train services will be asked to limit contact with staff and ticket machines by downloading e-tickets to smartphones. 

They will also be required to wear face coverings – different from medical masks – during their journey. Passengers will face queues to get into stations at the busiest times.  

Commuters leave London Bridge Station and walk down Tooley Street this morning where pavements were far busier than they had been over the past two months

This bus passenger in north London posted this picture on the top deck where people were clearly not two metres apart

Passengers board and leave a train at a station in Bracknell, Berkshire, as train services increase for the first time since lockdown

To allow for social distancing, passengers on at least four major lines will be told to reserve a seat in advance if they have to travel. Pictured: Liverpool Street Rail Station in London

Passengers face major changes on the railways as services are ramped back up to 70 per cent of normal levels today. Pictured: Passengers wear face masks at Liverpool Street Rail Station in London 

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said that he understood booking in advance was not as convenient for passengers, but it was important to help stop the spread of the virus. Pictured: Passengers social distance in the queue at Liverpool Street Rail Station in London

Operators also have powers to close busy platforms and use social media to warn passengers to stay away. A vast public information campaign has been introduced at stations. 

How is social distancing going to work on the Tube?

To avoid passengers cramming on to carriages, Transport for London has asked:

  • Commuters to avoid public transport and travel by bike or on foot
  • Bosses to stagger start times for their employees
  • Passengers to wear face coverings and use hand sanitiser
  • People to to obey the national requirement to maintain two-metre distance between passengers.     

Signs have been erected at stations urging people to maintain social distancing.

TfL has said that the two-metre rule will reduce passenger capacity to only 13 per cent of full functioning.  

Unlike many European countries which have laid down floor markings signalling where people can stand, it is understood no such plans exist for the Tube. 

Instead, TfL told MailOnline that British Transport Police will be moving people along. 

Ministers are braced for a potential clash from transport unions, which are deeply opposed to any increase in services and have threatened to walk out if social distancing is not observed. 

Union leaders are calling on the Government to issue free face masks to passengers and to make sure social distancing is enforced.

To control passenger numbers, London North Eastern Railway has announced it will only accept customers with advance tickets.

The operator said numbers on board each train will be limited to a fifth of seats. Avanti is also asking passengers to pre-book – along with Great Western Railway and Chiltern Railways.

Dave Kaye, of rail giant Abellio, said: ‘This is going to be a game changer for travel habits. I think it’s a paradigm shift in rail travel.’

He added: ‘We may have to become slightly closer to airline-style pricing, meaning tickets might cost more or less on certain days or at certain times.’

Mr Shapps told the Mail last night: ‘From today we’re introducing an important new ticketing system to help fight the spread of Covid-19 and keep the travelling public safe. 

‘Until further notice, anyone wishing to travel on either the Avanti or LNER cross-country services should book their ticket in advance. 

‘This change will enable social distancing for all passengers by allowing us to block off certain seats and provide a safer environment for everyone.

‘We understand that this isn’t as convenient as walking up and purchasing your ticket, but I know the travelling public will understand that – in these exceptional times – we want to take every possible measure to help people stay alert and stop the spread of the disease. The system is likely to be extended to other inter-city services soon.’ 

By car, by bike and on foot… tourists ignore stay away plea

By Rebecca Camber Chief Crime Correspondent for The Daily Mail  

Day-trippers flocked to parks and beaches yesterday to take advantage of the loosening of lockdown, ignoring pleas from tourism bosses to stay away.

Roads surrounding beauty spots in the Peak District and locations including Birling Gap on the South Coast were jammed with traffic as visitors ventured out to enjoy the warm weather.

National police chief Martin Hewitt had pledged a continued crackdown on large gatherings but city parks, seaside promenades and national parks were crammed with those meeting for picnics and parties.

In Lancashire, police were astonished to find a mother had laid on a baby shower in a communal play area with dozens of guests, a buffet and bouncy castle.

