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Keith Lemon reveals he calls Stacey Solomon ‘the most attractive weasel on the planet’ – The Sun

KEITH Lemon has joked he calls Stacey Solomon "the most attractive weasel on the planet".

The Celebrity Juice presenter told how he was reminded of Stacey by a mystery craft that appeared on his new series The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft.

He joked: "It looks like Stacey Solomon during lockdown.

"She knows I call her the most attractive weasel on the planet. If it was in Wind in the Willows those weasels would be all over her.

"She's said it too, she said, 'Someone said I look like a rat'. You do. But I said a really pretty rat though. She is really pretty."

The acid-tongued comedian also revealed how he was struggling not to be filmed crying at some of the talents on offer on the show.

He said: "It's good to do crafting and when someone comes along and says, 'Your crafting's amazing' it makes your chest get bigger, it's good for your soul.

"There was a girl on there who had never been told she was good and when we were all amazed by her craft she was in tears.

"I was in tears and I had to think of my tax bills because I could feel the camera coming around me and I thought 'You're not filming me crying'."

Presenter Anna Richardson added: "And then there was a girl who came on, a beautiful Asian woman called Ann, who the challenge was to create a mythical creature or legendary creature .

"She'd taken this old Chinese goddess who was half snake half woman and she created this porcelain head, hand painted it, hand sewed this snake body and it was a glove puppet.

"It was so exquisite that we dimmed the lights and she did this sort of shadow dance with the glove puppet and we were all moved to tears by it.

"We said to her you are not just a crafter, you are an artist and this woman cried and said no-one had ever told her she was any good."

* The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft starts Sunday May 10 at 8pm on Channel 4

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