Walkers, runners, dog owners and cyclists flock to Wimbledon Common in London yesterday

When two community officers tried to break up the event in Morecambe, they were told it did not matter as ‘schools were going back’ soon while some of the party-goers became abusive.

In Telford, Shropshire, police shut down a rave attended by 70 revellers who said they were ‘sick of self-isolation’. West Mercia Police said a DJ had set up the party at Granville Country Park on Saturday night.

Over the weekend, the Peak District National Park urged day-trippers not to visit the area after car parks filled up. On Twitter, they said: ‘This area [Langsett] is extremely busy with car parks currently full and social distancing difficult.

‘Please don’t travel to the area or park outside designated bays.’ But tourists simply parked up on local roads instead.

Cars fill up the verges as day-trippers head off to the cliffs at Birling Gap near Beachy Head in East Sussex

In Dartmoor car parks were closed due to overcrowding which made them too busy for social distancing.

The Dartmoor Ranger Team asked visitors to stay away from locations including Bellever, Two Bridges, Postbridge, Newbridge, Hennock, reservoirs and sites on the western side of Dartmoor. There were similar scenes at Birling Gap, near Eastbourne, East Sussex, where visitors parked on grass verges to stroll along the clifftop.

In Brighton, the council asked people to stay away from its seafront but yesterday the promenade was packed as temperatures soared.

A couple were told they faced prosecution for travelling from Scotland to Snowdonia to camp beside Lake Geirionydd.

Hundreds of motorcyclists descended on Matlock Bath in Derbyshire, where the appeared to ignore social distancing rules yesterday 

Hundreds of bikers flooded into Matlock Bath in the Peak District, a popular destination for motorcyclists. Passers-by said they were shocked as the bikes lined the main street while visitors were enjoying ice creams and fish and chips.

Steve Manion, 30, said: ‘It was disgusting. There were bunches of people brushing up against each other. No one was adhering to social distancing.’

In the Yorkshire Dales, campers were fined after pitching tents near Surrender Bridge, Swaledale. Police are set to face more problems enforcing the rules with Wednesday predicted to be the hottest day of the year with temperatures predicted to climb as high as 27C (80.6F).

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TV and Movies

13 Reasons Why boss explains why season 4 must be the last – and rules out Netflix spin-off series

THE boss of Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' has explained why season four must be the last – and ruled out a spin-off series.

It was confirmed earlier this week that the fourth season of the controversial suicide drama would bring the story to its conclusion.

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Showrunner Brian Yorkey has now shed light on why the decision has been taken to end the series after its fourth outing.

He told Entertainment Weekly: "Somewhere in the midst of making season two, when it became clear that we might have the chance to make more seasons of this, I pretty quickly got to a place where it felt like a four-season story.

"I’m always a little bit suspicious of high school shows that go beyond four seasons because high school is four years long.

"It felt like bringing these characters to their graduation and to scattering to their next things felt like the logical ending point."

Despite the success of the series – and the controversy that has often come with it – Brian has stuck to his guns and kept the show as a four-season offering.

He continued: "So for a long time, the idea has been, should we be so lucky to have the opportunity, we would do four seasons of this.

"So certainly going into breaking story for season four, we knew it was the end."

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But if fans were hoping for a new story following the characters after they leave high school, they are going to be disappointed as Brian ruled out any kind of spin off.

He said: "I'd be very interested to see how some of these characters do at college but I love the idea also of leaving that up to all of our imaginations."

The series is based off to the book of the same name by Jay Asher, which was originally released in 2007.

Netflix announced on Monday that the 10-episode final season will premiere on June 5.

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John Legend: What Is His Net Worth in 2020?

John Legend is a true renaissance man. He’s a multitalented musician, a television personality, and a major social media influencer. He’s also had roles in notable films like Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert and La La Land.

The last five years have arguable been the pinnacle of his career. However, fame doesn’t always translate into large amount of money. This raises an interesting question: What is Legend’s net worth in 2020?

John Legend’s early life

According to Celebrity Net Worth, John Roger Stephens was born in Springfield, Ohio on December 28, 1978. Both his mother and his grandmother were musicians. Legend got his start performing in church as a child. He excelled as a student and skipped two grades, entering high school at the age of 12. AllMusic reports Legend left Ohio at the age of 16 to attend the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1999, rap icon Lauryn Hill got Legend to play the piano on the hit song “Everything Is Everything.” Legend had barely reached adulthood and he’d already accomplished so much! However, performing on a hit song didn’t mean he’d made it in the music industry per se, so he started self-releasing albums.

In 2001, he met a rapper named Kanye West who had not quite reached the height of his fame. West got Legend to sing hooks on some of his songs. The two were a good musical match. West was very influenced by classic R&B at the time, and classic R&B would be the primary musical influence for Legend throughout his entire career. West signed Legend to his label GOOD Music.

John Legend breaks into the music industry

Legend’s debut single on a major label was “Used to Love U” from the album Get Lifted. It did not perform well commercially. The most popular single from that album was “Ordinary People.” Billboard reports the song reached the twenty-fourth position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Get Lifted fared considerably better than the aforementioned singles. According to Billboard, the album reached the fourth position on the Billboard 200. Get Lifted performed quite well for an album without a major pop hit to support it.

Legend released his biggest song, “All of Me,” in 2013. The track reached number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the best-selling singles ever released. Two years later, he had another major hit with the Meghan Trainor duet “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.”

John Legend’s other ventures

That’s how Legend’s singles performed in the 2010s. The 2010s were also a good decade for his film career. He had a minor role in La La Land and played Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the most famous rock operas ever, but Legend proved an R&B singer could command the title role.

In 2020, Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, bought a home in West Hollywood, California, that was worth $5.1 million. In addition, they own an $8 million penthouse and a $9 million penthouse in New York City and a $14.1 million Beverly Hills home. All together, Legend is worth a whopping $75 million.

Also see: RuPaul: What the Television Icon’s Net Worth in 2020?

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World News

The science says it’s safe – we risk a generation on the scrap heap unless we send kids back to school now – The Sun

THE news that Boris Johnson has pushed back the day he’s going to unveil his lockdown exit plan from Thursday to Sunday is profoundly depressing.

I was hoping he would announce that primary schools will reopen next week, but now that won’t happen.

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From my own experience, both as the co-founder of three primaries and a parent, I can tell you it is absolutely vital that we reopen these schools as soon as possible.

Children aren’t just taught the three Rs at primary school.

They also learn a range of important social skills, from sitting still and listening to playing boisterous games with other children.

They discover how to work under their own steam, as well as in groups with others.

If they pick up something quickly in the classroom, they are taught patience — and if they struggle to understand, they learn how to ask for help.

I know from being stuck indoors with my own four children how bored they are of being cooped up.

At first, they were happy to be skipping school.

But after six weeks, the thrill of playing video games all day has begun to fade.

They are desperate to see their friends again, to be out in the world with people their own age.

I thought being dragged to see the local church choir singing carols at Christmas was as bored as I was ever going to see them. But I was wrong.

Why should they have their childhood stolen like this when all the science suggests returning to school would be perfectly safe?

There are nearly 17,000 primary schools in England, catering to almost five million children.

They’ve now been kept home from school since March 23, when the lockdown was imposed.

That is six weeks in which no learning has taken place, save for what little homework schools have managed to set.


If children don’t return until September, the total amount of lost classroom time will grow to almost half a year.

As it is, kids suffer from something researchers call “summer learning loss”.

This describes all the things they forget during their summer holidays.

If you increase that holiday from six weeks to six months, the impact on their futures will be catastrophic.

That is particularly true for vulnerable children.

Ofsted head Amanda Spielman told the House of Commons education select committee last week that school closures would further disadvantage the poorest, lowest-achieving and least motivated children.

“Whether we like it or not, it is going to widen gaps, especially in the short term,” she said.

One option would be to hold all primary school children back a year, but that is off the table.

Not only would it mean over-crowding in Reception, with four, five and six-year-olds sitting in the same classrooms, it would also mean no new students going to university this year.

Britain’s higher-education sector is in enough trouble as it is without depriving it of an entire cohort of paying customers.

At least half the country’s 130 universities would be plunged into a financial death spiral.

Some will worry that if we send our children back to school too soon, they will risk catching coronavirus.

In fact, it poses almost no threat to children.

As of April 30, only seven people under 20 had died of Covid-19 in hospitals in England and three of them had underlying health conditions.

Only one child under the age of ten has succumbed to the virus.

Torture of the old

Nor is there a risk that they will infect others, such as their teachers, parents and grandparents.

Research published last week by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health found that children under the age of ten do not transmit the virus.
And that isn’t just true of the UK.

A joint commission by China and the World Health Organisation hasn’t found a single case of a child under ten infecting an adult anywhere in the world.

In Switzerland, children under ten are able to hug their grandparents.

A lot of elderly Brits would be delighted if our Government followed suit — including my 73-year-old mother-in-law.

She hasn’t seen her four grandchildren since the week before lockdown.

Like many retired people, she is more than happy to risk her own health if it means being able to see them again — particularly as we now know the chances of her catching Covid-19 from one of them is practically zero.

When is the Government going to stop inflicting this psychological torture on older people, all in the name of health and safety?

If we want to restart the economy, relieving parents of childcare duty will be absolutely essential.

Britain is now an extreme outlier in not having unveiled an exit strategy.

Nearly every country in the world — including the US, Italy and Spain — has either eased restrictions or announced it is about to do so.

And there doesn’t seem to be any risk of the dreaded “second spike” Boris warned us about.


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Germany ended its lockdown two weeks ago and yesterday it announced its lowest number of new infections and deaths in five weeks.

France will be reopening primaries next Monday. Come on, Boris.

I know you don’t have any children of primary school age — at least, I don’t think you have — but for those who do, this extended break is turning into a nightmare.

These are the years when children pick up essential skills like being able to read, write and add up.

Without those building blocks it will be impossible for children to learn anything else.

If we keep them out of school for any longer, we are in danger of consigning an entire generation to the scrap heap.

This forced confinement has gone on long enough.

The time has come to send our children back to school.

  • Toby Young is a free school founder and former head of the New Schools Network.


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Kendall Jenner Drags Critics Who Say She's Getting 'Passed Around' by NBA Players

Kendall Jenner has words for people who have less than favorable things to say about who she’s currently dating. Although the 24-year-old model might be the most laid back and reserved member of her KarJenner family, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Recently, Jenner slammed critics who had something to say about who she’s currently spending her time with.

Earlier today, TMZ reported that Jenner, like her younger sister, was ignoring the California Stay-At-Home mandate in order to go on a road trip. Accompanying her was none other than Devin Booker. Booker is an NBA player who shares some mutual friends with the model. The pair sparked dating rumors when they decided to escape Los Angeles in favor of Sedona for rumored “fresh air.”

Kendall Jenner may have a new boyfriend soon

“Kendall and friends have a small social circle amongst the group, who have been following the same social distancing and physical distancing guidelines. Devin is a friend and is part of the small group. They took a road trip for some much-needed air,” an alleged source shared with TMZ.

View this post on Instagram

i wanna go back so bad 📷 @amberasaly

A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

Of course, Jenner is far from the first of her family to break California’s latest rules. Her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, has been spotted traipsing around LA without shoes on her feet to spend time with her best friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou. But, while some people felt the need to slam the elder Jenner for taking a nonessential road trip, others slammed her for who she might be dating.

Critics accuse the model of being passed around by NBA players

Twitter users noted that this isn’t the first time that Jenner has spent time with an NBA player. Back in 2018, Jenner was romantically linked to NBA star, Ben Simmons, and the pair began dating. Noting this, critics began to objectify the 24-year-old, stating that she was being passed around by the athletes. “NBA played passing around Kendall Jenner,” one Twitter user captioned a video of a child being thrown back and forth between three men. “That family been passed around for decades now,” one person shared in agreement.

Instantly, Jenner’s fans rushed to her defense. They added that perhaps Jenner was just having fun and dating whomever she wanted. “Maybe they some thirsty men after Kendall Jenner and she loving and leaving like Teena Marie! Y’all swear it’s the stone ages,” one person wrote, noting that the notion of a woman being passed around was both problematic and archaic. “Maybe she passing them around,” another person stated.

Jenner claps back to fans about her dating life

The tweets managed to catch Jenner’s attention and she had the perfect comeback to those who had less than favorable things to say about her dating life. “They act like I’m not in full control of where I throw this cooch,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star stated matter-of-factly.

Kylie Jenner show support for her sister on Twitter

Fans of Jenner immediately expressed their support for her response. “SAY LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK,” one enthusiastic fan wrote. “Drag them, Kenny,” another added. “Did you just……. maybe we have to stan,” yet another person chimed in. Jenner’s tweet also caught her sister, Kylie’s attention. “Lmfao tweet of the year,” Kylie wrote after retweeting the response. However we may feel about the KarJenners, we can’t deny that this response was spot on. It’s past time we, as a society, stop with the slut-shaming.

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TV and Movies

Netflix’s Extraction creator weighs in on controversial ending as viewers divided by dramatic resurrection – The Sun

VIEWERS are divided and even confused over the ending of the hotly anticipated Netflix film, Extraction.

Starring Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth, the film tells the story of Tyler Rake who is sent to Bangladesh to rescue the kidnapped son of a drug lord Ovi (Rudraksh Jaiswal).

It debuted on Netflix on Friday and quickly landed in the top ten of what people were watching in the UK.

People were drawn to the gritty story and gripping action sequences but were left scratching their heads at the ending.

Under intense fire, Tyler manages to get Ovi to the extraction point with whom he has grown fond of, but gets shot at the last minute.

Ovi and viewers watch as Tyler plummets to his apparent death from a tall bridge into a wide river below.

But cut to eight months later as Ovi is getting on with his life and we see him at a local swimming pool.

The final seconds show a mysterious figure – who could very well be Tyler – watching Ovi but the film ends before it's clear who the person is.

Director Sam Hargrave told Digital Spy they left that scene in after testing it with audiences, but would not give any clues if the mysterious person is Tyler or not.

He said: "There was a discussion back and forth throughout the whole production process as to what the ending of the movie wanted to be, and we shot a number of different ways."

"Through the test audiences and amongst us, the filmmakers, we decided on that ending as being the best, because different people viewed the film in different ways. They have different reactions. And test audiences were kind of split down the middle.

"We actually tried to be respectful of that and to serve that."

Sam added: "Depending on how you view the film, I think the ending will play differently for different people, depending on your feelings for these characters throughout the film."

Viewers, were in fact, split on whether they enjoyed Extraction's ending and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One user wrote: "Extraction ending, they didn't finish it well!"
While another believed it was Tyler was still alive: "Emotional Ending… thought u were dead but I was happy to see u alive standing right at the poolside that made me happy."
A third wrote: "I love the intense scenes, good storyline and justified ending."

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TV and Movies

EastEnders quiz: How closely were you watching this week's episodes?

The end of another week brings to an end yet another batch of thrilling EastEnders episodes, and with all us being in need of a distraction until the next two instalments make it to our screens, we thought it only fitting to revisit the events of this week’s outings.

There was drama aplenty in the borough of Walford, as Michaela Turnbull (Fiona Allen) left Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) in fear of losing her freedom, and then, in fear of losing her life!

Meanwhile, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) made a huge decision — one that Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) wasn’t so keen on.

With a few more days before new episodes arrive, why not try your luck and test your knowledge with our EastEnders quiz, which revisits the events of the last two episodes.

But just how closely were you watching?

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EastEnders continues Monday 27 April at 8pm on BBC One.

If you’ve got a soap or TV story, video or pictures get in touch by emailing us [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you.

Join the community by leaving a comment below and stay updated on all things soaps at our homepage.

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TV and Movies

'The Willoughbys': Who Plays Tim, the Eldest Willoughby Sibling?

Netflix’s new animated movie, The Willoughbys, tells the story of four siblings who hope to get rid of their self-absorbed parents in order to find a new family. The kids are led by their eldest sibling, Tim, who is voiced by comedy superstar, Will Forte.

Who is ‘Will Forte’ and what else has he been in?

Forte is an actor and comedian who’s known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he was part of the main cast for eight seasons. His most notable SNL characters include the Falconer, Tim Calhoun, and Greg Stink. In 2010, Forte wrote and starred in the film MacGruber, which was based on his famed SNL sketch. 

Over the years, the actor has appeared in a number of popular comedy films, like Beer Fest, Baby Mama, That’s My Boy, and Grown Ups 2. His more recent movie work includes Extra Ordinary, Booksmart, Good Boys and The Laundromat. In 2019, he voiced Abraham Lincoln in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.

Forte’s resume also includes numerous TV roles. He had recurring roles on shows like 30 Rock, The Cleveland Show, Gravity Falls, Lab Rats, and The Awesomes. From 2015 to 2018, Forte wrote, produced, and starred in the FOX sitcom, The Last Man on Earth.

How Forte was cast in ‘The Willoughbys’

In an interview with Variety, director Kris Pearn revealed he was inspired to make The Willoughbys after reading the Lois Lowry children’s book it is based on. He said he was intrigued by the way the book subverted “children’s literature on its head,” and wanted to turn it into a “Grey Gardens meets Arrested Development for kids.”

When it came to casting the role of Tim Willoughby, Pearn said he knew Forte would be a perfect fit. “We needed someone who could be on the knuckle with their intentions and yet someone who had a sweetness to them. If you saw The Last Man on Earth he was simply perfect,” Pearn said. “John Cleese was a huge influence on the development of Tim.”

What is ‘The Willoughbys’ about and who else is in the film?

Based on Lowry’s book of the same name, The Willoughbys tells the story of four siblings — Tim, Jane and twins Barnaby — who are tired of living with their selfish parents. The kids come up with a plan to send their parents on a far-off vacation, so they can finally start a new life and move on with a new family. Through a series of misadventures, the Willoughby children quickly realize that the only family they need is each other. 

Along with Forte, the Netflix film also stars Alessia Cara as Jane and Sean Cullen as the Barnaby Twins. SNL star Maya Rudolph takes on the role of the rambunctious Nanny. 

Martin Short and Jane Krakowski play Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby. And Ricky Gervais narrates the film as the Cat. Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews voices the candy factory owner, Commander Melanoff.

The Willoughbys premieres on Wednesday, April 22 on Netflix.  

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World News

Brits will be forced to live with coronavirus restrictions throughout 2020 — and lockdown may get tougher in some areas – The Sun

BRITAIN will have to live with many of the coronavirus restrictions through out 2020 as ministers adopt a “suck it and see” strategy to slowly see what works.

Instead of any clean end to lockdown, senior government figures last night braced the nation to expect a very long path out of it through the summer and deep into the autumn.

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It emerged last night that Downing Street has even banned the term ‘exit’ from its own lockdown planning.

No10 officials now refer to what happens after the current three week extension that ends on May 7 as “next phase”.

A “suck it and see” plan is now being drawn up based on scientists’ data crunching to see what restrictions to try easing first.

One senior figure told The Sun: “We will try a bit at a time, and then pause, so we can see what effect that has on the transmission rate. The pace will be very gradual".


While a few restrictions may be eased next month, such as allowing some smaller shops to reopen, the PM’s official spokesman yesterday confirmed there will be no “wholesale” lifting of them.

There are also plans being drawn up to toughen them in areas where the virus’s spread is still alarmingly high.

One Whitehall source said yesterday there are “three different epidemics right now”, where the virus is spreading at different rates – slower in the wider community, but faster in care homes and in hospitals.

Two scenarios thought likely by insiders now are schools only returning at the earliest after the half-term break on June 1.

Give now to The Sun's NHS appeal

BRITAIN’s four million NHS staff are on the frontline in the battle against coronavirus.

But while they are helping save lives, who is there to help them?

The Sun has launched an appeal to raise £1MILLION for NHS workers.

The Who Cares Wins Appeal aims to get vital support to staff in their hour of need.

We have teamed up with NHS Charities Together in their urgent Covid-19 Appeal to ensure the money gets to exactly who needs it.

The Sun is donating £50,000 and we would like YOU to help us raise a million pounds, to help THEM.

No matter how little you can spare, please donate today here

The other is many people being asked to still work from home into the summer too so crowded public transport can still be avoided.

The latest government thinking comes despite the spiralling damage lockdown is doing to the economy.

After it emerged recuperating Boris Johnson himself has deep fears about ending the lockdown prematurely, the PM’s official spokesman said: “The big concern is a second peak. That is ultimately what will do most damage to health and the economy.

“If you move too quickly, the virus will start to spread exponentially again.


“Lifting social distancing measures wholesale, could lead to the virus spreading exponentially again.”

The quad of senior ministers in charge of the coronavirus fight in the PM’s absence have tasked the tasked Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) to try to work out how the Covid-19 transmission rate is affected by the easing of different measures.

SAGE meets again today, chaired by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, but it is expected to be “several weeks” before enough data is gathered to provide an accurate assessment.

As well as their 9.15am meeting, the quad – Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, Rishi Sunak and Matt Hancock – also now meet at 6pm daily to discuss the exit strategy.

Join our George Cross campaign for NHS staff

We are urging Sun readers to sign a petition calling for our NHS staff to be awarded the George Cross.

We are backing a proposal by Lord Ashcroft to honour our health heroes with the gallantry gong given for acts of bravery that did not take place in battle.

A No10 spokesman said: “The NHS is doing a fantastic job and the nation will want to find a way to say thank you when we have defeated this virus.”

SAS hero Andy McNab added: “The award of a George Cross would show an emotional appreciation.”

We are asking our readers to please sign the petition below.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden also said spectator sports events would not be allowed to reopen any time soon, with stadiums now likely to be closed until the Autumn at least.

He said: “You wouldn’t expect us to permit mass gatherings at a first stage”.

Mr Dowden dubbed easing restrictions too early as “the worst thing we could possibly do” as a second peak would send the country “right back to square one again”.

That would spark the need for “potentially even more draconian measures”, he added.

Mr Dowden went on: “We said right at the beginning of this, and the Prime Minister said, he expected the peak to last around three months.

“What’s happened is consistent with that.”

It emerged yesterday that Britain’s coronavirus strategy is now closest to France’s, which has a similar infection path.


On Sunday night, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced that cafes and restaurants will remain closed for months and masks are likely to become mandatory on public transport.

While saying supermarkets can reopen next month, Mr Phillipe added: “Our life from May 11 will not be like our life before, not immediately, and probably not for a long time.

"We'll have to learn to live with the virus."

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond last night warned he expects Britain will suffer a “U shaped” Covid economic slowdown.

And he urged ministers to spell out to businesses how they may ease the lockdown to help the economy bounce back as best it can.

He told a Chatham House webinar: “I think those forecasting a V shape recovery are probably erring on the side of optimism.

“I suspect it is more likely that it will be something of a U-shape recovery.

"But there is no doubt in my mind that how steep the recovery slope is will depend on how well business to respond when the government gives the signal, and how soon the government is able to give that signal.”

Mr Hammond said it feels like the Brits have been “anesthetised to the economic consequences” of coronavirus because of the jumbo bailouts the Treasury have ordered.

But as the death toll goes down, the public will demand the government focuses on saving the economy.



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